I Say Quarantine Him

All right, Nushan, that does it. That mug shot just screams, "Quarantine me!" You just got convicted. Court of public opinion is adjourned.

As a civil libertarian, I’m generally opposed to quarantining HIV-positive people or AIDS patients, despite Cuba’s good experiences. However, I will make one exception for Nushan Williams, just getting out of prison after serving 12 years for infecting 12 females, 7 women, a 13-, 15-, 16- and two 17-year old girls, apparently all White, with HIV, which he had been told that he had, although he thought the medical staff were lying to run him out of town and he didn’t believe them. Two passed it on to their kids, and one passed it on to her boyfriend.

He had moved from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood to Jamestown, a White Western New York town devastated by manufacturing loss and experiencing rapid lumpenization. He said he was a Bloods gang member, and quickly become a popular drug dealer, and charmed his way into hundreds of girls’ beds, almost all of them White. His relationships with the women were characterized by brutality, physical abuse and drug use.

That’s what you get for fucking gangsters, wigger chicks.

He actually slept with 300 women and girls by age 21. Wow! That’s three times as many as Sexmaniacman, and Sexman is past 40!

Nushan continued to act horrible the whole time he was in prison, repeatedly being sanctioned for throwing bodily fluids, fighting, threats, possession of drugs and weapons, the usual. Obviously he hasn’t changed one bit. Officials say he has “problems in self-regulation.” Indeed, and in spades.

Officials are sentencing him to a mental hospital because he can’t control himself, he’s horny as fuck, and he thinks about screwing lots of chicks all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re HIV-positive and as irresponsible as this POS is, that’s going to be a problem.

Health authorities have a right to quarantine folks who have an infectious disease that they refuse to treat and are in danger of infecting others due to their negligence. If you don’t want to get quarantined, don’t act like a lobotomized gangsta if you’re HIV-positive.

I say quarantine the bastard. Either that or ship him back to Africa*, preferably a country with a very high HIV rate, assuming they will take him. Plenty of Black men all over Africa are acting just like this guy. He’d be right at home.

*Of course I’m opposed to the racist BS of “ship the Blacks back to Africa,” but I will make a few rare exceptions in cases like these.

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27 thoughts on “I Say Quarantine Him”

  1. Health authorities have a right to quarantine folks who have an infectious disease that they refuse to treat and are in danger of infecting others due to their negligence.

    That’s the “muh dik” phenomena. He really isn’t that different from the rest of their males.

    *Of course I’m opposed to the racist BS of “ship the Blacks back to Africa,” but I will make a few rare exceptions in cases like these.

    Well, they were forcefully taken from there by Jewish slave owners. It’s only right to send them back to their home.

    As a civil libertarian, I’m generally opposed to quarantining HIV-positive people or AIDS patients

    But that means more people can get infected. Separating them means no one else will get infected.

    That’s what you get for fucking gangsters, wigger chicks.

    “Gangsters?” Don’t you mean blacks?

    I Say Quarantine Him

    Castrate him.

  2. I agree with this post and the comments.

    What do you think about Obama changing our immigration policy to allow HIV positive people to immigrate here?

  3. Another instance of ‘Blow Back’. Whites conjured up HIV to get rid of blacks. Now it is biting them in the ass. Case of Farce following Tragedy.

    Amazing how many times he got his dick wet. I don’t think I have masturbated that many times. My hero.

    1. BTW. Treatment of HIV is less onerous than Diabetes. Less medication and longer lives now. So it is not so bad. Chill out boys.

      1. “Whites” conjured up HIV huh? Funny, nobody contacted this white about it.

        Makes sense though, just like they conjured up all the other sexually transmitted diseases blacks are more prone too, and sickle cell anemia. Yep, whites are responsible for black academic underachievement, hunger in Africa poverty throughout the 3rd world and every other problem you can think of.

        Since I’m sure you are a Noam Chomsky fan, follow his advice and “triangulate” where you get your information from, left, right and center.

        Sorry about your HIV infection though, I didn’t mean to offend you.

  4. Solitary confinement in jail for life is the best solution so that prison inmates are protected. Giving hospitals power to quarantine people could lead to bad things.

  5. Bus driver: I think the only thing you need to know is your daily bus route. Lack of information is one of the hazards of a low IQ job. However I am pleased that you agree with me. There was no sexually transmitted disease in Africa, Asia and the new world until whites got there and turned everything inside out and upside down. Environmental damage, famine, sexual depravity, genocide, pornography, substance abuse are all western imports into areas that lived in relative harmony with nature. Sure there were instances of localised conflict. These normally didn’t last long and were amenable to resolution via negotiation. Whites only negotiate with whites because they consider nonwhites not human. So when Hillary Clinton says “international opinion” she doesn’t mean the Indian in Bolivia or the peasant in the Congo or the Abo in Australia, she means the white guy in Europe and USA and of course Izzy. The whole black/white issue is a byproduct of the so called European Reformation when whites equated superiority of force of arms with the colour of their skin.

    1. I hope your HIV infection doesn’t affect your sky high IQ or your profession. What is that anyway? Dollar store employee I’d guess.

      I know I know, It’s amazing Africans sold there people to white people as slaves so much, considering their peaceful nature . Glad it’s a paradise there once again in the places blacks rule, like Zimbabwe, or Haiti. Haiti had the best building codes before whites went there and messed ’em all up dude!

      1. Haitians are hard working, family oriented, and really very nice people. They take great care of their kids. It is another thing that their country has to exist next to USA which has fucked them over since the beginning.

        You on the other hand are probably 4-5th generation white and have accrued all the benefits of whiteness that the US had to offer these last few hundred years. Yet you are in a dead end job with nowhere to go except the grave. It is interesting that whites that complain the most about blacks and other immigrants are the real dregs of society. You should be helping improve yourself and fellow loser whites by going back to school, maybe learning computer skills, and parlaying your whiteness into upward mobility. Instead you sit at your computer terminal moaning and groaning about blacks.

        1. You’re totally brainwashed, we have plenty of Haitian immigrants here & let me tell you that they do contribute to our city’s urban decay. Most of these “family oriented “folks are mostly welfare recipients and the men usually work as pimps and drug dealers. They usually belong to street gangs, and certain areas of my city are no go zones because of it’s so fully wonderfully diverse.

        2. aah
          April 15, 2010 at 6:00 PM

          Haitians are hard working, family oriented, and really very nice people. They take great care of their kids. It is another thing that their country has to exist next to USA which has fucked them over since the beginning.

          Always blaming the Whites aren’t you? Don’t you know that Haiti has been independent for over 200 yrs, it’s common knowledge but somehow you refuse to believe that the ” culprit ” in this instance is Black. They have had Black leaders that were incompetent, corrupt, tyrannical and obsessed with power & money according to you it’s the White man’s fault??? If you’re a masochist then feel free to self-bash in the privacy of your own troubled mind, but leave the others out of it.

  6. Meh…I have a hard time believing this would even be brought up if he had infected black women. Or if he was white. I remember this guy when the story broke in the 90s. He made the perfect poster child for white fears. He’s dark, has funny hair, sells drugs, looks scary…and he even has HIV, and gave it to white girls!!! A WNs propaganda dream come true. He was being posted all over WN websites as if he is normative of black males. Goes back to that thing I was saying people defining blacks by their worst elements.

    And what’s this “back to Africa” nonsense? Maybe I missed the memo, was he born anywhere in Africa? Should Europe take in white American criminals because they are white? And no, men are NOT acting like him “all over” Africa. Africa is a continent, not a country. Because rape and crime and high HIV infection is going on in S. Africa says nothing about what’s going on in Ghana, Mali or Niger. Seriously. This blog can be great some days…then there are days like this that make me wonder.

    As for the issue of quarantine, I’d have no problem with quarantining anyone with HIV who knowingly spread it to others. Thing is, I don’t know why that isn’t charged as 12 counts of attempted murder. Maybe he plead that he didn’t know he had it? They should’ve locked him up and thrown away the key, and if he wanted AIDS drugs to prolong his miserable life, he’d have to pay for it himself.

    1. This site is a glimpse into the typical White liberal mind. I’ve been around these folks my whole life, and I know how they think. True, they are not very racist, and they oppose many forms of racism. However, they are also somewhat racist by the Abagond – Tim Wise definition.

      The send him back to Africa thing is typical. I say that facetiously, and also because this is the sort of thing that many White liberals might mutter under their breath when hearing about cases of extreme “TNB” like this. The White liberal will read about this guy, look disgusted, and say, “Send him back to Africa!”

      Of course he does not mean send all the Blacks back to Africa! White liberals are angered and horrified by such sentiments. They just mean send a few of the most outrageous TNB types back to Africa, as their behavior seems a lot more African than American. Guys like this seem like they are marooned on the wrong continent. But it’s all facetious as no one is really sending anyone back to Africa, or back to anywhere.

      I don’t think you can fathom the degree to which this infuriates and disgusts your average White person, even White liberals. This guy is the utter antithesis of everything that we were brought up to be. He is the ultimate is what we were taught NOT to be, on pain of disownment or maybe even death.

      I do think that behavior like this is quite common in Africa.

  7. aah

    ‘ll address the question of my chosen profession since it keeps coming up:

    Last year I made 66,466$. Compared with the median Household income of $52,029 (2008). That’s household where two people work often. My job is very sought after actually, we have a pension, “Cadillac benefits” and you gotta kill somebody to get fired. It’s a public employee union basically. There are MBAs at my job, that got sick of the 6 figure income during economic expansions, then being laid off for a few years during an economic contraction. Trimet has like a 300 million$ annual budget. The manager, Fred Hansen’s last job was deputy director of the EPA under Bill Clinton. There is plenty of room for advancement.

    Here is our union:

    My job is blue collar but liberals are supposed to respect the working class. My mom raised 5 boys on her own and I never got a damn thing from anybody. But guess who has? Two new members of Trimet’s board of directors. One even touts his record as being involved with Boston’s “Big Dig.” Scraping the bottom of the barrel!


    Here is a page from my union contract:

    Par. 5. Affirmative Action
    a. The District and the Association recognize a common
    commitment to the equality of opportunity for all.
    Therefore, the Association will support the District’s
    efforts to implement a policy and practice of Affirmative
    Action to correct the effects of any past discrimination
    and to provide the fullest opportunity for minorities and
    females to participate in all levels of employment with the

  8. Off the subject of race, this article must be heart-breaking for nice guys who can’t meet a woman. It says that Williams is married with 4 kids and has slept with 300 women. I know guys who are very nice people that can’t even get a date from a woman. Yet this guy seemed to be getting them without effort.

    What does this say about women? I think this guy is what you call an extreme alpha male gone wrong. Or maybe the dark side of extreme alpha-ism. Despite his lack of virtue, his DNA will be passed on into perpetuity, only because of his sheer aggression. I’m sure the 4 kids he has are just the 4 he knows about. Probably has knocked up many women. Then I think of the nice guy like one of my buddies, totally kind and sweet guy that couldn’t get a girlfriend if his life depended on it. His genetic line may cease to exist. Nature cares not about our virtues, it rewards those who are most aggressive by letting them perpetuate.

  9. Rob: I have to disagree with your assessment of this guys looks. I think he has looks that chicks dig. Very movie starrish. He looks at a chick and the look says “I am gonna put 10 inches into you and make it hurt” and the chick, especially if white, just can’t say no, cause an opportunity like this ain’t gonna come ’round again.

    Bus drivers, if they could look like Nushan, would be happier.

  10. He doesn’t need to be quarantined, or shipped ‘Black to Africa,’ or anything like that — quite simply, he needs a bullet in his head or, better yet, he ought to be publicly lynched by an angry White mob.

  11. You seem to be more upset at the fact that a black man slept with white women. Would you have cared had it been say an African in Nigeria infecting other Nigerians? This man is criminal and should face punishment but he is no less criminal than the racist filth you are infecting the world with through this blog!!

  12. Looks like a child raping indian nigger, oh wait indians and niggers are the same type of sub-human criminal scum. And I mean south asian Indians the shit skin type, not the human native indians of america.

    1. mofu saxon stincky cunt indians are of a rich race and rich heritage dont you fucking compare a criminal african scum with a indian. We indian are the most superior people on the earth. Go around running over cats in your wheelchair rotten POS Saxon..

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