Incest Should Not Be Illegal

I was visiting some silly White people recently and I managed to infuriate everyone at the gathering by suggesting, like a typical jerk, that incest should not be illegal.

Thing about middle class White people is that there’s like 899,943,097,107,165,221,669,507 things that are never allowed to be discussed because some uptight White weenie is going to get offended. Not just not discussed at dinner. I mean not discussed ever. Whenever I piss off some uptight White middle class Professional Offended Persons, I always figure it’s a great subject for a blog post!

I’m a libertine, and my libertarian argument is that incest laws are no damned business of the state!

The most typical type of incest is father-daughter, in fact, these are really the only kind that are ever prosecuted. The reason for the societal hatred and outrage over incest is due to societal hatred of normative male sexuality. Incest means fathers screwing their daughters. Since male sexuality is evil under the current Matriarchy-Mangina Dictatorship, fathers screwing their daughters is normative male sexuality. All fathers are evil horny bastards who wish to take advantage of their pure as the virgin snow (on account of being morally pristine females) daughters.

Mother-son incest doesn’t happen too much, so no one cares. Brother-sister incest occurs quite a bit, but no one ever goes to jail for it, so the laws are ridiculous. And if anyone ever did go to jail in the case of brother-sister incest, it was be the male, since it’s male sexuality that is evil, naturally predatory and malign according to the feminist maggots and wussieboys who run society. The female in the brother-sister incest would always be innocent because feminist cunts and their fagboy buddies say females are perennial innocents.

I would argue that in most cases of brother-sister incest, there’s no predatory behavior involved. In which case it’s no business of the law’s. Brother-sister incest is not a good idea, and it ought to be stopped (But not by cops!), but it’s often just two adolescent innocents exploring their budding sexuality. Just what business is this of the state’s? None whatsoever!

As far as father-daughter incest, it’s surely covered under existing child sexual abuse abuse statutes. There’s an argument that father-daughter incest is a particularly nasty form of child abuse, and the victims are harmed worse than others. Fine. Have incest as an enhanced penalty statute in cases of child abuse.

Since no one ever goes down in brother-sister incest, and it’s just silly kids who don’t know what they are doing anyway, why is it even illegal in the first place? Good question. Probably to police those evil brothers with their persistent 16 year old erections that threaten their permanently hymened sisters of ivory white goodness and rectitude.

In cases where both parties are over the age of 18, why is incest against the law at all?

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a father has sex with an adult daughter. A mother having sex with an adult son is even rarer. No one ever goes to jail for adult-adult incest, so why is it against the law in the first place? Once again, it’s only to police those evil fathers, who never stop wanting to fuck their daughters, even after they are all grown up into womanhood.

In many US states, any sexual contact between first cousins of any age is illegal. This is particularly preposterous, as cousin incest is extremely common worldwide, even in the US.

A silly argument against these rarely enforced laws is that incestuous sex leading to pregnancy leads to inbred offspring and birth defects. This can be dealt with via laws against incestuous marriage. In most civilized states, incestuous marriage is rare enough anyway, so there’s no reason for the state to worry about it.

Incest laws exist due to moral panic. What’s going to happen if we get rid of the laws? Why! There will be a huge wave of incest, followed by a tidal wave of babies, most of them with ears growing out of their groins!

Some sensible states have seen the light recently and gotten rid of their stupid incest laws. Rhode Island sensibly eliminated all incest laws in 1989. Ohio’s law only targets parents as offenders. In New Jersey, incest is legal, as it ought to be, for adults.

Incest, reasonably enough, is completely legal in Russia, Belgium, Portugal and India at the very least.

Incest ought to be legal not because it’s a good idea, but because it’s none of the state’s damned business. The most harmful kind, father-daughter sex, is readily dealt with under existing child sex abuse statutes. Incest involving adults, problematic though it may be, is simply none of the state’s damned business.

Although I’m a libertine, I am troubled by incest at any age.

Father-daughter incest is often quite harmful to the underage daughter. Father-daughter incest with an adult daughter is typically not harmful for the father, but the daughter often comes out of it feeling harmed. Mother-son incest is very rare. In a few cases, mothers have had sex with adult sons. The mothers escape unharmed, but the sons often feel it was a bad idea.

Brother-sister incest is often not a good idea. One or the other, the brother or the sister, frequently feels harmed by the experience. If it’s going on, parents need to intervene and separate the sexual explorers. Cousin incest should simply be legal, though cousins should not be allowed to marry. It’s dubious whether cousin incest is any more harmful to participants than any other sexual behavior.

A lot of harmful things in society are no damned business of the Nanny Cop State’s. In fact, many harmful activities, are, properly, not even illegal at all. The Nanny Cop State has no prerogative, and indeed no right, to legally sanction all harmful behaviors.

Great article here on the subject, and the great William Saletan of Slate asks the same question here. From Saletan:

This week, the Associated Press published an interview with Rick Santorum, the third-highest ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate. Referring to a pending case involving sodomy laws, Santorum argued, “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery.”

Surely, Santorum is right. Now there’s one principled fundamentalist wacko! Surely, no one should go to jail for bigamy, adultery, polygamy or incest involving siblings, cousins, or adults. The piece then goes on to interview gay rights ultra-liberals arguing, absurdly, that the state should be able to ban adult incest but not ban gay sex. It’s always sorry when the conservative crazies make sense and we Lefties are the nuts. It’s worse than sorry. It’s embarrassing!

Reading the arguments in favor of incest laws, most of them seem to revolve around the same misandrist feminazi-Mangina fag argument that incest is all about power. In other words, it’s evil humans with dicks preying on poor innocent forever children humans with vaginas. The permachildren with mammaries being too stupid to look out for their own good and avoid being talked into doing stupid things, we (The Cops!) have to watch over them like shepherds until they are dead, protecting the Braying Female Lambs from the Evil Male Wolves.

One more thing. You know what else is “all about power?” Heterosexual sex. I’ll give the Feminazis like Andrea Dworkin credit for at least figuring out the obvious. C’mon Nanny Staters, lets make fucking illegal too!

This article from the Harvard Law Review makes the logical assumption that most laws against incest lack a rational basis and argues instead for a reforming of such laws on the basis of consent vs. non-consent. The article points out, unbelievably, that incest and even marriage is often illegal even between adult step-relations, and even between adult ex-step-relations, when there is no reason for this.

Since adult step-relations have no blood relationship, there is no reason for that sex between them should be illegal, nor should marriage between them be illegal. The usual argument against this sort of thing is moral revulsion, but recent cases striking down laws against gay sex indicate that moral revulsion is no reason to outlaw any private sexual behavior.


Inbred Obscurity: Improving Incest Laws in the Shadow of the ‘Sexual Family’. Harvard Law Review. June 2006.

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107 thoughts on “Incest Should Not Be Illegal”

  1. I’m surprised you’re against cousin marriage. From Wikipedia you can get these nuggets of knowledge:

    In April 2002, the Journal of Genetic Counseling released a report which estimated the average risk of birth defects in a child born of first cousins at 1.7-2.8% over an average base risk for non-cousin couples of 3%.

    According to Professor Robin Fox of Rutgers University, it is likely that 80% of all marriages in history have been between second cousins or closer. (Due to limited supply of partners)

    I’m just saying this as a fellow libertine. Why stop at cousin marriage? There is a libertine argument against marriage obviously, but why specifically cousin marriage if the birth defect risks are only a tad bit higher and it is common worldwide and throughout history?

    1. Yes, I read the argument, but I’m not prepared to go there at the moment. Certainly though, cousins who can certify that at least one of them is infertile or have been sterilized or who are too old to to have kids should be allowed to marry.

      I’d like to focus on legalizing incest for now. No one should ever go to jail for the sole crime of “incest.” WTF kind of crime is that anyway? If gay sex is legal, then why isn’t incest?

      1. So you’re ‘not prepared to go there for the moment’??

        Christ, and YOU accuse others of being ‘conservative crazies’?!
        What’s your reason for not being ‘prepared to go there at the moment’? Where’s your rationale that allows you to criticise the state for wanting to legislate against adult consensual incest but you’d draw the line at first cousins marrying when medical research had PROVED that the increase in risk to progeny from such a marriage is so negligible?
        First cousin marriage is rare – but LEGAL – in the UK…and you guys think WE’RE the ones who are uptight and repressed?

        On reading this piece I was really with you on everything. I agree that the state shouldn’t be able to criminalise consenting adults or legislate for what occurs in our bedrooms…but the second I read that you wouldn’t allow first cousins to marry you just lost me because I realise you’re just another narrow-minded hypocrite who’s happy to criticise other people for having prohibitory opinions about other people’s private lives without rational supportive reasons, but is totally happy to make a similar sweeping prohibitory statement without having any reason whatsoever why.

        You are just another loud mouth who thinks that everything he believes is right and everyone else is wrong – and for no other reason than he believes it…which sounds remarkably like a Republican to me…

        1. Robert, banning someone for disagreeing is just more proof that you’re a hypocrite. And a childish dick.

          1. There are commenters on here who have been here for years disagreeing with me the whole time. But they do it nicely. You guys don’t. I don’t ban anyone for disagreeing. I ban people for being assholes. Hence…

            You are banned.


    2. Because my mother was divorced she encouraged me to have unprotected sex with her. I now wish she hadn’t because she had my baby boy. Now we are arguing because she wants me to give him a sister but I know it is wrong. What can I do.

      1. It could mean your dear mother is actually very loyal to your family name despite the divorce and now the progeny line is being continued.
        Bear in mind that Adam, Eve and their immediate sons and daughters definitely inbreed a lot without other options.
        Does your baby son have any recognizable defects like having more than 5 toes? I heard some people from remote clans in the US have such anomaly.

  2. Makinglaws against incest is a slippery slope because they say it’s “for better genes” to not do incest. What’s next? What other sorts of marriage would they outlaw for better genes?

  3. Thing about middle class White people is that there’s like 899,943,097,107, 165, 221, 669, 507 hundred quadrillion things that are never allowed to be discussed because some uptight White weenie is going to get offended.

    LoL! Sad but true. I eagerly await the day when whites aren’t afraid to speak their minds for fear of angering and offending others.

    However, I’ve also experienced such uptight behavior around non-whites, particularly Asians. For example, two Asians (one of Chinese and one of Indian origin) got mad at me for saying “black” instead of “African American.” WTF?!

    The reason why I like this blog is because people can temporarily, if only temporarily, put aside all PC culturally Marxist and delusional conservative BS. If people would just not be so judgmental and self-righteous, there’s so much great stuff to talk about.

  4. Yes Robert, this could be categorized as a Libertarian argument however I wouldn’t be parading that around given that you really have a high disregard for Libertarians in general. I think if we were to put your positions on a graph you’d fall somewhere in the Leftist-High Authoritarian section.

    1. Roberts political views are leftist but they also defy strict categorization. On some issues Robert is libertarian but that doesn’t make him a libertarian.

    2. “inconsistent”

      there not so much inconsistent, as you being too dumb to realize that they are not. They seem less inconsistent than your normal political pundit, thats for sure.

  5. I can know show my 9 year old sister this.

    Ive been wanting to fuck the shit out of her since she was 5.

    Shes an early developer.

  6. But in seriousness

    So I moved in with a step sister(shes 18) a few years ago, without developing the natural lack of sexual attraction that happens in early development.

    Fucking torture man. Fucking torture 🙁

    1. Indeed. Incest alone should not be illegal. If you are concerned about acts involving minors, there are already laws covering that.

      Give me a reason why incest should be illegal.

      1. Because jerkoff relatives have been known to make nonconsensual advances on adult nieces or grown children. Legalizing incest would psychologically disempower these victims and make it harder for them to prove that anything harmful occurred. I know someone whose uncle tried to assault her when she was in her 20s and he in his 40s. It is a much more intense form of abuse than being attacked by a stranger, and she is still having trouble healing. Most people who wind up in incestuous relationships are coerced.

  7. Cousin incest should simply be legal, though cousins should not be allowed to marry. It’s dubious whether cousin incest is any more harmful to participants than any other sexual behavior.

    Rudy Guillani could answer your question. He was married to his first cousin for 12 years IIRC.

    1. @chic noir

      Cousins are allowed to marry are they not?

      It doesn’t seem that common these days but I think a lot of people married their cousins in the past…

  8. I read somewhere on this site that you think the age of consent laws staying at about 18 is fine. You said that this is just part of living in a civilized society and that something like 25 and 16 can stay illegal even though there is no real evil in it. Doesn’t keeping incest illegal just because we don’t like incest make a lot more sense along the same lines? It seems like you can say that bestiality, incest, whatever, should be legal but you still have to agree with strict age of consent laws or else people attack you for it. Is it illegal for two 17 year olds to have sex with each other in Rhode island perhaps?

    1. There is nothing wrong with incest that does not break other laws. That is, if 2 related adults wish to have sex with each other, it simply should be legal, no questions asked.

      The other stuff gets into adult-minor sex. I am sensitive about that because society is so freaked out about it nowadays, but honestly, I would not mind if the AOC were lowered to 16 or so with some caveat in there for exploitation. I just don’t want to come out in favor of that due to all the Pedophile Mass Hysteria nowadays.

      1. Robert Now you REALLY have to read Flowers in the Attic and the entire Dollanganger Saga. It’s incest themes is what the whole controversy around it was. That’s why it was banned in school libraries and why it became famous. The 1987 movie adaptation is trash but the books were just awesome. I can’t wait till they remake all the movies.

  9. Something that I’ve often wondered about is how, not just laws, but discussions about incest seem to distinguish different forms of incest only on the basis of who is involved: father-daughter, mother-son, siblings, aunts or uncles, cousins or whoever, and in what combination.

    It seems to me that there is considerable difference among various cases depending on the ages, circumstances and motivations of the parties involved. I can imagine a very highly insecure mother seducing her son (let’s say for the moment just at the age of consent to remove pedophilia from the discussion) in the hope of binding him to her emotionally and interfering with the development of his sexual interest in other women (not sure how successful that might be). Or a much worse case: one of the most notorious of famous serial killers (the name escapes me at the moment) was as an adolescent constantly viciously berated by his mother using religious harangues for his natural, new-found sexual awakenings while she, at that very same time, would wear seductive lingerie and engage in sensuous behavior.

    Compare that to, let’s say, a mother and her older and more sexually mature son who discover and act on a casual sexual interest in each other with no such motivations. Somehow I can imagine such a thing to be, at the worse, psychologically neutral, and possibly quite pleasant, without compromising either’s ability to develop relationships with others (though the incestuous relationship would probably end when that happens).

  10. How bizarre. You advocate legalizing incest. I agree. But then you think the government has any business in a civil contract arrangement? Why is marriage ‘speshul’? If someone wants to marry his 75 daughters, that’s his business – not yours.

    1. Marriage is so special that two persons are required to obtain a license to be married silly! Do you think that any two morons can come together and get married and guarantee that they will positively contribute to our society? Look at the rash of liberals and progressives — These poor folks have trained themselves to go against their natural responses to life and instead choose a political reflex over one that is intuitive or natural. Not even animals behave this way. Two persons have to learn how to be a couple take Marriage and Family life courses, economics, general banking and rearing of children. To mate is intuitive — but to marry takes a lot of work and skills.

  11. You are very wrong about adult mother and adult son incest not being illegal and that there have not been and court trials over that – there have been and some mothers have been sentenced to prison for incest — So though there is an attraction due to the taboo, or an interest because some actually engaged in incest and are living decent lives years after the fact does not bring the world to a point where incest is the right thing to do.
    Egyptians intermarried DUE to a royal blood lineage however, you failed to reveal that commoners did not intermarry owing to the fact that a commoner family grew stronger as it grew exponentially more talent, more family members in the network, more shekels, more information — no family outside the Ptolemies and a few other families ever became royal – so incest was not a rule but endemic to the governing system.

  12. Ok so I get it now after 2 pages of Robert Lindsay rubbish – I will make stupid statements and get people to tell me how stupid i am. might be available for you? Goodbye wanker

  13. So far, India does not have any anti-incest laws in spite of being a highly religious country. Some feminists are demanding that they be made. But the Govt. can not, because the country has all sorts of incestuous marriages traditionally ingrained in the local cultures. One thing, in India, different people have different stanadards for determining incest. One acuses others of incest, but his own caste customs are no less incestuous.

  14. Legalizing polygamy and incest makes about as much sense as legalizing gay marriage. In fact, polygamy and incest marriage makes more sense because they’re actually caring for children. But I’m in favor of all three.

  15. Have you ever known any people who are the descendents of cousin multi-generational cousin marriage? Not the sharpest knives in the drawer to say the least.

    Muslims countries where this form of incest is consistently common over generations have serious health issue as a result.

    1. The logic for allowing incest is the same for allowing gay marriage. Two consenting adults. If you’re in favor of gay marriage, you’re in favor of consenting adults getting married that happen to be related.

      And yes, rural muslim areas and hindus do this – jews have the highest rates of sickle cell disease as well, often attributed to interbreeding.

      1. Rural Muslims? Many of the Muslims I know (and even dated) from urban centers have this going on in their families, over generations.

        Its not common amongst Hindus because for many Hindus our cousins are considered our siblings in a sense, “cousin brother” and “cousin sister” are common parlance amongst Hindus North South East and West, with a few exceptions. There’s even a few communities where uncles marry nieces but it is not the norm or mainstream for all of India.

        1. I also think the emotional incest (otherwise known as covert incest in psychological circles) between grown Desi men and their mothers should without a doubt be made illegal.

  16. I don’t know if it should be illegal (I think I’d be happy for it to be illegal if it could be enforced) but there should be a very strong taboo against it because of how potentially destructive it is for society if pregnancies occur. If a significant amount of people did it, a significant amount of pregnancies would occur. Its just a terrible idea genetically. That’s probably why evolution has already got on the case and prevents s lot of it naturally.

      1. There need’nt be laws though, as you said, it’s evolutionary to be unattracted to a sibling or parent. It’s called the Westermarck effect, it happens to both men and women but is stronger in women than men. Basically, early socialisation between the sexes puts sisters off their brothers.

        Interesting that Robert says that men are to blame in the eyes of the law, according to the science, men are more inclined to be incestuous than women.

        I’d love to shag some of my cousins but having children is a big no no. Just look at the rates of severe disability in the Pakistani community to see it’s not a good idea.

        1. Despite the Westermarck effect, quite a bit of it still goes on and I bet many more teenagers than do anything about it wank over or have some sexual attraction towards their siblings. A female friend of mine when we were younger told me she had a sex dream about her brother and thought that sort of thing was not uncommon. The fact is you are hormonal, horny and in close proximity to your siblings who you might see half undressed and whose body might interest you. That’s why I don’t think its a good idea to put teenage girls and boys in the same bedroom. There was a Q&A session on reddit with a lad who had had a sexual relationship with his sister throughout his teens and they slept in the same room.

          Wise parenting, an extremely strong social taboo and kid’s knowledge of how upsetting to the parents and potentially destructive it would be has to do the extra preventative work that nature doesn’t do.

          As for the law, a community has the right to protect its genetic health, by law if necessary.

        2. @Steve,

          Sex dreams are a bit different from actual attraction. I have had sexual dreams about both my sisters and brothers but never knocked one out to either. That would be too weird. In fact, in both cases I woke up sweating and distressed because I felt I had crossed some moral line. I have since read it is, indeed, common.

          Agreed, about teenage brothers and sisters sleeping in the same room. Just too much temptation. Jesus, how could they look each other in the eye ever again.

    1. I’ve got some lawyer friends in India and they say incest is legal in India. I think it is you who is mistaken Mouni! Where did you get your info from?

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      2. @Rachele,

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      4. I get gooey about Neil Young, too

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        Neil Young did, too. He married his waitress.

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      12. I’m going to get dressed up like a paedophile, and go sing ‘Alternative Daniel’ down my local Karaoke bar on Friday night!

        If you hear of a man with greasy hair, a long anorak coat and semen stains on his trousers being killed by a mob for singing the Elton John song book, that’ll be me!

    1. Getting off the computer, but I’ll be back later–or tomorrow if I fall asleep on the sofa again. Gah, I’ve become my parents.

  18. Incest should be legal under certain conditions. Both individuals should consent to it, not a father molesting his daughter without consequences. Also both individuals should be sterilized to prevent deformed children from being born

  19. This is the story of another illicit love affair, between a man in his early forties who falls for a treacherous little Lolita, who gives him up to the law and the cruelty of karma! (Sung to the tune of Candle in the Wind)

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    And the judge says to me, I caused you strife
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    A soft sigh and grin
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    When I had the chance
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    Teenage boys are in your pants

    Prison it is tough
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    1. I should have said, Elton is always the protagonist. That may have shocked you, seeing poor Elt, lying there naked, exhausted and bleeding from the train of brothers on Sing Sing paedo wing.

    1. Tell them that you have only one extra ticket to the Lynyrd Skynyrd
      concert and that they have to compete for it.

      1. thx. Rachele.
        W/ a name like Elmo and obsessing on lovin’ his kin,
        He’s gotta be from the south. Am I right here or what ? C’mon now.

  20. I fear I’ll have to disagree quite strongly here with many things contained within this post. It seems to me the incest taboo, whilst not entirely universal, is probably pretty widespread and probably isn’t for no good reason. And though I’m not some secular ueber-rationalist type who thinks there ought to be some scientific reason for state intervention, this one isn’t without such reasoning.. There are also known risks when it comes to procreating with close relatives, in that it increases the risk of passing on genetic problems. Getting back into hunch territory, I’m not too sure if messing up the normal pattern of family relationships won’t have unintended consequences too.

    I do agree however there is a narrative, possibly not entirely discouraged by some radical feminist types that incest is somehow always about abuse. I can’t verify that is not false of course but whenever I hear this sort of argument, it does set me to wondering.

    As to where I’d draw the line- possibly after first cousins. Still somewhat risky genetically but it’s outside of the environs of the absolute immediate family.

  21. i know of two single adults having a long-term father/daughter love affair in a small town in Kentucky.
    The rest of their family – brothers, sisters, mother, stepfather, grandparents, grandchildren, etc., have suffered immensely. They feel like victims of a crime, disgraced and horrified. It has also caused many problems between family members who are not even the ones committing incest – spawning Hatfield/McCoy rivalries within numerous of their family branches.

    I see it as very damaging to the family unit as a whole and to all of the branches up and down for several generations – because I’ve seen it, firsthand.

    I would “probably” be in favor of a law that would protect my own family from ever being hit with such disaster.

  22. You are mouthing rather disturbing opinions like these lacking any kind of morality (NO and I’m NOT a feminist, but conservative, but not a die-hard Republican as you) and rant about same-sex attracted men being queers and fags. You’re hilarious as are some of the comments. I’m more and more inclined that this site is some real life comedy. Well, I guess it’s just an inside view of a Republican’s mind…?!

    1. I don;t think the author of this blog is a Republican (he claims to be a socialist). Yeah, he has some rather “odd” or awkward views but it’s a free world.

      I think most of the real-life Republicans would be squicked out about the idea of making incest legal, unless there are some of the extreme libertarian bent who actually think that way.

      1. I am not a Republican! Actually, I seriously despise Republicans. In many cases, I refuse to even speak with them. I used to have a lot of Republican friends in my life, but I ran most of them out, and I don’t really want them back!

  23. All right not only the republicans, any person with a sane mind wouldnt want a friendship with such a pseudo intellectual high IQ wannabe cunt

  24. Incest can’t be separated from emotional power and potential for manipulation in family relationships, regardless of age. And it’s not always the parent making the power move. Some years back a book titled The Kiss was published, which was a remembrance of father-daughter incest that continued into adulthood. It triggered a lot of discussion about consensual and adult incest. One theme that emerged was incest as a power move by the daughter against her mother. I suspect that similar dynamics are more common than we care to acknowledge, as adolescent girls discover and explore the power of their sexual personna and face the various conflicts and traumas of their changing relationships with their parents – mother-daughter jealousy, fear of separation, and such. It has been claimed that a large portion of post-puberty incestuous relationships are initiated by the daughter.

    The population of males with the highest incidence of mother-son incest is convicts.

  25. I like to ask if YAHWEH/GOD and i (as LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) are truly mother and son we fell in love with each other and started a family together after more than 100 million years together and we conceived JESUS CHRIST would you changed your mind or listened to my warnings and accepted much instead of bullying anyone and stop doing mistakes time and time again or you shall end up in both hell and purgatory for not accepting your flaws and repenting if i did say truth it would be surprising if some mothers would loved their son/daughter i would be happy if some didnt feel scared and not pushed feelings away if arent married that is same with 16 year-old boy/girl and 31 year-old woman and it would be funny to see your reaction and if you feel speechless if my daughter had a nephew she fell in love with and felt happy more or less every day ever since and heres a question if JESUS CHRIST really married his human mother Mary Magdalene would you leave or still believe not being superrficial i say true believers do not abandon JESUS over something such as he married his mother and its same if you truly believed in a higher power and if you still respect and even adore YAHWEH/GOD even if she married me if i got back together with her and we bonded we started over with our life would you either accept her and me or attack us with insults ? thats the question i gave you freedom so be it if you resent only me (LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) for i am flawed in few ways myself but still not as flawed as you and you shall end up in hell and purgatory because i cant tolerate bullys and rapists in heaven for example so follow illuminatis order and make yourself give up heaven and hope for salvation thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortas.

  26. I say love is something no one should decide if its right or wrong heres a question if GOD and i (as LUCIFER) are truly mother and son and we fell in love with each other despite being mother and son we started a family together had many healthy children and grandchildren, great-grandchildren and descandants too if GOD only created the universe, heaven and angels while i (as LUCIFER) created music, planet earth, hell, purgatory and humanity if i spoke the truth would you felt afraid to oppose me ?? well i guess you react differently you are all different after all but i said the truth and that GOD and i (as LUCIFER) fell in love and started a family because i wanted to say incest is never evil, wrong and sinful in itself beastiality/zoophlilia is gross and creepy
    while polyandry a little weird but not evil polygamy a mans fantasy same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage not evil not wrong the illusion of incest being wrong was created by illuminati so try to stop thinking incest is wrong if you hope of becoming truly free unless that you will always be enslaved to illuminati no matter how many words you try to use so come on please please stop bullying incest commiters and do not try to rape any woman and do not try to forcefully molest any woman specially GOD if you ever had the chance of going to heaven thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

  27. Odd site I stumbled upon here!

    So? If I’m a man and have sex with another man we can get married. Weird! If I’m a women and have sex with another women we can get married. Weird! If I’m a 15 yr.old girl and have sex with a 30 yr. old guy we can’t get married because he’s in jail. Really weird!! Who do you think is the most normal here?

  28. I speak of what i think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me all you want but you wont break me so here goes nothing i guess. I am both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH those are who i really am my divine mother gave birth to me she fell in love with me and she lost her virginity to me i also gave her my virginity my divine aunts fell in love with me too each of them gave me their virginity i think my divine grandmother fell in love with me and gave me her virginity too and i think i have 10 divine big sisters who had (or maybe still have) strong feelings of love for little old me. I would felt amazed if my divine big sisters were willing to save their virginity just for me if were willing to go that far saying to sex with anyone else even with any of my divine sons i would think my divine big sisters are stubborn but if like one of my divine big sisters fell in love with one of her nephews namely one of my sons i would support her i wouldnt stand in the way and i tell all my divine big sisters no matter what happens i can still care about them maybe will even continue to care for them forever. As for myself i was born before the universe was created i do not have a father im the very first man to ever exist before i existed there was only women before i existed the women didnt know anything about love and sex. After the universe was created i conceived many healthy children specially with my divine mother she and i also conceived both JESUS CHRIST and TAMMI of Nazareth (look on google) i also conceived many healthy children with my divine aunts and i think i have conceived many healthy children with my divine grandmother too i speak of what i think im sure at least most of what im saying is true no matter what illuminati will indirectly tell you but if you brainwashed mortals wants to live in denial then so be it. What would you say if i did speak the straight and unbreakable truth no lies no deception would you still think incest (as you sinners name it) should be illegal or would you support incest after heard GOD commited incest and would you feel surprised if im GOD for real ? or would you still claim im a liar and i need help then youre the sick ones who are in need of help i can send you to hell any time i want your fates lies in my hands your souls are mine to decide where to send you to so you should learn to accept incest and do not try to rape anyone, do not try to bully anyone and do not try to commit adultery for example if you hope of going to heaven for sure or having much of a chance going to heaven or at least being spared from hell its up to you i hope you make a good choice. Let me ask you if GOD doesnt tolerate incest ever then why did he allow Abraham and Sarah to commit incest and why did he let Lot commit incest with his daughters (more or less) its because GOD supports incest leviticus says to not uncover nakedness nakedness means not wearing any clothes get it into your thick heads and if a mother falls in love with her son then she shall be allowed to commit incest and as long as she divorces before she dies and not commits adultery anymore at least then the mother and maybe the son too will go to heaven its quite the same if a father falls in love with his daughter as long as hes gentle (more or less) and as long as he (and his daughter) dosent commit adultery then everything will be alright but you can attack me verbally all you want but you wont change my mind you can call me a bloodthirsty tyrannt for sending you to hell because you cannot accept incest i can live with it on my conscience. I say some will try to stop this comment and illuminati could have kidnapped me or killed me but they do not dare to even touch me i feel invincible against illuminati and the new world order they cant do almost anything about me except trying to lock me out of facebook and twitter which means i would have hard times conveying my messages to humanity but heý maybe its just me but i will still try till the end and i think i will die soon one way or another lets see if illuminati will try to stop my death on this planet it will be exciting to see how this all turns out so i guess i have nothing more to say so bye bye sinners. Thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

  29. Lesbianism in families doesn’t harm the younger females in the family or households, just stops the young girls from getting pregnant tp early and gives them ideas about later lives

  30. GOD are actually two seperate beings GOD the mother and GOD the father GOD the mother gave birth to GOD the father she was a virgin Jesus Christ not GOD the father nor GOD the mother. GOD the mother and GOD the father fell in love with eachother which eventually led to them having sex for the first time they were both virgins back then and some time later they had many healthy children together. GOD the mother and GOD the father have many divine daughters even many divine sons i do not mean angels a mother and her son who she gave birth to dosent have to have sex or sleep in the same bed they should only do it if they really love eachother so much
    a mother dosent have to be married to boys father if mother dosent love the boys father.

  31. I had sex with my sister one I was 13 or 40 and I think it’s so alright I I don’t think insisted be a legalized think it should be up to the person I haven’t intercourse with deliver they want to

    1. On behalf of both my sister and me, I have to agree.
      I am 18 months older than my sister and I first took her virginity when she was 13 years old.
      As we developed a regular sexual relationship, she really started to enjoy having sex with me.
      Within 6 months, whenever I got home from school, she would call down to me from her bedroom for me to go up.
      When I went in to her bedroom and she would ask me to undress and to make love to her.
      We then continued to have unprotected sex every day our parents weren’t at home.
      Even though we are both married to our respective partners, we still have an ongoing sexual relationship and meet to have unprotected sex whenever we can.
      Both of her 2 children were fathered by me.

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