The World of the Bully and PC Anti-White Cultural Marxism

In the comments section, Bay Area Guy talks about the perpetually grievanced world of the intellectual non-White Cultural Marxist permavictims.

I’m going to riff on that by bringing up the stuff I dealt with for decades in my own crazy family. I don’t care if they read this, I don’t care what they do about it, and I don’t care who it pisses off. If they don’t want this going out to the whole world via the Intertubes, they should think again about how they treat me.

Bay Area Guy:

At the same time, if you visit blogs such as Abagond, angry black woman, Unapologetic Mexican, or other non-white blogs, all they talk about is white racism and the mindset of white people.

I can’t emphasize strongly enough how offensive the approach of these Black and Hispanic Cultural Marxists is. Even when you bend over backwards and try to accommodate them, it’s like we are never doing good enough. I go to Abagond, and a lot of times it is chastening. I think, “Wow, so this is what we are doing that is pissing off Blacks. Ok, let’s stop doing it.”

Then I resolve to do better.

But the grievance never ends, no matter how hard I try to do better. I’m still a White racist jerk, no matter what.

It’s like someone who hates you because supposedly you don’t act right, so you say, “Ok, I’m going to try to act right to get this person to like me.” You spend decades doing this, and no matter what you do it’s never good enough, and the whole time they are blaming you for the fact that they hate you.

Why do they hate me? Because I’m bad! They’re justified!

Wow, I need to stop being bad.

So you spend decades trying to “be good” to get these people to stop hating you, and they just keep moving the goalposts, keep on hating you, and keep blaming you for the fact that they are haters.

I dealt with this shit in my own White middle class suburban family for decades, and frankly it’s just bullying tactics. The person blaming me for the fact that he hates me is a bully. No matter what I do, the bully keeps on picking on me, laughing at me, ridiculing me, hating me and blaming me for everything.

I can never do anything right, the bully hates me, and it’s all my fault. I keep trying to do better, and eventually I get self-esteem problems because I think I’m bad and deserve to be hated.

What these intellectual Blacks do to us feels like the bullying I dealt with in my own family. They’re bullying us Whites. They pick on us, they ridicule us, they laugh at us and they hate us. And just like in my family, if I try to fight back even 1

In the bully’s world, Poland is always attacking Germany. You’re always Poland and the bully’s always Germany. If you try to defend yourself in the tiniest way, the bully flips out, goes nuts and turns it all around so the bully is the victim and the victim fighting back against the bully is the evil, psycho, sociopathic, criminal aggressor.

Some of us Whites are liberals, and we keep trying to be good non-racists and get these people to stop hating us. No matter how good we try to be, they keep on hating us and blaming us for the fact that they hate us. White liberals get low self-esteem and start thinking that Blacks hate us justifiably because were are perma-defective in some way.

After ages of this, you finally just throw up your hands and decide that the non-White bullies simply cannot be appeased. You’ve been trying to appease them for years, just like the jerks in your family, and it’s all hopeless. They’re going to hate us forever, they will blame us for them hating us, and no matter what we do, it will never be enough. The sane Whites will just say, “Fuck you, I’m done with you, and I’m keeping away from you,” just like the bullies in your own family.

Now, granted, if you study the history of Jim Crow in the US closely, it’s quite clear that this bully routine was par for the course under Jim Crow. Under Jim Crow, Whites bullied Blacks for decades, and Blacks just suffered in silence. If the Black man ever stood up to raise one pinky finger to fight back, Poland was attacking Germany once again and the poor victim, transformed into monster criminal, was hanging from tree, while crowds of grinning White murderers were transformed into outraged super-victims.

If you look at photos of Nazis dealing with Jews in Germany, especially in the early years, you see this same sort of bullying, with the Jews doing the same abject victim thing.

So it’s not anything unique to any one race or other. The tendency to bully others is simply a human one. Personally, I think it’s childish, and I don’t think adults should pick on or bully other adults. Are you still in high school? That’s something kids do. Adults don’t bully each other. It’s profoundly shameful.

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2 thoughts on “The World of the Bully and PC Anti-White Cultural Marxism”

  1. Yes, my family too – seems to be quite common. As to the rest of it, seems to me my forebears conquered the world, so I want my share of it. The rest of them, if they want equal opportunities, they can go get their own empire. Only joking.

  2. bay area guy is right about the character of black blogs.

    Whites are guilty till dead, then their guilt is multiplied and passed down in the gene pool.

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