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I know this fellow from the American Renaissance comments section. I rarely comment there anymore because I have tons of enemies on that site who think I am a race traitor – anti-White – anti-racist. They refuse to publish a lot of my comments anyway. Also, increasingly, I find that site distasteful. I realize that’s the moderate end of White nationalism, but WN is not a moderate thing.

The site frankly makes me disgusted, angry and queasy a good part of the time, though there is some good stuff on there. It’s the commenters that really bug me. So many of them seem to hate all non-Whites, and it makes me sick to be around such folks.

Jewamongyou was always one of my favorite posters. He’s a Jewish race realist (great handle by the way), and he was always sober, reasoned, intelligent and often eloquent. There was a kindness and decency about him that was missing from most of the posters. So I was happy to see, via the great Kvetcher, that he has his own site now. Usually, jewamongyou is merely a good writer, but at times, he is simply sublime.

He’s a libertarian, as so many such folks are, and he has a post attempting to explain why race realism and libertarianism go hand and hand. I think he avoids the nasty bits, such as that in Libertarian World, the brainy haves don’t have to help the dummy have-nots.

The have-nots? I dunno. I guess they just get to die in the gutter or something. One of the hazards of Libertarian World is that those wonderful libertarians have to keep stepping over the crumbling bodies of the have-nots whenever they step off the curve. But hey! Small price to pay for no taxes, huh?

He also devotes a lot of his site to Jewry, as apparently he is a religious Jew. He has an interesting take on the Jewish Question, including harsh criticism and maybe opposition to Zionism, avoidance of the pogrom and prosecution narrative of Jewish history and a lack of the typical neurotic Jewish obsession with anti-Semites.

He has a piece on anti-Semites in the race realist movement, and of course it’s swarming with them. His take on Nazis in the movement is sensible and well-reasoned, while avoiding the usual Jewish hysteria. Of course he dislikes anti-Semites, but he regards them as more annoying than anything else (like a wasp you need to shoo out of your house), which in 2010 America, is probably the proper non-neurotic Jewish response.

I’m not sure if Black people will find much to like here, but his site is free from much of the anti-Black animus you typically find on these sites. He has known Blacks whom he respected all through his life.

Though a very long post on why he has told his Jewish daughter he doesn’t want her to date Black guys will leave most Blacks cold.

In his partial defense, it’s an odds argument, not an essentialist one, and that at least makes mathematical sense. Also, I believe that possibly as many as 35-40%, or possibly more, or possibly even a majority, of White parents don’t want their daughters dating Blacks.

Heck, fully 25% of US Whites oppose “miscegenation.” I’m not sure what the respondents meant by that, but in most cases that probably means they oppose Whites marrying Blacks. I doubt if a White guy hooking up with Mei Lien would upset them very much. This sort of “I don’t want my daughter dating Blacks” stuff has deep roots in US society, and it’s going to take a while to winnow it down.

For another POV along the same lines, a Black African poster points out that most African Blacks can’t stand African Americans, they don’t do want their children marrying them!

All in all, Jewamongyou is not bad for a race realist blog.

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35 thoughts on “JewAmongYou – New Race Realist Blog”

  1. You mention, Robert, that a lot of White parents don’t want their daughters dating/marrying Black guys.

    Among Black people there is a similar pressure not to date or marry interracially. There are parents who explicitly tell their daughters not to get seriously involved with White men.

    1. One thing Robert said is that African don’t want their kids marrying African-Americans. Honestly, I’ve never heard any such thing. I don’t sense any hostility between African-Americans and Africans. I don’t think Africans have any love for the ghetto underclass in black America but as I hope we all know by now, not all black Americans are ghetto. I’d venture to say most are not. Most certainly don’t see themselves as so anyhow.

      Alpha, I don’t think the stigma of interracial dating is as strong from blacks as it is from whites. There are certainly blacks that don’t like it though. I think many blacks feel that white men don’t take black women seriously enough to want to marry them, so any white guy they see with a black woman they assume he’s just using her for sex. So that may be what the opposition is based on. I think these attitudes are stupid no matter who they are coming from and you have to judge people as individuals on their own merit.

    2. Yes, I always heard over the years that Black people are generally more accepting of interracial relationships than White people are.

      But then I started dating interracially. And all of a sudden I got an education about what Black people *really* think of it. Especially Black men.

      To simplify: I saw a side of Black men I hadn’t ever seen in action before.

      Maybe Black men have a different experience when they date interracially. But Black women will often find themselves vilified in those special ways men reserve just for women.

      I do agree with you that people ought to see one another as individuals. It seems all racial groups get hung up on race when it comes to women, especially.

    3. Let me tell you something, tulio. I’ve dated Black women in the past. Not that many really, maybe 7-8? Well anyway, it was around 1984 when I was doing it a lot. I got some weird looks from White guys, like really racist snickering, but what was way worse was the looks we got from Black guys! It was like total outrage! On the contrary, most Black women thought it was pretty cool!

      So I get where AU is coming from. It was so bad, frankly, that I am not sure I want to get involved with Black women ever again. That was 25 years ago. Are things really that much better?

    4. Well tulio, did you click the link? The link was to a comment from a Black guy who went far beyond my rather mild comments. There are also some online forums where Af-Am’s and Africans really go at it. The Africans are *really mean* to the Af-Ams in those forums! The Af-Ams are like, “Whoa, why the hostility man?” But the Africans just won’t let up. I don’t think the Africans have a leg to stand on thinking that they are more competent or act better than Af-Ams.

      I’m quite happy that our Af-Ams are Af-Ams and not fresh off the boat Africans. I met enough West Africans that when I see an Af-Am I almost want to run up and hug him and say thank God he’s not an African. 300 years is a long time and most of the African has culturally gone out of Af-Ams, thank God. They really are Americans in some important ways. Then there’s those 20 extra IQ points…

    5. I’ve heard from white guys too that black guys don’t like it when white guys date black women. I think it’s just universally true across the board that men don’t like seeing “their” women with other guys, even though those same men would be more than happy to screw other races themselves. I hear that Asian men are really bad about this and in Korea, they will actually beat you up. Chinese are furious about it too. Maybe this goes back to Alpha’s point about sex being behind a lot of racism.

      Yes, I did read that guy’s comment on the Jewish site. I questioned whether he was really African since I never meet any Africans like that. His comment that most Africans are secretly against Obama made me think he may be a fake. Come on, it’s pretty clear that Africans love Obama. I don’t know if that guy is for real. You said that you see Africans say this sort of thing all the time online. I’d be curious to see those sites. That’s very sad.

      1. Nah – Asian men are non-confrontational and non-violent. They don’t care (or if they do, they don’t show it) when a non-Asian male is in a relationship with “their” women. Of course, most mixed couple are white male with Asian female. The other way round is very rare, though I have seen it.

    6. Well, I think that the site I saw was an African Internet portal. Sort of like a social networking site for Africans. They had a forum there and the Africans and Af-Ams were really going at it. The Africans were starting almost all of it too. One of their beefs with Af-Ams is that they are not pure Blacks – they are “tainted” with evil YT’s blood, mongrels. The Africans *really* hate Whites too, at least the ones on that site. These were West Africans, Ghanaians, Nigerians, etc.

    7. Some of the staunchest “race men,” both Black and White, have been known to have sex outside of their race.

  2. Wow, that Jewish guy’s views on black men is absolutely disgusting. I(or someone like Abagond) could go line by line and deconstruct his entire post, but it would be time consuming and I know it would be for naught. So why bother.

    My last girlfriend was the product of one of these heinous black man/white woman marriages. And gee, she turned out to be a perfectly normal person. My niece is half white. I don’t even see her race or care, she’s just my niece, I love her and that’s all that’s to it. I also don’t give a damn that her father is white. I don’t even think about shit like this. It’s laughable that this guy thinks there isn’t a single black man on this entire planet of 7 billion that is worthy of his daughter, yet he doesn’t think he’s a racist(no he’s a….”race realist”, lol). Someone like Tim Wise would use this guy as an archetype of racist white denial. If I had a daughter, and I raised her right, she’d know how to judge a man as worthy or not based on his personal characteristics, just like you would judge your friends or anyone else in your life. It ain’t rocket science. If you did your job as a father, why would your daughter bring home any guy of any race that isn’t worth a damn? I wouldn’t give a damn what color her boyfriend’s skin is. As long as he’s a decent guy, that’s all I care about. All this crap about AIDs and disease, give me a fucking break. First off, AIDS is a tiny fraction of the population, when you subtract the gay men and IV junkies, it’s an even tinier number. AIDS isn’t randomly distributed, not across the black or white population. There are risk factors that make someone more like to have HIV. And even then, you could take a damn HIV test and settle all the doubt right there. Hell, I think there are even home test kits these days. So what’s this Jewish guy yapping about?

    Unfortunately much of “race realism” is nothing more than re-branding racism in an attempt to rescue it from the dominion of rednecks and neo-nazis and lend it intellectual respectability. Scratch the surface and it’s just racism in many cases.

    1. The thing about this term “race realism” is that the fixation is still on “race.” Why do you need to call yourself a race realist if what you’re really interested in is the truth?

    2. Yes, I just read that whole thing last nite. I had only skimmed it before. Well, that’s about as nice as these people get my friend! We are talking about an American Renaissance commenter now, ok? 95% of whom are out and out serious hardcore racists. The site is officially a White nationalist site after all.

      But I don’t mind jewamongyou. I can tolerate him. There’s a lack of meanness in his writing that I find refreshing. If you think he’s bad, you should read the rest of them!

      You’re right of course. In many cases, race realists ARE racists. A lot of the time, the racists have adopted this term to use in a sneaky way instead of calling themselves racists. “I’m not a racist; I’m a race realist.” They use the word racialist in the same way.

      Alpha, you really need to use the word race realist, because we are talking about race here unfortunately.

    3. “Hey tulio, if I had a daughter, I’d let you date her if she wanted to. It’d be an honor. You seem like a cool dude.”

      She’d have to be hot though! j/k ….

  3. Tulio like many other simple do not get it. The fact that he uses vulgar language shows him to lack decent character like so many people in the West today who try to revolt against what may be immediately harsh to their ears. Individuals are not islands unto themselves since human beings are social creatures. American Renaissance is about pro-White race-realism. The implications of race-realism are logically against miscegenation not just in part, but on the whole. Hence, this is why many people will be on our side. They know that to be a race-realist would logically compel them to be against miscegenation and to stop them from being physically intimate with anything on two legs. Any principles which negate pleasure in the short run for many people in the short run is bad. And in the long run we all have to suffer because people cannot see the long term harm that actions have beyond their lives. The reason many people are against miscegenation(and it is not just in quotes) is because people are genetically too far apart. Interracial reproduction is on the opposite end of incest, which is obviously too genetically close, without being as bad. The statistics about interracial marriages(with children and without children) bear out that fact and miscegenation is a zero-sum game especially considering regression to the norm. Even if you have two smart parents, like Barrack Obama’s parents marrying each other, their descendants eventually return to the normal characteristics of whatever their racial composition happens to be. Hence, if you’re a lower class White person marrying an upper class Black person, you are on the losing end despite the current social reality because of the long term consequences that your actions not only have your descendants, but on how some people will imitate you. People are social creatures and the more people will see an action, the more likely they are to do it themselves. Many people are naturally repelled by race-mixing all around the world. It isn’t just Whites who are opposed to miscegenation! The fact that sick people approve of mongrels shows that they have no idea how interracial relationships affected places in South Asia. South Asia is a sewer of humanity that has been a constant byproduct of rampant miscegenation over centuries. One can say the same thing for many other parts of the world. Miscegenation always shows itself in the decline of many civilizations along with many other bad practices. That trends is not a coincidence. I do want to keep things in proportion. I can imagine many people reading this comment thinking that I am wrong and/or overstating things. There are many horrible actions that people constantly do such as physically harming innocent people on behalf of states and mafias that are worse than miscegenation. But, if we are ever to make progress in humanity and genetically uplift all of humanity to the point where race does not matter because of gene therapy and other techniques, we must make sure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past and think that cross-racial breeding is just fine because we know a minority of interracial relationships that work well at the present time or other such anecdotes.

    1. Well the jewamongyou guy doesn’t seem to have a problem if his daughter married other groups so much, so it seems to be a thing directed toward blacks. So in this case the miscegenation argument is moot. My official stance on interracial marriage is neutral. I don’t view it as good or bad, any more than I view it as good or bad if people with two different hair colors get married. I just don’t care what people do in their own romantic lives, it’s their business.

      As for this regression to the mean stuff you WNs keep pushing. A study done on the mulatto children of German women and black soldiers in WWII showed that the children’s IQs were normal. I’m assuming the parents were of normal intelligence since the military used screening for intelligence. And if you believe that high IQ black people’s children regress back to the mean, the same phenomena is also true of high IQ white parents. Two white parents with IQs of 130 are unlikely to have kids with IQs that reach 130. So the rule applies across the board.

      As for the rest of your gibberish, it isn’t even worthy of a response. Egypt had a highly mixed population and they were the pinnacle of civilization in their time. You kooks really need to put this civilization = racial purity nonsense to rest.

    2. This endless regression to the mean stuff is just complete nonsense. Presumably, at one point, NE Asians and Ashkenazi Jews had lower IQ’s than they do now, right? Isn’t that clear? OK, so how did Jews and NE Asians evolve such high IQ’s (and I believe that they did evolve them). If Jews and NE Asians would have kept crashing back to the lower mean, their mean IQ’s never would have risen.

      Long-term rises or for that matter declines in population IQ can and do occur. This would or could never be the case if everyone kept on regressing back to the mean. Take a group of very high IQ Blacks, stick them on an island somewhere, call it a country, control immigration, and watch in a 100-200 years or so what their IQ’s would be. They ain’t going to be 85!

      The idea that miscegenation benefits neither party is simply insane, but it’s common in WN circles. Were this the case, the entire basis of selective animal and plant breeding, which is all about miscegenation of various animal and plant “races” or lines, would have to be overturned. Animal and plant breeding is all about “miscegenation”! Come on. That’s you breed highly superior lines.

      Supposing you have 2 breeds, a superior line and an inferior line. If they breed, it’s not a no-win game. Sure the higher line gets degraded, but the lower line stands to much improve itself.

      Guarav is not a White nationalist, tulio. He’s a high caste Brahmin Indian who fashions himself as an Aryan type. He’s a commenter on Amren.

    3. Anyway, if anything is a bad idea, it’s being inbred. If we look at an animal species or subspecies and it is threatened or endangered, one of the things we worry about it is lack of genetic diversity in the group. That tells us that the species is highly vulnerable to extinction because they don’t have the genetic diversity necessary to whether intense environmental effects.

      The African IQ is not very high, but Africans are an extremely adaptive people with their extremely high genetic diversity. In fact, they are so diverse that some of them even seem to be immune to HIV. That’s the kind of diversity that can be a real strength in evolution. If HIV pounds your region, the group with enough diversity to have some immunity is going to survive better and pass that on.

      Furthermore, inbreeding leads to lots of genetic diseases. Look at the Jews. They’re totally inbred, and they have lots of crappy genetic diseases.

    4. Speaking of genetic diversity in Africa, have you ever done a post on the races of Africa like you did about the races of India?

      I was up late last night reading about the Khoisan people and it would seem to me that they are a completely separate race from blacks. I don’t know if it’s true, but someone even mentioned that Negroids are genetically closer to Caucasoids than they are to Khoisans. Most people think of Africa as being a black continent, but don’t realize that there are at least 3 indigenous races there. Maybe more.

    5. I did one post that touched on that a bit. Of course there is a large post, a work in progress here. I divide Africans into a number of races in that post. There was no genetic basis for separating the Khoisan from the Negroids. However! I am still inclined to separate out the Ethiopian types from the rest of the Africans. They are SO different.

      Here are the races for you, from the post. 17 minor races in Africa.

      African Major Race***

      Tigrean Race*** (Tigrean)

      Amharic Race*** (Amharic)

      Sudanese-Barya Race*** (Sudanese – Barya)

      General Nilotic Race (Shilluk – Masai – Nuer – Dinka – Luo – Turkana – Karanojo – Mabaan)

      Funji Nilotic Race (Funji)

      Tuareg-Beja Cushitic Race*** (Tuareg – Beja)

      Nubian Race*** (Nubian)

      Wolof-Peul-Serer Race (Wolof – Peul – Serer)

      General Bantu Race (Most Bantus)

      Bedik Bantu Race (Bedik)

      West African Race (Most West Africans)

      Mbuti Pygmy Race

      Sara Nilotic-Biaka Pygmy Race (Sara – Biaka)

      San Khoisan-Somali Race*** (San – Somali)

      Khoi Khoisan Race*** (Nama – !Ora)

      Hadza Khoisan Race*** (Hadza)

      Sandawe Khoisan Race*** (Sandawe)

  4. I am really impressed by his blog. It is refreshing to here from a Jewish race realism who doesn’t unconditionally support Israel and hate Arabs. I also like the Kvetcher he is willing to expose both the Jewish left and Jewish right.

  5. While I think it is clear that refusing someone just because of their skin color is racist [and negative], I don’t see that as similar to the argument that you would want your children to stay away from groups more prone to criminality. That’s just common sense.

    Many people will harp on about not judging folks based solely off appearance, but the truth is we do it all the time. It’s part of the human instinct for survival, and when backed up by solid statistics is not a trivial matter at all.

    All those citizens who talk about how they judge individuals as individuals are also ones that avoid crime ridden slums if they can help it. Truth is, people in slums are human beings too, and actually the vast majority of them are not involved in crime. Merely a [vigorous] minority. Yet, people still avoid the slums. They are NOT racist for doing so, if they wish to avoid certain groups due to a higher probability of them facing criminal activity.

    The real issue here is that most people cannot analyze statistics properly, and therefore do not have good ideas about what guidelines to actually follow. Hence you get a situation where they panic over irrational things [e.g. excessive terrorism hysteria, fear of flying etc.].

    I also think there’s a slight fear of saying anything specifically about African-Americans in the US, for obvious historical reasons. Gypsies are more prone to criminality than average too, yet virtually no-one would think it odd [in my experience] if you told people that you had warned your children to stay away from them.


    Did a certain degree of intermarriage occur when Moses fled from Egypt to Israel and a number of Nubian black Egyptians followed along?

    Wouldn’t some amount of black African blood be present in the founding population of Israel through some these blacks who followed the flight of Moses across the Red Sea?

    You do see vaguely Mulatto look in some Jewish people like Andrea Dworkin or Howard Stern-tall and naturally athletic, loose-limbs, frizzy hair.

    Isn’t possible the founding population of Israel could have contained some black Egyptian genes?

  7. This was an off-the-cuff assumption based upon the unproved myth that such an unproved migration took place.

    DNA suggests that Jewish people are Northeastern Mediterranean and no different from Greeks, really.

    That was a rather “far-off” speculation.

    1. It’s very possible there are some African admixture in Ashkenazim, though it’s not clear how it arrived in the ashkenazi gene pool. It is known that Ashkenazim did have contact with Sephardim and Mizrahim, and many migrated to Eastern Europe following expulsions (especially Iberia circa 1500) or for the emerging economic opportunities that it offered. And these migrants carried African genes. Or potentially because Ashkenazim belonged to a mercantile class and therefore had more contact with non Europeans.

      1. My guess is that it would come from Ethiopia, like the ones for Greece (that was Robert’s conclusion I recall).
        Most Ancient (B.C) dates for African Admixture into Non-African ones (Europe) are likely due to remains of Slaves taken from there and that even considering if these genes are legit and not something like Berber.

        Yemeni Jews likely have the highest from messing around with SouthEastern Bantu (Sena of Zimbabawe) however this would be more recent (Like circa A.D 1000).

        Overall, the results are minor nonetheless and not enough to severely alter phenotypes to a large degree.

  8. Phil I must confess my ignorance.

    I was unaware that a slave trade existed between Ethiopia and Europe at any time in history.

    Greece is only a few hundred miles North of Egypt but Ethiopia is far down the African Horn on the coast line of East Africa.

    Who specifically colonized and conquered the Ethiopians? Greece? Rome? Arabs?

    1. Well, it was less of just between Europe and Ethiopia and more with all of the nations in the Classical Mediterranean.

      When I saw Ethiopia, I mean “classic” Ethiopia that is modern day Sudan and Southern Egypt (Nubia).

      Their you would have Afro-asiatic and Mixed Nilo-Saharan people that had slaves, though of course Nubians weren’t the only ones as slaves.

      I believe Rome conquered Nubia at some point and eventually the arabs in Medieval times.

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