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These Maoists have a kickass army all right. You don’t often hear of other revolutionaries like the FARC in Colombia, Sendero in Peru or the NPA in the Philippines carrying out such devastating blows.

The state paramilitary police force of 82 men was ambushed with by a Maoist force of 500 with IED’s, bombs, hand grenades and automatic weapons fire in the forests near Raipur, Chattisargh. Reinforcements rushing to the scene were surrounded and attacked. A heavily armored “mine-resistant” vehicle sent in to gather the wounded was blown up by an IED.

An incredible 76 Indian police were killed. The other 44 were wounded. All police in the column were either killed or wounded.

Chattisargh is Maoist Ground Zero in India. This Operation Green Hunt is obviously not going as planned, and these Maoists are a far more competent force than most people assume.

Also, the Maoists’ numbers are downplayed. There are said to be only 20,000 armed Maoists in India. But if you count unarmed party member, it must be more than that. One of India’s largest women’s organizations has 90,000 members and they are all Maoists. Also many of the villages in Maoist territory are controlled by heavily armed village militia who do not wear uniforms. The 20,000 figure does not appear to include village militia.

The state has been issuing a lot of statements lately releasing the names of various leftwing intellectuals, often professors and students in Delhi, and accusing them of being Maoists. I’m not sure if they are, but I believe the CPI-M definitely has supporters on university campuses across India. It will be interesting to see how well they can expand to the cities, because so far they have just been a rural based insurgency.

The latest rumor is that an Indian government official said that the Maoists could conquer India by 2050. A Maoist leader is said to have replied that it would be more like 2020.

Statement from PUDR (People’s Union for Democratic Rights) here.

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14 thoughts on “Excellent News Out of India”

  1. The Naxalites will never succeed in the big cities because the base of the movement are tribals and lower caste Hindus (in some cases lower caste Buddhists and Christians). Combined they are still a (but significant) minority. The middle caste majority will never ever root for socialism because Indians are basically a mercantile people. That explains why Socialism never took on in India except in few states despite the extreme poverty and income inequality. India is still too traditional for socialism.

    Besides what is strange is that in West Bengal state, the Naxalites are targeting the CPM communist party. Looks like it is a revolution against the former revolutionaries because as it always happens, the former revolutionaries are the new elites. You also ignore of evil tactics and rape and abuse of women by the Naxalites.

    The naxalites will probabaly never take over India but nor will they die out. This is going to go on for a very very long time.

  2. I don’t ever think the Naxalites will ever conquer India, that’s just wishful thinking. They can only resort to unconventional tactics in pockets of jungles in the country. To take on the might of the military in the long run is suicide.

    Majority of Indians will not support these ‘Maoists’ because they are aligned to the Chinese communists, and I know full well that Indians have always displayed animosity to China ever since that border war in the early 60’s.

  3. I wonder why the US outsources technology jobs to India when the country only has an average IQ in the low 80s? Blacks have an average of 85, and companies surely wouldn’t let them write code for them…

    Maybe this this is why Vista and IE are crap?

    1. Bell curve, my friend. The top 5% of an 82 average IQ population of 1.3 billion is still a helluva a lot of people. Besides, India being the castified and endogamous place, the probably of range of average IQ in different castes that only intermarry with itself is probably very varied.

  4. Speaking of pesky Indian Maoists, have you ever drawn between 80-90 ccs of pharmaceutical liquid ketamine hydrochloride up into a disposable insulin syringe, injected it into a fold in your “love handles” and then sat back and listened to Pandit Bhimson Joshi sing “Krishna Krishna Khiye”? The trip lasts about 45 minutes, but the song goes on forever.

  5. Are you anti-Indian? Why do you want the Indian state to be broken up? Are you jealous that India will get back to becoming a great nation again, as it was until the 17th century when Europeans started their invasions and subsequent rule over India.

    By the way, Indian IQ is not 85; these figures are bu**crap. There is good deal of correlation between IQ and relative prosperity of a country. India still has hundreds of millions of poor illiterates since they are not schooled. In any case, it is believed the highest caste and higher class in India have the highest IQ in the world. So, the average might be pretty low, but there are groups that have the highest IQ of all the people in the world. I read a very good scientific article about this a while ago.

    Also, the Indians in the UK and US have the highest IQ – even higher than Jews. In the US, Indians have 112; Jews 110; East Asians 105 and white Christian background 100. And some of the people in the UK and US come from higher class background in India.

    1. I don’t debate with Indian nationalists.

      Yes, I want to see evil India smashed up and destroyed. I want to see it wiped off the face of the Earth.

      There are millions of poor because your evil state and society has utterly failed. And you’ve had 60 years to do it. Game over. Time to give someone else a chance.

      India was never the greatest country in the world and I doubt if it will be again. The trope that India was the greatest in the world until it was destroyed by evil Western Christian colonialists is a Hindutva lie.

      The Indian IQ is indeed around 82 or so. As is the IQ of most of the surrounding lands. So it makes perfect sense.

      The elite of any land has a high IQ. Big deal. Black African immigrants have an IQ of 107 in the US. Does that mean that Black Africans are some kind of genius race, or even that their elite is something special? Forget it.

      I understand that the Brahmin IQ in India is more like 100.

      Why would I be jealous of your shithole country? GMAB.

  6. You must be kidding. Please do not compare Africans with Indians. The Africans have achieved Zilch while Indians a have a wonderful history with great accomplishmnets for many thousands of years. India was enlightened long ago while the West was still in darkness. The black IQ in the US is low just as it is in Africa – even that of African immigrants. The only Africans with a decent IQ are Nigerian immigrants in the US, but even they have an IQ lower than white Americans.

    I don’t want to sound boastful, but Indians have been at the forefront many things mathemetical and scientific as well as literature and arts for thousands of years. Indians had high-grade steel, for example, 2000 years ago while it was developed in the West only a few hundred years ago. All the great Western scientists in the 15th, 16th Century were heavily influenced by the foundations laid out by Indian scientists long long before them.

    Indian kids easily outperform their white counterparts in maths and science at schools and colleges here in the UK, US hence there are so many engineers and doctors are of Indian origin. The Chinese are also very gifted.

    According to big investment houses like Goldman Sachs, the Indian economy will match that of the US within 20-25 years even in nominal terms and the economy will be significantly bigger in purchasing power at the time.

    Here is a link to Goldman Sachs BRIC report that says India will have an economy the size of the US in 2050, but they and others have since suggested India may well overtake teh US much sooner, perhaps as early as 2040.

    Look at the table of GDP under the title ‘BRIC in future’.


  7. Just to add a bit more on this, India, along with China, has dominated the world GDP for the last 2000 years until the 18th century. This table below shows the GDP at various points in the last 2000 years.


    What’s more, India would almost certainly have dominated for long periods before then because If you go back a little further, Indian empire under the Chandra Gupta Muarea – about the time of Buddha – and then under his grandson, Ashoka (period after Buddha), were the richest empires in the world. If you go further back, the Indus Valley civilisation was the greatest in the world.

    We can all say what is happening now is that we are seeing India is slowly rising back to the top, along with China. The small period of Western domination is all but coming to an end.

  8. India, I am Indian too, how can one measure past GDP? What is the methodology? Please explain? How can I measure the GDP of the Gupta empire? How can one measure the GDP of Africa in 1300AD? How much was the Hausa GDP and how much was the Ashanti GDP?
    So how can one claim that the Indians were the richest in the world? What if all the wealth belonged to the Maharajas while the common Indians was extremely poor (actually this was the case when the Europeans came to India). The Indian farmer had a standard of living far far below an English farmer in say 1600s when the British first came to India but the Emperor of India was richer than the King of England.

  9. ” All the great Western scientists in the 15th, 16th Century were heavily influenced by the foundations laid out by Indian scientists long long before them.”

    Proof for your nonsense?

  10. I couldn’t say fr sure how the GDP was measured by the author of this above report, but it is accepted within economic circles.

    Anyway, one way to gauge the state of Indian society back then is to look at various facets of what makes a society such as literature, science and technology, the state of the cities, law and order, etc. In those days, India was more advanced than others.

    Yes, India was often a disparate set of independent regions under various kingdoms (not always unified in the last thousands of years), but there were periods when vast areas of the Subcontinent, which often included Afghanistan, were ruled by various emperors such as Chandragupta and then Ashoka. The Mughal Empire stretched from the Western Frontier to the Bengal (from West to East) and Himalaya in the North down to the Decca in the South. You are probably right that much of the wealth was under the hands of the ruling elite, but the fact is, India still had the largest GDP, even if it only benefited the few.

  11. Typical Indian nationalist. Spew loads and loads of unsubstantiated data and back it up with an argument that it is “accepted in economic circles”. Just like the ‘news’ India where opinions pass as facts because “scientists/experts said so”.
    India was never a nation in the 17th century, it was made up of some 500 princely states fighting with each other. And Goldman Sachs doesn’t predict anything better than your family astrologer. It is made up of the same fruitcakes who foresaw the NYSE breaking the 30000 barrier in 2008.

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