Land of the Blond, Home of the Blue

Here we have two maps, one for what I am going to call blond hair, though they are calling it light hair here. The other is for what I call blue eyes, but they are calling them light eyes here.

These are of course the Aryan Prize Jewels. What is funny is that the centers of Blondness and Blueness seem to be in some cases outside of the Land of Odin and Thor.

Blondism, with an epicenter around central Scandinavia.

For instance, the lower half of Finland, plus central Sweden and Norway, are Ground Zero for blonds. You can hardly spit in any direction around there without hitting a wolverine, a caribou, or some blond and blue hottie. If it wasn’t too cold to fuck, the place would be a sexual paradise!

What is interesting about this is that the your true Nazis always held that the Finns are “Asiatics,” and therefore not really White. What’s wrong with almond eyes and submissive, slender women, I’ll never know, but the Mighty Whiteys think this Chinky stuff is no good. Better a strong German woman who looks like she could shot put you across the room I guess. Sometimes Nazis are hard to figure.

Anyway, we see that Russia, in particular far northwestern Russia, is also a Hot Zone for major breakouts of blond and blue, especially for the blue eyes.

The epicenter for blue eyes seems to be a bit east of the blond breakout, around Estonia or just to the east in Russia.

In fact, the center for azure isises seems to be around Estonia or a bit east of there in the Ingrian region, a bit south and further east than the Almogordo of the blonds, noted above as central Scandinavia. Once again, the Nazi types insist that these centers of Aryanism are fatally contaminated with them dirty Asiatic genes.

I would say that these are markers of mutations. One, for blond hair, in central Scandinavia, around 9,000 years ago, and the other, for blue eyes, in Estonia around the same time.

Why they persisted is a mystery, as they add little Darwinian fitness. I assume that the blond and blue chicks were in hot demand by the fur-draped fellows up there. They all jumped on the blond and blue chicks, and the early Neolithic Marilyn Monroe types pumped out lots of babies. What’s surprising is that these evil bitches stealing all the good men were not all killed by their proto-Viking sisters.

Anyway, since gentlemen prefer blonds, the mutation spread, and nowadays we even have blond and blue Jews, though most of those come from bottles and contact lenses.

The maps are interesting. The general Scandinavian – Baltic region seems to be an epicenter, with the Finnic region predominating. Taking the median of the blond epicenter in central Sweden with the blue eyed epicenter around Novgorod in Russia just east of Estonia (Ingria), we get a blond-blue epicenter around Tampere, Finland in southern Finland about 150 miles north of Helsinki. Northwestern Russia has a lot of Finnic and general Scandinavian genes. After all, the St. Petersburg region and environs was ruled by Swedes for centuries.

We have a strange strip of blond along the forbidding Pomeranian coast of Poland, near the V-2 rocket test site. The outbreak of blonds in the Galicia region of Spain is interesting. These folks say they are Celts, and perhaps they are. Moving to France, we see another outbreak in Brittany, once again attributable to Celtic Bretons. In the UK, blondism trends to the East, but this was where the Danish influence and the Danelaw was greatest.

Heading down to Italy, we see that the Venetian speaking region in far northeast Italy is a blond outlier, not the general “Padania” of the northern separatists. Since this region was long under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, perhaps the answer can be found there. There is another blond outlier on the heel of the Italian boot in the Puglia-Salento region that is also unexplained. There are a lot of Greek and Albanian genes in this region, but how do we get blondism from that?

The blue eyed map also shows some interesting things. In Spain, there is an area of very dark eyes, but it is a little to the east of the Moorish area. There is an area of somewhat lighter eyes in North Africa on the border of Algeria and Morocco that is unexplained. A commenter says it was from Vandals. That region is in the area of the Middle Atlas Mountains and much of the Rif Range. There are a lot of the more pure Berbers in area – Riffians in the Rif and Chleuh in the Middle Atlas.

The Riffians in particular are very light – 36.8% of them have blond hair and blue or green eyes, higher than the % of light hair among Spaniards and Italians. Riffians have a moderate amount of Alpine and Nordic features for a Mediterranean race. Considering that Riffians are lighter than Spaniards or Italians, it seems insane that White Nationalists say that they are “non-Whites.” The Chleuh are also quite light, see pics.

Czechs have lighter eyes than Slovaks, and Turks have lighter eyes than most Italians, perhaps due to heavy Slav influence. The far south of Switzerland has darker eyes and hair than the Swiss to the north of them. This is the Italian, Lombard and Romansch speaking region of Switzerland.

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37 thoughts on “Land of the Blond, Home of the Blue”

  1. The Blonde-ism of Scandinavia and the Baltic is due to the change in diet towards crops several thousand years ago.

    Uniquely for northern regions, the Scando-Baltic area is good for growing grain crops (because of the Gulf Stream). Nowhere else in the world were these kind of crops so far north. This change in diet meant that they were unable to get enough Vitamin D, which they had previously received from a heavy meat-based hunter-gather lifestyle. Natural selection’s answer was to reduce melanin so that Vitamin D could be absorbed through the skin. The introduction of the potato may have accelerated blonde-ism.

    Other northern peoples, like Eskimos, are still quite dark since they get huge amounts of Vitamin D from fish and meat.

  2. The Blondes of Galicia and Venice are probably due to Gothic influence.
    The lighter area in N Africa is attributable to the Vandals. Perhaps ironically, many of these Vandals became Muslims and invaded Spain.

  3. St. Petersburg was ‘not a Swedish city for centuries’.
    It was built on virgin soil, largely uninhabited, (which was won off Sweden in a Russian?swedish war), from scratch by Tsar Peter the Great, hence its name.Peter the great built on an epic scale as his ‘window on the world’ employing the best Italian architects – the hard manual labor was done by Swedish prisoners of war.

    1. ” largely uninhabited”

      Actually, it was inhabited by finnic peoples.

      ” (which was won off Sweden in a Russian?swedish war), ”

      A little skirmish called The Great Northern War that involved more than just Swedes and Russians.

      “Tsar Peter the Great, hence its name”

      Actually, it was named after St. Peter. Hence the name SAINT Petersburg. Later it was named after Lenin (Leningrad), but thankfully that ended.

      ” the hard manual labor was done by Swedish prisoners of war”

      Actually, the hard manual labor was Peter pretty much enslaving his own people. That capital cost a ton in blood and gold. It built on a fucking swamp and its nothing like other Russian cities. dostoyevsky called it something along the lines of ‘the most artificial city in the world.’ (From Notes from Underground. It;s a famous quote, you can probably find it on the net). For all the talk about Peter modernizing Russia you have to add that he was pretty cruel. I guess he’s like Stalin in that regard.

  4. It’s important to keep racial purity. The effects of tens of thousands of years of evolution would be completely wiped out through mixing with the darker races.

  5. I’ve seen those maps before, but I’m not sure they’re very accurate. What data are they based on? You have to ask that question a lot when dealing with this kind of thing.

  6. Durign the war, the Nordic Nazis dropped the whole blond hair, blue eyed prop for a pan-European propaganda.

  7. Being Lithuanian (heritage, I’m actually an American) I’m right in the epicenter and it shows. Still, I find I’m insanely attracted to darker haired women, though I do like the blue eyes, and I very much like extremely pale, almost porcelain-colored skin.

    And the Nazis were stupid for killing about 2 million poles (apart from the Jews) even blonder and more blue-eyed than they were, not to mention a good number of Lithuanians and Russians. Absurdly against their theology.

    1. The Nazis were die-hard Christian Zealots and Hitler is quoted as saying that they were trying to create the conditions necessary, as described in Revelations, for the final conflict in the Apocalypse.

      It does not matter how many Caucasians you kill when the Bible prophecy has pre-determined how many survive; 144,000.

      In fact, it actually encourages you to kill more as your killing is divine providence and ordained by god.

      You should think about this when you think about Evangelical America.

      Murder is justified by prophecy.

  8. very interesting! i’ve been googling about berber genomes studies when i came through your blog.
    I am moroccan, more precisely from Northern Morocco. My mother is Riffian and the people in real morocco (we mooved to centre part of morocco) who don’t know her, always take her for a french or northern european, for she is blue eyed and blonde like all her sisters and especially her brothers. (besides the clothes maybe and her speaking french all the time). The same goes with all my mother’s family.
    But what is struggling many moroccans themselves, is that many Riffians are not just blue eyed and light skinned, they look very nordic too..
    My fatherinstead, even though very light skinned doesn’t look nordic at all, maybe mideastern, syrian.

    1. If ur father looks syrian, ur mother nordic, what do u look like?
      Just teasing u 😛

      You’re right. I’ve been to Morocco with a group of friends in spring 2011. We were all from Austria and were quite surprised for many reasons. First, before meeting the people, when we looked beneath us from the plane near Rabat, it was very green, so we asked ourselves is that a desert? We later knew that Sahara desert was far in the south and that the northern half of Morocco is actually covered with lustful green valleys and even cedar forests in the Rif and Atlas mountains. Indeed, when we got to a place called Ifrane near the Atlas, that was hilarious, you would easily think you’re in Switzerland!! Really people I am not exaggerating…

      Our second surprise were our guide Ali. He wasn’t at all what u could qualify as Moroccan, he was blue-eyed with nordic look. When he introduced us to his lovely family at his village, we got more surprised to realize that all the people of the village were like Ali. I’ll never forget myself bearing Ali’s very blond and blue-eyed lovely baby. You won’t find this blondness even in some places of Europe like Spain or South Italy, but in Morocco?
      We realized how stereotypes can really be misleading. I am still amazed and have a lot of questions: how could people like these live in Morocco? Where did they come from? Are they relatives of northern Europeans? Maybe I’ll study genetics!!!

      1. Some people say that there was some sort of a back-movement of Nordic types into the Morocco area about 4,000 years ago. Nordicists told me that. I am not sure how true it is.

        1. es gibt viele rothaarige und blonde berber in rif nordmarokko das sind nachfahren der cro magnon menschen die frühe nordafrika bewohnt haben die guanchen die auf kanarischen inselen bewohnt haben waren berber die haben die gleichen körpalischen eigenschaften gehabt rif berber sind sehr stolz auf ihre berber erbe und bleiben immer untesisch deswgen die betreiben inzucht deswegen gibt so viele die wie nordeuropär ausehen

      2. Hallo Tobias,
        ich war auch in Morocco vor 9 jahren und habe tatsächlich bemerkt daß es gibt schon einige blonde in norden Atlas und Rif, manche haben wircklich wie nordeuropea ausgeschaut aber manchmal konnten kein wort french oder spanisch. Ich bin auch durch Ifrane gefahren aber in die stadt konnte keine blonde sehen. Wo liegt genau das dorf wo du gewesen bist, ich meine das dorf Alis ?
        Ich habe eine schöne zeit in Morocco gehabt und gute leute kennengelernt, es gibt aber auch probleme und manchmal schwirigkeiten in sehr entlegende gegenden, ins gesamt aber kann ich nur gutes sagen. Ich habe mich immer gefragt wie kommte daß da unten so viele leute wie europea aussehen, es gibt dafür viele teorien.
        Ich habe einmal einen post von einen Deutscher der auf die gebirge Algeriens telefonmasten montiert hat, der war in einen dorf wo alle leute waren blonder, große kerle erzählter er und interessant war daß auf die decker hängten die typische scandinawische simbole der pferdekopfe.
        Keiner hat weiter rescherschirt, warscheinlich dort oben auf die bergen wo kaum zugang gibt von leute des tales konnten die letzen nachfahren der Wandalen überleben…
        In die dorf sprache konnte der Deutscher auch einige germanische worter erkennen. Ich von meine seite erinnere mich an einen wort auf den Rif-gebirge der lautet FUSS sie bedeutet aber nicht ” fuss ” wie bei uns sonder ” hand “.
        Lass mich mal was erfahren von deine abenteuer, ich musste aufhoren, ich bin auch nicht mehr der jungste…

  9. The blonde basque can be explained as the redoubt of the Visigoth during the wars against the Moor. The Moroccans the Vandals, etc. etc.

    1. No. Hannibal was greeted by his, “peers,” in Spain. Hannibal was Celtic Caucasian and greeted by Celtic Caucasians who hated Roman and Greek power which they had been subjected too for centuries.

      The North African Celts where forced out of Africa, as noted, by Rome. They previously inhabited the area known as Libya.

      They are referred to numerous times as blond and red-haired peoples. As mercenaries and pirates. As fantastic seamen and as having come, originally, from the East. Also, the Etruscans describe them as competitors for control of the Mediterranean Sea and it’s exploits. Eventually they reach a truce and work to dominate the region by naval power which the Romans and Greeks copied.

      So unless black people came from Russian and China then the notion that blacks ruled ancient North Africa is false. Herodotus was criticized by his own peers as having took on scout’s honor the word or stories of people, even third-person accounts, as a matter of truth. Without having ever gone to these places himself. Roman historians went there and told differing accounts.

      1. Hannibal was a Carthaginian and Carthage was a Phoenician colony in North Africa. So Hannibal would have been Phoenician, most similar to modern day Lebanese. Maronites especially?

        1. No. The first Phoenicians to arrive in Egypt and North Africa has images painted of them at temples in Egypt showing them to be red-skinned (sun burnt or pink) Caucasians. They are identical to Minoans who have recently been genetically-identified as Caucasians.

          Carthaginians allied themselves with Etrusca who the Romans claimed were in Italy before the Roman ancestors came from Turkey. The Greeks further state that both these peoples were always in these two places for as long as anyone can remember.

          This was the first Middle Eastern migration west by Caucasians. They colonized as far as Spain and held control over tin mines as far away as England for making Bronze weapons. Modern-day peoples in these regions do not represent the original inhabitants. They are a mix of races.

          The history is clear on what happened and who these people were.

          Nimrod is the founder of all of these lands and he drove the Phoenicians out of Egypt. Nimrod came from Iran. There are conflicting accounts on this only in the sense that modern-day scholars cannot agree on meanings of ancient words.

  10. Blue-eyed blonds in Sicily: the Norman Kingdom of Sicily.
    Ditto in Palestine: Crusaders.
    Dark-haired, dark-eyed people in the Chilterns: Syrian cohorts in the Antonine period.
    Freckly white kids in Vietnam: same, but more recent.

    People have traded much more extensively than previously believed, for longer than previously believed. They exchanged genes as well as goods.

  11. The mountains are the key. Indigenous folk usually hold out in the highlands when their lands are invaded time and time again. These blond, mountain dwelling Riffians are likely a remnant of the original mesolithic inhabitants of Morocco. And those ancient inhabitants most likely had ties to Europe and hence had blond hair.

    The mesolithic inhabitants of Europe were very homogeneous from Spain to Finland to the Urals. This was probably the group that was settled in Morocco too as the glaciers melted after the last Ice Age. During the Neolithic, the indigenous, Mesolithic population in Southern Europe and also Morocco was largely replaced by farmers from the Middle East.

    These farmers had less influence in the North of Europe which is why blond hair (a Mesolithic, indigenous trait) is still prevalent the farther North and East one goes. It also apparently survived in isolated pockets like the Atlas Mountains.

    1. In ancient history the mountain folk were always referred to as the, “..people of the double axes…”

      Sound familiar?

      The, “…double axe…” is a symbol of Zeus, which is really just the word, “God,” in ancient-speak and a symbol of Odin.

      Nimrod complains of these people as being in control of copper, iron and tin and later Aryans (Iranians) in Darius complain about these mountain dwellers who are apparently very good at fighting, (think Scots) from places where no food grows.

      Romans described Scotsman as being tattooed with fish scales, even though they did not sail the oceans, they identified with being from the Sea.

      Exactly as the story of Oannes describes the birth of Phoenicia.

  12. There was an enormous slave trade from around 1500 to 1800 from Tatars and others raiding and capturing over two million Caucasians from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and selling these people in ports in Crimea. These white people were sold to slave traders who sold them all around the
    Mediterranean, which includes North Africa, Turkey, the Middle Eadt, etc. Slave traders also raided Italy, England, and Ireland for people they could buy, trade,capture, or kidnap, including abandoned children, poverty stricken men and women living on the street, and prisoners. The blue eyes along with the Caucasian features gives away the savage and miserable history of this European slave trade that has mostly been forgotten and not taught in schools. Women and children were kept as sex slaves, along with men at times, although men were often used as galley slaves on ships and just worked to death. Since Crimea is in the news it is a very good time to research what actually took place in Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, several hundred years ago. It really has not been that long.

    1. In the period of 500-300 B.C. there are historical accounts of Jews in Canaan kidnapping blond-haired, blue-eyed Greek girls to sell to Arabs as they were prized as the greatest beauties.

      Slavery has existed as long as there have been humans. You find the exact same behavior in apes. Who started slavery?


  13. If you are too blame this slave trade, then you run into several problems with the Nordicist viewpoint:

    A) it means that mixing with darker races won’t result in the genes disappearing because the remnants of these people are still there after mixing and receiving inflow from foreign genes.

    B) It means that they were treated better as slaves because slaves are a form of prized property as opposed to someone who is a worker or a laborer or someone of a lower class background, so the argument could be made that they are made and born to survive as slaves because they were adapted to this condition.

    C) if these traits and genes sporadically appear in different locations in other places besides the concentration area where it commonly surfaces, then one has to conclude, if we were take the supposed slavery thing away, that these traits are bound to appear anyway with any non-northern populations given the right circumstances, locations, and adaptations; this destroys the whole notion of a genetic purity being corrupted and a us vs them view.

    D) Convergent evolution, when you have mountain/high altitude/Northern regions, you are bound to see these so called European features appear because of locations, even when they are worlds or oceans apart, this also destroys notions of purity because this means that different populations can produce bottleneck effects, since genetics is sort of like a fixed lottery according to Nordicists, this indicates that different populations are bound to use these stored traits onto these environments where it will resurface anyway, even when these traits disappear.

    E) Reverse evolution that Nordicists fail to take into account; if these Nordic traits only appear in certain populations, and only in certain locations in the globe and it’s a case of purity, then why do they mostly disappear on regions that are not Northern or mountainous, lightless, cold, traditional Northernesque habitats? Why do Northern Europeans turn darker and produce different looking off-spring more adapted to the non-northern environment or breed with people in these locations?

    It means that either these Europeans aren’t genetically pure themselves OR they need the aid of foreign genetics to adapt to the environment which contests the notion of there being a need for pure races. This defeats the whole purpose of Nordic superiority because this means that they can only survive and adapt in a rigid or controlled environment and they are not a race of explorers and builders, like supremacists like to claim, because they can only survive in a contained and restrictive environment as they are inflexible of their habitats.

    The conclusion is that Nordics NEED NON-NORDICS TO SURVIVE, because the majority of the physical planet right now IS NOT NORTHENESQUE in climate, whether it is too maintain habitats for them in non-Nordic locations or breeding with them to successfully cocoon or seal their genes in an environment hostile to their biology; this means that the habitual status-quo of Nordics is towards mixing or breeding with non-Nordics when they are in environments not suitable to their genetics, this indicates that Nordics will mix with non-Nordics anyway no matter how much you control them when they are in foreign environments which destroys idea of Nordic superiority since they need to race mix anyway.

    I mean how is that for a change? Think about it, the vast majority of the universe is mostly cold or not fully bright, no pun intended, so really the world is mostly cold and it’s normal for our world to be cold with the exception of our world being near a large star such as our sun that gives so much light. That means that most humans and creatures are bound to ORIGINALLY HAVE TRAITS ADAPTED TO A COLD LIGHTLESS ENVIRONMENT such as NORDIC TRAITS, all humans really have blue eyes with melanin to change the colors or light skin. This illustrates that darker featured people ARE THE REAL PURE OR MUTANT races because they have a more recent genetic adaptation to the sun lighted environment of modern times when you take into account a global cataclysmic event such as the Ice age and how long it lasted on a time scale.

  14. “What is funny is that the centers of Blondness and Blueness seem to be in some cases outside of the Land of Odin and Thor.”

    Actually, Odensholm lies in Estonia, at the rim of the Neugrund meteorite crater. And Kaali meteorite was the embodiment of Tharapitha.
    And both Odin and Thor are depicted with the triskele symbol, carved into the ceiling of the Karja church (Karja triskele). And another holocene meteorite crater of Estonia in Ilumetsa, named Põrguhaud, could be the embodiment of the baltic Perkunas.

  15. ” I would say that these are markers of mutations. One, for blond hair, in central Scandinavia, around 9,000 years ago, and the other, for blue eyes, in Estonia around the same time. ”

    Nowadays there is dna, which is throwing some interesting and surprising data.

    They’re now identifying the blue eye gene with dark skinned hunters in Southern Europe.

    1. Okay vitamin D loss is also caused by lack of sunlight from living in caves. If Caucasians survived the Ice Ages, Younger Dryas periods, then they lived in caves and, as animals, hunted only at night.

      It explains the loss of skin color, the eye color of Blue, which everyone has once the melanin is removed, which is not needed if you are not in the Sun daily AND hair color lightening. All traits caused by living underground during an Ice Age AS exactly corresponds with Iranian mythology for “Aryans.”

  16. I have been studying mythology, history and archaeology for the better part of seven years now. In doing so I am compiling an actual history of Caucasian migration so I have some level of knowledge beyond the normal person who might touch on this subject. I can cite references if needed.

    “…The outbreak of blonds in the Galicia region of Spain is interesting.”

    The earliest mention of the inhabitants of Spain by the Greeks says that a great conqueror from the East, Nimrod, (as Bacchus a mythological form of the anthropomorphized Sun) settled Spain. He did not stop at Canaan. He conquered Egypt and Africa as far West as Libya and as far south as Aethiopia’s Western coast, for reference the Eastern Aethiopian coast was India. “Aethiopia,” apparently meant the places where the Sun rises and sets. Today it just a country in Africa ironically named by Phoenicians from Iraq.

    “…we see another outbreak in Brittany, once again attributable to Celtic Bretons.”

    It is a historical fact that Phoenicians colonized England particularly in the south. The records are known the archaeology agrees with them.

    “…Italy is a blond outlier, not the general “Padania” of the northern separatists.”

    Etruscans were one of many original Caucasian Scythian colonies of which, all of them, are described anciently as, “Red or Blond haired with Blue eyes.”

    The stories are always the same between Roman and Greeks and Phoenicians; Caucasians came from the East in Southern Russian and colonized West. Everywhere claimed to contain these original migratory peoples you find the archaeology matches the history as described.

    Linguistics proves it. Archaeology proves it. Technology proves it. Mythology confirms it. History confirms it. At some point you have to admit that what the Germans were claiming about the Aryans was true.

    Hitler was bad. WWII Germany was bad.

    Science is not bad.

  17. es gibt viele beweise warum so viele gründe warum viele berber nordisch aussehen die berber gelten als ureinwohner nordafrikas sie wurden von altenägypter als blond und rothaarig beschrieben heute überläbt diese rasse voalemm in den bergen des altlas und rif 10 % der rifian berber nordmarokko haben rotehaare und 25 % haben blonde eigenschaften ddie berber sind nachfahren der co magnon menschen menschen des eiszeit sie hatten rotehaarige die berber haben genitsche geminsamkeiten mit der völker in sakndavien

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