Fight Between Black Woman and Chinese Woman on a Bus


This video, like the Epic Bearded Man video earlier, is also going seriously viral right now. All of the versions combined have about 2.1 million views so far.

Similarly, it is being promoted by White nationalists and White racists online who are linking it and forwarding it around. Instead of a fight between two middle aged men on a Bay Area Muni bus, one White and one Black, this is a fight between two young women on a Bay Area Muni bus (this one in San Francisco’s Chinatown), one Black and one Chinese. The Chinese woman wins the fight, and the Black girl goes off the bus and sulks.

It looks like the Black girl starts it by putting her stuff across two seats. The Chinese girl moves some of the Black girl’s stuff to sit down, and the Black girl goes nuts.

There’s some funny dialogue in there because the Chinese girl can hardly speak English.


The Black is being the aggressor, invading the Chinese girl’s space and repeating moving her hands toward the other girl’s face. The Chinese girl is backed up against the side of the bus, defensive. The Black also throws the first blow.

Black girl: “Say it again, say it again…” Chinese girl: “FAK YOU!” Black girl: “Say it again, say it again…” Chinese girl: “FUT YOU!”

Then the Black girl punches the Chinese girl! Bam! At about 1:16.

Then after she throws the punch, she runs away like a typical chick (LOL). The Chinese girl follows her, they grapple a bit, the Chinese girl karate chops her a few times (LOL) then she Kung Fu kicks her a few more times (LOL). Some older Chinese woman breaks up the fight. The Chinese woman is speaking Chinese the whole time, so it’s hard to figure out what’s being said.

As tulio noted in the EBM post, likewise with this video, it’s produced a veritable flood of anti-Black racism in the comments section, mostly by Whites but also quite a bit by Asians.

The Black woman is a stand-in for Blacks in general, the Chinese woman is Civilization Fighting Back. The general tone of the comments is, “Look how Black people can’t control themselves.” This is really just a fight on a Muni bus, and I’m not sure what race has to do with it too much, but once again, the tsunami of anti-Black hatred these random videos provoke is pretty breathtaking to behold.

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5 thoughts on “Fight Between Black Woman and Chinese Woman on a Bus”

  1. This video has been out for some time. It got some attention but nowhere near as much as EBM. But after EBM, this video is now getting linked to it.

    All this viral craziness is just enthusiasm to see a black person they perceive as being “ghetto” getting beaten up. The video of the white man that got beat up by 3 Asian women got virtually no attention.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s not so much racism, it’s revenge. “Ghetto” type Blacks do cause a lot of shit, and most of us non-Blacks have been victimized or frustrated by them or disgusted with them for some time now. These ghetto Blacks are starting the fights and then getting whooped. It’s also the natural desire to see a bully get their comeuppance and to see a victim stand up and fight back and win for once.

      The anti-Black racism in the comments was outrageous though.

      That said, this video is funny. I LOL every time I watch it.

  2. Not as good as EBM though. Chicks are actually capable of doing a lot of damage in fights, though. Part of it is that they don’t care if they win or not. The only goal is to do as much damage to one’s opponent as possible. IMO this is to be admired. Screw all the he-man posturing and play fighting typical of guys. If you’re going to fight, you should be ready to kill or maim your opponent at all costs. Fighting should be rare and lethal.

    What appeals to me about these videos is that these bullies, who regard aggression as play or ego gratification, encounter people who call them on their b******t.

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