To the Supporters of the Serbian Regime on This Site

There are supporters of the Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbian Communist-fascist government during the Bosnian War on this site.

This is a typical example of what the Serb Nazis were doing not just for part of the war, but for the entirety of the war.

Good job guys. You really picked a winner here, huh?

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5 thoughts on “To the Supporters of the Serbian Regime on This Site”

  1. Shadow Masters, ‘How governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit’ Daniel Estulin pp 97-103

    “Kosovo, loosely translated as “land of blackbirds,” (Kos is a Serbian word for “blackbird”) was often portrayed in the media as an isolated and poor mountainous region. It had been a cradle of the Serbian civilization ever since King Stefan Nemanja threw out the Byzantines from Kosovo in 1180 and established control over the territories of neighboring Serb tribes. All in all, Serb tribes have lived in Kosovo for over I,000 years.

    Trepca, situated in northern Kosovo, is a conglomerate of not only its three key industries: the Stari Trg mine, the Zvecan smelter and the Mitrovice, an industrial complex, but also of 41 other mines and factories. Collectively they are capable of producing up to £3 million worth of vital industrial minerals per day. The New York Times called them the “Kosovo ‘War’s glittering prize.” The Stari Trg mine has been yielding precious metals for over two millennia, having been worked initially by the Greeks, then by the Romans, etc.

    The only article on the Kosovo Trepca Industrial complex to appear in the mainstream press was a 1999 piece by Balkan correspondent Chris Hedges. It was surprisingly frank: “This huge complex of mines, refining, power and transportation in Kosovo may well be the largest uncontested piece of wealth not yet in the hands of the big capitalists of the US or Europe. The industry, natural resources and transportation of all the former Soviet republics, the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, and the secessionist republics of Yugoslavia are now being rapidly privatized. No one within the region has the wealth or connections to finance capital to buy controlling shares of these vast state-owned industries. The major Western corporations are gobbling these industries up.

    Could this “uncontested piece of wealth not yet in the hands of the big capitalists of the US or Europe” be reason enough to invent a war? As Trepca’s Director Novak Bjelic emphatically stated, “The war in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else. This is Serbia’s Kuwait – the heart of Kosovo.” One observer compared the conventional mainstream description of Kosovo to describing Kuwait and the oil-rich Gulf states as “barren deserts.”

    To get control of the mines, the Bilderbergers introduced the International Crisis Group (ICG), a high level Brussels-based think tank supported by financier and regular Bilderberg attendee, George Soros. The ICG crew consisted of all the regular New World Order globalists dedicated to dismantling independent nations for the benefit of the global elite. Zbigniew Brzezinski was one. So was General Wesley Clark, once the NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, and neoconservatives Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, as well as former congressman Stephen Solarz, who was once described as “the Israel lobby’s chief legislative tactician on Capitol Hill.” Perle, Wolfowitz and Solarz became famous for their 1998 letter to President Clinton calling for a “comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down Saddam and his regime.” Ironically, this was the same regime they had helped put together.

    The outward reason for the International Crisis Group’s existence was “to provide policy guidance to governments involved in NATO-led reshaping of the Balkans.” The hidden reasons were far less humanitarian. On November 26, 1999, ICG issued a secret paper called “Trepca: Making Sense of the Labyrinth.” It advised “the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to take over the Trepca mining complex from the Serbs as quickly as possible” – not for the purposes of returning it to the Kosovars, to whom, according to the ICG, the mines belonged, but rather for passing the valuable assets into the waiting hands of Bilderbergers, including Soros.

    The ICG report also detailed the timing of the theft. Conscious of political repercussions of Trepca’s explosiveness, the ICG urged UNMIK to hurry up with the game plan for taking over the valuable mining complex “before Serbian elections so that a new government more to the West’s liking cannot be accused of losing Trepca.” Intended to put the blame at the feet of Milosevic for “losing” this property, vital to Yugoslavia, so he would be denied re-election by an outraged populace.

    The Serbs, however, had sensed the trap thus laid for them and had confined themselves to short, repressive police actions against the Kosovo Albanian population, none of which had been sufficient in duration, extent or intensity to provide the pretext necessary for the Bilderberg elite to rally Western European and American public support for a full-fledged military engagement against the Serbs. Financing and arming of the newly-revealed Kosovo Liberation Army provided the Bilderbergers with no dividends at all… and the clock was running out on their schedule. They needed this war, and they needed it soon.

    The justification for intervening, or to use ICG’s terminology the “game-plan of measures,” was given as, of all things, Zvecan environmental hazards, that is dangerous atmospheric lead pollution! The ICG advised UNMIK to instruct a “Zvecan environmental assessment team” to report on the status of the equipment, and determine the measures to be taken.”

    UNMIK was further advised to issue a statement wherein “the mines would remain closed until repairs could be made to reduce emissions.” Furthermore, according to the ICG secret report, “Stari Trg, one of the richest mines in Europe, must be potentially profitable again and should be a priority for donors interested in setting Kosovo on its feet.” In other words, “You donate money, which we will use to channel into our Bilderberg-controlled corporations that shall reap handsome profits from the rebuilding process, all supervised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and we will have taken over the crown jewels of Yugoslavia for a song and a dance.”

    The last morsel of the Kosovo Trepca Industrial complex still in the hands of the Yugoslav government, the Zvecan smelter, was seized by NATO forces on August 14, 2000. The ICG instructed UNMIK, headed by France’s former Minister of Health and the Founder of Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans frontiers), Bernard Kouchner, to “take over management of Trepca itself,” even though the true ownership of the mines was, at the time, a hotly contested issue worth billions of dollars to the eventual winner. Kouchner, “whose mandate was to channel humanitarian aid under UN auspices, worked closely with NATO officials including Wesley Clark in providing support to Kosovo’s terrorist paramilitary army. Kouchner is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.

    Was it possible to plunder virtually all of Kosovo? On June, 1999, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, pursuant to authority given to him by the UN Security Council as Special Representative of the Secretary General, issued the following edict: “UNMIK shall administer movable or immovable property, including monies, bank accounts, and other property of, or registered in the name of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia or the Republic of Serbia or any of its organs, which is in the territory of Kosovo.”

    Think about that. And remember that the power to “administrate” implies the power to redistribute.

    Financier George Soros invested heavily in Kosovo, spending perhaps $100 million to help oust President Milosevic. The George Soros Foundation for an Open Society opened a branch office in Pristina. It established the Kosovo Foundation for an Open Society (KFOS) as part of the Soros network of “non-profit foundations” in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. On November 6, 1999, the World Bank issued a press release that confirmed that, together with the World Bank’s Post Conflict Trust Fund, the KOSF provided “targeted support” for “the development of local governments to allow them to serve their communities in a transparent, fair and accountable manner.”But, as Michel Chossudovsky observed wryly, “Since most of these local governments are in the hands of the KLA, which has extensive links to organized crime, this program is unlikely to meet its declared objective.’

    Neil Clark left little in doubt with the title of his article on Soros’ activities for the New Statesman of June 2,2003: “The billionaire trader has become Eastern Europe’s uncrowned king and the prophet of an ‘open society’. But open to what?”

    Karen Talbot, in her review of Neil Clark’s article for, quoted him in this excerpt: “Soros’ way is to use a few billion dollars, some NGOs and a ‘nod and wink from the US State department’ to bring down foreign governments that are ‘bad for business’ to seize a nation’s assets, and even get thanked for your benevolence.”
    Soros’ well-known animus for US President George W Bush may seem puzzling given their similar New-World-Order objectives… By making US ambitions so clear, the Bush gang has committed the cardinal sin of giving the game away. For years, Soros and his NGOs have gone about their work extending the boundaries of the ‘free world’ so skillfully that hardly anyone noticed. Now a Texan redneck and a gang of overzealous Neocons have blown it.”

    Slobodan Milosevic died on the same day that his arch-enemy, Agim Ceku, former commander of the KLA was elected Prime Minister of Kosovo. Milosevic death certainly came as a relief to the Hague Tribunal who, for the preceding four years, had been trying unsuccessfully to convict a man who stood his ground before the entire world.

    Milosevic was found dead in his prison cell on March 11, 2006, apparently the victim of a heart attack. Clearly, Milosevic’s death remains suspicious. According to my sources within the Belarusian KGB working for Stepan Sukhorenko, whose acc count of the events has been categorically confirmed by sources in the Russian Foreign Ministry and by senior US counterintelligence operatives overseeing the Milosevic trial, Milosevic’s “timely” death was an outright assassination.”

  2. Wow! Great stuff Whodareswings! That’s one of the best pieces I’ve read on Kosovo. Yes, Neil Clark is one of the good guys. It’s worth following his blog – he doesn’t post that much that often but there are some gems.
    Robert, I don’t know why you keep coming out with this stuff. I don’t think you even believe it. I know you like getting up people’s noses but think what you’re doing here. You know that all that shit about rape camps was a fabrication. The Serbs have had their society destroyed and their resources stolen by the combined might of Nato, and like the Palestinians the victims have been blamed. But not even the Palestinians have been so shamelessly slandered as the Serbs and Milosevic. The new Hitler? How many million Iraqis did he kill? Makes you wonder if the old Hitler was as bad as they make out?

  3. All the Leftist-Marxist cinestes in Paris in 1995 were excoriating Imir Kustarica and Goran Bregovic for accepting Serb gov’t funding for the genius movies they were making. Bregovic’s trans-generationaly beloved rock band White Button had apparently broken up over the emerging nationalist sympathies among it’s ex-Yugoslavian members. I was in Sarajevo acting as the official tour photographer for Laibach when the Dayton Peace Accord was signed. The Slovenians wouldn’t allow Bregovic to perform in their country. There were no Serb run Chevapcici kiosks left in Ljubljana and all the Slovenes I knew were either working at the Soros Foundation HQ or hanging out a few blocks away at a Soros funded cyber center. I was there thanks in part to NYC based Soros benificence and the last leg of Laibach’s “Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-1995,” two free concerts at the National Theater of Sarajevo, was underwritten in total by Soros. We were driven in armored Humvees from Split to Sarajevo through bombed out Mostar. I wanted to take a side trip to Medjugorje because I’d heard that’s where the Croatian paramilitaries went for their drugging and whoring. I was, like, Pee Wee Herman pretending to be William T. Vollman and I was mad for Mihaela whom I wanted to impress with my courage and proximity to Laibach. She couldn’t have cared less. That’s the last time I was derailed by love and “progressive” politics.
    I went to Sarajevo with Laibach because Dragan Zivodinov couldn’t go. I took his place in the Humvee. If you like Star Trek you’ll like NOORDUNG:

  4. Very interesting. But I DON’T like Star Trek. BG was (it’s finished now, though there’s a spin-0ff called Caprica on the way) a different ball-game; closer to what SF should be. For grown-ups. But the writers blew it after about 2 1/2 seasons. Noordung looks interesting as far as artsy fartsy stuff goes.

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