Great Book About Africa

Racism, Guilt and Self-Deceit, by Gedahlia Braun (a fake name).

I once looked up who he really is, but I’ve forgotten the name. He taught philosophy in Africa for many years. This guy is straight up right about Africans in so many ways that it is incredible. This is how Race Realism ought to be but almost never is. The saving grace in his analysis is a lack of hostility towards Africans. In fact, he likes Africans very much, especially African women. Apparently he has been involved with a number of African women.

According to standard PC thinking, this is a racist book and the author is a racist. Racism is about about hostility towards a group. It’s beyond me how you can be racist towards a group of people whom you like, as long you don’t discriminate against them. However, to be fair, Braun does support segregation and apartheid in South Africa, so in that sense at least he is a racist.

But he’s an awfully mild one. If you’re average White racist was like this guy, the antis would really have their work cut out for them. A Stormfront type makes a nice, fat juicy target. In contrast, guys like Braun are as hard to pin down and get a handle on as a mercury blob.

Furthermore, almost all race realists have animosity towards Blacks. Braun is one of the first race realists that I have run across who seems to actually like Blacks.

The fact that he supports colonialism, segregation and Apartheid, though, is disturbing, since most race realists end up favoring getting rid of an anti-discrimination laws at least. Many also supported colonialism, segregation and Apartheid. Once again we see the disconcerting connection between race realism and support for forms of discrimination and domination of Blacks. Will race realism typically lead to such backwards qualities, and if so, why?

I figure this guy is just telling it like it is. He has lived in Africa for many years, and over that time, developed some interesting views about African culture and thought processes. What’s wrong with that? He lived there, he observed things with an open mind, and these are his conclusions. He’s entitled to them. Who are we to slam him, call him racist and liar? Why do we get to saddle that high horse anyway?

There’s more truth in what Braun writes than in 100 PC anti-racist tomes, most of which are full of laughable anti-scientific, untestable or non-falsifiable joke-theory.

One area that I disagree with him is in trying to draw parallels between Africans and US Blacks. 20 IQ points difference is a Hell of a lot, plus US Blacks have been heavily de-Africanized culturally during their centuries here. Braun discusses an impoverished concept of love (compared to the Western view of romantic love) common to Africans, suggests it may be related to IQ, and then leaps to the idea that US Blacks may experience the same conceptual impoverishment to a lesser degree.

Well, it’s an interesting theory, so I decided to test it out. I don’t know what the average IQ of the Blacks on the Internet is (Is it higher than average?) but the Black women you meet on the Net seem to have a very Western view of romantic love that is about the same as White women’s. Do Black women in the ghetto feel the same way? I’m not sure, as I haven’t had much dealings with these people.

But looking at other groups with average IQ’s of 85-87 (US Black IQ is 87), the females at least in these groups seem to subscribe strongly to the Western version of romantic love. So US Black IQ should be high enough that their views of love should be about the same as the rest of ours, assuming the full concept is IQ-dependent.

The book costs money, and I have not read it, but I’ve read a number of Braun’s other pieces, and the guy is fantastic.

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12 thoughts on “Great Book About Africa”

  1. I saw an article attributed to this same gentleman; it was a summary of positive things ex-slaves had to say about slavery.

    His ideas about Black people are eagerly embraced by some Whites, none of whom would ever willingly be enslaved by anyone, but lap up the idea that a lot of Black people just loved it.

  2. I’m none too crazy about what I’ve read here so far. Not sure how one “likes” blacks yet supports segregation. Maybe he “likes” them the way you might like a pet, but obviously he doesn’t respect them as equally human, and if he does, I’d like to hear how that odd logic works.

    1. I haven’t studied this particular writer, but what he says has the ring of familiarity to it.

      “Back during the days of segregation in the South, black people were happy.”

      “During slavery black people were happy.”

      “Under white colonial rule, black people were happy.”

      This tune somehow never changes. Why is this?

    2. For the same reason some rapists claim the woman wanted it and no really meant yes. I’m sure it emanates from the same psychology.

    3. This is the way people talk when they’re trying to hustle you. When they’re trying to con you.

      A con artist is more than happy to tell you what’s in it for YOU if you go along with what he’s saying. It’s all about what will make you happy and how it will benefit you.

      What he leaves out is what’s in it for him. He only cares about himself, not you. But you’re supposed to take him at his word that he cares about your happiness.


    4. It’s ok by me. Almost all of these race realists are motivated by animus towards Blacks. Hell, this is probably the most pro-Black RR site on the Net. This guy not only has no animus towards Blacks, he actually likes them. That’s a step forward.

      As far as liking Blacks and supporting segregation, were there not a lot of those types in the South?

    5. Well, it’s awfully paternalistic, I will grant that. I don’t think White paternalism is going to help Blacks, and anyway, Blacks do not want to go back to that. Only Blacks can help Blacks.

    6. He seems convinced that Blacks are inferior, yet he supposedly has a fondness for them. Again, anyone familiar with American race relations would recognize this sentiment.

      Around the turn of the 20th century it wasn’t uncommon to hear Southern whites lament the “New Negro” and yearn for the old darkies who seemed contented with their lot.

      Liberated Negroes always seem to be a thorn in their side.

    7. “He seems convinced that Blacks are inferior, yet he supposedly has a fondness for them. Again, anyone familiar with American race relations would recognize this sentiment.”

      Isn’t this kind of similar to the “noble savage” title that was bestowed on Amerindians? They were sort of admired, yet had no rights or boundaries that the white man was bound to respect.

  3. Dear Robert
    Suppose that I were to say that I like Catholics but that I don’t won’t any in my neighborhood or in my school, wouldn’t that be contradictory? Similarly, if somebody claims to like blacks but advocates segregation, he is being contradictory. I agree with Alpha on that one. Maybe this guy is trying to say that he likes blacks as long as they are at a safe distance and in a subordinate position, in the manner of an officer who likes soldiers as long as they don’t come into the officer’s mess and always obey his orders promptly.
    Regards. James

    1. Hell, there are all kinds of things I like as long as they’re at a safe distance and in a subordinate position. Rattlesnakes, Great White sharks…I could go on and on!

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