Teabaggers Aren’t About Race

Oh, of course not. What ever gave you that idea?

What a dumbass cracker! Can't even spell nigger!

One thing I think is clear is that Teabaggers are not White Nationalists. White Nationalists for the most part don’t like any Blacks period. Teabaggers are more like typical White racists. If you study White racism, you know that in the US, these folks always had a Pet Negro or two around. Sort of like a pet dog or pet goat. Not really human, but still quite lovable. And the Teabaggers have a few Pet Negroes here or there. What can you say? Every race has its traitors!

Teabaggers are not about race! Michael Steele (R-House Negro) even said so!

So, the Teabaggers do not really hate Obama because he’s Black. Mainstream US racism has gone far beyond that. If he was a Pet Negro, they’d cuddle right up to him. He’d even be advantageous to use as a rejoinder to the racism charge.

Why do the Teabaggers, the Republican Party, and the entire US rightwing hate Obama? Obama’s an uppity nigger; he’s a Negro that just don’t know his place at all. The White folks done told him over and over, “Boy! Now you sit down and be quiet, boy! You hear me?”

But Obama’s one uppity Negro, and he just won’t sit down or shut up and let The Man take over and do what’s best. Obama is a proud Black man who is working to better his people, and we ain’t gonna have none of that around these here parts. Y’all best believe me when I say that!

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47 thoughts on “Teabaggers Aren’t About Race”

  1. Man, I’m telling you. What’s to be done about these damn uppity Negroes?

    Once upon a time you had a use for us, and now you’re just stuck with us.

    A fitting punishment, perhaps. That’ll teach you.

  2. If Obama was uppity enough he’d have called for cutting off aid to Israel until the settlement growth was frozen and/or vacated as the locale dictated (see various UN edicts).

    After all, don’t his people pay taxes?

    He also wouldn’t have voted for bailing out the non-black banksters nor put a few of the criminals on staff. He would have already exhorted the implementation of protectionist legislation so the black working man wouldn’t have to compete
    with little Indian boys, etc.

  3. Hey Mr. Lindsay, I have a question.

    Im starting a blog, and its topics are HBD and game theory,the chick kind 🙂

    If the ideas are solid, could you link to it?

    I don’t have any posts yet, but Im starting on my first one.

  4. Nice try. But the issue is socialism, not racism. I’ve noticed socialists often use allegations of racism against blacks to push their agenda. But socialists are just using blacks as political pawns. And that’s unfortunate because socialism has been a disaster for blacks. Disparities in education, unemployment, crime and illegitimacy have their roots in leftist programs.

    1. I just want to know where this alternate reality USA with all the socialists is. I guess we can communicate across the Multiverse after all!

  5. actually, thinking about it, the only prominent members in the HBD community are 40 year old somethings with college degrees. As a person who hasen’t entered college yet, that is too large of a mental block for people to get over.

    Eh, sigh

  6. Yup, my new blog. Pretty impressive, right?

    I might as well get the ideas out there now. It will take years before I will be able to be taken as an academic seriously. maybe I can attract some attention from the big names.

  7. Hey Robert. There’s been a question that’s always made me curious as hell. You claim that Trotskyites
    advocated a Nazi invasion of the USSR because they hated Stalin. Trotsykites were a heavily Jewish communist faction, whereas Stalinists were mostly Gentile communists. Why would Jewish communists advocate Hitler attacking their own country?

    1. That shows you how insane Trots were back then. Back then, they thought that the worst thing on Earth was Stalin. Hitler and the West were all the same, all capitalists. Trots were neutral during WW2! Trotsky said to be neutral and said that Churchill and Roosevelt were as bad as Hitler. The Trots were advocating this in the 1930’s before everyone realized how evil he would be for the Jews. The Trots thought that they could get Hitler to invade the USSR, depose Stalin and then hand over the state to the Trots.

      Trots are really crazy! They’re insane, frankly. Always have been.

  8. Obama isn’t negro, he is mulatto. It is very improbable a that a man with purely black ancestry would ever become the U.S. president because of the low average IQ of pure blacks (70-80).

  9. New post. I predict an intelligent asian subpopulation, with a greater average intelligence than the jewish average.

  10. Do you know of any prominent Jewish Stalinists besides Kaganovich? I also find it ironic that the same Trots who advocated for a German invasion suddenly turned into SuperJew Zionists after 1945, smearing Stalin as an “anti-Semite.”

  11. Obama isn’t uppity. He’s always going on about pragmatism, bipartisan type stuff. “I understand what you’re saying and I think we can reach a compromise” (this is mostly just about looking magnanimous, but uppity types aren’t into that). As Larison points out, some people may find it patronizing, but it has nothing in common with “black pride”.

  12. Really, just think back to Bill Clinton. Righties were really pissed about Mr. “I Feel Your Pain” from Hope, Arkansas too. I remember it making a lot more sense back then before experience under his successor made me nostalgic! In the run-up to the election, righties tended to focus on Hillary (they already hated her from before, so it required less change). If she had won she’d have to deal with the same stuff.

    1. Then what’s with all the racially charged racist rhetoric, if it has nothing to do with race. He’s a Black who’s for the Blacks, in that US, that means, “He’s against the Whites.”. If you’re for the Blacks, then you are the enemy of the Whites.

      If all the rage against him is only because he’s a liberal, then what’s with all the racist shit?

    2. The accounts I’ve heard from most of the people who have reported on tea parties is that racial rhetoric is not prominent. They are more likely to call Obama a communist, a nazi or even a Muslim than to draw attention to his race. The big issues are bailouts (which everybody hates and make an easy target), healthcare reform (fairly unpopular at this point, particularly with old people that already got theirs and can only lose) and general debt/deficit stuff. Affirmative action, crime, general political correctness and even welfare aren’t salient issues at this point.

      By the way, Andrew Breitbart is offering $10,000 of his own money to anyone that can provide documentation of the supposed slurs tea partiers hurled at that Congressman. Hope you can scrounge something up Bob, and one-up that other Bob.

    3. Health care reform is not unpopular. I understand that the majority of Americans actually think it doesn’t go far enough! That’s about 53%. And around the same number either support it or are against it because it doesn’t go far enough. Old people will not lose out under this plan, except for some gold-plated plans that will lose some of the federal subsidies that they never should have gotten in the first place.

  13. To Alpha Unit:

    Man, I’m telling you. What’s to be done about these damn uppity Negroes?

    So has Obama pulled out of Afghanistan, Iraq – nope. Brought in stringent regulation of the banks. Well he has talked about it. And I sure he will continue to talk about it. The Health Care Bill.. ah yes.. the one after it was passed, drove up the prices of stocks of Health Care companies..that one..? He received more donations from Wall Streeters (2 to 1 as I remember I linked it here before..) than McCain. And you call him uppity..?

    1. Whites see him as uppity because they see him as for the Blacks. Any Black who is for the Blacks is uppity and automatically against the Whites.

      The health insurance companies fought that bill with all their might, then as soon as it passed, they turned around and supported it.

      The Dems are trying to push financial regulation right now, but it is bottled up in Congress just like health care. The Republicans are all opposing it just as ferociously as health care.

      As you can see, Obama is not even very liberal. Which makes these drooling rightwingers calling him a Communist even more insane.

  14. To Rob:

    Then what’s with all the racially charged racist rhetoric, if it has nothing to do with race.

    I have no doubt there has been some racially charged rhetoric. Although I compare it to the Reconquinsta types who showed up for the illegal alien rallies in 2006 (which were much bigger than the Tea Parties..) and there were no shortage of photos of those guys showing their disdain for the US and their desire to take over. But overall I suspect that the vast majority of illegal aliens just don’t want to be hassled by immigration and don’t give a flying rats buttocks about the notion of “Azatlan”.

  15. When ALL else fails… say;
    It will silence the dissenters..Sure, Ive got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.
    Maddow, a spoonful of sacarine and Olbermann, some cheese to go with his whine.

  16. First of all, you are cute, Lindsay 😉
    2nd, Those men are not racists. But lets not forget to look at the fact that all people *are* bigots. We pick and choose who we love, its not based on color/creed, just who we get along with.

    I dont see Obama as ‘uppity-negro’ man at all. I see him as a Marxist, which he is. Marxism is not an American ideal, and without further adieu, it is a Secular Jewish ‘ideal’, so, no, tyvm.
    I have had to deal with these crazy militant Marxist Jews all my life, and they SUCK.

  17. If Obama’s a Marxist he must be one conflicted, frustrated, ex-acolyte of Jeremiah Wright, eagerly approving the bailout of Wall Street and (re-empowering, adding to their (temporary)legitimization in the African American community) so many of the Zionist Jewish bankster criminals.

    see http://www.eaazi.blogspot.com for details.

    1. “Zionist” Jew bankers.
      Tell me, WHAT is a “Zion” ist?
      They AINT Zionists, they are Marxists and Bolsheviks.
      IF you really wanted to know wtf is going on, it is simple, you would read the story of a far-left x-radical, Horowitz.
      There are no “Zionists” in this administration, they are 100% AGAINST Israel.
      Bolsheviks and Marxists hate Israel, and hate America: http://www.masada2000.org/list-A.html

      BTW: I couldnt care less if Hitlery ‘apologizes’ or not. She can rot in the gutter for all I care.

      U.S. Jewish, ZOA group demands apology from Hillary
      Claims as senator she misled constituents with phony support for Israel


  18. The racially charged rhetoric has been there from the start via Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan. There is a link to that in the post.

    “Bill O’Reilly told his viewers that “the left sees white men as a problem” and sees putting women and minorities in power as the solution.”

    Maybe I have misunderstood you.. but haven’t you sometimes stated a similar position..? Maybe I should say the PC left.

    As for the rest.. aside from Buchanan they mostly rant about Liberals and Socialists and occasionally through in stuff about “race hustling” and the like.
    (I will agree that Buchanan pointedly mentions race as a central theme…) Well I guess that’s where things have degraded to… try to discuss enforcing laws already on the books regarding immigration and you are labeled a racist if you are White or Uncle Tom/ House Negro/Sell Out if you are Black, Latino, or Asian.

    Starting in the 60s the left started popularizing terms like Nazi, Fascist, Racist… the right now uses Communist, Socialist, Racist. Peachy.

  19. To Alpha Unit:

    Do you think that I’m the one who’s calling Obama uppity?

    Sorry.. you used the term.. so who is calling him uppity?

  20. To Rob:

    Whites see him as uppity because they see him as for the Blacks. Any Black who is for the Blacks is uppity and automatically against the Whites.

    Who says “uppity” and what does that mean..? How does a Black politician demonstrate he is not for Blacks..?

    The health insurance companies fought that bill with all their might, then as soon as it passed, they turned around and supported it.

    The framework of the bill was written by an industry lobbyist. Health insurance company stocks started rising last fall when the details of the bill were released. Pharmaceutical companies after they got language added to the bill have supported it for many months.

    As you can see, Obama is not even very liberal. Which makes these drooling rightwingers calling him a Communist even more insane.

    Neither was Clinton but they did the exact same thing.

  21. Rob:

    Re: Rightwingers and racist language…I reviewed some of the quotes of Limbaugh etc.. and to be blunt.. I think you have often you used even more inflammatory language (Feral Blacks for example..) towards Blacks but are obviously inclined towards Socialism.

    The left has put many things into a racial locus for years…sometimes they are correct but often it is overblown… two wrongs don’t make a right but are you surprised..? The strategy when used by either group is highly effective.

  22. David WHorowitz of course is an ardent Zionist, as are all the bankers whom former Wall Streeter and Jewish convert to Christianity Joachim Martillo exposes in his http://www.eaazi.blogspot.com site, tracing their history all the way back to their anti-Christian folkways as Jewish racialists in Eastern Europe centuries ago.

    1. David WHorowitz of course is an ardent Zionist

      Zion means highest place, heaven. So, you are anti-Heaven.

      —-It is safe to assume, in YOUR eyes that the books he has written, the most compelling and riveting, “The Radical Son” -where he exposes what the Communist left has been up to; Jew, Christians AND pagans, etc.. seeking to destroy “imperialist America” what an LOL.

      He exposes this stupid, insane, radical, utopian world that these totally beyond insane people have done to our nation, and he is just another DIRTY JEW. The CANCER…Eh?

      Well, then its safe to assume that ALL people named Ken Hoop are Jew hating killers. EVERY single person named “Hoop” IS a killer and plotting to kill ALL Jews, & their allies. Go get a grip. Not every banker is a JEW, plenty of JINO and CINO amongst gentiles that are NOT Jews.

      Horowitz is not anti-Christian, not in the least bit. In fact in all of his writings, he mentions the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a most loving way. You won’t read it, though, cause you might catch Jew-flu. Lol

      It is funny to see….character assassinating creeps like you, who, without a shadow of a doubt, are the most deluded brainwashed militant jerks.
      Shalom. 😀

  23. At least Olive isn’t a rabid zionist. She says she isn’t anyway. But they all do. Except this mad one. Where’s Heg these days, when you need him?

  24. There is a phenomenon called the Jewish Dawk, the term dating to the 1960s, when they flew aplenty, and applies in retrospect to works-in-regress.

    Dove on Vietnam, Hawk on Israel.

  25. Ooops, one more thing..Sorry..
    The killer, Ken says;
    Morris is a neat guy. Definitely of Jewish origin. A recovering Jew, maybe?
    Nope, he is a Bolshevik Progressive, not in any way “Jewish” Probably never was.

    Like all Bolsheviks, they hate America first, and Israel comes second. Just like our friends, Osama bin Laden, the “zionist conspiracy” (LOL) and Obamas Moslem buddies..among the Nazi lovin’ Noam Chomsky.. Noam Chomsky, Henry Makow are on your Bolshevik-buddy, Morris’s blog, shows where YOU stand as far as loving America- you are communist-friendly with the Bolshevik Jews? Whoah.

    Why do these JINO hate America and Israel? They hate anything that would resemble God. Their hatred for Christians so deep that they would probably learn to suicide bomb themselves.

    Of course, you will not read the x-soviet/Commie, Horowitz’s book, b/c it turns out that he couldnt be a Soviet spy for the KGB in the 70’s, he turned it down, and told the Soviet to ‘shut the F up’

    Horowitz woke up, and instead of hating himself, America and our x-ally, Israel, he chose light.

    Too bad that you choose the Moslems, Bolsheviks and death.

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