You Want Customer Feedback? You Got It

Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

I’m proud that my friends have a great sense of humor, in particular, as offensive a sense of humor as I do. I aim to offend everyone, hopefully. If there’s any group I haven’t offended yet, let me know? Negritos? Check. Anti-Negrito post coming soon. Stay tuned!

This is what a friend of mine told me:

You know on Domino’s Pizza, it says, “We love your feedback? Well, I ordered a pizza, and just to be an asshole, for no other reason (I love their pizza and their service), I vomited in the box. That was my “feedback.” Funny or what? ROLFLMFAO! Well, anyway, I took it back to Domino’s, opened the box, and said, “Here’s my feedback.” And then I started laughing. The guy at the counter got mad and told me to fuck off.

Fuck Domino’s! I hate Domino’s!

Damn! That’s funny, man! I wish I’d thought of that one.

I agree, screw Domino’s. I hate em too. Well, now I do anyway. Humorless prigs.

Some people just can’t take a joke. Jeez.

Lighten up guys.

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One thought on “You Want Customer Feedback? You Got It”

  1. There’s a Dominos literally around the corner from my house that advertises mid-week carryout deals, that I’d be interested in if I didn’t think their pizza tasted like cardboard.

    So I tried it again because of their recent ads about quality improvement, and I am pleased to say that it now tastes like styrofoam.

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