Hope I Die Before I Get Old

I know this sounds horribly cruel, but death has to be better than having to have sex with something like this (adults only please).

Well, death or impotence anyway. Frankly, I’m feeling kind of impotent right now just looking at that.


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7 thoughts on “Hope I Die Before I Get Old”

  1. That should’ve come with an extreme graphic content warning. Seriously. I was in the middle of eating here at my desk. There goes my appetite.

  2. Robert, how could you? Lol!

    In all seriousness, that is disgusting. There should be laws against elderly PDA.

  3. I’ve seen some filthy things on the internet. But that takes the cake! I hope I never see that disgusting filth ever again in life. I couldn’t even stay on for a full second! yuck!!!

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