IQ By Region Maps

Here are a couple of maps showing average IQ’s by region in the world.

This map shows average IQ's by region of the native peoples of the region. It's good for evolutionary study, but not too useful for the current situation.

The first map is for the native peoples of the region.

This map shows IQ's by current resident majority of each region, so is more useful regarding the current majorities of the region and not so useful evolutionarily.

The second map is for the majority who currently reside there.

The maps have some inaccuracies.

For instance, Vietnam should be colored the same color as Europe, as Vietnamese IQ is 99, not whatever Richard Lynn says it is.

Botswana has a lower IQ than the rest of Africa as the native peoples are regarded as Khoisan and not Negroids. The Khoisan IQ is estimated at 54, but that seems too low. For instance, an anthropologist who spent years working with them described the Khoisan as “intelligent.” The map for Papua New Guinea masks a few things. The Papuans of the highlands are said to have low IQ’s of around 64 or so, around the same as Aborigines. Nevertheless, Jared Diamond, who worked extensively with Papuans, felt that they were “intelligent, not stupid.”

So we see once again primitive groups that are regarded as retarded on IQ tests, yet anthropologists who have spent years in the field with them say that they seem intelligent, and not retarded. IQ tests do not appear to be accurately measuring the intelligence of primitive peoples.

While the Papuans of the highlands of New Guinea have an IQ of 64, that of the Melanesians on the coast is much higher, around 84. This is curious as the Melanesians go back almost as far as Papuans, a good 30,000 years. However, they did receive an infusion of Taiwanese genes a few thousand years ago. To what extent this accounts for their higher IQ’s is not known.

The IQ of Native Americans is surprisingly uniform at around 87 or so. It would be nice if we could break it down further by native group per nation and see what we can get out of it. Some say that the Canadian Natives of the far north have higher IQ’s than the Indians of the SW US. And Mexican Indians are said to have IQ’s around 82, which may rise to 92 with the next generation if they come to the US.

African IQ appears low, but that says little to nothing about African-Americans, whose IQ’s may exceed those of Africans by up to 20 points. The higher US Black IQ certainly cannot be explained by White admixture as the racists and hard hereditarians tend to do.

The reasons why US Blacks have become so much more intelligent in the US is as yet unknown. Improved environment, selective (eugenic) breeding and other factors may be involved. Massive increases in US Black skull size along with changes from a more archaic to a more progressive phenotype in the past 100 years were said to be only partly due to nutrition.

Part of the changes were also thought to be genetic. This indicates that US Blacks have been genetically evolving towards a more progressive phenotype and larger heads in the past 100 years. Perhaps US Blacks with higher intelligence and more progressive phenotype have been preferentially selected since 1900. Theories about dysgenic trends in the US Black community are unwarranted and unsupported by the science.

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86 thoughts on “IQ By Region Maps”

    1. Israel’s IQ is not that high. Mizrachi Jews have about the same IQ’s as Arabs = 85-90 or so. Ashkenazi Jews have high IQ’s, but they are only 35% of the population. I think Israel’s IQ is 93, so it should be the same color as the Balkans.

        1. No, not at all. but there are a lot of jews from all around the world as well. Not only the Ashkenazi from middle/western europe

  1. “The IQ of Native Americans is surprisingly uniform at around 87 or so.”

    Not too far from US blacks (85). But blacks cause substantially more problems and, in general, are an enormous burden on the US.

    1. Emmanuel….

      Blacks account for as much as 10% of the consumer market..and their buying power has been growing significantly, reaching over a trillion. So if anything, they’re making people rich

      Everything else you stated has been improving over time and can mostly be attributed to history if we’re completely honest. If you want to talk about who’s caused more of a burden, for a majority of America’s history the answer would not be who you think

      1. we are all gods creations and,equally we all cause problems to America and just because the african-americans problems are more prevalent we are always criticizing them and at the end of the day whether your IQ be 100 or 10 you can shape any individual into being intelligent

  2. This one is better.
    Notice that Haiti and some carribean islands and Jamaica have much lower IQs caused by their negroid population. That suggests that for higher black IQs in the USA is responsible influx if white genes and better treatment (better education etc.) provided by whites.
    Botswana hasnt significantly lower IQ than other african states, since the inhabitants of the country are mainly negroid and not Khoisan.
    And Israel has somewhat lower IQ – 95, caused by I dont know what, but it is at least comparable with Europe.

    1. Given normative Black IQ of 67, Caribbean Blacks are about 10% White and their IQ’s are 71. US Blacks are only 15% White. The White % can only raise US Black IQ to 72.5. The rest, to 87, is unexplained.

      US Black IQ cannot be explained by White genes. Something else must be going on.

      1. given the hugh connection of nutrition and intelligence testing would it be possible that the other rise in iq be more of a nutritional reason.

      2. Let’s think about this. Better healthcare, better educational system, better nutrition all have a part to play. The growth in skull size may be comparable to the early modern humans who mated with the Neanderthal Man. Caribbean Blacks do not have the same living conditions. More basic needs are met here. Is the admix the between Europeans and Caribbeans at a comparable rate to that of the American Black and European? All these things are huge factors and it seems that education goes a long way.

    2. The map is for the original inhabitants of Botswana. There are two maps, one of the places with their present majorities, one for the native people of the area. The Botswana map is for the natives.

      1. Robert

        Botswana is the least corrupt country in Africa and ties with Portugal in the Corruption ranking complied by Transparency International. It is less corrupt than: Israel,Spain,South-Korea, Greece, Italy, China, Turkey, Indonesia and many more Asian/Eurasian countries.

        Botswana is also relatively stable and democratic.

        But while Botswana enjoys an enviable reputation, there are some recent issues that causes concern.

        So the those IQ scores claiming Botswana having a lower IQ than rest of Africa doesn’t mean anything at all.

    3. Interfector…better treatment of blacks? Here? In the U.S.A? It takes real guts or an absent mind to suggest that.

      And btw…Haiti, a nation born from slaves has been paying reparations to France for 200 years for France’s lost profit in slavery. There are several factors that go into this, don’t talk about something you haven’t researched fairly

  3. Unrelated, but what do you believe to be the most influential books/works you have read in relation to the societal effects of economic systems such as capitalism, communism, socialism, etc.

    This is a subject I am very interested in. I think I may become a social scientist….one who can add some very much needed mathematical rigor into the field.

    1. Well Marx is very hard to read, but an excellent short pamphlet is “The Genesis of Capital.” It should be online. I also like anything by Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky. Also check out Tom Barry on Latin America. Michael Parenti is very good too – Blackshirts and Reds.

    2. Unfortunately economics has been gussied up with “math” too much already by the central planners, using formulas that purport to have manipulable inputs to achieve “desired” outputs. Only problem is that human beings are not soulless economic automatons motivated only by material considerations, as economic central planners and manipulators assume. That is why we trundle from one crisis to the next. Here is a decent starter –
      Here is a bit about Mises.

      1. This is a socialist website.

        You are not allowed to promote rightwing economics on here in any way, shape or form, sorry. Especially you cannot promote Rothbard, Mises and the rest of the motley crew.

        I ban on that too.

        You may not have found a happy home here.

        1. Oh. I was just coming back to offer this title to required name: Not really promotion. Just information which can be taken or not. It’s your website. I guess I misunderstood your reply as an attempt to respond to required name’s inquiry about the “most influential” books, and did not perceive any filter in your response. So I guess your response might have been a bit misleading. I was raised being told only one side of the story and had to become exposed to the other – very good – ideas expressed by Bastiat and Mises on my own. Thanks for making it clear that the forum can’t handle discussion of ideas.

  4. and hbd

    I feel sorry for the social scientist who does not understand HBD. They need to know whats going on. Or else there will continue to be wasted spending, and failed policies.

    Problem is, this info will also necessarily fall into the hands of aggressive people(the bad kind….) HBD is dangerous for them

  5. The reason im asking you this, is because out of all the HBD bloggers I have read so far, you seem to be the one that knows the most of what is actually going on.

    Plus, those other guys seem to not truly understand that “the world is flat” They are too ethnocentric.

  6. How much of the additional 3 to 5 points of the East Asians IQ (over the Europeans) would you attribute to the education systems in those regions? It’s clear that no other country in the world takes education as serious as South Korea, Japan and China.

    1. Studies have shown that Asians have a high degree of extra-IQ qualities that have helped them achieve. In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay on race and IQ(, he points out:

      Here was a question tailor-made for James Flynn’s accounting skills. He looked first at Lynn’s data, and realized that the comparison was skewed. Lynn was comparing American I.Q. estimates based on a representative sample of schoolchildren with Japanese estimates based on an upper-income, heavily urban sample. Recalculated, the Japanese average came in not at 106.6 but at 99.2. Then Flynn turned his attention to the Chinese-American estimates. They turned out to be based on a 1975 study in San Francisco’s Chinatown using something called the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Test. But the Lorge-Thorndike test was normed in the nineteen-fifties. For children in the nineteen-seventies, it would have been a piece of cake. When the Chinese-American scores were reassessed using up-to-date intelligence metrics, Flynn found, they came in at 97 verbal and 100 nonverbal. Chinese-Americans had slightly lower I.Q.s than white Americans.

      The Asian-American success story had suddenly been turned on its head. The numbers now suggested, Flynn said, that they had succeeded not because of their higher I.Q.s. but despite their lower I.Q.s. Asians were overachievers. In a nifty piece of statistical analysis, Flynn then worked out just how great that overachievement was. Among whites, virtually everyone who joins the ranks of the managerial, professional, and technical occupations has an I.Q. of 97 or above. Among Chinese-Americans, that threshold is 90. A Chinese-American with an I.Q. of 90, it would appear, does as much with it as a white American with an I.Q. of 97.

      So a Chinese with an IQ of 90 performs at the level of a white with an IQ of 97. And that’s probably due to cultural factors like work ethic.

    2. Thx for this tulio, but it freaks me out.

      You wrote this comment at 9:43 PM, and I just woke up here, LOL, at 1:45 AM. When I woke up, I had just been dreaming about Malcolm Galdwell. So I started dreaming about him, for no reason, 3 1/2 hours after you wrote this. Weird. I wonder if it’s psychic.

    3. Tulio, I think it is cultural factors like work ethic. The reason I asked that question was because as someone who likes to observe things, I just don’t see these high IQ Asians that these IQ tests seem purport. This is especially true for the girls (I have informally tutored some of them). One thing I have noticed is that they are very dedicated, though.

      There is one thing I need to clarify — is that study you linked saying that the Chinese and Japanese have lower IQs than whites on average? I wouldn’t find that hard to believe based on personal observations alone. I’m African, by the way.

    4. It’s up to 103-105 now versus 100 for Whites. The Japanese and Chinese in the US raised their IQ’s by about 6-8 points over several decades. This newer generation has IQ’s that exceed those of Whites.

    5. That Malcolm Gladwell thing is pretty freaky! I’m a skeptic about all matters psychic. Not saying I don’t believe in those things, but I hold them to scrutiny and think people are too quick to call something psychic when it can be explained by coincidence. In this case though, the person is so specific and unlikely a dream subject that it is pretty damn weird! It’s not like you had a dream about Jesus or someone else the general public constantly talks about. Strange indeed. What was the nature of the dream? Was he talking about IQ?

      1. So you guys believing in nonsense denying the facts that nothing is supernatural are searching into data scientifically to prove you belong to the smartest race in the world? LOL.

    6. No, not at all. The dream was extremely weird and convoluted, like a mystery movie.

      I used to live in this apartment. Well, the apartment sort of got turned into a trailer that I was living in in this rural area covered with scraped off dirt. There were some other trailers around there too. Well, I had sort of abandoned the trailer, that is, I was living somewhere else, but I guess I was still paying rent on it. Well, my Mom kept bothering me saying she drove by the trailer and the front door was open, or the back door was open, or the side door was open, and lights were on. So I kept going back there, once to close the front door, another time to close the back door, a third time to shut the side door, all times to turn out the lights.

      Well, most of the time I would just shut the door and turn out the lights and be gone. But every other time or so, I would go back there and there would be these new people living there. Some working class White dude and his working class White wife. I was like, “Whoa, you are the new tenants, ok.” And my stuff was still there. They said they were taking care of my stuff for me. I was like, “Ok, you pay the rent.” But then they started getting pissed that I kept coming back to shut doors. They said I was scaring them.

      This did not make sense. I finally decided that in real life, no one was living there and somehow the doors were being left open. I would shut them and no big deal. But when I went back to shut the doors and turn out lights *in my dreams*, then I would meet these new people who were supposedly living there. So the new people were only living there in my dreams, not in real life. But it was getting hard to tell which was the dream reality and which was the real reality. You even seen a movie like that, where the lead can’t figure out what’s in a dream and what’s real? Like Fight Club?

      Anyway, last time I went there, I was talking to the guy, the working class White guy. He told me his name was Mike. Mike what? Mike Gladwell. I said that’s a good Anglo-Saxon name, the same name as Malcolm Gladwell, the writer. Then he said yeah, that guy’s a socialist from Jamaica and I support socialism, etc.

      I do believe that ESP can work like that. I could get an ESP message that you sent a comment to the group (it comes to my computer in the other room, BTW) 4 hours before. So 4 hours before, my computer in the other room got a message about Malcolm Gladwell. I might be able to access that computer via ESP since I’m on it so much and since it is so close to me physically. Also, I might have a psychic connection to you deeper than most people since we have communicated so much.

      I believe that the more you communicate with or are around someone, the deeper your psychic connection with them. I believe that this theory actually accords with Particle Physics too, BTW. One thing I do NOT believe in is precognition though. Clairvoyance is another matter. For sure it’s real, but most of the time most of us can’t do it.

      I believe some other weird stuff too along these lines. Maybe I will write a post about it.

  7. It was very funny to read how americans are brainwashed about the significance of a test that
    is as accurate as a clairvoyance.

  8. I wonder what the average IQ of India will be in 20 years down the line when he country has a much bigger middle class population and more children get to school? I am certain IQ is somewhat correlated with prosperity levels. I have experiences with kids in India and kids in the West, and I got to tell you, Indian kids are much sharper, especially in areas of math in many instances I would say an 8 year old kid has the same sharpness as that of a 10 year old in the UK.

    Also, it is well known that in India there are some groups who have the highest IQ of all people in the world – such as the Brahmins.

    1. India is likely to maintain an average lower IQ as compared to rest of Asia but only the ‘average’ by 5-7 points (90 pts vs 100 of rest). It is likely to have a substantial population with high IQs. Further I am not aware on SD of Indian IQ.

      Secondly Brahmins, the largest caste of India doesn’t have IQ any higher than rest. They may well have lower IQ than rest of the population by 5 points.

    2. While I understand its an emotional subject,let me elaborated a bit:

      1)India is a nation of 1.27 billion people and the numbers of primary and 2ndary schools are in 100s of 1000s, sure u can find many bright indian kids, just by statistics, particularly because of the caste/class reasons, educated well to do Indians probably know less about the poor Indians, hence such impression as u said. Just like I read(though one needs more complete statistics), something like 90% of indian institutes of technology grads immigrated to western countries, particularly US, so no wonder u can find many bright Indians in the west. Of course brain drains happens but its particularly severe in the indian case, there’s why many Indians claim a high % of doctors in US are Indians.

      2)Two issues to do IQ:
      1)Consistency of data
      I believe IQ is a measure of the success of the society/civilization and its not something ‘racial’ nor ‘genetics’. But social changes often take place only slowly, that’s why IQ data tend to be consistent.

      3)Even indian officials/academics admit indian school system sucks, no need to elaborate further. Look at it this way, ignorance is bliss.

      4)The low indian IQ, based on an iodine world map, is not caused by Iodine deficiency.

      5)Prosperity doesn’t guarantee high IQ, gulf Arabs are good example

  9. public domain: PD

    This map is in the public domain worldwide or “fair use” freely available for All to use.
    Public Domain in the world.

  10. Half / Half
    50/50.. .
    This map is about Half right…
    There is tested difference among Nations of the world in Income schools Math Science.

    50/50: world has 7 billion people with 200-Nations.
    A single map will Not do.

    copy and paste map on Webpages and Have
    Free / Open discussion of IQ of world.

    Let’s have Open / Free debate on this issue.

  11. White people aren’t the smartest Race. No race has better or worse intelligence than others. This is a bunch of bullshit and you know it. Scientists don’t improve life on this planet nor do industrial developers. In fact, Indigenous People have done far more better to preserve and protect the ecological systems far more than any European person could ever have done. What have Europeans done to care about the earth? Nothing. All these “green” things aren’t a European idea. Indigenous cultures have done most of them for centuries. Europeans have destroyed a lot of forests, made many animals extinct by over hunting and wiping out natural habitats.
    So talking about IQ and Race is stupid. Hitler and Darwin would have loved your website. To generalize people’s race and their IQ is very illogical. Not everyone has the same background nor education. In fact many “educated” people are more dumber than you think. Is having a college degree make one a better person? I don’t think so. Life experiences count for more than a college education and also I know for a fact that maybe some people don’t read or live life but that doesn’t make them dumb.
    Racism is dumb. Your website is dumb.

    1. ” All these “green” things aren’t a European idea. Indigenous cultures have done most of them for centuries”

      Which is complete bullshit. “Indigenous peoples” that you speak of have been very inefficient in many areas. Look up the phrase “Buffalo jump” for a great example. An even better example is the collapse of Easter Island caused by the overharvesting of the island’s trees. There are multiple other example of such “indigenous peoples” overhunting and abuse of the enviroment.

      The dumbest part of this post is the whole idea of “indigenous”. I get the impression that the only thinkg that qualifies as indigenous amongst these type are hunter/gatherer peoples. After all, europeans are indigenous to europe yet this person doesn’t call them indigenous. Most of eurasia was either urbanized or semi-nomadic with these “nomads” spending a good deal of time in settled areas. There were also settled areas in the americas and africa than made unprecedented demands on the resources of their areas just like the eurasians. Many of the popular ideas about being “indigenous” are just nonsense.

      ” Indigenous cultures have done most of them for centuries”

      Really? Indgenous people have used solar cells? Indigenous people have used windmills to create electricity? This idea is ridiculous. Ignorance and lack of tecnological development does not make one virtuous and/or enviromentally friendly. I guess in your ideal world people would still be chucking spears and using flint axes. (Or are flint axes too destructive to the enviroment?)

      ” To generalize people’s race…is very illogical”

      See the first half of your comment.

    2. … I will give you a “nice try” for that. You lose points on your grammar. Also would like to point out. That while I agree getting a good IQ score has as much to do with how one is raised and taught as genes, the most intelligent people in the world still are white. Not to be overlooked tho is the white man’s arrogance, also among the highest. Intelligence and intellect are not the same. I can make sense of idiots and make geniuses make sense. Its all about communication in the end. If you cant share your knowledge then it is useless.

    3. Robbie – Too bad you’re banned but you can still read this. The comments you made suggest a sort of romanticism that is based on a sore lack of historical awareness. Primitive Indigenous people lived filthy, diseased filled, lives. And where they did not (or in some cases were not allowed to to this day) modernize, they still do. They fought constantly with other clans, killed the men and boys (who were genetic competitors), and raped the women or took them as slaves. When the areas they were living in became too degraded, They moved on a bit further into the woods. Worldwide, they had slaves and treated women and children as property. When they got powerful enough they would slaughter other people in the name of conquest. After all, the other people were competing or potentially competing for the same resources or were thought needed to become taxpayers. That they just did not have the technology to obliterate animal populations is the reason they did not. Once this was acquired, sensible modern people saw the undesirability of doing that and now actively seek to reign in their passions that lead to such things. This is by no means universal. Nonetheless it is only sensible modern people that work to transfer their technology to those without it instead of using it for conquest. Sensible modern humans are the only creatures on this planet that look after other creatures for no reason other than to assure their existence.

      1. Hunter-gatherers weren’t so disease-ridden as we imagine. They had fairly good nutrition, and anyone that survived to adulthood was quite healthy, as western explorers have remarked. They did also space births some years apart, by extending lactation to each child, so no extreme overpopulation. The problems with heavy disease burdens and overpopulation started to arise later, after the invention of agriculture and settling of people in fixed places. Now the food supply was more constant and secure, but the quality of food and living was low. People were eating mostly carbohydrates from their crops and children started being mass-produced. All this benefited of course the ruling classes, who could amass a lot of wealth and have a ready population base for grandiose projects (like pyramids, extravagant palaces etc) or war. On the other hand, hunter-gatherers were much more egalitarian, for the simple fact that they were living in small bands, and if one started arbitrarily to proclaim himself as the absolute leader and oppressing the others, he would be swiftly killed, as every able man could carry weapons. However you are correct that hunter-gatherers were extremely violent between tribes and commited attrocities. Plus it things were good for them and they could multiply more they brought destruction to their environment and had caused the extinction of large animals in many areas of the world, mostly in Australia, the Americas, Northern Eurasia and oceanic islands. I don’t glorify hunter-gatherer life, I just believe that both hunter-gatherer and early agriculturist lifestyles were equally difficult.

  12. of course all the sub saharan african states may have low iq’s because people born in those states are born into poverty and have low nutritional foods. I remember a year ago at lancaster university and a black guy from the senegal came up with lots of brilliant arguments to suggest that IQ’s of blacks in the sahel region exceeded 100 but then drastically declined when the europeans came. Would anyone else here of heard of this aswell.

  13. hey, just wanted to let everybody know that these chartsare fabricated 1) because the average iq for humans is calculated this way: and 2) individual iq data for masses of people of any area isnt known (unless perhaps it’s a manditory practice in north korea or something). reading and believing trash like this WILL screw up your info as it’s obviously fabricated. thanks

      1. Is this how you respond to criticism? As soon as someone says something you don’t agree with you ban them? That’s not how you foster debate and dialogue, sir.

        If you ever have a chance, read Building a Bridge to the 18th Century by Neil Postman. They’re is an excellent section about education and critical thinking, even so far as allowing creationism to be taught alongside evolution to ensure debate within the classroom.

  14. Well I guess if some liberal anthropologist said that the wonderful natives “seem intelligent” then whatever the IQ tests show must just be Scientific Racism.

  15. I find it interesting that if you corelate the diffustion of Neaderthal or Densoivan DNA by percentage, you will notices a relative increase in average IQ for the populations with a higher percentage of mixing with these two homonid groups DNA. Asian cultures interbred with Denosivans, and have a higher percentage in their DNA, and Europeans also have a higher percentage of Neanderthal DNA. In addition to IQ, you could look at brain size, and strength to see how some homo sapien groups may have benefitted from the genetic bio diversity caused form intermixing with early homonid groups that are now extinct.

    Look on wikipedia at the “worlds strongest men of histor,” and you will notice that they typically come from specific geographic areas, Northern in latitude, and where peoples mixed with Neanderthals, as discovered in recent DNA Gnome sequencing for modern homo sapiens, Neanderthals, and most recently the Denosivans.

    I’m interested to see what genetic research will reveal about the evolution of humans by geographic region. It should also be noted that groups with higher percentage of DNA from Neanderthal or Denosivans might also suffer with an increase in genetic disorders as well.

    I’m offering some ideas that could be right, and could be completely wrong, but I think this is going to be an important aspect of understanding the genetic side of our biodiversity, and that environmental factores will remain even more important to human evolution, biodiversity, in the future.

      1. The islanders only have 3- 5% Denosivan, but there are more peoples with that DNA, and they could also have some Neanderthal DNA as well. “Subsequent study of the nuclear genome from this specimen suggests that this group shares a common origin with Neanderthals, that they ranged from Siberia to Southeast Asia, and that they lived among and interbred with the ancestors of some present-day modern humans, with about 3% to 5% of the DNA of Melanesians and Aboriginal Australians deriving from Denisovans.[5][6][7] Other ethnicities, such as the Malays, Polynesians, the Dravidians of India, Burmans, and Mon-Khmer-speaking peoples may be included in this category as well.”

        I still think there is a connection with the greater percentage of neanderthal DNA in European and Asian groups that traces back to a time when Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals lived in close proximity, allegedly in the Middle East, before the Homo Sapiens (now mixed) spread out into Europe and Asia. Genetic diversity has it’s advantages.
        The Neanderthals evolved for several hundred thousand years, mixing and competing with earlier hominids, before encountering Homo Sapiens leaving Africa. They had immunities, adaptation to cold weather, and lots of research is pointing to a much smarter picture of Neanderthal society. They lived in smaller groups, and had a much smaller overall population compared to the homo sapiens that increasingly took over areas previously inhabited by Neanderthals. Larger brain size could be one such phenotype or adaptation that homo sapiens gained by mixing with Neanderthals. Research has pointed to lighter skin, and red hair as two other possible Neanderthal traits.

        African homo sapiens tend to be taller and leaner, (evolving closer to the equator and in warmer climates as hunters), than the Neanderthals who lived through ice ages in Europe. The evolved shorter squatter bodies with shorter limbs, similar to indigenous peoples of the extreme northern regions today. They kept on their fat to keep warmer, had larger than normal brain sizes, and had greater strength. Homo sapiens, given a weapon or bow, were faster and brute strength alone, could not save Neanderthals them from extinction. Neanderthals practiced cannibalism.
        A hybrid of Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens certainly came into existence, the DNA proves that, and evolution tends to keep those traits and genes that helped the winning population to adapt and grow.

        I would venture a guess that geographic isolation and smaller population numbers for any hominid group could cause inbreeding and develop more problems than for those groups with larger genetic diversity, and greater populations. Isn’t it interesting that the areas of the world with some of the greatest genetic diversity and largest populations would produce some individuals with higher IQ, and then subsequently that they would be more successful at breeding and passing on their traits. When populations that had previously been isolated meet up with groups with greater diversity, the result is usually a boon to the IQ of both groups.

    1. Not sure how much having Neanderthal or Denosivan ancestry helps with IQ. I’m way above on the Neanderthal average at 3.2% myself (the average is 2%) according to the Natgeo test I took. There are MANY other factors at play, some random and some environmental.

      Science fiction does a good job of addressing the intangibles with regards to “intelligence” such as a desire to learn (Gattaca and Flowers for Algernon come to mind). That’s something that can come from experiences, teachers or just something in some people (intellectual curiosity) that can’t be measured as yet.

  16. “The higher US Black IQ certainly cannot be explained by White admixture as the racists and hard hereditary tend to do.”

    Why *certainly* not? Do you have any evidence for this speculation?

    “The reasons why US Blacks have become so much more intelligent in the US is as yet unknown.”

    You can start by looking at differences between America and Africa:
    1. European cultural influence;
    2. Western educational influence;
    3. Modern (Western?) nourishment influence on brain development;
    4. White genetic admixture (because all Africans-Americans have *at least some* white heritage);

    All these are perfectly valid and known reasons. Each can be easily researched scientifically. Whether nature or nurture, it is beyond doubt that white (cultural or genetic) influence on African-Americans has raised their IQ over that of continental Africans.

      1. hard to quantify, even if I believe so. One should be cautious with saying grossly that modern culture is western culture/ white culture. What leads a culture are the smart people of the groups, and there are very smart people in all groups. The modern culture is really a mixing between a lot of influence, remember who created the canon powder? Printing? Kite (which lead to plane), and even helicopter?(no that was not leonardo da vinci).

  17. Is there an IQ by religion and how fanatically religious they are and the correlation to IQ? Now that would be interesting to see.

    I would be interested to see which religion is followed by dumb people. Ha HA!

    1. Majority in India are backward caste and untouchables… Naturally they have low IQ why are they even called low caste? Low score = low caste.


      Now they are converting to christianity on the account of low IQ. a simpletons ideology like “The only begotten son was sent to die for you and you would be saved” appeals to people of low Intellect..The Hindu Vedanta s are sophisticated philosophy which is more challenging.

      Remember the christians who burned down the Egyptian library of Alexandria… they were like the Pol Pot of those days who went after any educated people… It was mob rule. The uneducated and the peasants wanted equality with the smart people. You can read about it in Nietchie’s “Anti Christ”.

  18. You know…the classification that you are doing is what the caste system is.. This IQ is related to intelligence.then you have Emotional Quotient. There is character quotient , Such classification itself is not bad…but only when someone uses this to exert dominion an other others then that becomes wrong.

    Then you have culture quotient. For .e.g if you are vegetarian you go up the civilization order…. if you eat meat you go down a notch. If you eat. If you eat beef you go down a notch further..if you Gorilla Paws like some do in Africa, you go down even further in the culture/civilization quotient. Then do you and your subculture contribute to art and other aspect of culture then your cultural quotient goes up…if you don’t have anyhing to contribute then you go down that quotient.

    Thats pretty much the caste system.. It’s a nomenclature/grouping of people.. So if you look at the backward castes and untouchables, they would have no history of contributing to society in terms of Art or otherwise…

    When I lived in West Africa a Nigeiran man told me..that you Hindus do not date black men or something to that affect.. and I told him.. I am sure many Indians would ..but may not not the upper castes …for they do not find you guys eating Gorilla Paws or Bush meat appealing…they would down at that.. and I can’t blame them for it.


    1. Although I don’t eat pets like Dogs and cats which lower civilized may, I love me some Prime Rib and if some vegetarians consider me lower civilized be it. But I am not so low as approving cannibalism …even symbolically,,,eat the flesh and drink the blood? Weuuuuw! that is too low even for me.


      1. A human brain needs animal protein to work properly. so vegitarians have a brain that isn’t working properly so the rest is obvious.

      2. A Human needs Protein… Not sure if it needs Animal protein. Veggie eaters eat a lot of legume and Lentils for their Protein intake.

  19. I have come across many fools- but never one that proudly proclaims their status! You Robert, are an exceptional fool.

  20. Very interesting blog, thankyou, and a surprising number of rational comments! There are a few points that I would like to make that may further the discussion…
    All non-Africans are descended from not more than 200 individuals who left Africa about 65000 years ago. Thus we are closer genetically to native Australians than are Africans, who have evolved separately until recently.
    All non-Africans have Neanderthals amongst their ancestry. This may have affected IQ. They were allegedly very smart for the brain case size.
    IQ can be trained, and the type of test will suit, or not suit, different backgrounds. For example, Asian schooling is very much ‘learn by rote’ so they are knowledge rich and their memories are trained from very young, especially when memorising the written characters of their language. Tests which emphasize creative thinking do not give them such favourable results.
    Evolution is relentless. It will favour traits which aid survival and reproduction. West Africans are the fastest sprinters in the world, almost without exception. How many of the sub-10 second 100 metre runners have not been from that group?
    Every trait caries a price too, as well as an advantage. It is not universally better to be smart vs being able to run fast. A balance is required, and just what the ideal balance is will depend on the environment.
    Since we are all human, I would expect humans of different racial groups to tend to a common range of IQ over time as the sameness selective pressures will apply to them.
    As I get older, my memory, especially for names, is not so good, but it is almost no handicap because of my iPhone and iPad. How much will this affect our mental evolution as the need to memorise becomes less?
    Finally, years ago an acquaintance said to me “You’re more intelligent than me, but I’m smarter than you.” I think subsequent events proved him wrong as he made a number of spectacularly bad life choices, but I got his point. There is indeed a difference. In handling of recruits to management level, we had two types; New entry graduates and those who had not matriculated but had been advanced from within. This latter were probably, on average, less intelligent as they had failed to qualify for university, but they were usually much smarter.

  21. This is a map to make people who haven’t accomplished anything feel better about themselves — belonging to a group that can be compared to other groups since comparison on and individual level would be embarrassing for such people. It’s like how people will say “we” when referring to a sports team that they are not on, but are in the same state with.

  22. as you know there are several nations in any country of middle east. for example in Iraq there are at least 3 different nations, in Iran more than 5 , and they do not mix due to racial or religious reasons…
    is there any map especially for *Iran* to know iq of the different nations in this country?

  23. Answer to Manny who is *interested to see which religion is followed by dumb people*:
    anybody who follows any knida religion is *dumb*!

  24. quote by RobertLindsay

    The reasons why US Blacks have become so much more intelligent in the US is as yet unknown. Improved environment, selective (eugenic) breeding and other factors may be involved. Massive increases in US Black skull size along with changes from a more archaic to a more progressive phenotype in the past 100 years were said to be only partly due to nutrition.

    Possibly cause eugenics, aside from stuff like “avoidance of inbreeding” is BS. It’s has too much white nationalist mythology and baised views in it.

    1. The massively great US environment and improved nutrition might play a role here. US Blacks have massive gains over Africans and Caribbeans, even though a percentage of them are still in the ghetto.

  25. Where is the evidence that American Blacks practiced eugenics? Most probably they benefitted from slight white admixture and better nutrition and medical care. Also Botswana is one of the most developed sub-Saharan African states, so the map is unjust to it. And most of its population isn’t khoi-san.

  26. We can see the changes in skulls from the late 19th century until today when Black skulls became much more progressive. Of course they did not practice eugenics on purpose, but they did so de facto by selection, in which case evolution itself in most species tends to be eugenic by its very nature of selection. The researcher felt that Blacks were selecting for more progressive and less archaic phenotypes during that time period, as most of the changes were genetic.

    I have a paper on this at Academia.

    The map refers to indigenous people, not latecomers. Hence the very low figures for Australia.

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