Cuba Versus the Rest of the Region

Good article.

I should point out that death squads are back in El Salvador. They are not killing many, but they are killing a few.

And they are back in a big way in Honduras ever since the US-sponsored and promoted coup that removed the democratically elected President for the crime of raising the minimum wage. Death squads are killing people just about every day in Honduras lately. I wonder how much longer this can last before the Left takes up guns again.

And Haiti has always been run by death squads. After the US-sponsored coup which removed President Aristide (US mercenaries and Marines appeared at his mansion and ordered him to leave the country), death squads have rampaged through Haiti. At least 3,000 people have been killed. Those targeted were the supporters of Aristide. The US supports the death squads in Haiti and Honduras to the hilt, and probably supports them in Guatemala and El Salvador too (they always did in the past).

On this question, Obama is no socialist or Communist. He’s just another far rightwing US imperialist running interference for the reactionary cliques down South. There’s barely any light between Obama and Bush on Latin American policy. Democrats or Republicans, it’s always the Monroe Doctrine down there.

Anti-Communists like to say that no one ever flees to a Communist regime, but the eastern part of Cuba is full of Haitians and Jamaicans who have fled their countries. Cuba took them in, and they like it a Hell of a lot better in Cuba. Everything is relative, you know.

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6 thoughts on “Cuba Versus the Rest of the Region”

  1. Dear Robert
    According to Granma, 5 jornalists have been murdered in Honduras since the removal of Manuel Zelaya. It wasn’t mentioned in my Canadian newspaper.
    Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, together with Jamaica, also have the highest levels of criminal violence in the Western Hemisphere, about 50/100,000, while Cuba is a very safe country.
    Regards. James

  2. Robert what is your opinion on Che Guevara? Have you seen the movie the motorcycle diaries, did you like it?

    1. I love Che. I have a Che t-shirt. If you ever see me around, I’m probably wearing some Commie Che shirt.

      I read a book by a guy who retraced the Motorcycle Diaries on his own bike. It was really cool, man! Forget the name.

  3. Robert, I am surprised that you who write about race differences show so regrettable ignorance.
    You must realize that all surrounding Carribean states have mostly indian and black population, Haiti is the poorest country on the western hemisphere – 95% blacks, 5% mulattos are the ruuling class. Dominican republic on the same island is much more developed, because the population is mostly race mixed and a number of whites live there.
    The same problem arises in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala – the more native americans, the more political instability and poverty.
    Only prosperous country in the region, besides small island countries whose economy is based solely on tourism, is Costa Rica. Population of Costa Rica is mostly white.
    So the most important factor, more important than system of government, is race. Without communism Cuba would now be as rich as USA. Milions of white Cubans live and work in Florida.

    1. There are countries in the Caribbean just as black as Haiti with relatively high standards of living. Why is Haiti always being held up as the posterchild of the black Caribbean?

      You mention Costa Rica as being a white country with the highest standard of living, but that fails to explain why Mexico has a higher per capita income than Costa Rica and Mexico is mostly Mestizos. While we’re at it, maybe you can also explain why white Costa Rica has nearly 3x the murder rate of Amerindian Bolivia(and higher as well than the 2nd most indigenous Latin country, Peru). Furthermore, why is white Costa Rica’s murder rate higher than nearly all black Barbados? Since it’s all a matter of race. I’m pulling murder stats from here:

      You also said the reason other countries in the Caribbean region are prosperous is because of tourism, while failing to recognize that Costa Rica is one of the most touristed countries in Latin America and by far the most touristed in central America. It gets more tourists per capita even then Mexico.

  4. Homicide rate depends on many factors, not only race. for example Lithuania, which is all white, has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. But this list doesnt appear very reliable to me, because it is well known that South Africa has one of hifgest homicide rates in the world, but its somewhere in middle of the list. This graph is beter:
    Mexico has higher per capita income because they have natural resources and they also profit from their proximity to USA. But without the whites, who make about 10% of mexican population, they wouldnt be so developed. Mexico has the same HDI as Costa Rica.
    Barbados is exception that proves the rule. Their economy depends on tourism.
    “Barbados’s above average wealth comes from its well-established tourist industry and financial services, which are owned, controlled and managed by American and European countries.”
    IQ of blacks on Brabados is also atypically high – 80. There is also massive foreign investment in the country.
    The effects of tourism are more noticeable in little island countries like Barbados of Bahamas than in country with millions of inhabitants like Costa Rica.

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