Are Lebanese White?

White nationalists (WN’s) typically say that all Lebanese are non-Whites, and in fact, they usually hate them, since they hate all non-Whites.

We get into the issue of who is White. Probably ~8

According to Nordicists, Irish, British, Icelandics, Faroese, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Danes, Germans, Dutch, Belgians, French, Swiss, Northern Italians, Slovenians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Belorussians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and Russians are all White. These are the only White people.

Typically, Spaniards, Portuguese, Southern Italians, Croatians, Montenegrins, Serbs, Albanians, Kosovars, Macedonians, Bosnians, Greeks, Turks, Jews and Armenians are defined as non-Whites. Furthermore, everyone outside of Europe is automatically defined as non-White, which is preposterous and makes no sense, although some will say that Iranians are White.

This has always struck me as utterly insane. The only logical view of who is White is anyone who is part of the European native peoples or looks like they could be one of the European native peoples. We might have a tough case with the Lapps though, who are partly Asiatic.

By this view, Spaniards, Portuguese, Southern Italians, Croatians, Montenegrins, Serbs, Albanians, Kosovars, Macedonians, Bosnians, Greeks, Turks, Armenians, Jews, Georgians, Azeris, Iranians and Caucasus people are all White, flat out. No argument.

Furthermore, there are folks outside of Europe who look like Whites. So we could divide extra-European Caucasians into White Caucasians and non-White Caucasians. Therefore, while many Arabs, Berbers, Pakistanis, Indians, etc. are not White, there are indeed White Arabs, White Berbers, White Pakistanis and even White Indians. How do we know which is which? Mostly phenotype.

A classic example of White Arabs would be these Lebanese women demonstrating against Syria in the 2005 Color Revolution. Most of these women are probably Maronite Christians. Christian Arabs, even in Iraq, are often the Whitest Arabs of all for unknown reasons, possibly because they did not own slaves and therefore breed with their slaves as the Muslims did.

Look at the women in those pics. Where do these WN dickwads get off saying these chicks are not White? What a bunch of tools these WN’s are.

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395 thoughts on “Are Lebanese White?”

  1. The Alt-Right would consider them not White, and would have not even respond to the argument that they are, a la “stupid people don’t know they are stupid”, feel no need to question themselves.

    I’ve been running over my list of people deprived of Whiteness by the Alt-Right, i.e. deemed “non-White”;
    Ann Coulter said Mitt Romney went against Trump because “his father was Mexican”…I suppose Mitt Romney is a Mexican and considers the illegals “family”. Aryan Ann is a low IQ, psychopathic bitch, but her fans still cheer her on.

    Louis CK;
    Paternal Grandfather was a Hungarian Jew who emigrated to Mexico, Paternal Grandmother Spanish Mexican, mother Anglo-American.
    Called “spic” by stormfronters.


    Mann Coulter said Mitt Romney had (genetic) altruism for Hispanics because his father was “born in Mexico”.

    Can anyone name a good reason why the government should not round up the Alt-Right (stormfront, AmRen, some guys here, Daily Stormer, followers of Coulter’s social media) and gas them, en masse?

  3. Lebanese people aren’t white, and Turks and Armenians aren’t either. Turkey, and Armenia are in Asia, with half of both being considered apart of the Middle East, and another half apart of Europe. Basically Turks, and Armenians are a mix of all three (European, Asian, Middle Eastern) due to centuries of race-mixing. Maronites aren’t the “whitest” of Arabas, they’ll actually have to be white to be considered that. I’m part Lebanese myself, my Lebanese family are all Orthdox and Maronite with some being Muslim.

  4. Doesn’t make a difference. They possess dominant genes and are mixed.(You do realise that there is an distinctive look that they all have that allows us to tell that they are NOT white) There is a reason why Europeans treat them differently is because they are not the same. That is why they do not look European and are still not treated the same.(I’ve seen one with a curly frizzy Afro with tanned skin…And of course the person told me to keep it a secret because she had to straighten her hair In the morning To try and Look “more european”…I was shocked) They’re NOT white and never will be. Just accept it.

  5. Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians are still caucasoids and are actually considered white by white national socialists, actually. Unless you mean skinheads/neo-nazis? Also, as a Ashkenazi, yeah we aren’t white. What’s so wrong about that?

    1. I absolutely feel that all Ashkenazi Jews are White people! It’s a tribe of the Whites. The problem with this White tribe is that they deny that they are White, usually very angrily, and frankly, they hate all the other White tribes. In fact, they are often at war with Whites and spend a lot of their time attacking the very notion of Whiteness.

      Ashkenazi Jews are a self-hating White tribe who deny they are White and spend most of their time attacking the other White tribes.

      I suppose you could say that they are traitors to the Whites. I mean, they are a part of our people who refuses to join our side and instead works with the enemy to attack us!

      I will never accept the notion that Jews are not White, that Jews are the enemy of the Whites or that Jews are bad for Whites. None of this makes sense because Jews are White themselves! However, if you are argue that the Jews are a treasonous White tribe who has gone over to the enemy, I am with you there.

      I will add that there are definitely some Jews who say they are White and even take pride in Whiteness. They like White people and White culture and identify as White themselves. I know some Jews like that, and in my opinion, they are some pretty cool people.

  6. Lol, my friend rants about how fucked up the American racial classification system is, and it is.

    First of all, what the hell is White? Caucasian? White skin color? It can’t be Caucasian because a billion groups have to be added in. Not skin color, because extremely fair Mid Easterners, Indians, and Pakistanis are not considered white. Hispanics is treated as a race, when it’s an ethnicity.

    You should do a post on it, America should change their racial classification system.

    1. Americans are too stupid to think in terms of social constructs, especially when they are so pertinent, immutable and pragmatic like race.

  7. My view ahead.
    You are white if you:
    – have light coloured eyes
    – have pink nipples
    – isnt an albino.
    – Is pantone 66-3 c or lighter in skin colour.

    The other caucasians are an other groups, but it was the English that coined the term white and jews that made medditerareans become part of it. Its seriously crazy that greeks are white while persians and turks are not.

    But what if an person has some of these traits but not all of them? then they are mixed raced or some non-white caucasian.

    makes sense to me.

    1. I didnt read the article and now see you dissagree with me, but ill explain why i think this category is appropriate.

      Since im largely anti-hbd (though the african non-african dichotomy might have some merit), especially to the traits affecting many types of social capital, i really just see race as the social sontructs and their origin. So when people look different, that could have an affect on the perception people have, and it used to do in the past. I think its that you are raised in america with its diversity and maybe your lack of racism has made you accept more swartheir people as fufilling the roles of good citizens and therefore get an pass to the all so important group. In my view, by your criteria for an race, we might as well say that an frenchman with dark hair and large nostrils/bulgy nose is chinese, cause they dont look “that different”. Blue eyes and pink nipples are almost unique to whites, thats like indispenceble right there.

        1. Im really bad at that stuff, especially when i write so much. Im mainly good at reading english. Trying to fix the grammar could drag out the writing time by an factor of around 3. Im ususally shaking when writing, and im not yet used to my keyboard as i have an smaller one in school, constantly switching between. You can also notice my spelling is bad. Whenever i say something new, and whenever i write an small text, ill try to be as clear as possible.

          Do you find my use of parentesies annoying? i dont think i can change that, its kinda how i think.

        2. Fuck the grammar.

          Capitalize words that need to be capitalized, such as “I” and proper nouns.

          Please write out contractions properly: cant as can’t, “im” as “I’m”, etc.

          That is all I ask.

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