Apparent Assassination Attempt Against Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki

There is supposedly a news blackout on this incident, and it is only being reported that Maliki was suddenly rushed to the hospital while the votes for the new election are being held. The Western media is providing no information about why Maliki was suddenly hospitalized. However, Debka is reporting that last Thursday, March 11, Maliki’s convoy was hit first by a bomb, then by RPG and automatic weapons fire.

Maliki was rushed to the nearest hospital, Medical City in Baghdad, with moderate to serious wounds. He is said to be have been injured in the shoulder. The attack occurred somewhere in Baghdad.

Although Debka is sometimes right and sometimes wrong, I think that they are right this time. The times when they are wrong and lying is when the lie is good for the Jews or when the truth is bad for the Jews. Since Maliki has nothing to do with the Jews or Israel (except that the US supports him in Iraq) there is no pro-Israel gain the story, hence no reason for Debka to lie. Debka doesn’t make up lies to make their allies look bad.

It is interesting to speculate on who may want Maliki dead. Personally, I put the finger on former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s grouping of Sunnis and liberal Shia. He’s a former Baathist and confidant of Saddam Hussein who had a falling out with Saddam, joined the opposition and survived an assassination attempt by Saddam’s agents in London.

These bastards are basically capable of anything.

Maliki was supposed to speak on Sunday but his doctors said he was not well enough to appear yet. But he did appear later on that evening at a press conference.

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One thought on “Apparent Assassination Attempt Against Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki”

  1. Of course many if not most of the dual loyalist neocons left with influence on policy would push for continuing destabilization of Iraq by hook or crook until an Israel-friendly puppet regieme was
    installed and stabilized. Which is impossible, because the Iraqis will automatically rebel against such a puppet. Those neocons who would hesitate to continue to destabilize Iraq at the moment would not be prompted by any moral concern but by deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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