Thought Broadcasting and Thought Disorder: Pathognomic Schizophrenic Symptoms


This is a most unusual schizophrenic symptom that most folks do not know about. It’s probably quite rare to nonexistent in other disorders; in fact, I think it is pathognomic of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. I doubt if you would see this symptom in a bipolar or unipolar depressed person.

As you can see if you read that post, this is a very terrifying symptom! It’s probably much misunderstood. For instance, right now, if I worked myself into an anxious enough frame of mind, I could imagine that my thoughts were being broadcast out to others. But that’s not what’s going on with these folks. Imagine of you could walking into a coffee shop full of people and suddenly all of your thoughts are being broadcast out loud to everyone in the room.

This is what you are going to experience. You will experience you own thoughts shot out into the environment, and they will sound as clear and as real as the voices of folks around you and other sounds in the environment.

In such a situation, schizophrenics often have a hard time believing that other people can’t hear their thoughts being shot out into the environment seemingly out of loudspeakers. As you can imagine, that’s quite a disturbing symptom! If I experienced a symptom like that, I’m not sure how I could go into public and try to function. It would be awfully hard.

They also often feel that they can hear other people’s thoughts.

Here is one guy’s experience:

This is a difficult concept for me in both experience and articulation to others…here is what can happen to me…I will be thinking some thoughts about something I am doing at the moment or something(s) I will do in the future…these thoughts are completely separate from my ‘voice’ hallucinations (??) ….and later in the day/week/month REAL PEOPLE (usually strangers) will come up to me & repeat these thought fragments or statements to me WORD FOR WORD!…

They aren’t generalized thoughts that most folks have in a day, but are specifically related to my own situation or something occurring in my personal realm…this has happened both in my own town and in several other locations (and other states!)…I’ve even had strangers say them from open windows of other cars at traffic lights, and even leave pieces of paper on the floor (ground) in my path with the EXACT thought or fragment on it!!…

What all this really is, I don’t know, but it seems to me to be a form of thought broadcasting (against my will)…very strange…

Whoa! I had to think about this one a bit! At first I thought the guy was psychic. Then I figured out what was going on. Those people are not really coming up to him and repeating his thoughts of earlier in the week word for word. This is a hallucination. Someone is walking up to him, and he hallucinates them saying his thoughts of earlier in the week.

Same thing with the folks at the traffic lights. They aren’t talking to him. He’s just hallucinating them talking to him.

The pieces of paper. He is just finding pieces of paper on the street and looking at them. Then he hallucinates the words of his thoughts on the paper.

Some schizophrenics experience their thoughts being broadcast out to others, sometimes insults, and then they hear the other people broadcasting angry response thoughts back to them. What a strange experience!

This case is very weird, and it was explained as so real that for a while I wondered if the guy was mentally ill. I thought he might have been psychic. He says he’s not mentally ill, just psychic, and he has not been diagnosed. All of those reactions are typical.

My own experiences began a long time ago when I noticed a conversation traveling circuits around a crowded room while remaining completely intact. It would jump from one group of people to another repeating itself, without any of those groups interacting on another dynamic. I watched this pattern loop through the room several times before I attempted to engage and alter it, rather than talking to its hosts directly.

This brought on a response I couldn’t have expected, in that suddenly a nonphysical intelligence began affecting the world around me, due to its sudden apparent sense of having been intruded upon.

Whoa! That’s really weird. Imagine being at a party. You hear a particular bit of a conversation.

“So anyway, Steve told me he really likes my hair. He was texting me but he said I didn’t answer. He doesn’t understand that it was 4:30 AM and I was out in the rain!”

Then the exact same bit of conversation, word for word, starts actually moving around the room, with different people repeating those same words above before it moves on to the next group of people. Then the conversation circles the room a few times. That would be a weird experience! I thought about this a bit and concluded that this could not possibly be actually happening. I mean, you could do it as a practical joke, but that’s not what’s happening. He is simply hallucinating this conversation going around the room.

Over years of having similar experiences of series’s of impossible coincidences, messages directed specifically to him, and the sense that this Entity was sending him missions of various sorts, he concluded that he was in touch with some psychic or mystical entity that he calls the “hivemind,” or universal consciousness. Granted, such a thing may exist, and for a while I thought the guy was psychic, but I doubt if he’s in touch with it, and I think he’s just mentally ill.

Over the years, I’ve been fascinated by the existence of this entity, and puzzled that so few (though they do exist) others are able to operate on a level where this entity has relevance. I have studied numerous metaphysical beliefs and philosophies attempting to find a corollary between it and something that was written down in history. I’m proud to say that I have found quite a few answers, but unfortunately most of them are not solid.

The entity appears to be some kind of “hivemind” entity that is in fact not conscious like we individuals are, and it seemingly does not interact with time in the same way we do. Nor does it recognize any concept of “self” due to its distributed nature. Despite all of that, it’s quite intelligent and has a decent sense of humor…For me, those moments all string together as “the entity” tries to talk to me. The message might take days to become complete and make sense, and the individuals, radio signals, television commercials, conversations on the street, cat acting funny, all of it…string together into one long coherent message…assuming I bother to listen. Furthermore, if I refuse to listen and try to block it out that’s when stuff starts going bad again.

The situation below is seriously bizarre, but I wonder what really happened.

I knew this pretty girl once who was dating a guy that represented authority to me. The guy was a lot like my father, and at the time he was being nasty to someone else so he could get what he wanted.

The girl is the focus here because of her role in that relationship. I met the guy through her in the first place, on the day I met her as well.

She was crashing his birthday party and needed a ride. Well, the message came through as the girl needing a ride again at a later time for a different scenario, but again I was the only driver available. The way she approached me about it was the message itself.

She kidnapped me and stole my car while I was sleeping in the back seat. The reason this is important about the authoritarian boyfriend is because she effectively took on his role in her own situation in order to put me in her role.

She had stolen my keys while I was asleep a few days before, and made a copy for herself. When I woke up halfway across the state from where I had parked, she explained that I could come along for the ride or wait for her to pick me up on the way back, but either way she was taking the car. I ended up driving. I would have taken her anyway had she asked, but she never asked.

This situation is so strange and is reported as if it really occurred, but I seriously doubt if it did, even though his description sounds so real.

The girl did not kidnap him and steal his car while he was sleeping in the back seat. Forget it. Simply did not happen.

Nor did she steal his car keys when he was asleep a few nights earlier and make a copy for herself. I don’t believe it. Forget it.

Nor did he wake up in the car halfway across the state from where he had parked it, with the girl driving and the girl telling him that she had stolen his car and he could either get out or go along for the drive. I simply do not believe that this occurred.

So what happened? I have no idea! But his story is so bizarre is simply strains credulity.

If you keep reading that guy’s posts (he’s not medicated), it seems like they are quite logical and make sense in a nice way, even though he is describing very strange things. But the more you read, the style of the writing itself starts seeming a little odd.

This is very typical of schizophrenic writing. At first it seems like normal speech or writing, but the more you think about it, the more there seems to be something wrong with it, though you can’t quite put your finger on it, and if someone asked you to explain why it’s strange, you could not really explain it very well in words.

This is usually called loosening of associations or formal thought disorder. Put another way, it is something like, “Talking without making sense,” but that doesn’t explain it very well.

Suppose I describe to you a series of wild and improbable adventures that I had that culminated with me going out into the woods, where bats flew out my butt and I was proclaimed King of Germany, Lord of the Jews, Prince of the Robert Lindsays and Warlord of the Race Realists at a huge feast which featured endless rounds of huge Subway sandwiches and mugs of near beer.

OK, that story is pretty weird, and no doubt it’s fiction, but it makes sense: it is intelligible and understandable. It has an intelligible story line with events described in a certain way so that everything fits together. The scenario is ridiculous, but it’s not incoherent.

Schizophrenic speech and writing is different. It is not intelligible in a very strange way. It is often almost intelligible, but not quite. For some reason, you can’t quite figure out exactly what it is the person is trying to say, and you can’t even figure out why or how it doesn’t make sense. That is thought disorder.

I believe that thought disorder is actually pathognomic of schizophrenia in a sense: that is, if you don’t have thought disorder, I don’t believe you have schizophrenia. Where there is schizophrenia, there must be thought disorder in most or possibly all cases.

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25 thoughts on “Thought Broadcasting and Thought Disorder: Pathognomic Schizophrenic Symptoms”

  1. I read most of the Q & A and your answers seem
    to be reasonable and correct. I differ with you
    in one regard. There is an old technology that
    most ppl haven’t heard of that is called V2K or
    Voice to Skull. This is a game changer in that
    it is meant to mimic many aspects of thought
    broadcasting and hallucination. It allows the user
    to implant thoughts and voices directly into a
    person’s head. It uses frequencies that cannot be
    heard by the human ear. A person standing next
    to a target will not hear anything. There was a
    famous You Tube vid of a billboard in NYC using
    V2K. If a person walked on a certain spot on the
    sidewalk he would hear a voice inside his head
    saying, “did you hear that?” coming from the roof
    of a building on Prince St. The vid was recently
    taken down. It was the perfect demonstration
    of the ultimate Big Bro tech. The guy reading
    his thoughts on a piece of paper could have been
    hallucinating. There is now another explanation of what was happening to him apart from psychic

  2. I am prob. one of the best cases of thought broadcasting and my experiance is that it is caused from screaming out silently in your head over the years could be wrong

  3. I have experienced thought broadcasting for about a year.All my wakeful hours I have a personality who speaks into my mind. He doesn’t annoy me or criticize me but rather encourages me. He listen to my thoughts and replies some times. If I am busy he keeps quiet. He says that this is accomplished by using technology and he has a device in his ear to tune in to my mind. I know this is a hallucination but it is very realistic .This foreign entity is a model of decency in that he tries his best to support me.So I can tolerate this well.

  4. Here’s my experience. When I have thoughts I see it cause physical reactions in people. For instance I will think something and someone in my visual field will scratch their nose, head, eye, mouth or hear. It;s always on the face or head. now this might sound odd, but I have put it to the test on many occasions. The thought occurred to me that i just might be hallucinating, so I would flat out ask, my boyfriend for instance, did you just scratch your nose. Yes! I’ve never had schizophrenia, nor do I have any other symptoms. I also have people finish my thoughts, verbally, again not a hallucination because it’s usually someone i’m having a conversation with. So while I don’t know if they can hear every thought, I am seeing a connection between my thoughts and the reactions of other people, be it physically or in what they say. I could go into more detail but I won’t. I just know that this started occurring after a psychedelic trip (where telepathy definitely occurred between myself and another person). this has been going on for about 2 1/2 – 3 years now. Not sure what to do, no way in hell I want to be on medication, but at times it makes me not want to be around people. Other times I just suck it up and deal.

    1. I had some of the same things happen to me after a psychedilic trip. I could tell what songs would be played next though on radio stations. Maybe it was a connection with those picking the songs, I don’t know. All I know is that it happened for 2.5 years or so.

  5. I just read my reply up top and it’s a good comment that I only vaguely remember. Anyone who wants to read about the v2k tech (also called voice of God) google Wired (magazine) + microwave auditory effect (also Wiki). Some Wired articles on this are not so good but there is one that delivers a description straight from FOIA from the late 90’s. The tech enables an actual external person the ability to implant thoughts and inducing any mood at a distance. IOW, it duplicates what schizophrenics have been
    describing for thousands of years in normal people. “Thought broadcasting” can be induced with the same tech in a normal person wherein he hears his thoughts amplified. 99% of ppl who experience their thoughts as if out loud are mentally ill. It would be impossible to tell the difference between scz and a real target w/o mental illness since any subjective description would sound the same in both cases.

    1. I’ve never heard of the microwave auditory effect, but I remember before I went to the hospital for being crazy, they put me in this room and took my blood pressure for a long time and I kept hearing clicking sounds, when I asked my friends dad who took me to the hospital if he heard it he just said “what” and smiled at me, trying to make me feel better.

  6. I so believe I am a target , I’ve been doing some research between mental illness and v2k , yes very similar but my situation is rather different and set to make me believe otherwise . I believe in implant mind control , but how can it happen unless somewhat surgically implanted . Still searching ?

  7. The other month I was getting into Nazi stuff as a social experiment and was basically in Nazi march mode. Anyway I get on an airplane and their happens to be a Jewish girl sitting in front of me, and all of a sudden I have a immensely loud “Sig Heil!” go off in my head. This girl flips around in her seat as this happens and looks back at me with disconcern and shock. I can only assume she must have heard or felt it.

  8. I have schizophrenia or schizo affective but I do believe that thought broadcasting is real. I think it is a psychic phenomenon. FOr years I have been victimized by people who can hear my thoughts, basically abusing me in various ways, whether it be verbal or through the use of car horns or train horns. I’ll be inside and have a guilty thought and a train driver will honk in imitation of my guilty thought, and in essence he won’t let me escape this guilty thought and get back to normal. I’ll do all sorts of calisthenics with my brain and the train drivers will mimic them with their horns. THis creates shame in me due to the damning sound of a train horn and the fact that they seem to be blaming me for something, for all the world to hear.

    1. Hi Dominic, can we have a talk for the same as I want to discuss on the same as I also faced the same.

  9. Thanks for leaving your comments. I enjoy reading them it helps me not be alone with my halucinations. Well I have experienced thought broadcasting after my first psycotic epesode. I was at church with some friends, talking to my friend that was sitting beside me to explain what kind of church this was then all the sudden the preacher was broadcasting my thoughts to the whole congregation word for word. I thought man God is really letting me know how powerful he is and also reading messages into bumber stickers and bill boards that God was trying to let me know he was there and keeping me safe. Enjoy your post.

  10. Since I was dx back and forth in the past, I thought for a long time if schizoaffective in right. One of the reasons was that thought broadcasting was a symptom I had for a certain while, being 12. Recently I mostly suffer from paranoia and having the feeling that things have a special meaning for me. I also have many mood symptoms in addition.
    Websites like yours helped me to understand my symptoms better and also to which disorder they belong. A lot of symptoms can also occur in other disorders, but luckily there are also symptoms just seen in schizophrenic spectrum disorders to be certain.
    My condition wasn’t recognized correctly in the past, because I didn’t trusted most psychiatrists because of paranoia and bad experiences in the past and also because I was also too ashamed to talk about my thought disorders, but because I’m able to understand my symptoms better and also because they are getting more severe again, I want to talk with a psychiatrist about them to get the treatment I need.

    Thank you so much for this long explanation, sites like yours helped me so much.

    1. Yes, you need to go to a psychiatrist. I am so sorry that you have this illness. However, with proper treatment, apparently there are schizophrenics who are corporate executives for Fortune 500 corporations! The new drugs are pretty amazing and they can often take the illness out pretty well.

      What were your different dx’s? It must be either schizoaffective or schizophrenia.

  11. Thank you for your reply. 🙂

    No, I’m certain that I was miss-dx back than, but if can understand how it came. First I was dx with autism, because of my social withdrawal and my flat affect and motor issues, but in fact my social understanding is normal. Then I got increasingly paranoid and I totally blocked towards psychiatrists. I didn’t know what was going on with me back than, so I got a BPD suspicion because of my paranoia and my “unwillingness” to talk to psychiatrists back than, but this suspicion they had got never confirmed. But that’s also already a while ago. But I also guess that it’s a schizophrenic spectrum disorder, because my half-brother had paranoid schizophrenia. So it’s in the family actually, and I’ve several eccentric relatives. But in fact that was also a reason why I thought for a long time I don’t have it because I’ve a lot more mood symptoms to it than my half-brother. In fact my mom is convinced since years that I’m bipolar and I was always: “nah, not me”. I never got fully manic though, but I know the hype feeling that everything is just beautiful And connected to each other. So it’s probably schizoaffective, also my psychotic symptoms are more light and even though I doubted the reality more than once, I never lost touch with reality completely.

    I called in the psychiatry this evening and told the psychiatrist my problem. He said to get ambulant help on Monday with an appointment and when my symptoms increase to come right away stationary. I could have also come right away, but I told him it’s not that severe. He also seemed to doubt my past dx, after I told him my symptoms and the reasons for what happened in the past. It was the first time in years that I’m not totally paranoid towards the psychiatry and could actually tell them at least a bit what’s going on with me, I dunno why this is. I’m still suspicious though. Actually also ppl in a forum for schizoaffective ppl helped me to understand that I need help.

    I’m a bit ashamed to talk about my symptoms, because I’m aware of the fact that they sound “crazy”, being afraid of ghosts and evil spirits and stuff like that.

    Sorry for my grammar, English is my second language. Also I’ve loose associations this evening and I keep jumping back and forth in topics, so I hope my posting is still understandable.

    1. I would give you a schizoaffective disorder dx myself.

      Why don’t you see a psych and get on some medication? Living the way you are with this problem and not taking meds is not really a good way to live your life. Your life is much diminished from what it could be. The drugs do have side effects, but they could diminish your symptoms so much that the difference is like between night and day.

      1. You know I’ll do that, but the thing is that the symptoms weren’t all that clear in the past, because they have developed over the years, so it actually looked like different things in the beginning until there were enough symptoms to see the full picture very recently and also my paranoia was to me very real and “normal” ppl weren’t there much help. It wasn’t until recently when I started talking to ppl with this condition that I could see the entire picture, also another problem was that there were even objective reasons for my paranoia, but the thing was that it was way to extreme. My mom recognised a lot earlier, yes, but first she is my mom and knows me best and second she is a nurse.

        The last time I called in a psychiatry (before yesterday) I called because of a friend in need, who was totally out of his mind. It was January 3rd 2013 at 2 am. They have for emergencies one psychiatrist in the night to talk to and no one else. I told her that I dunno if he is suicidal or not, but having a flat affect so that I didn’t show much emotions and also the fact that I had a file there with a history of “annoying” behaviour, the psychiatrist who was very young had interpreted the situation wrong and didn’t help much. So she told me that I wouldn’t get help this night and that I should go with him to a psychiatrist the next day. I was with him alone in the house, I didn’t have a drivers license and he was drunk. He talked with a friend of mine over the phone who is experienced in counselling who talked to him and she told me that I should call the police. But they weren’t much help either, probably because I’m a “nut case” and he was too. I dunno. So he drove off, but he never arrived home, he had a car accident on his way home and died. The police investigated after that and found that it was a car accident, maybe with a suicidal intention, but they couldn’t tell for sure. I talked with the second director of the psychiatry after that and so on. Having a history of paranoia, when things happening like that, this doesn’t help much. It wasn’t until maybe one week ago until I was able to understand the entire picture, that they didn’t do it on purpose, but that they messed up very badly in the past anyways.

        Here it’s 8:30 am and and I can call at 9 am for an appointment. 🙂

  12. People CAN read minds… It’s happening all the time, all over the world. People seem to want to be ‘perfect’ but in reality they are low life monkeys pretending to be civilised, most of the time using thuggish tactics to stimulate emotions or memories that one does not actually have anything to do with. We all desire class, but there are very few people that actually have the right to own it, trust me….

    I’ve been mentally harassed by these types for a fair amount of time now, also through the brain and certain frequency waves which is why in my opinion is best to stay away from live television. The other tactic would be to stay away from large groups so the games can’t be played which in the long term is better for ones mental state. Their tactics are very child like,coughing at someone or repeatedly saying ‘you know’ or ‘ERM’ which has a deeper meaning or so they like to think. They tend to get very upset if things don’t go their way and their hierarchy or pecking order collapses. They will often pretend you are not there or look away whilst staying focused on their movements, occasionally rubbing the nose or scratching the face. Typical of many animals.

    The thing that will constantly make you angry is their many weaknesses… You may ask yourself “why you have been subject to the games”, but how dare they do it to anyone that is better than them. That is the Truth and complete conclusion. They being the uncivilised, peasants that they smugly be in their lives, yet ruthlessly feeding off thoughts they don’t have the right to read.

    Beware of women, especially the trash trailer types, they are the lowest of the low and will emotionally scar you if you give them a inch. Also some male company, mainly in their 50’s who will constantly cough as a form of dog eat dog bullying.These tricks wont stop even for a second while you sleep games will be used, they cant help it

    So what can we do? Well first we must target the ones who do it, using our thoughts to totally destroy them, making their lives hell. Embarrassing and exposing their dirty secrets. Remember we have the most powerful weapon which is our mind. The plan being to rise above this s**** mess they created and watch as they unsuccessfully worm their way to nothing, merely being small ants capable of existing.

    But none of this means anything really in terms of their social perspective so lets just say this is aimed at Anyone reading this. Now think about it.

    This is what I think its all about, I could be wrong, but this stuff is constantly on my mind.

  13. Sir, thought broadcasting is 100% real. My thoughts are read by people easily. Proof of this is that when people read my mind, their eyes are filled with tears. I am a schoolteacher. I have taken medicines but no use. You say it is hallucination, damn, it is not. When I’m with any human being, their eyes all of a sudden fill with tears. After an incident at school, my thought was open to anyone. I do not know how to get rid of it.



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