“The Chavez Crime Wave” In Regional Context

Criminology is a notorious enough black hole of theory as it is, without throwing a bunch of political bullshit into the mix. A cursory examination of recent history all around the world shows that crime waves can almost never, or never be blamed on any sitting Administration. If no government ever causes a crime wave, no succeeding government, except possibly some kind of a police state, can slow one down or stop one.

What causes crime then? Economic factors can cause crime. The homicide rate skyrocketed in the US during the Depression. It was actually higher during the Depression than it has been for most of the last 45 years. Yes! It is true. Your grandparents and parents lived through a crime wave.

People who lived through that era, though, said that your average person was pretty safe during the Depression, but the are not so safe now due to violent crimes against strangers. Homicides in the Depression were among fellow down and outers, and did not touch police society much at all.

There was a huge crime wave in the US starting in the 1960’s. The causes of this have never been satisfactorily explained. There was another wave during the 1990’s, apparently due to the “crack wars,” wars by Black inner city gangs fighting over the drug trade. While it is true that locking up vast percentages of the population can reduce crime, it is a costly palliative. On the other, there are few if any government actions that seem to cause crime, other than possibly setting off an economic Depression.

One thing is clear is that moving from a socialist system to a more capitalist system is associated with vast increases in crime, especially theft, organized crime, smuggling and homicide. Such transitions in China, the former USSR and Eastern Europe were characterized by wild increases in the crime rate.

Crime rates in Europe have typically been correlated with the amount of socialism in a society. The societies that had more socialism had less crime. The less socialism, the more crime. The correlation was pretty neat. It should be clear by now that capitalism itself causes tremendous amounts of crime.

Crime may also increase in societies that are highly unequal. Inequality causes frustration, rage and class resentment and conflict. Poorer people often act out this rage by stealing from the richer folks. Society is going to redistribute income in one way or another, this is what the capitalists don’t get. If the state won’t do it, the poorer people will take matters into their own hands and do some income redistribution of their own!

This article indicates that Latin America as a whole is undergoing a wild crime wave, in particular violent crime.

Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and even Costa Rica are experiencing terrible crime, in particular homicide.

Factors are difficult to discern, but the drug trade seems to be implicated in a lot of the crime. Brazil and Venezuela have had terrible crime under both rightwing and leftwing governments. Whatever government is in power in Brazil or Colombia does not seem to effect the crime rate. I doubt if changing the government will have much effect on crime in any of those other countries either. And why would it? The state has little to do with societally complex issues such as street crime.

In light of all of this, the notion parried about by the Western MSM that somehow Hugo Chavez’ government is responsible for a crime wave in Venezuela is downright bizarre. What might be the etiology of such a crime wave? How might the state be implicated? None of this makes any sense. Any criminology professor would laugh such a theory out of his office. It’s a shame that the MSM is stooping so low.

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19 thoughts on ““The Chavez Crime Wave” In Regional Context”

  1. Integration of urban America explains much of one crime wave.

    Note also, during your grandparents’ era or the Great Depression, ethnic segregation prevailed,
    fewer women worked outside the home, fewer
    divorces triggering violence, etc and the U.S. population was appreciably more rural and small town in nature.

    1. I’m so tired of white people being portrayed as this innocent saints who do no crime. America is the largest consumer fo drugs in the world and that consumption is fueling the drug wars in Latin America… the drug industry got big in Latin America due to unfair trade policies instigated by the USA and also by the USA sabotaging the political and economic well being of Latin America through sponsoring coups.

      Seriously, I am livid thinking about this. I’m not anti-white and I do think that white people should not have to deal with hate speech against them. And I also do know that there is a hypocritical double standard where white people are verbally attacked but where other races can’t be verbally attacked. So I am against antiwhite racism.

      But I am so livid with people talking about white people as if they cause no crime and no dysfunction. Latin America has been completely messed up by the USA and USA is majority white.

      1. PATRICK Pinochet and Castro and Fox are Catalan/Galician Basques who are actually responsible for destroying Latin America simply because any dumb Spanish immigrant to Latin America can enter the ruling class.

        All of its Mestizos and Indians try to flee to North America where Anglos do no discriminate by percentage of Red or African blood like Casta systems in Latin America.

        Outside Miami where Cubans live you will never see a poor white pure Spanish Mexican in a barrio. Barrios are basically reservations for Indians and orphanages for by-products of Spanish white men who fathered bastard kids known as Cholos.

        French and Spanish Mexican elite would never even visit a U.S. barrio and simply drive up to shopping malls in Texas for one day if they go to the U.S. at all.

        A few dumb Indians like Hugo Chavez on a populist Socialist ticket have manage to enter power and most of them were corrupt soldiers or police prior to politics so their country becomes a Nationalistic police state with bad trade.

        1. Chavez was never a corrupt soldier.

          Venezuela is not a police state. It’s probably one of the freest countries in the region. It has the freest press in the region, I am sure. Venezuela is probably one of the LEAST dictatorial states in the region.

          Venezuela doesn’t have “bad trade.” They sell oil to the whole world and import almost all of their food.

      2. PATRICK American Indians in Latin America are too dumb to run a country which is why Chavez failed and Argentina with its Italian middle-class manages to function about as well as Sicily.

        Most Latin American whites are Catalan or Basque who were the rock-bottom of their Galicia fishing villages in Northern Spain but in Cuba or Chile they are royalty.

        1. Chavez didn’t fail. Venezuela boomed all through the Chavez years and the lower classes saw an incredible increase in their standard of living. Poverty plunged at a dramatic rate. Venezuela had one of the highest standards of living in the region.

          That was all before the recent crisis.

          Chavez was not an Indian. He’s a Zambo. He’s part Black, part White and part Indian. MANY Venezuelans are like this.

          Chavez was an extremely intelligent man surrounded by very intelligent and well educated advisors, some even from the US. They all had degrees or advanced degrees. The Administration was made up of high IQ types with university or advanced degrees.

  2. Well, you wouldn’t want to mete out justice regards drug usage by Americans in your scenario
    on a proportionate basis, ethnically speaking.

    1. Blacks smoke crack in America and this fuels the coca trade: cocaine itself is out of style for white druggies who know they can get a stronger kick out of meth for the same amount of money.

      Latin dealers have entered the meth trade but Asians have been in it for so long that they will not fare as well as they did with cocaine over which they had a monopoly.

      The glory days of SCARFACE Pacino idiots turned millionaires is over for barrio dealers.

      Crack is a low IQ drug, I should add. People who smoke and get hooked are mostly stupid.

  3. I thought it was the left that said that “poverty creates crime”? Poverty sure increased in Venezuela during Chavez’ reign.

    Anyway, the reason for the rise in crime is another one: Colombia’s Uribe cracked hard on FARC and narcs, and many of them moved to Venezuela. More traffic in Venezuela = much more crime.

    It’s so easy, only a marxist can’t see it.

    1. Are those poverty figures coming from an NGO source or from Chavez’s government? Because poverty numbers can easily be cooked.

    2. No, they’re good. I think it dropped from 80% to 20%, something like that. The guy’s a redistributive socialist. One of his main agendas is to reduce poverty. Capitalism in general doesn’t even try to reduce poverty at all. Capitalist governments don’t even care about poverty.

  4. Yeah, right. Believe that if you want. I know what I see. By the way, Cuba has “first world health care” and “100% literacy.” Yawn.

  5. I thought communists were simply stupid, empty headed, murderous, lyin scum…..I didnt think you assholes were ANTISEMETIC DIRTBALLS….huh…what a surprise!!

  6. Latin America White Creoles are responsible for the poverty and chaos Indians and Mestizos bring to North America because they essentially live in wealthy haciendas owning every profitable business while their Indians, blacks and Zambiozos (Or whatever) wander around outside on the streets penniless.

    Most of these whites responsible for Latin America’s poverty are Basque Catalans.

  7. ROBERT Latins can point the finger at Italians/Basque like “Pitbull” or Vicente Fox who are the elite “whites” who actually create/run the “Casta” system Latino Indians and Blacks have to flee on rafts or through Tijuana drainage tunnels.

    Some journalist once said that America import’s Latino’s race problem.

    Got nothin’ to do with Anglos like Lindsey who were still in U.K. at the time that the Spanish Administration set up those regimes.

    However most Indians and Blacks in the Hacienda system privately believe they are inferior to CASTA EL PURO Spanish like Pitbull or Ricky Martin so they accept this system.

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