Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

That’s what little Afghan boys are made of.

Oh, and don’t forget man-love Thursdays. Beats TGIF by a mile! J/k.

I’m not trying to dog their culture or anything, but this is what happens  when you put your females in purdah starting at age 12 and make them wear bags outdoors for the rest of their lives: the guys start screwing each other like crazy.

Situational homosexuality is universal. If the chicks aren’t putting out for one reason or another, the guys, especially the young guys, are going to start fucking each other. Which is a great argument either for socially approved mass early marriage, sexual revolution or legalized prostitution, or some combination.

I’ve seen it with my own horrified eyes in California in the early 1980’s, and I fended off plenty of “straight” (wink) guys myself. A young man has a semi-hardon all day, and all it takes is a breeze to give him a full one. Nature abhors a useless hardon as much as she abhors a vacuum and will strive to fill the vacuum and find any hole in a storm for that lonely hardon.

Your choice, Afghans. Don’t like man-love Thursdays? Fine. Get rid of the purdah for tweens and the bags later on.

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13 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”

  1. You may not be aware of this, but the Afghans, aka “Pashtuns,” are famous in the region(Central Asia, Iran) for this behavior. Everyone else their knows about it. Everyone else around there jokes about it.

    For example, Kandahar is the unofficial “Pashtun” capital of Afghanistan. The gag is that a bird flies over Kandahar with one wing covering it’s ass. Now, that is what you call an “earned” reputation. Sort of like our San Francisco, but with confused male rapists and AK-47’s. Not the safest combo to deal with, regardless of your sexual orientation.

    Case in point. I once met an Arab who traveled to Afghanistan. A sort of wanna-be jihadi asshole type. This was back in the 90’s. I find Arab’s who travel to “Muslim Lands” as they like to call them, to be rather distasteful people. They assume that any Muslim nation, group, people, culture…Are just like them. Basically dumb-ass Gulf Arabs. Everyone knows what those Saudis do in their Madrasahs and such. No women, so they go “gay” in a prison like manor. They just never admit it or talk about. This guy was shocked how open the Pasthuns were about their homosexual behavior. Out in the open for all intense and purposes. He could not stomach or fathom it.

    Now, the question is, why are the Pashtuns so crazy about swinging that way? Why do they basically imprison their women in burqas, then screw each other Brokeback Mountain style? Simple. Their are inbred horny fools who inherited a culture shaped by endless invasions and feuds, where women were raped and sent off as slaves whenever they were on the losing side. Hence, the need to basically imprison women for “protection.” At least, that is my theory. Strangely, the specially reserved fear and hatred held within Sunni Islam for women fit nicely into their world view. Kind of ironic, when you think about it.

    What is doubly ironic about this is the availability of female prostitutes in Afghanistan. They are very common in many of the cities in the region. It is in fact much more legal there than here in the U.S. Just ask returning American soldiers, who have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq, no brothels. Afghanistan, plenty of houses of ill-repute to spend your hard earned western cash.

    Perhaps this is learned behavior on the part of the Pashtuns? After all, if you have been nailed by older men since you were 9, you probably get used to it and learned to like it.

  2. Boy, it’s a good thing I read Cyrus’ comment before I submitted my own naive theories; I had no idea about the Pashtun reputation. I’m one of those dumb-ass Arabs/Muslims who thinks everyone is just like them LOL.

    What confuses me most is the idea of using religion as an excuse to lock women up, then engaging in gay sex…from a religious standpoint hetero premarital sex is the lesser evil, so it doesn’t make sense. The theory that it’s a twisted form of protecting women is plausible.

    History doesn’t explain this kind of activity in Saudi Arabia, though, so I tend to agree that the burqa is part of the problem. Most of these guys have probably never seen a woman other than their mothers and sisters, and what interest could they have in the faceless bundles of fabric that they do encounter? I wear the veil, but the whole face covering thing is – in my opinion – un-Islamic. It alienates people, makes a mockery of modesty and is downright scary.

    Whatever. To me the root of the problem will always be ignorance. Nothing in the world is more frightening than ignorant religious people.

    1. Yes, premarital het sex is very much a lesser sin even from an Islamic POV.

      Situational homosexuality is basically epidemic in Saudi Arabia. It’s very common among men. They even have discreet “gay bars” with no booze. Male lovers walk down the street with their arms around each other and no one cares. Even the religious police ignore them. But woe be to any unwed male and female out together!

      Also, there is a lot of situational lesbianism at Saudi girls’ schools. It causes all sorts of problems. In addition, there is quite a bit of lesbian affair stuff going on even with the Saudi royalty. Strange culture.

      A female friend of mine in Kuwait told me that 50% of Saudi men are gay. I guess she really meant this sort of situational bisexuality stuff. She said it causes all sorts of problems in marriages. A lot of the wives know about it and just suffer in silence.

    2. Well Jenna, if you re-read what I wrote, I stated “Gulf Arabs,” and yes, they are seen as ignorant dumb-asses. Especially amongst other Arabs in my experience. Mind you, I didn’t write “Arab/Muslim,” as you seem to have confused and imagined. In fact, this kind of alludes to what I was saying. Of course, if an Arab of any kind finds him or herself in Afghanistan trying to influence the place they cannot possibly understand, while drawing on their own limited cultural experiences…Well, they are a dumb-asses. That is just reality.

      Now, were you being sarcastic, or were you really not aware of the Pashtun reputation for part-time sexual preferences? I mean, I agree with your notion that history does not match with the Saudi past for the possible reasons for homosexual behavior, as a byproduct of restricted heterosexual discourse. Arabia has not been invaded and pillaged ten times over by the world’s most vicious conquerors…Mohammad Ghazni, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane…And too many more to count.

      Of course, I an no expert on the Arab World. Why Saudi sexual behavior might be restricted to what it is, well, I am all ears.

      1. Cyrus, sorry if I sounded confrontational or sarcastic, it wasn’t intended. I honestly wasn’t aware of the Pashtun reputation, or the extent of the Saudi one either. I was born here and haven’t been to the Middle East, so I can only draw on my experience in the culture I was raised in.

        I wrote “Arabs/Muslims” because as an Arab a part of me expects that other Arabs mirror my values, upbringing etc, and the same goes for being Muslim. It’s not limited to Gulf Arabs, and I’m sure many non-Arab Muslims are guilty of the same. That’s all I meant.

      2. Well Jenna, there in lies the problem. What exactly is Islam, and what does it entail? It is a religion, akin to say Christianity, and likewise is very diverse. The wrong assumption drawn of Muslim majority nations is that they are all similar, and full of people with similar customs and world views, who interpret the world in similar ways. Reality is very far from this. This wrong assumption is not just made by westerners, but by Arabs as well, and in the case of Arabs, with good reason that I will explain further down.

        My problem with Arab folks, be they Muslim or Christian, is that they draw assumptions about places like Iran or Afghanistan. In many cases, they simply see the people of those nations “as another kind of Arab.” This, unto itself is not only just a fallacy, but it denies those people their own history, culture, background, and even geographic location. They are not Arabs, and not members of the “Arab World.” Therefore their cultural and societal worldviews are their own, and have no reason to be similar to that of anything in the Arabic speaking sphere. In reality, they are not similar, and this has created problems for Arab and westerner alike. I have always found it amusing when U.S service personal who have been to Iraq find themselves being sent to Afghanistan. They assume everything they learned about Iraqi Arabs, including language phrases, will be useful in Afghanistan. Big, big mistake. They always return a little more enlightened.

        Now, about Arab Muslims, and why they project their own cultural views on to non-Arabs who happen to be Muslim. Simple reason, really. Arab Nationalism of the post WWII variety failed, and failed miserably. The dreams of a unified Arab nation, or at least confederacy, never happened. In fact, those dreams were largely smashed in the ’67 war with Israel. Arab Nationalism, Baathism, never recovered. So…It was replaced. It was replaced by another ideology called “Islamism.” No, for all intents and purposes, this Islamism is Arab Nationalism redressed, as it emerged from the Arab World to replace the failed nationalism of Nasser and such. It is Islamism, that in effect Arabizes every aspect of the religion. To truly be a Muslim in this exported ideology, one must be an Arab by any other name. Arabic is the “unofficial” official language, and the customs of the Arabian Peninsula supersede all those of other Muslim majority nations, no matter how ancient and rich those other nations histories and cultures may be. Just think of the blowing up of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan in 2001.

        This is why I call these Arabs “dumb-asses.” Instead of fixing the major problems of their own cultural sphere, they instead export their problems to other parts of the world and create chaos wherever they go. Why an Arab from Saudi Arabia would view Afghans of any kind as his “kin” is beyond me. An Arab should not go to somewhere like Afghanistan or Malaysia or wherever, and criticize and dictate how those people live simply because they are “fellow” Muslims, especially when the problems of the Arab World generally dwarf those of anywhere else.

        Muslim still does not equal Arab. Unfortunately, many Arabs have yet to figure that one out.

    3. Robert, what you are saying of Saudi Arabia is insightful. Though, I would be wary drawing parallels with Afghanistan. In my view, it is more of coincidental social convergence, than anything else.

    1. Well, Alexander the Great swung both ways, and look where it got him. I hear he kind of enjoyed what was then Afghanistan, as well…Go figure.

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