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Well, now I know what rock stars and movie stars must go through. I got one of my first star-struck fan mails the other day, of course from a young woman. Or, to be more precisely, a teenage girl. I’d been communicating with her a bit because she was trying to get to my other site, which is censored by her South Korean government. At one point, she sent a mail that went something like, “You are handsome! I love you!” On and on like that for a while.

She was 16 years old.

It could be someone playing a practical joke on me, but I doubt it. For one thing, it came from halfway around the world, and English is not her first language.

What I think is funny about this is that we recently had a big shitfit on the blog where some idiot teenage girl-children and some of their fool older woman buddies showed up here and called me names, pedophile among them. One of the things that they insisted was that no teenage girl could possibly be interested in a guy my age, which is 52. It’s true, most of them aren’t, and most guys my age ain’t got it going on anyway. But some are and some do.

And if you get to be my age and still attract teenage girls, thank someone above for that. It’s a tribute to looks, charisma, health, or something.

Sean Connery is regularly voted in the Top 10 Sexiest Men in polls of US teenage girls. I’m not sure when the last survey was done, but Connery is 78 years old! Another couple of famous actors, now around 45, also rank high.

This should not surprise anyone. Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch still look great to me at age 72-74. I imagine they look damn good to a lot of teenage boys too. And surely there are plenty of women in their 40’s and 50’s who have lots of teenage boys lusting after them. Sure, we all get old, if we are lucky enough, but if you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and some can keep dealing good hands far past age 40.

What’s funny is that if I write this girl back and play games with her, verbally that is, I guess I can go to jail. There are now new laws on the books called “sexual communication with a minor” (That one scares the shit out of me.) and “grooming a minor,” in addition to the old standby “annoying a child,” – child in this case even being a girl age 17 and 11 months. The same girl, yet a moon away from full womanhood, can also be “groomed,” I guess if you talk to her the wrong way.

“Grooming” is a phrase that creepy child molesters use for molesting little children. It involves winning the child’s trust through friendship before you move to the next stage, sex. It’s insane to conflate their sicko behavior with teen-adult sexuality, which is a whole other ball of wax.

Really, any of these laws ought to be thrown out on grounds of vagueness. I am talking to a teenage girl. At what point am I “grooming her”, “annoying her” or “communication sexually with her?” WTH man? Probably best never to say two words to the little hotties. Even if she asks directions, just walk away.

Oh well, we can still look. No wait, the Femcunt Scum and their White Knight Mangina buddies are about to make that illegal too. What’s the punishment? Teetering on a secondary ledge in Purgatory with the other pervs, eyes sewn shut with a falconer’s steel lids for decades of penance?

Makes you wonder what rock stars and movie stars have to deal with. They probably get bombed with out and out propositions, probably nude photos, you name it, all the time. Surely some of them are teenage girls. What do you do? Burn them in the fireplace? Call the cops? What if you write her back? You’re now going on a Sex Offender List for life?

Fuck this shit, man. This has gone way too far.

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11 thoughts on “We Get Fan Mail”

  1. Because she was foreign and the seemingly “out of the blue” nature of the missive makes me suspect a 419-type scam.

    In the typical romance scam, the “girl” tries to strike up a relationship, see how big of a sucker “she” is dealing with, and then proceeds to milk that cow for every dollar.

    Forged in Nigeria, these scam types are popular all over the developing world. The Internet cafes I would go to during my time abroad were packed with scammers running all sorts of ventures, for the very good reason that there are plenty of suckers on the web and huge fortunes to be made.

    1. No, actually, I had been emailing her a bit before. She’s from South Korea and was trying to get to my other site that’s censored by her government. I was showing her how to get in when she sent me that mail. She speaks Korean. I should have explained it better.

      It’s not a Nigerian love scam at all. I’m quite familiar with the Nigerian, Russian, Filipino, etc. love scams.

      Where did you see all these people scamming in cafes? What countries? I’d be interested to know about that.

  2. Slightly off-topic. Talk of Sean Connery’s mature charm got me thinking about a news item from yesterday. Remember Stirling Moss, the racing driver from the 60s – yes, he’s not dead. Think of how dangerous the sport was back then and how many lost their lives. Well he came through, got rich and is now 82. Yesterday, he stepped into the lift in his penthouse, but the lift wasn’t there, and he fell down 3 STORIES in the lift shaft – he broke a couple of bones in his foot! He’s said to be comfortable, and should have recovered in 6 weeks. At 82!
    I heard that and thought to myself: sometimes you have to admit ” I’m just not that kind of guy”. Hats off to him.

    1. That IS crazy. I used to live in a 3 story building and that’s one hell of a drop. Guessed he learned a few things by being James Bond.

  3. If I was a father with a 16 year old daughter, I wouldn’t want some old guy trying to boink her. At the same time, pedophilia it ain’t. A 16 year old girl has reached sexual maturity and in times past, such girls would be getting ready to marry and would have a family by 18. Society has shifted up the “appropriate” age sex and marriage upward due to the demands of modern society. That however doesn’t mean that’s nature’s intention. Having sex with a sexually mature consenting teenage girl should not be a felony. At most it should be no more than a misdemeanor, perhaps socially discouraged, but we should definitely not be throwing people behind already overcrowded prisons for any consensual sexual behavior. We’ve lost our minds.

  4. “A 16 year old girl has reached sexual maturity and in times past, such girls would be getting ready to marry and would have a family by 18.”

    And that was a far better time.

    No wonder men were more interested in marriage back then!

  5. It struck me as odd that you did have some of your posts tagged as “Jailbait”. Then i find you singing the charms of 16 year old girls. I’m rather tempted to call you perv, but since i have noticed your tendency to ban people for calling you names, i will refrain from such.

    1. Well, you can’t touch them, but they are nice to look at. This ain’t Colombia. Things are really crazy here in the US. If I even mess with a 17.5 year old, I am going down so hard probably it’s not even funny. I am talking like it could be 5-10 years. It’s called “child molesting.” I think 16-17 year old girls ought to just be legal period for anyone, but the law’s the law.

      There’s good research out there that shows that all normal males are maximally attracted to females age 16 and up. It’s quite normal.

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