Not One Jew Was Killed in the 9-11 Attacks, and the WTC Is Full of Jewish Workers

“Not one Jew was killed in the 9-11 attacks, and the World Trade Center is full of Jewish worker.”

So goes a popular theory/rumor that began going around the Arab and Muslim World soon after the attacks. Although many were understandably dubious of this charge, we lacked hard evidence to refute it until recently.

The argument continues that 4,000 Jewish workers who worked in the towers stayed home from work that day, presumably because they had been warned by the Israelis that the WTC would be attacked. But the argument would have to be that these 4,000 Jewish workers were not only warned ahead of time by the Israelis, but they also neglected to tell even one single person of this warning and furthermore, they did not warn any non-Jews or the plot nor did they inform authorities. This seems highly dubious to say the least. 

The argument was compelling though. Downtown New York is full of Jews. Obviously the WTC must have had many Jewish workers at work that day. How could only one Jew die in the attack? Surely there is something suspicious about that.

Both of these theories, the thousands of Jews being forewarned and only one Jew dying are based on the theory that the 9-11 attack was actually carried out by the Israelis or that the Israelis were involved in it somehow. Israeli involvement in the plot remains to be proven, though hazy Israeli foreknowledge that something suspicious was afoot seems to be a reasonable conclusion.

The problem with this theory is that it is apparently based on lies.

There is no evidence that even one Jew who worked in the towers was warned to stay home that day, nor did any Jew, or any other WTC worker, stay home from work that day due to a forewarning.

I estimate that 10-1

It is true that only one Israeli died, but why is this so important? The argument would have to be that the Israelis saved their own Israeli Jews from the attack but left hundreds of Diaspora Jews to die. This sounds highly improbable to say the least. At any rate, one wonders just how many Israelis worked in the WTC on any given day? The number could not have been large.

At a bookstore, reading a magazine, I once saw a list of all 3,000+ victims of the 9-11 attacks. On a whim, I decided to test out the “no Jews died in the 9-11 attacks” theory. I started counting the obviously Jewish names on the list to see if there was anything to the rumor. I quit when I got to 300-400 and threw down the magazine in disgust.


We now have lists of some of the Jews who died in the attacks, including this list of these 76 Jews who died, for whom we have names and brief biographies. 

Here is a list of 77 Jews who died in the 911 attack (a partial list of ~350+ Jews who apparently died in the attacks):

Lee Alan Adler, 48, was a computer designer at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Adler was a member of the board of trustees of Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield, New Jersey, where memorial services were held for him. He was married to his wife. Alice, for 15 years and had a 12-year old daughter. His daughter wrote in a February 22, 2002 message on an internet memorial site, “Daddy I love you!”

Joshua Aron, 29, was an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. Joshua’s father, Barry Aron, says, “Not a minute goes by in a day that I don’t think about Josh. … It’s like part of you being ripped out and you can’t replace it.” Barry talks to his son’s widow, Rachel daily. Mr. Aron and Rachel would have celebrated their first wedding anniversary on September 16, 2001. Memorial services were held at the Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside, New York.

Michael Edward Asher, 53, was vice president and senior technology architect at Cantor Fitzgerald. On September 10, 2001, he talked with his son Jeremy, 18, about rebuilding an old Jaguar automobile. Mr. Asher was also survived by his wife Dana and a daughter, Rachel, 16. A memorial service was held for him at the Monroe Temple of Liberal Judaism in Monroe, New York.

Debbie S. Bellows, 30, was an executive assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald. She was survived by her husband Sean, who wrote, “Debbie meant the world to me. … My heart will always be filled with the love and beauty that filled her soul.” A memorial service was held for Ms. Bellows at the Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, New York.

Alvin Bergsohn, 48, was an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. From a picture posted on the Internet, it appears that he was survived by a wife and two sons. A service was held for him at the South Baldwin Jewish Center in Baldwin Harbor, New York.

Shimmy D. Biegeleisen, 42, was vice president of Fiduciary Trust International. Susan Townsend, who interviewed for a job at Mr. Biegeleisen’s company, described him “a genuinely kind and gentle soul, a man of true integrity.” A friend, Joseph Weinberger, said he was “a person with a golden heart, loved everybody, always with a smile.” Another described him as “a perfect mix of God-fearing, friendly, and fun.” Tony Skutnik said he was “a kind and gentle man, generous and forgiving almost to a fault.” He was survived by a wife and five children.

Joshua David Birnbaum, 24, was an assistant bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. His best friend, Leehe Matalon, wrote, “Josh’s smile always managed to light up the faces of those he surrounded himself with. He had a special charm ….” He was survived by his parents, Sam and Marcel, and a sister, Jill. A memorial service was held for him at the Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach in Long Beach, New York.

Kevin Sanford Cohen, 28, was a computer support person for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his parents, Barry and Marcia, and a brother Neil. His mother said that when she had asked him why he didn’t slow down, he replied, “Mom, I believe in living life to the fullest.” A memorial service was held for him at Neve Shalom in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Michael Allen Davidson, 27, was an equity options trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. A co-worker named Jay wrote, “He could have been the nicest, most sensitive person I have ever met. Everyone loves him.” He was engaged to be married the following July to Dominique DeNardo. Mr. Davidson was survived by his mother Ellen. A memorial service was held for him at Congregation Beth Israel in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Peter Feidelberg, 34, worked for Aon corporation. Mr. Feidelberg was from Montreal, Canada, and worked at Aon with his wife, Meredith Ewart, whom he had married in March 2000. According to the Canadian Jewish News, Mr. Feidelberg attended Jewish Peoples School, ran in the 1998 New York Marathon, enjoyed rugby, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving, and had backpacked through Europe, Costa Rica, Turkey and other countries.

Steven Mark Fogel, 40, was vice president and assistant general counsel for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Kori, a son and a daughter. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Emanuel in Westfield, New York.

Morton H. Frank, 31, was an insurance equities broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. In college, he was a member of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. A childhood friend said he had “a fun-loving spirit and a wonderful heart.” He had married his wife Jessica 14 months before 9/11.

Arlene Eva Fried, 49, was vice president and assistant general counsel at Cantor Fitzgerald. She met her future husband Ken when she was 15 and he was 17. When the youngest of their three daughters entered kindergarten, Arlene went back to school to study law. Her parents, Nicholas and Ronnie Joseph, were both survivors of Nazi concentration camps; her mother had been at Auschwitz.

They wrote, in a October 13, 2003 internet tribute, “As Arlene Joseph Fried’s parents, the loss is indescribable; a daughter with indescribable warmth and love toward her whole family and friends — losing her left an unhealable wound in our hearts.” A memorial service was held for her at Temple Beth Shalom in Roslyn, New York.

Douglas B. Gardner, 39, was a vice chairman at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife, Jennifer, and two children. Memorial services were held at the Stephen Weiss Free Synagogue in New York City.

Steven Paul Geller, 52, was an institutional trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Geller loved to cook with his daughter, Hali, 12. He was also survived by his wife, Debra. A memorial service was held for him at Congregation Rodeph Sholom in New York City.

Marina Romanova Gertsberg, 25, was one of 16 Russian-speaking Jews who perished in the 9/11 attacks, according to World Congress of Russian Jewry. Her family had emigrated from Odessa, Ukraine to the United States when Marina was four so that her father would not have to serve with Soviet forces in Afghanistan. She joined Cantor Fitzgerald as a junior manager one week before September 11. A memorial service for her was held at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Jeffrey Grant Goldflam, 48, was senior vice president and chief financial officer at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Goldflam was survived by his wife Risa and two children. He was a track and soccer star in high school. Robert Kayton, a college acquaintance, remembered Mr. Goldflam as “easygoing, friendly, and helpful.” A memorial service was held for him at Temple Beth Tohar in Melville, New York.

Michelle Herman Goldstein, 31, worked as a broker for Aon Risk Services insurance company. She had married her husband, Edward Goldstein, exactly seven months before 9/11. After the first plane struck the North tower of the World Trade Center, she called her mother, a Hebrew teacher at the Tamarac Jewish Center in Florida, from the 96th floor of the South tower to reassure her that she was all right. Her mother described her as “full of life. She lights up a room when she smiles.”

Monica Goldstein, 25, was an accounts specialist at Cantor Fitzgerald. She spent long hours at her older sister’s house, caring for her two young nephews and visiting with her sister. Her father said, “Her smile and her laugh were infectious. … The loss has totally changed our lives. We’ll never be the same anymore. … She was a very, very special person.” Ms. Goldstein was engaged to be married in September 2002. A memorial service was held for her at the Congregation B’nai Israel in Bay Terrace, New York.

Steven Goldstein, 35, had started work for Cantor Fitzgerald two weeks before September 11. Working in his basement, he had started and developed an online trading system, which he sold to Cantor Fitzgerald. His wife said his motivation was to make a lot of money and retire so he could spend time with his family. She said he loved nothing more than spending time with his one-year old son Harris and three-year old daughter Hanna. Mr. Goldstein had been a member of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi when at the University of Michigan.

Marcia Hoffman, 52, was vice president and senior technical architect at Cantor Fitzgerald. A former child-welfare worker, she switched to a career in computers. She was survived by her husband, Jim, and her daughter, Lara. A memorial service was held for her at the Kane Street Synagogue in New York City.

Aaron Horwitz, 24, was a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was described as a showman who loved entertaining people, someone who “seized souls, not letting go until he made them merry.” A memorial service was held for him at the Brotherhood Synagogue in New York City.

Daniel Ilkanayev, 36, was a senior programming analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Ilkanayev was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the former Soviet Union. He was one 16 Russian-speaking Jews who perished in the 9/11 attacks, according to World Congress of Russian Jewry.

Brooke Alexandra Jackman, 23, had just started working as an assistant bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. On September 10, 2001, she had told her mother she was applying to Columbia University’s School of Social Work because “there is more to life than making money.” A crowd of 1,000 to 1,500 attended her memorial service at the Jewish Center in Oyster Bay, New York. She had volunteered a community soup kitchen and a thrift shop for cancer patients.

Aaron Jacobs, 27, was a vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was making plans for a honeymoon, perhaps to Africa, with his bride-to-be, Jeannine McAteer. He had backpacked through Europe, taught English in Mexico, and climbed a volcano in Greece. His dream was to retire at an early age and travel. He also taught job skills to welfare recipients. A memorial service for him was held at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts.

Steven A. Jacobson, 53, was a transmission engineer working on the 110th floor of World Trade Center’s north tower. His job was to keep the WPIX television station on the air, no matter what happened. After working the night shift at the television station, he opened the Town and Village synagogue where he worshiped. Mr. Jacobson was survived by his wife, Deborah, and two daughters, Rachel and Miriam.

Family was the most important thing to him; he called his mother every day. Colleagues say he called them on September 11, saying his room was filling with smoke but it was too hot to leave even though he was having trouble breathing.

Shari Ann Kandell, 27, was a support staffer at Cantor Fitzgerald. She loved the theater and was studying for a degree in English in the evenings. Her father said, “the overwhelming and outstanding quality that Shari showed all her life was her total selflessness.” Many at her memorial service at Temple Beth Rishon in Wyckoff, New Jersey spoke of her giving priority to the needs of others.

Andrew Keith Kates, 37, was a senior managing director of Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Emily Terry, two daughters, Hannah, 5, and Lucy, 3, and a son, Henry, 1. His wife said that although Mr. Kates was a serious bike rider, swimmer, and runner, having run the New York Marathon in three hours and 15 minutes, his family came first. Every Saturday morning, the children would crowd into bed with Mr. Kates and his wife. A memorial service for him was held at Congregation Rodeph Sholom in New York City.

Peter Rodney Kellerman, 35, was a vice president and equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Robi. Mr. Kellerman had a doctor’s appointment on the morning of September 11, but came to work when the appointment was rescheduled. Friend Jon Bott wrote how he misses Mr. Kellerman’s “infectious humor, your wonderful wit and how comfortable and easy you made people feel.” A memorial service was held for him at the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City.

Howard Kestenbaum, 56, was an executive vice president at Aon Corporation. His 24-year old daughter Lauren saw the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Mr. Kestenbaum, who was in the second tower hit, had evacuated his office on the 103rd floor and was at the 78th floor when his tower was struck. Witnesses say he was knocked unconscious by flying debris.

Mr. Kestenbaum was always joking and made others laugh. He was an active member of Congregation Beth Ann in Verona, New Jersey, visited the sick and old, and volunteered at a homeless shelter.

Mary Jo Kimelman, 34, had worked for Cantor Fitzgerald for 13 years. Friends and family say she was an extremely loyal, outgoing person who wrote poetry and enjoyed traveling. Her boyfriend, Thierry LeBras, said she had a special talent of listening to people she had just met, getting them to open up about their lives. A memorial service was held for her at Temple Emanu-El in New York City.

Glenn Davis Kirwin, 40, was a senior vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was also an avid cyclist, runner, golfer, and skier, who would go on 80-kilometer bicycle rides. His wife, Joan, says he always found time to play with his sons, Miles, 10, and Troy, 7, even after long workdays. A memorial service was held for him at Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, New York.

Alan Kleinberg, 39, was just days away from transferring to a different Cantor Fitzgerald office on September 11. He was survived by his wife, Mindy, a three-year old son, Sam, a seven-year old daughter, Lauren, and a nine-year old son, Jacob. His mother said Mr. Kleinberg limited his outside interests so he could spend more time with his family. A memorial service was held for him at the Jewish Center in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Karen Joyce Klitzman, 38, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. She and her twin sister Donna spoke with each other every day on the phone. Karen had taught English for two years in Macao and Beijing, China, and traveled in Siberia and throughout the Middle East. A memorial service was held for her at Stephen Weiss Free Synagogue in New York City.

Nicholas Craig Lassman, 28, was a computer technician for Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Lassman studied computers after several years of teaching golf in Florida. He also taught himself how to play the guitar and learned Russian and German so he could read books in those languages. He spoke to his parents, Ira and Laura Lassman, almost every day. A memorial service for Mr. Lassman was held at Temple Beth-El in Cloister, New Jersey.

Alan Lederman, 43, started work for Aon Corporation two months before September 11. Just before reporting to work, he climbed Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental United States. Most of his co-workers left the World Trade Center’s south tower, where he worked, but Mr. Lederman stopped to help two women who were paralyzed by panic. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Neve Shalom in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Neil D. Levin, 46, was Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New York’s three major airports, its port facilities, six bridges and tunnels, and is landlord of the World Trade Center complex. Mr. Levin was at a breakfast meeting at the Windows on the World restaurant atop the north tower when it was hit on September 11.

Mr. Levin’s wife, Christine Ferer, called him “the love of my life, the most kind and generous person,” and someone who became a “super-Dad” to Ms. Ferer’s two daughters from a previous marriage. A memorial service for Mr. Levin was held at the Temple Emanu-El in New York City. His family set up a scholarship fund in his name for children of Port Authority employees killed on September 11.

Steven Barry Lillianthal, 38, was a mortgage bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Adina, 4-year old twins, Emma and Gabriel, and a three-month old son, Sam. A memorial service was held for Mr. Lillianthal at Temple B’nai Abraham in Livingston, New Jersey.

Stuart T. Meltzer, 32, was an energy broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He had two young sons; the eldest, Jacob, was four years old when he died. His brother, Larry, said he talked with Stuart at least five days a day, often discussing sports. A memorial service for Mr. Meltzer was held at Temple Emeth in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Nancy Morgenstern, 32, was an administrative assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald. She was an Orthodox Jew whose passions were cycling and skiing. She would bring kosher food and the pots and pans needed to stay kosher on cycling racing trips. In a website dedicated to her memory, her mother wrote, “Nancy, I miss you more than mere words can express. Not only were you my daughter, but you were also my best friend.”

A co-worker described Nancy as “one of the most thoughtful, disciplined, funny, crazy, independent women I ever knew.” Fifty-eight friends wrote tributes to her on her memorial website.

Laurence M. Polatsch, 32, was a partner in equities sales at Cantor Fitzgerald. A prankster, Mr. Polatsch donned a tuxedo and crashed the 2000 wedding of celebrities Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. He ate with actor Jack Nicholson before security guards asked him to leave. Mr. Polatsch’s mother said he once flew back from college to present her with flowers on her birthday.

Recently, Mr. Polatsch had resumed a relationship with childhood sweetheart Marni Wasserman, and they were expected to marry. Guttermann Funeral Home in Woodbury, New York confirmed that Mr. Polatsch was Jewish.

Faina Rapaport, 45, was a computer programmer working as a consultant to March & McLellan. In 1994, she and her family emigrated from Moscow, Russia to New York. At the time of her death, her son Alex was 25 and her daughter, Elena, 19. Elena said, “I know my mother is still happy about coming to America. She accomplished things that she never would have been able to do in Russia.”

Joshua Reiss, 23, was a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. An enterprising young man, Joshua began delivering newspapers at age 10, worked in the family business before attending college, and worked full-time as a waiter while also being a full-time student with a double major at college. More than 1500 people attended his memorial service at Adath Israel Synagogue in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. On August 27, 2002, his mother wrote on the internet, “We miss you and still want you to come home. I will always have a void in my soul.”

Brooke David Rosenbaum, 31, was supervisor in the overseas division of Cantor Fitzgerald. He was sick on September 10, but went to work the next day because, according to a friend, he felt that without him, “the whole place would fall apart.” He was survived by his mother, Dorothy. A memorial service was held for him at the Jewish Center in Rego Park, New York.

Sheryl Lynn Rosenbaum, 33, was an accountant and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. Her father described her as the “glue” of their family. She was survived by her husband, Mark, and two children, aged 3 months and 17 months. A memorial service was held for her at Temple Har Shalom in Warren, New Jersey.

Lloyd Daniel Rosenberg, 31, was a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Glenna and three daughters, Samantha, 5, Kaylee, 3, and Alyssa, 1. His wife said that “Lloyd’s passion was being a ‘daddy.’ His girls were his pride and joy. I will forever miss the Saturday mornings when I would sneak downstairs and watch him reading them a book or playing ‘horsie.'” A memorial service was held for him at Temple Shalom in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

Mark Louis Rosenberg, 26, was a computer programmer for Marsh & McLellan. He attended Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy in New York and Yeshiva University for a short time. Mr. Rosenberg met his wife, Jennifer, at a Jewish youth event. She said, “He was a great people person. He got along with everybody. He had a great smile and a great sense of humor.”

Andrew Ira Rosenblum, 45, was a broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He married his wife, Jill, at Temple Hillel in North Woodmere, New Jersey, and their sons Jordan and Kyle were 14 and 11, respectively, when their father died. Mr. Rosenblum’s friend, Steve Cohen, said, “Andy was the kind of guy that had many circles of friends and many dear friends within each circle.”

Joshua M. Rosenblum, 28, was an assistant trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was only four days away from marrying colleague Gina Hawryluk on September 11. Ms. Hawryluk stayed home from work that day to plan their wedding. Mr. Rosenblum and co-workers smashed out windows with computers on the 104th floor to let smoke escape. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst, New York.

Joshua Rosenthal, 44, was a senior vice president at Fiduciary Trust. He was an avid reader, mountain hiker, and sailor. A friend described Mr. Rosenthal as “a wonderfully warm and witty person who was loved and admired by those who knew him.” A memorial service was held for him at Birmingham Temple in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Richard Rosenthal, 50, was vice president of finance at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Rosenthal was treasurer of the Jewish Center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey and also treasurer of the Dysautonomia Foundation.

His son Evan, 18 years old when Mr. Rosenthal died, suffers from dysautonomia, a disorder of the nervous system that confines him to a wheelchair. Evan has needed a feeding tube to eat since he was 2. Friends say Mr. Rosenthal “was always with [Evan].” His younger son Seth, 15 years old when Mr. Rosenthal died, said, following September 11, “I’m going to keep calling him on the cell phone until he answers.”

Michael Craig Rothberg, 39, was a managing director for Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Rothberg was an avid skier, boater, and jogger. Described as “modest and unassuming” and extremely loyal to his co-workers, Mr. Rothberg raised money for multiple sclerosis in a bike-a-thon and for a friend who had cancer. A memorial service was held for him at the Temple Sholom in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Ronald J. Ruben, 36, was a vice president of equity trading at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. Mr. Ruben, who was unmarried, “was Uncle Ronnie to 100 kids,” said his sister, Leslie Dillon. When he received his first holiday bonus, he spent it all at a toy store, delivering gifts to children at a hospital near his home.

Mr. Ruben’s father, Peter, died of cancer in 1998 and his mother, Marjorie, died in 1996, also from cancer. To honor them, Mr. Ruben had their initials, M and P, tattooed over his heart. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Israel in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Jason Elazar Sabbag, 26, was a portfolio manager at Fiduciary Trust. He was engaged to be married to Sarah Hare when he died. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Sholom in Greenwich, Connecticut, at which friends recalled his “warm demeanor, his playful sense of humor, his extraordinary talent in sports, academics, and business, and, most of all, his love for his family and very large circle of friends.”

Eric Sand, 36, was an equity trader at cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Sand, a talented musician who had once pursued a career in music, had more recently played guitar for a special audience — his young son, Aaron, who was 18 months old when Mr. Sand died. Mr. Sand’s wife, Michelle, said he would rush home from work to spend as much time as possible with his son. A memorial service was held for Mr. Sand at Congregation B’nai Yisrael in Armonk, New York.

Scott Schertzer, 28, worked in the human resources department of Cantor Fitzgerald. On September 10, he felt terrible because he had to give layoff notices to a number of co-workers, but this saved their lives. Mr. Schertzer was an excellent soccer and baseball player who could bench press 102 kilograms, even though he weighed only 70 kilograms.

A memorial service was held for him at Congregation B’nai Ahavath Shalom in Union, New Jersey. On December 5, 2001, his mother, father and sister posted this note on an internet memorial site: “We can never say ‘Good-bye.’ You will always be with us. We love you and will always love you.”

Ian Schneider, 45, was a senior managing director for Cantor Fitzgerald. His lifelong friend Howie Kessler said, “This guy loved life. No one danced harder at a party or shouted louder at a ball game.” His wife Cheryl said that when he arrived home, his three children Rachel, 11, Jake, 9, and Sophie, 7, fought for the right to jump first into his arms. Almost 2000 people attended Mr. Schneider’s memorial service at Temple Sharey Teflio-Israel in South Orange, New Jersey.

Many were families of the children he coached on soccer, softball, and baseball teams, a chore he undertook so he could spend more time with his children.

John Burkhart Schwartz, 40, was a bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Emanu-El in New York City.

Jason Sekzer, 31, was a vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald. His father, Will Sekzer, who is active in a fraternal society of Jewish New York policemen, described his son as “handsome, smart, humble, and polite.” Mr. Sekzer had married Nastasha Makshanov eight months before he died. On September 10, the photographer called to say that their album of wedding photographs was ready. A memorial service was held for him at East Midwood Jewish Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Hagay Shefi, 34, was the co-founder and chief executive of GoldTier Technologies, a software company. Mr. Shefi had lived in the United States for eight years, after emigrating from Israel, and was close to becoming a U.S. citizen. He was in the Windows on the World restaurant atop the World Trade Center to make a business presentation when it was struck. On September 16, 2001, his body was found intact in the rubble. He was survived by his wife Sigal, also from Israel, a five-year old son and a three-year old daughter.

Mark Shulman, 47, was a disaster inspector, fire prevention and risk consultant for March & McLellan. He was survived by his wife, Lori, and daughters Melissa, 17, and Jamie, 12. “His family always came first,” his mother Evelyn said. “He did everything for his family. I lost a treasure.” A memorial service was held for Mr. Shulman at Temple Shaari Emeth in Manalapan, New Jersey.

Allan Abraham Shwartzstein, 37, was a managing director and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. “He was about the most considerate person I knew,” longtime friend Mark Madoff said. One thousand people attended the memorial service for him at Temple Beth El in Chappaqua, New York. He was survived by his wife, Amy, a five-year old daughter, Jessica, and a four-year old son, Matthew.

Arthur Simon, 57, was a vice president and equities trader at Fred Alger Management company. He and his son, Kenneth Alan Simon, both died in the World Trade Center. The elder Mr. Simon worked on the 93rd floor; the younger on the 104th. One of Mr. Simon’s greatest loves was dancing. He was survived by his wife, Susan, a son, Todd, and two daughters, Mandy and Jennifer. A memorial service was held for him and his son at Temple Beth El in Spring Valley, New Jersey.

Kenneth Alan Simon, 34, was an equities trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. He and his wife, Karen, had adopted a daughter, Maya, who was 10 months old when he died. “You should have seen his face when he looked into her big brown eyes for the first time,” his wife said. “He just melted.” The Simons had plans to adopt more children.

Mr. Simon called his wife after the plane hit to say that he was going to look for his father, Arthur Simon, who worked 11 stories below him. A memorial service was held for both father and son at Temple Beth El in Spring Valley, New Jersey.

William E. Spitz, 49, was a government bonds broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He had a degree in elementary education. A memorial service was held for him at Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside, New Jersey.

Eric A. Stahlman, 43, was a broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. He joined the company about 10 weeks before September 11. He was survived by his wife, Blanca, who is from Ecuador, a seven-year old daughter, Allison, and a four-year old son, Jacob. Long friendships and close family ties were the things he cherished most, family members said. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Beth El in Papchoque, New York.

Alexander Robbins Steinman, 32, was a vice president in equities sales for Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Steinman had attended the wedding in Italy of lifelong friend Richard Diamond on the weekend before September 11. He then rushed home to get back to work, which he loved. “Alex had an incredible sense of humor and he got as much out of life as anybody possibly could,” Mr. Diamond said. He said Mr. Steinman had been “the life of the party” at his wedding in Italy. A memorial service was held for Mr. Steinman at Temple Israel in Staten Island, New York.

Kenneth W. Van Auken, 47, was a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Lorie, and two children, Matthew and Sarah. His wife says Mr. Van Auken was her “rock,” the loving spirit in her life, and someone who was always willing to interrupt what he was doing to have some fun with his children. He was also a skilled carpenter, building a deck, bookcases, and other projects around his home. A memorial service was held for him at Temple B’nai Shalom in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Steven Jay Weinberg, 41, was an accounting manager for Baseline Financial Services. He was survived by his wife Laurie and three children, Lindsay, 12, Samuel, 8, and Jason, 6. He went to all his children’s sports events and volunteered at the Parents-Teachers Association. A memorial service for Mr. Weinberg was held at the Nanuet Hebrew Center.

Simon Weiser, 65, was a power-distribution engineer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A Jew born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1936, he arrived in New York in 1978. He was survived by his wife, a son, and three grandchildren. He was planning to retire in 2002.

David Thomas Weiss, 50, was vice president and deputy general counsel for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Marcia and daughter Gina. He was described as a “very private man with a kind, sweet and generous heart and … above all else … limitless devotion to this family.” A memorial service was held for him at the Brotherhood Synagogue in New York City.

Michael Wittenstein, 34, was a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was scheduled to marry his fiancée, Carrie Bernstein, on October 20, 2001. His uncle, Mark Hershkowitz, said he had thought many times after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 about buying Michael a parachute, and wishes he had. “Michael was one of those people who always had a smile, always seemed happy at whatever he was doing,” relative Warren Treuhaft wrote. As in the Jewish tradition, Mr. Wittenstein was buried with some of his possessions.

Marc Scott Zeplin, 33, was an equities trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife, Debra, and two sons, Ryan, 3, and Ethan, 10 months old. Mr. Zeplin once dreamed of becoming a professional sportscaster, having broadcast hockey games at the University of Michigan. His friends formed the Marc S. Zeplin Foundation, which helps children who lost a parent or loved one on September 11. A memorial service for Mr. Zeplin was held at the Jewish Community Center in Harrisson, New York.

Charles A. Zion, 54, was a senior vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Zion was survived by his wife, Carole, and his 16-year old son, Zachary. “He was a great guy and a great husband,” his wife said. A memorial service for Mr. Zion, who was the son of a rabbi, was held at the Greenwich Reformed Synagogue in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Andrew Steven Zucker, 27, was a lawyer with Harris Beach LLP, which had offices in the World Trade Center’s south tower, which was the second one hit. Mr. Zucker, a former volunteer fireman, stayed around the 78th floor, where the second plane hit, to help others evacuate. He was survived by his wife Erica, who was pregnant with their first child when he died. Mr. Zucker was a member of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Igor Zukelman, 29, worked with computers at Fiduciary Trust Company, on the 97th floor of the north tower, which was hit first. Mr. Zukelman was an immigrant from the Ukraine, arriving in the United States in 1992, and was survived by his three-year old son. According to the World Congress of Russian Jewry, Mr. Zukelman was one of 16 Russian-speaking Jews killed in the September 11 attacks.

Mark Brisman, an attorney from Armonk.

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125 thoughts on “Not One Jew Was Killed in the 9-11 Attacks, and the WTC Is Full of Jewish Workers”

    1. It’s very widely believed by anti-Semites all over the globe. I haven’t met too many anti-Semites who *don’t* believe this one.

      The piece was kind of a tribute to the 9-11 victims.

      1. Yup…you did good shining a bit of light on this… it’s important to refute this evil piece of anti-semitic myth-making…even the performance poet Baraka (aka Leroy Jones?) made a slip-up in his poem about 9/11, saying 4,000 Israelis and/or Jews were forewarned and got out beforehand. So the rumour was certainly in the air, and ties in with all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about Israel and 9/11.

    2. If 10-15% of 9-11 deaths were jewish that would be around 450 people.
      how many jewish people worked at wtc ? That would be a good stat to see.
      How many jewish people had the day off !
      Israeli inactivity in assisting their neighboring countries and the west, despite their clear ability to do so only perpetrates the notion of false flag attacks eg uss libery and Lavon, not to mention the notion that Jews are happy for every faith and race to not exist except there own.
      if jews continue to be insular in foreign policy and attack the natin they occupy this they ace another 5000 years of persecution

    3. Hi. You missed 2 Jews who died. Mark Brisman who was from Armonk and an attorney and Steve ( I will get back to you on his last name. I went to HS with him)

  1. Do you believe that 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated in the 1940s?

    “Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must ‘vanish’ before the state of Israel can be formed. ‘You shall return minus 6 million.’ That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the ‘sacred 6 million’ is an attempt to transform the holocaust story into state religion… Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in ‘burning ovens,’ which the judicial version of the holocaust now authenticates… ‘Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.’”


    1. No, I do not believe 6 million Jews were killed in the 1940’s.

      I think that 5.7 million Jews were killed in the 1940’s, though it’s possible that it could be higher, even *over* 6 million.

      There’s no point in referencing that site. Crazy anti-Semites have just about zero credibility on the Jewish Question.

      1. I don’t know how many Jews were killed in the 40s, nor do I care. I know what the Soviet Jews did during the 30s. Not a single Jew was gassed to death. The Red Cross says 200,000. I’ll believe them over hysterical soap and lampshade con-liars. You’re a pussy Robert, and not 10% as clever as you believe yourself to be.

        1. “Payday Monsanto” is just another garden-variety Jew-hater, believing in all the usual anti-Semitic world-domination conspiracies, et al. Care to ban him?

          1. I don’t ban on racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or any of that stuff. I don’t really like any of those things in their hard (not realist) forms, but in the name of free speech, I won’t ban that stuff. Honestly, I simply do not feel that bigotry is very important. I am more interested in economics and real issues and I tire of the endless war on prejudice.

        2. OK MR Lindsay…. I suppose you are also going to label me a NAZI….
          It seems to me that that is the label you like to give anyone who studys
          History and ACCEPTS THE FACTS NOT THE FICTION! No, 6,000,000
          Jews WERE NOT GASSED IN GERMANY!! That is another FAIRY TALE
          invented by the Zionists who control all forms of the media, Hollywood, Banking and nearly everything else and twist the facts in the favor of themselves…. Truthfully… the JEWS ARE THE TERRORISTS! You people whine about being ABUSED when ANYBODY who KNOWS anything about THE TRUTH knows how the JEWS are the MURDERERS

      2. not only jewish was killed in russia theire are more than 25 milions who have been killed and they didnt stole a land !
        and today its not jewish who r slaughtered but its muslims who are killed !! and u dont give a fuck u only care about jewish !! fuck the zionism
        u have no heart and no soul , u make islam a religion of terrorism but who are the killer of palestinians? who kil the childrens in gaza? destroy the religious places? destroy shcools, hospital? women , ?who? i think terrorist yes the tsahal , what have hamas? nothing and why not gaza should not have a army?? why u say they are terrorist ? dont they have the right to defend themselves? no? israel can defend itself but no gaza? why? the real terrorist is israel and idf …open eyes

          1. It was almost a decade ago. You should read what I was posting then. Shit time is flying….

      1. u r pro israel = u r pro murderer= u r pro killer of women and children =
        u r evil = u have no heart

        nchallah u will be punished in the last judgment
        Allah akbar

        1. First off, your “allah” is a mere godlet, the moon god, and it was this moon god for whom the kaaba was built. Second, your insane bias is just that, insane and unsupported by fact, but is the result of the Jew-hatred you were fed with your mother’s milk as has every sand monkey for the past 1400 years. Third, if you want to talk about killers of women and children, let’s look at every single arab regime and every single arab terrorist group, including hamass, hezbolla, and isis. Fourth, 9/11, buddy, just own it, your brethren did it and admitted and celebrated it.

        2. Lol mighty Joe bruin, who tells you about the mere god? The same sand monkey that became the victim of your cruelty? And only an illiterate person who would think that only arab’ I’m refering to your sand right now’ is the only country that have majority Muslim citizens. What a shame

      2. Ya you can’t call it a Jewish attack but you can call it a private sector/US Federal Government attack. A private sector along with the Federal Reserve is nearly entirely if not entirely run by Jewish people. And the people in the government – if they weren’t Jews – they were bought and paid for goyim (as there called). It’s not racist; it’s a fact. I am not racist; I grew up multicultural. I am completely happy the world is full of diverse humans. So there’s that.

  2. Robert,

    Are the traditional Jews – i.e. the Jews without European admixture – white? The Israeli Jews never look white to me and look very much like Arabs.

    1. Everyone and their mother these days is jewish or “half jewish” (as one well-meaning friend once told me). My reply to him is that that is like being ‘a little pregnant’. Truth is, they (the organized jews) are more than happy to have everyone thinking they are a “jew” but in actuality that means little or nothing when the rubber hits the road. To marry a REAL “jew” (kohanim, et al) one could possibly be subject to a blood tests.

      1. And my response to you is that you are nothing but a garden-variety Jew-hater. It’s like being “a little hate-monger”. In reality, you belong exactly at the point where the rubber hits the road: a blood streak in the pavement. You are here yet again demonstrating imbecility in the face of Robert Linday’s voice of reason, a voice you cannot hear.

  3. I read each name… it’s good to remember, when we remember the good lost to evil, it makes us stronger to fight evil, and more aware of the real cost of things which to many are just headlines in the news or stories on paper. Thank you for taking the time to post this.
    PS_ Im not Jewish, Im pagan… the loss of any person in avoiable circumstances is to be mourned. People aren’t weighted in value by their “flavour”: the loss of an innocent is the loss of an innocent.

  4. I know you wrote this a while ago, but there is another name that you can add to this list… Abraham Zelmanowitz.

    Zelmanowitz (an Orthodox Jew) worked as a computer programmer for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and was below the impact zone (on the 27th floor) when the planes hit.

    Instead of evacuating, he chose to stay with his friend, Ed Beyea, who could not evacuate because he was a quadriplegic and the elevators were no longer working. He was still in the towers when they collapsed.

    The Wolf

  5. The whole point of Israel, and the most reliable tendency of its advocates, has been to sacrifice unconnected Jews. It is yet another example of how Israel really is a 19th-century-European-style-state with all that that promises, including the opportunity to die for rich old men who hate you but technically share some protein strands in common. Israelis have never batted an eyelash about killing diaspora Jews, whom they are taught to regard as expendable because already doomed at best and race traitors at worst, certainly not in the spate of 1950s Israeli terrorism intended to ruin Arab-Jewish coexistence in the region. Remember, to a Zionist, Israel is the only place where a Jew is physically safe, those who fail to chose aliyah are delusional and asking for punishment as though they were laying their heads on railroad tracks. Some of their allegations about the phony nature of assimilation are true, talking about totally disingenuous European examples where the Jews were never serious about truly assimilating and the locals were never serious about accepting them; the US is inescapably different.
    If anti-Semites have obscured the human tragedy of these events (which at best are inescapably an ultimate reaction to USraeli evil), then they are shown once again to be hideously unfeeling. With that being said, a Jew’s best friend is still an assimilationist with “anti-Semitic” (Wiesel definition) views about Israel, and the best place in the world to be a Jew is still the US. It is far more heartless than the self-ridiculing denialism of any anti-Semite to condemn USsians and Israelis and Jews to an inevitable program of hatred and violence through unforgivably stupid government policy.

        1. He has no point. Other than this: “which at best are inescapably an ultimate reaction to USraeli evil”. That’s all anybody needs to see. His point is hatred of Jews, in particular, his hatred of Jews. And you are just as much a hater as he.

        1. The term “anti-Semite” is not at all a “mindless term” when it is directed precisely at cretins such as “kei&yuri” and you.

      1. no its extremist zionist who did that they are evil look what they do to the palestians they stole their land n they kill them they make genocide and always justify their act with the ww2 , u r not victims anymore u r the murderer

      2. Riiight. That’s why there were 5 Israelis snapping photos and celebrating when the FIRST tower was struck. That’s the FBI saying that, not me.

        That is also why the only people arrested on 911 and the days following were Jews.

        1. Really? Five Israeli idiots sick of their own country being forced to endure terrorism for decades, who somehow experienced schadenfreude at the thought of the country they perceive as doing the forcing getting a little of it in return. That’s all it was. And haters like you turn it into some kind of Zionist conspiracy.

          And: “That is also why the only people arrested on 911 and the days following were Jews.” Really? Care to name them? And care to tell me who among these actually planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks?

          It really is quite simple, except for haters such as you: The arabs planned it, the arabs trained for it, the arabs carried it out, and the arabs celebrated it.

          1. Really? Five Israeli idiots sick of their own country being forced to endure terrorism for decades, who somehow experienced schadenfreude at the thought of the country they perceive as doing the forcing getting a little of it in return.

            That’s what it was? Piss on them. Piss on those Jews, then. Israelis make me want to vomit. The worst humans on Earth.

  6. My Jewish friends and I personally counted the names of the Jews that died on 9/11. Not from some website that may not be accurate. We went to the 9/11 Memorial in West Orange, NJ … near the border of Upper Montclair, about 30-yards from the front entrance of ‘The Highlawn Pavillion’ Restaurant. The Memorial Site, the adjacent Park and the Highlawn share a parking lot. The Memorial is technically located in the Eagle Rock Mountain Reservation. It overlooks the NYC skyline, although one can only see the NYC view on a clear day — it’s 15-miles inland. On first count we came up with 75 names, then added a few names we weren’t 100% sure if they were Jewish or not for a grand total of 87 names … in any case, less than 100 Jews died on 9/11, which equates to slightly less than 2% of Jews that worked in the Towers. The names of 9/11 victims are literally “cast in stone”, or more accurately, engraved in a marble slab … that cannot be altered like a website. Go look for yourself on a sunny day. It’s a 1/2 hour drive from Newark, NJ airport and 1/2 hour drive from NYC (on a good day). Even if you count the names that ‘may or may not be’ you still won’t come up with more than 90 Jewish surnames. I’m not an anti-semite Jew-hater … just very observant.

    1. Lindsay
      My mother has a crazy friend (ultra orthodox carlbach) who said that Hashem protected the Jewish people.

        1. @Payday Monsanto: You are the moron here, buddy. The Odigo story is bullshit. At best a “false flag” event perpetrated by technically-proficient IT pals of your al-qaeda plane-crashing terrorists. Funny how scum like you see “false flag attacks” perpetrated by Zionists on 10 contents, but the obvious false-flag attack completely escapes you.

          Here’s the Odigo story, very well explained in Wikipedia. I note the rather obvious clue, that Jews generally don’t close messages to other Jews with anti-Semitic slurs:

          “Odigo and the 9/11 investigation: Odigo reported that, two hours before the September 11, 2001 attacks, two of their employees who were working in an Odigo office in Herzliya Pituah, a city near Tel Aviv,[1] received a hostile English electronic instant message non-specifically threatening them that a terrorist attack would happen.[2] They did not mention this to their employer until after they heard reports of a terrorist attack in the United States on the news, after which they informed the company’s management. One of Odigo’s New York offices was then situated within a mile of the World Trade Center complex.[3] However, the threatening message did not mention the location of an attack.[4] The company took the initiative in tracking down the originating IP address of the message, giving the information to the FBI, so that the FBI could track down the Internet Service Provider, and the actual sender of the original message.[5] Using the “people-search” function, Odigo users can send anonymous messages anywhere in the world to other users, who they can find based on demographics or location. According to The Washington Post, the message declared “that some sort of attack was about to take place. The notes ended with an anti-Semitic slur. The messages said ‘something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time'”.[6]”

  7. well he didnt on 9/11 did he? some times you wonder if these people only watch tv n read a news paper which condem the jews of the jewish state and got every fact from the UN which is the most anti semetic organ apart from mecca- and the saudi syria iran alliance -actually did they know that jews actually died in their millions,,in camps in europe run by nazi’s true yes unbeliveable-and jew s lived in israel some 3000 yrs ago before a illiterate wrote the quran- ask a palestian who was palestines prime minister defence minister ,ambassdor to the league of nations for runner of the UN,
    i bet u wont get a answer ….

    my name is ,my name is my name is

    1. No I never saw/read any media who condem the jewz but I do see enormous mass media that condems muslim. A person like you are? Yes.the struggle of Zionist: Jews have been made slaves by the Muslim Arab then they run to euro and unfortunately tortured there too(holocaust) then move to Palestine and gosh them Arab are so greedy and violence. Why does this Jews ALWAYS a victim whenever they goes?(except for American but half of their tax payment also goes to the holocaust victim pocket)?And why did their missery always payed back with a fortune? So you want to talk about UN AND PALESTINE? why won’t you talk about how American weapons supplying and how the Palestine land by years increasingly became Israel? Who helped Gaza now? hammas? Lol

  8. The reason why jews are very strong today in the state of israel is that the Holocaust weeded out the weak Jews, leaving behing the strong and able Jews who have gone on to create the state of Israel. Just like World War II was the reason for many new technologies, so the Holocaust also created the strong Jew class.- A greater good came out of something bad. Also in a direct way, without World War II and the Holocaust there would be no Israel now. So be thankful of that attrition. It has made the Jews STRONG!!

        1. @馬鹿外人: What the etymologists may claim on behalf of the arabs, or what the arabs may claim on their own behalf, is really irrelevant. What is true is that: (1) the black rock in mecca was originally a shrine to the moon god, and there are depictions on the shrine itself that depict the three daughters of this “allah” the moon god; (2) it doesn’t matter how well you state your case that you worship the One True God, the same God as depicted in the Hebrew Bible, the first Book to espouse monotheism (a concept that the arabs would not even pretend to embrace till 1500 years ago), because the muzz will kill you anyway; (3) all of which goes to show that whatever god the muzz claim to worship is sure as hell not God.

        2. I’m sorry but you are mistaken. I do not like Islam, nor do I sympathize it. But according to the Wathaniyya(pre Islamic paganism) Allah was NOT a Moon God. Allah is not a deity, but a Source. Hubal was the Moon God of the Ka’aba. I know this because I’m an Arab Pagan.

          However, you are correct when saying that the Black Stone(Hajr Aswad) is dedicated to Ba’al Shamim(Hubal)
          But saying that Allah is a Moon God is just plain Ignorant. I’m fluent in Arabic and also an authority on this subject.

          Also the God YHWH was actually the husband of Asherah in the Qadish pantheon(Caananites). So yes the Jews had over 300 Deities in their pagan days. They just picked one to worship, and you follow that one to this day.
          If you want to fix terrorism then you need to rid the world of Monotheism and Messianic religions

  9. at least 30% workers jewish yet less than 2% of dead ,if that doesnt strike people as strange what does? did the jews run faster ?

  10. I have no opinion on the subject. To find the answer is simple though; ask the remaining members of the 4,000 Jews who did not show up to work that day why they did not show up. If they were forewarned, I guarantee some of them will admit it. Not all Jews are part of an elite agenda. I have yet to hear anyone confess to not going to work because they were warned against it.

  11. The world will never knpw how powerful some Zionists are! I feel pity for real Jews, usual Muslims and the Americans. 🙁
    God bless America

      1. Death to you. Speedily and in our days. Oh yeah, Israel is here to stay, so get used to it.

    1. I don’t feel pity for you. I feel hatred. Hatred for low-life pond scum such as yourself who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me.

  12. Hey Robert, why don’t you do a post on Hebrew language, the tongue of God’s chosen people? As a token of appreciation for your research skills in advance, I’m donating a humble amount of $3.00

    There’s too much information (TMI) on the Internet. Topics of interest would be:

    1. How is Classical Hebrew (the one in which God gave the 10 commandments to Moses) different from modern Hebrew taught in Israel and the Jewish diaspora worldwide?

    2. Do you consider Hebrew a beautiful language? Is it easy to learn?

    3. Does the Bible sound better in Hebrew?

    4. Any other?

  13. fuck off Fucking anti-Semitic. Easy to blame Jews for you All Ah ?! Because of Hitler’s stupid. Put your head nonsense about Jews. Now you commit suicide

    1. Hi Hebe. Welcome from the Zionist Entity. Do you have reading comprehension problems, Talmudist? The article is a phiosemitic piece that condemns anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, dumbass! I thought Jews were supposed to be smart? What happened in your case? Hashem dropped the ball?

      Don’t you have some Palestinians to kill or some foreskins to suck off, Yid?

      PS I am banning your Hebrew ass just for being a paranoid dumbfuck and not understanding the article. No other reason, moron. Back to Tel Aviv with you!

      HAND and don’t forget your prayer shawl!

  14. This article is beyond laughable. I find it amazing how zionists can write such elaborate fabrications as if they were facts.
    It is not beyond Israel to sacrifice a few orthodox Jews. After all Orthodox Jews are anti israel and for any American to say they are pro-israel then they are in my opinion traitors.

  15. Wow Robert it seems you are banning anyone who does not believe you or disagreed with your flawed logic. This is exactly the facts zionist Nazi way. Never open to debate, the zionist way or the highway. This is why Israel will end like Apartheid ended in South Africa. The world is slowly waking up and I feel sorry for the innocent Jews who are in reality the Zionists biggest victims.

    1. What I’ve noticed is that he’s banning people who are assholes. No other reason. The people who disagree with him just happen to also have insulting language and insults in the messages.

  16. Aaron russo on 9/11 YouTube him he is a big believer in all things happen for financial gain! Unfortunately he has past away. Prayers to all the families that lost their loved ones.

  17. God bless you my Jewish brothers, a big hail up from NZL.. Michael will never forsake the land or it’s people.. Don’t worry about the ragheads, Samson is coming back soon!

    & I will bless those who bless you, & the one who curses you I will curse, & all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you..

  18. Hi,
    Being a Hebrew and being from Israel originally, I am deeply ashamed of what’s happening in this world. The truth is we have loonies in power and these loonies are mere puppets, following orders.

    How can people have the heart to kill pure,loving people who just went about their daily lives. It is no doubt that the 9/11 was not caused by some terrioist attack, better yet, I guess it was but not by the Arabs, that’s for damn sure. Any decent and intelligent human being can see that!

    But this I say, as a believer in God and in His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, all the evil someone does on this earth, unless they repent, shall not be dismissed, this can be assured onto everyone. They can have their fun, and play their little games, for whatever purpose.

    I am against killing and most of the people in Congress are Jews and the one who built the twin tower was David Rockefeller, so you do the math, people. If I am wrong, God forgive me for my unjust judgement.

    Ofir. xo

    1. Anybody ever tell you that you are nothing but an ignorant asshole? Got any other spurious lies to post here?

  19. You’re all missing one VERY important point!! TODAYS JEWS ARE 90% KHAZARIAN!! NEVER had incestors from Israel!! They are the SYNAGOGUE of Satan described in the Bible who SAY they are Jews but LIE!!! I’d be willing to BET the Jews that died in the tower WERE of Israeli Ancestory and those who recieved warnings are Khazarian. They call us GOYEM, meaning NON JEW, we have NO SOUL to them!! We are CATTLE!! Do some research!! Google Rabbi Abe Finklstein!! He runs HUGE Synagogue in Jew York, HE OPENLY ADMITS EVERYTHING!!!

  20. Well of course Jews died, as in the Nazi Holocaust: lesser brethren are sacrificed for politics by upper/inner/satanic brethren. Israeli Jew Barry Chamish writes all about it including the inner satanic cult history. Israel is run by anti-semitic murderers to this day. Get his books. PS found you via Henry Makow tweet (another excellent Jewish writer covering 9/11 and tribal subjects).

  21. Robert – the real question is how many israelis died in the WTC area on 9/11:

    The Jerusalem Post (08:15 – Wed) Thousands of Israelis missing near WTC, Pentagon Wednesday September 12, 2001 The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack. –

    George W bush’s speech to Congress following the 9/11 atrocity:

    Nor will we forget the citizens of 80 other nations who died with our own. Dozens of Pakistanis. More than 130 Israelis. More than 250 citizens of India. Men and women from El Salvador, Iran, Mexico, and Japan. And hundreds of British citizens. –

    But interviews with many consulate officials yesterday suggested that the lists of people they were collecting varied widely in their usefulness. For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks.

    But today, Alon Pinkas, Israel’s consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel. There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried. –

    So that’s 4,000 Israelis who worked in the WTC complex, of whom more than 130 are declared as dead by the President, and then that figure is reduced to three (THREE). How fortunate for the Chosen 🙂

  22. The reason so many Jewish wtc workers were fortunate to not be present during the attacks was because they happened in the morning and many Jews were running late due to an extra long morning prayer that day in the Jewish calander.

  23. Today, in 2015 the U.S.A. France, Europe and Canada is totally dominated by Jews. Virtually every newspaper or magazine is owned by Jews. Their self-serving propaganda constantly fills the TV screen. The Federal government is totally under Jewish control. US military forces are the pawn of Israel. The banks, the markets are theirs. They systematically denigrate our Founding Fathers and our heritage and our Constitution.

    I’m catholic and I don’t like isreal. Filthy fuckin jews. I even know a jewish man who hates isreal. These jews scum even put anti muslim ads on buses in New York City on Sep’2014 the filthy jews run the United States, they run media, government, banks, Hollywood, and city’s. These fukin filthy jews are sending the Christians to fight there dirty AGENDA in the arab kingdoms. While the jews sit back and relax. We are fighting there filthy nasty agenda in Iraq, syria, afghan, Pakistan ect…. Ect….. I won’t be surprise if it happens here in the United States like what happens in 1943.

    These filthy Jews says they are Jewish but don’t no shit about there own filthy greedy culture.

    1. Canada run by Juze? No, Anglicans and French-Canadian Catholics with Han Chinese in Vancouver on the rise through property investment.

      Juze from Canada that became successful immigrated to the US and Hollywood.

      Whose heritage do they denigrate? You are Irish-Catholic, German-American, Italian-American, Latino?

  24. who says jews hate muslims…Israel is the country that’s responsible.. not all the Jews in the world!! more than 15% of the WTC workers where Israelis. Any ways well written.

  25. what I find interesting and is a fact and there is proof… Al Franken was called by Mayor Koch and was told not to go to work in the Trade Center on 9-11…

    1. To deckape2:
      what I find interesting and is a fact and there is proof… Al Franken was called by Mayor Koch and was told not to go to work in the Trade Center on 9-11

      Ummm that came from Franken’s best selling book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” published in 2003 which was satire, he was making fun of Jewish conspiracies. If that really happened do you think he would announce it..?

  26. Until the Arabs love their children more than they hate us Jews, there will be no peace in the Middle East. Not a big surprise that the rest of the world is so gung-ho and goes along with them. Anti-Semitism has always been fashionable. Those of you who can’t think for themselves and believe every piece of tripe you read on the internet – you make me sick to my stomach. Goodbye.

      1. Of course, the universe is gradually slowing down and, will eventually collapse inwardly on itself, according to the laws of entropy when all it’s thermal and mechanical functions fail, thus rendering all human endeavors ultimately pointless. Just to put the discussion your all having in some sort of context.

  27. I can buy that a slightly higher IQ and some proximity to the physical locations of publishing, film production, print media on the East Coast result in a higher representation of JOOOS on a credit role for a Mel Gibson film.

    But millions of them keeping a secret like that?


  28. OMG, all this crap about Jew this and Jews that, one would think the world would have learned by now about the JEWS. After all the entire bible is a warning to the true chosen people ( Adam – peoples/ white from the tribe of Isaac = the Isaacians or better known as the Saacsons, later perverted to Saxons by the JEWS to hide the identity on the true chosen). And lets not forget GODS warning to his true people in TITUS that WE are to rebuke the JEWS daily to keep them sound in the truth, Not believing Jewish myths and fables, and especially their “Men” ( Rabbi’s ) who alone pervert the very word of God for their own purpose. These men are low bellies and liars and cretins of the worst kind. And lets not forget that GOD calls them a liar when He said that “Israel fought the JEWS” . How then can the Jews be Israel and then fight Israel? Because God said He would leave the name “ISRAEL” as a curse unto those ( Jews) who stole true Israels identity and HE would give true Israel a new name, a new land and a new language.
    So by Gods own words, anyone going under the name Israel today is a thief, a liar and under the curse of GOD for stealing the identity of true Israel. By the same token, The holy land follows true Israel which is the white Saacson peoples who being trraped into the Caucasus mountains were mocked and called CAUCASIANS because they lived on the steps of the Caucasus mountains. Thus is the new name of true Israel being that of Caucasians which is as old as the bible. Secondly when they escaped on the other side of the mountain to Great Britain ( thou shall always be called great) and then onto the “land of milk and honey” American which are now the true holy lands because the holy land follows the holy people. And a filthy little terrorist state in the middle east is not the holy land. And Hebrew is no longer the holy language because GOD gave the true chosen the English language. Many British words can to this date be traced back to the Hebrew language but in variations with such word as “ISH” which means chosen tribe.

    Now considering the holocaust, it has been proven a 100 times over to be false for very good reasons . Forensic Scientist have proven the ovens to be an impossibility, plus historic records prove it to have never happened and the Germans who kept meticulous records on all had nor reference to the fabled holocaust of the JEWS. Let us also consider the presients books of the war NEVER made any reference to a so called JEWISH holocaust and mass graves were proven to be impossible because to date with all the great equipment that was used in alleged mass graves as told by lying Jews were never found. And then there is the impossibility of burning bodies in a large deep trench which is proven to be impossible. Adn the list of Jewsih lies keep on going just as GOD warned us about the JEWS He so hated, Yeah, He really said that . For Jacob/Israel I have loved and Esau/ Jews I have always hated. Jesus even rebuked the Jews in the bible when they tried to lie to Jesus and say they were the children of Abraham. Jesus rebuked their lies right away. “IF YOU WERE, the children of Abraham……………… thus supporting the bibles inference that the Jews stole the heritage of true Israel in trying to fool the world they were the real chosen ones. Which BTW, the days are numbered for the state of Israelhell real soom. Much sooner than you think. Some people today will see it in their life times. And rightfully so. If Americans only knew that Israel in fact did 911 and if it ever comes to realization for the Americans, Israel the state will be scrubbed from the earth forever.
    Now that brings me to the fake Jewish holocaust which was sold to the American people through the Jewish control of the media in television, print and phony war movies as real. It serves many things for the Jews. A constant victim hood for which they can extort money from non Jews and also from countries they have accused, It also gives cover for the Jewish fabricated “USURY” again to extort money from non Jews and which BTW is against the laws of GOD as He warned you about the Jews and their love for filthy Lucre”.

    But the main reason of the invention of the fake Jewish holocaust is to hide the 66 MILLION CHRISTIANS MURDERED AT THE HANDS OF THE JEWS during the war, The hidden real holocaust hey work day and night to keep hidden from you for they know once you know the gig is over for these Jews, Read this fast and research because this will be banned. Can’t have any truth on this site after all. Try and tell me the Jews are not responsible for the biggest holocaust in all the world or that Jews have been responsible for all holocaust and I will prove you utterly wrong. In fact Israel Jews are very active in the holocaust of the Palestinians people who have occupied the land since the time of Jesus. They have come and murdered all the inhabitants and stole their land and riches and continue this holocaust to date. God is surely angry and i feel in the spirit GOD is going to show these Jews the true holocaust of the JEWS very soon for being such liars and thieves of others countries and livelihood. The misery they have brought to the innocent is about to be received 10 fold unto them,

  29. Other races have to be pretty stupid to allow some 5% MINORITY “steal them blind and rob them”.

    Notice Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans and Iranian-Americans do little complaining about Hebrew domination.

    Nor are East Asian countries dominated by this group. They own their own banking cartels and publishing companies.

    Jews actually COULD NOT MAKE A LIVING IN INDIA and left.

    They excel over rural white Americans between Manhattan and Hollywood…GEE, I WONDER WHY???INTELLIGENCE.

    Poor whites f**k themselves at an early age. In grade school they slack off and by age 12 or 13 they’re doing drugs. They barely graduate high school. Have kids in their early twenties or early, who then have to go to lousy public schools and be beaten up by minorities. Often poor white women end up section 8 because the dude who shot his load in her walked off to impregnate somebody elsewhere.

    Please don’t say this is all because of Hyman the Coney Island hot dog vendor.

    1. “Please don’t say this is all because of Hyman the Coney Island Hot Dog Vendor”

      Anyhow, it seems if Jews do run everything, then they’re by and large (with a few obvious exceptions) fairly benevolent rulers.

      I can understand non-HBDer objections to this, I just find the mindset that
      “Blacks oppressed by Euros?”
      “Must be their low IQ!”

      “Euros oppressed by Jews?”
      “IQ has NOTHING to do with it”….

      A case of “gimme a break nigga”

      1. Whites have dominated blacks through brute force: kidnapping them at gunpoint, brutalizing them on plantations, police, KKK, skinheads, guns.

        Jews have not dominated whites through better-organized violence. Nor do they “run” the police of any country, the military, or the infrastructure. Of course they are attracted to intellectual occupations like finance, law, journalism, film and science.

        But do they actually RUN the system physically as police, military, Immigration officers? Not in any country except their own.

  30. The count of 350 Jews killed in the WTC on 9/11 likely do not include women Jews married to Christians, Muslims, agnostics, atheists.

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