Tory Map of the World

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Pretty darned hilarious! The Tories are the conservative party in the UK, more or less aligned with the Upper Classes and their views and prejudices. In particular, as this map indicates, they are characterized by some pretty blatant racism and a creepy fondness for the British Empire. They also have a Nordicist bent in that they don’t like Southern Europeans too much.

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9 thoughts on “Tory Map of the World”

  1. Ah, the old familiar world I grew up in, before ‘they’ started coming over here and the sixties and all that. Lord Snooty Cameron may save us.

  2. Now for an unrelated compliment: I’m surprised and glad a blog like this exist, will follow it with interest. A lot of commentators seem to be genetical determinists to an unscientific extent, I guess that’s inevitable..

    /Probably the only leftist-economist type whose biologically informed and anti-racist in my country (litterately, it’s much worse here).

  3. I don’t know much about British politics, but David Lloyd George seems to have a few hilarious quotes attributed to him:

    “Britain reserves the right to bomb niggers.”

    “Winston undoubtedly had nigger blood in him. Look at his build and slouch … Another characteristic of Winston is that when he gets excited he shrieks: again the nigger comes out.”

  4. It cracks me up that Ireland is completely non existent on this map which absolutely mirrors British attitudes towards the island. Of course the occupied territories are on the map but referred to as Bogland UK. Again this is what most the British, especially the upper crust racists, do consider this contrubution to the Commonwealth. Pretty much shows how delusional and idiotic all those Loyalist scumbags are who think that still being part of a non existent empire means something.

  5. cracks me up even though i am Asian but a rightist one and staunchly against immigration. sorry but after reading the comments on here, and I always believed so, is that the Irish are an superior race to the Brits, although everyone else seems to have the exact opposite opinion

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