Opposition to Health Care Reform Has Nothing To Do With Race

Video here .

Oh, of course not. In fact, this video really sums up what the whole Republican Party has been all about for a good 30 years now. Why do only

We have lots of Republican commenters on this site who insist that the party has nothing to do with race. Well, maybe for them it doesn’t. A lot of White Republicans don’t necessarily seem like very racist people. I’ve known some of them. On the other hand, they aren’t very anti-racist people either. And almost all Republicans are running interference for the racists in the party. I don’t know if that’s racism, but it’s almost getting there. I sure don’t want to be apologizing for racist jerks on here. My clean soul doesn’t need to be smudged with that grunge.

The calculus is simple. White America is a racist politic. Not that all Whites are racist, but if you want to get the White vote, the racists are such a huge block that you need to play to them. If you don’t play to the racists, you lose the White vote. The Democrats last carried Whites in 1964. That year mean anything to you?


That’s the year Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. With what I imagine was his classic haunted expression, Johnson presciently noted, “Well, we just lost the South for a generation.” It was longer than that, and it was worse than that. It wasn’t just the South, it was the White body politic. And it’s been more than one generation now.

I’m not even sure how racist your average Republican pol is. These guys are cynical like human snakes. Republicans get elected by mining White racist bullshit, so that’s the game plan, morality be damned.

Why don’t the Dems do the same? Well, there are no votes in it for us. If we imply, “Condi’s a nigger!” snigger, snigger, well, there are no votes in that. We can’t get the votes of White racist voters by playing to their racist bullshit. Our base won’t stand for it. If we make that Condi remark above, our base goes ballistic.

And anyway, the Republicans can always out-racist a racist White Democrat. Some conservative White Dems to try to run by appealing to White racism, but the Republican opponent can always out-KKK them, so the Dem always loses. When they have to choose between a real Republican and a fake one (A Democrat pretending to be a Republican), the voters always pick the real deal.

However, the Dems are not stupid. One way to play to the White racist vote is to run rednecks for President. So we get Southern good ol’ boys like Bill Clinton and Al Gore, with some implied racism to go along with it.

One thing for sure though, for a Democrat to win, he must carry through with one ritual: “Stick it to the Blacks!” At least once in the campaign, the Dem must “stick it to the niggers” to show the White rednecks that he’s not with the Black enemy, that he’s on their side in the race war.

Hence Bill Clinton’s ritual denunciation of Sista Soulja in one of his campaigns.

In another Clinton campaign, Bill ran home to Arkansas right before the election to pull the trigger and fry some retarded Black guy in the electric chair. He killed the poor Black guy, then ran back to Washington to campaign. He won the election.

One thing that was interesting about Obama’s election was that this was the first time in many years that a Dem has not had to ritually “stick it to the Blacks” in the campaign. Obama ran an openly pro-Black campaign all through the election, and he somehow won anyway. In America, that’s called a watershed. Predictably, crossing this racial Rubicon threatens to herald a giant step forward in US race relations. Alarmed, and frequently armed, the militias and Teabaggers are lining up in formation to combat the realignment.

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5 thoughts on “Opposition to Health Care Reform Has Nothing To Do With Race”

  1. Dear Robert
    I don’t think that we should judge a party by its voters by its policies. If we do that, we have to conclude that the Reps are a plutocratic party, but not a racist one. A forthright plutocratic party would get at the most 20% of the votes, so they have to talk about something else, like race, religion, family values, patriotism and national security. The Reps like white people alright, as long as they have 6-digit incomes or 7-digit wealth.

    To see the Reps as the white people’s party is seriously mistaken. If only! If the Reps were indeed such a party, they would at least represent the interests of the majority of Americans instead of the interests of the rich minority. Any party that genuinely represented white Americans would immediately stop mass immigration and end affirmative action.

    Suppose that we have a company of 100 people. 10 of them are owners and managers, who are all white, and 90 are workers, of whom 55 are white and 35 non-white. Some of the workers want to create a union, but the top 10 whites say to the white workers: “You are not going to join that union, are you? You should be on our side. We are all white.” If the white workers are politically smart, they won’t listen to the blandisnment of the owners and managers because they are thinking in terms of class instead of race. Why else did they hire non-whites in the first place? That illustrates American politics.

    Religion is as important as race in the US. If we divide American whites into evangelicals and non-evangelicals, then the Reps get an overwhelming majority from the evangelicals and the Dems a slight majority from the non-evangelicals. The real succes of the Reps does not lie in capturing the white vote but in capturing the evangelical vote.

    I think that the Dems will commit a serious tactical mistake if they emphasize the theme of the Reps as the party of whites. They should simply start calling the Reps the rich guys’ party. Talk class instead of race. As to immigration, if the Dems are smart, they will legalize the illegals who are already in the US but severely restrict the entry of new immigrants, legal as well as illegal.

    Since the Dems now have the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, they should pass a law for the public funding of federal political parties. When parties get the bulk of their funds from the taxpayers, they are in fact getting their money from the voters. What could be more democratic than that?

    The US illustrates once again that diversity will have the effect of replacing class politics with identity politics. You want class politics? Try to maintain homogeneity in the country. The pursuit of diversity and the promotion of equality are antithetical.

    Have a good day. James

  2. If Whites are so damn evil I wonder why non-Whites don’t just try to succeed and form their own nation-state within what was the continental USA?

  3. This is the same Obama that very publicly broke his ties with Wright and also was relatively favored by Whites because they believed he stood for Black personal responsibility? Now, if he were White, rather than half-White, how would you classify that behaviour? Not as “Sticking it to the niggers”?

    I’m not convinced.

    I think there’s clearly an element of racial animosity in the Tea Party Movement. How much? Dunno, sounds plausible to me that it’s the majority, but group shots of protestors won’t tell you. Do you or I care? I think as an American you ought to care about what’s socially true, but if you don’t then at least bear in mind that identifying a racist element in any movement and then portraying it as normative just because it is a satisfying and plausible narrative will have consequences as this becomes normal behavior. And if you don’t want the consequences then don’t perform the action.

  4. First off, I generally believe in the principle of subsidiarity. That said, these Teabaggers make me want to see the righteous power of a revolutionary state as it crushes the nefarious reaction.

    Of course, we would need a revolutionary state to begin with….

  5. The problem is that healthcare is something we absolutely need, and a price hike is something that won’t effect quantity to be sold, so it’s a benefit for the insurance companies.

    Apparently Obama met with Insurance company executives and ruled any sort of price regulations were out of the question day one.
    A socialist

    The new conspiracy is Obama is going to become head of the EU after leaving office because those damn faggots are socialists like him 🙂

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