Americans = Idiots

I’ve done a few posts here on how we are a brainwashed nation. I really believe that we are about as brainwashed as your average North Korean. Maybe not as frightened, but probably about as brainwashed.

You really don’t need a totalitarian state to brainwash a populace.

Following Gramsci, all you need is Ruling Class control over the media. Check, done, long ago. Actually it has gotten much worse in the last 60 years. After WW 2, we had a large labor press in the US. It’s been decimated and for all intents and purposes no longer exists.

Next you need Ruling Class control over the political parties. Check, done that, especially since 1980 or so.

Combine the political system with the media and you end up with something called “culture,” once again following Gramsci. The Ruling Class, using its political-media monopoly, then takes over the culture. “Popular culture” the lived world of you and me, then in essence becomes Ruling Class Culture. Even the poor and the workers talk like millionaire oligarchs. If a computer’s a dumb as a rock and it only knows what it’s been taught, then so’s a human. We only know what we’ve been taught.

Exhibit A for how exquisitely this system works in praxis:

From a Gallup poll asking an admittedly loaded question, but nevertheless:

“Is Iran a critical threat to U.S. vital interests?” 61

“Is Iran an important threat to U.S. vital interests?” 29

I certainly hope there were more choices than that!

In other words, 90

Unless they’ve figured out that “US vital interests” means “US imperialism,” in which case, I would have answered yes myself.

What do these poor deluded fools think? Do they actually believe that Iran is going to lob a nuke at us and commit national suicide? They don’t even have a nuke, and they won’t sacrifice millions of Iranian lives even if they get one.

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34 thoughts on “Americans = Idiots”

  1. Consider that conservatively 20% of Americans are like the people in this clip.


    1. Thing is, these people barely exist in the US. I mean, there are fundamentalist Christians, sure. I just lived with a whole circus full of them for 16 years. They’re mostly a bunch of ignorant White idiots who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. They all vote Republican because the Democrats are Satanic. I’ve hardly heard one of these people say even two words about Israel, and some of them seem to be anti-Semitic!

      They were trying to convert some of the local Jews and the Jews, whom I know, got really upset about. One of them wrote a silly column in the local paper on anti-Semitism, saying it was present in the town. The other fundamentalists I know weren’t all that positive about Jews either.

      For the most part, these folks are just Christians with a capital C! They don’t care about Jews, Judaism or Israel, because those people are not Christians. All they care about is the Bible.

      They care about homosexuality, abortion and sex and that’s it. Really, all of those are about sex, right? Ok, they only care about sex then. Really, up there, there is *way more* hostility against Catholics even then against Jews. Most of them don’t even think about Jews.

      But the majority of them have *very* negative feelings about the Catholic Church and some even believe some weird fundamentalist thing where the Vatican is the seat of all evil on Earth. Almost 100% of them say, “Catholics are not Christians.” If you ask them if they are Catholic, they say, “No, I’m Christian.”

      These dumbfuck Mexican fundamentalists down here say the same thing and so do the irreligious White poor. There’s Christians, and there’s Catholics, two different things. I went to one of the local fundamentalist churches once and listened to them try to covert me. Very nice people! Fundamentalists can be very nice!

      But then the pastor started going on about the Catholic Church like it was the Synagogue of Satan.

      The whole “fundie Christians are why we support Israel” line is used by Jews and the Left as a rejoinder to “*Jews* are why we support Israel.”

      I believe it is much more complicated. The US Ruling Class, including US imperialism, has formed a deep and powerful alliance with Israel. That’s not all due to some nefarious Jewish Lobby. It’s an alliance, it’s been going on for decades, and at this point, it is quite ideological. Why does the US support Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, the Philippines, Haiti, Colombia, Honduras, Peru and El Salvador?

      US imperialism has deep and profound alliances with most of these states dating back in most cases decades. The alliances are based on military to military linkage and are tied into World Politics.

      Are there Saudi, Turkish, Filipino, Colombian, Honduran, Peruvian and Salvadoran, Egyptian, Moroccan, Indonesian and Haitian Lobbies looming over the US, controlling our media and state? GMAB! The intersection between Israel and the US Ruling Class – US imperialism is similar to these other cases.

  2. Dear Robert
    It certainly is depressing that 90% of the Americans believe that Iran is a major threat to American interests, but a lot of people in other Western countries also believe that Iran’s nuclear energy program (not nuclear weapons program) is dangerous and should be stopped. Establishment opinion in Canada is very much against Iran.
    However, I’m not sure what this has to do with the interests of the ruling class. It seems to me that it is more a manifestation of the Zionization of American Middle East policy. We are supposed to oppose Iran’s nuclear program because Israel is strongly against it. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is the most pro-Israel government leader outside of Israel. If Israel were to ethnically cleanse all the Arabs from the Wst Bank, he would try to justify it.
    Regards. James

    1. Isn’t it quite clear, James, that in the US, the Ruling Class is totally in bed with the Zionist Lobby. The truth is that the Zionist Lobby is a faction of the US Ruling Class, no

      OTOH, really, you are correct. In the USA, Israel’s interests are America’s interests. Iran is a threat to Israel, but not an existential one. Iran is merely an annoyance to Israel because they provide Hezbollah and the Palestinians with a means of fighting back against the Israelis. And if Iran gets a nuke, it will eliminate Israel’s total military dominance over the region, eliminate Iran as a military target and even things up slightly in the region.

  3. 2 great clips there. What future for the human race if Arnie can get to be governor of California, and there is a solid voting block of monkeys like those Christians for Israel. It’s now becoming unquestionable wisdom on the ‘Marxist’ left that it’s not jews but protestants who are responsible for Israel. Pull the other one. These simple-shits would support anything their shyster leaders told them to. If that guy Hagee (?) got a better offer and decided the jews had to be gassed, his flock would follow him tomorrow. In fact, those 20% of Americans make as good a case for mass gassings as I can imagine. No, none of us like the idea, but what else can you do with people like that? They’re like sheep dogs that have got a taste for killing sheep – there’s nothing to do but put them down, before they put the rest of us down, which they seem to be enthusiastically looking forward to.
    I wonder sometimes if that ‘Left Behind’ series of books – you know , about the ‘rapture’ and the ‘winnowing’ – is a cunning scheme to prepare the evangelical masses for the disappearance of their leaders when they’ve served their purpose i.e. nuked all the capitals of Europe and the Mid E. and maybe a lot of the USA too. Call me paranoid, but I sort of imagine the timing will be when Israel has de-skilled the USA to the point where it is totally dependent on Israeli Software so that Israel has total control of all US weapons command and control systems, and also has next generation weapons the US regular forces can’t compete with. Ok, so Israel didn’t do so well against Hizbullah, but their hands were tied to an extent; that’s what the Christians are for – to remove the restrictions.

    Ok, that’s just a nasty little fantasy because I have a nasty little mind. But, you know, when I think about it, I’m NOT the nastiest – I’m really quite a sharing, caring person. I want to see effective democracy and fair play for all. Really! So just imagine what nasty BIG fantasies the sort of people who gave us 2 -3 million dead Iraqis (including sanctions) and want to see that the whole world (not just the US) doesn’t get health-care… just imagine the sort of nasty little fantasies THEY could come up with! And it’s not just them on their own like me – they give billions to think tanks full of geniuses to spend all their time for years and decades thinking up nasty BIG fantasies. My version is probably the Walt Disney version compared to what they’ve really got planned. (And it’s not just the Israelis of course – Israel is pretty much the private nuclear force of the financial elites who don’t give more of a shit for the jews than they do for anyone else).
    There you go. I just wanted to share that with you.

    1. LS, I am telling you, I lived with these Christian fundies for like 16 years and I think I heard *one* fundie support Israel, but he was mostly just anti-Palestinian. He said Palestinians are terrorists.

      The most important thing to realize about these fundies is that they are really, really *stupid*! A lot of them have high IQ’s but they are ignorant as rocks. They know *nothing* about world politics whatsoever, nothing!

      Sure, they lined up to attack Iraq, but here in the US, any time a rightwing President attacks another country, like 90% of the country supports him. Mostly because the MSM MEDIA leads the charge all the way.

      The “Iran is a menace” thing is a cultural meme here in the US that encompasses the vast majority of the population. Even some of the liberals and Leftists I know told me flat-out that “Iran is a menace and must be stopped.” The Leftist guy is an anti-Semite and despises Israel, but he thinks Iran will try to nuke Israel.

      I am sure that my late father, a good liberal Democrat, would be 100% behind a military attack on Iran. For one thing, he was a ferocious Zionist, like *many, many* good US liberals here. Why? He had a number of lifelong Jewish friends!

      It’s not all about some Lobby. Media brainwashing has worked very well, but at least the White society I run in is quite Judeophilic. The liberals I know who strongly support Israel are Judeophiles. They grew up with Jews, went to school with Jews, their best friends were Jews. Liberal Americans are *extremely* Judeophilic like you would not believe.

      This is not about 2% of the population leading us around like mules on a tether. It’s *way* more complicated than that.

  4. I actually stayed with a Christian fundamentalist family in your hometown of Huntingdon Beach for a week in 1977. I was touring the US with a guy I worked with in the oil-fields – spending our savings. We were pretty much lost and I was ill, and we met this guy on a bus. He was a retired oil-rig worker from Texas with a young black wife. They took us in, and we used to smoke cannabis with them and hold hands and pray with the television evangelist, which sort of embarrassed me. Lovely people but barking mad. It’s the sheer scale of America, and the lack of deep roots. No-one really feels they belong anywhere so they’re looking for something to cling to, and there’s a whole menu of snake-oil artists ready to give them it. So, I relate to what you’re saying above.
    But the lobby thing? ” Are there Saudi, Turkish, Filipino, Colombian, Honduran, Peruvian and Salvadoran, Egyptian, Moroccan, Indonesian and Haitian Lobbies looming over the US, controlling our media and state? ”
    No, though there’s a strong Cuban lobby. But there IS an Israel lobby looming over the US. James Petras has thoroughly demolished all the arguments against this in his books ‘ the Power of Israel in the United States’ and ‘Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power’. Very readable, short and to the point. For instance, he points out that there was NOT ONE request from any of the major oil corporations or their lobbies for an invasion of Iraq. If I was to make his case here, I’d have to copy out huge sections of his books – better to read them yourself.

  5. Isn’t it quite clear, James, that in the US, the Ruling Class is totally in bed with the Zionist Lobby.

    Haliburton under Dick Cheney (in the late 90s..) got into trouble for having shell corporations that did business with Iran. Also Sir Dick was openly proposing reengaging Iraq in the late 90s so that US oil companies could gain access to the oil.

    Enter Mr Evangelical Bush and the Neo Cons who thought that US troops in Iraq would be greeted with flowers. An interesting tell in regards to Saddam, within minutes of being captured he said: “why did the US betray me..” ?

    1. Yeah, but Dick Cheney is also a member of JINSA, signed or was close to many of the major policy statements of the neocons, etc. Cheney for all intents and purposes IS a neocon. Hell, he invaded Iraq for the Israelis (also for US imperialism) and he wanted to attack Syria, Libya, Iran and a whole bunch of other places. Cheney is one of the top members of the US ruling class and he is an ultra-Zionist in praxis.

      True, there are occasionally conflicts between US imperialism in terms of US oil corporations and Zionism, but Cheney and his firms apparently made a big bundle out of that war, which was apparently his agenda – simply personal corporate corruption for him and his buddies.

      After the war, the US has tried quite a few times to colonize Iraq’s economy and take over its oil industry, but it has not worked so well. I guess they are trying to salvage some corporate economic benefits out of this mess.

      The oil companies did not oppose the war, and they did go along with. Right before the war, Cheney sat down with the heads of the major US oil companies with a map of Iraq’s oil fields and parceled them out, this one to Exxon, this one to Chevron, this one to Shell, etc.

      The oil companies did not complain or oppose this because they have no morals. To an oil corporation, if your government wants to invade some country and in the process take over its oil fields and give them to your country, you are going to support that, immoral as it is.

      But I don’t think US energy corporations had much feelings one way or the other about this invasion. They were not a big factor in supporting it, but they didn’t oppose it either. These oil corporations are basically sociopathic enterprises – they have the morals of a Great White Shark.

    2. seriously. I would have read something from Noam Chomsky about that. Or, something kinda related.

      I want the source to be legit, ya here me bro?

  6. For instance, he points out that there was NOT ONE request from any of the major oil corporations or their lobbies for an invasion of Iraq.

    I’ll see you and raise you.. Saddam offered exclusive oil concessions to US oil companies a few months before the invasion. The US government under Bush passed obviously.

  7. Yes, that ties in with what Ismail Hosein-Zadeh says in his excellent ( and more readable than it sounds) ‘ the Political Economy of US Militarism’. He rejects oil as the motive, in favour of a combination of the arms lobby’s (military industrial complex)quest for profits and contracts, and Israel’s territorial ambition.

  8. “For instance, he points out that there was NOT ONE request from any of the major oil corporations or their lobbies for an invasion of Iraq”

    Consider however that Exxon funds the American Enterprise Institue. All of AEI’s so called schollars are rabid attack dogs, so by this measure Big oil did and does lobby for war.

    1. I’m telling you man, they are all tied in together. Further, the Jewish Lobby has for decades now worked to marry the US and Israeli militaries. They are not completely married yet, but there is a deep and strong alliance between the officer class at the highest levels.

      The big corporations, the US Ruling Class, the US Political Class, the US Media Class, they are all in with Zionism in the worst way. There’s this notion that these Gentiles are decent people who are terrified of some evil Jewish Lobby thing. There’s another notion that the US Elite doesn’t really care about Israel. Neither are true. They are practically joined together at the hip.

      Consider this: US imperialism supports its allies! No matter what they do, as long as it is not harmful to imperialism. The US Ruling Class backed Turkey’s genocide against the Kurds, Morocco’s theft and colonization of Spanish Sahara (very similar to Israel), Indonesia’s genocides against West Papua, East Timor and Aceh. At various times we supported or opposed Saddam’s genocide against the Kurds.

      These imperialists have no morals at all. They just back the allies.

      Right now, the Yemenis and Saudis are slaughtering the Houthis in North Yemen because, well, they hate the Shia! The attitude in that part of the world is that the Shias are NIGGERS. The Houthis have taken up arms to end discrimination against them and a get a fair share of state resources. It’s a perfectly legitimate rebellion, and the US has no legitimate interest in it.

      But the US now sees the Houthis as a stalking horse for Iran (yet the Iraqi fundamentalist Shia are not?) so they are backing the Yemenis and Saudis to the hilt in this disgusting little war. I’m sure there’s lots of reasons for our support, but the main one is just “we support our allies, no matter what shitty stuff they do.” I imagine something similar is going on with Israel.

    2. Consider however that Exxon funds the American Enterprise Institue.

      Exxon is one of the many fund sources for AEI, Phillip Morris is another. I don’t think Israel and the Tobacco industry are tied at the hip. AEI is involved in much more than Middle Eastern affairs. I suspect one of the main reasons Exxon helps AEI is because the campaign against legislation regulating global warming. They also campaign against Tobacco regulation hence Phillip Morris’ interest.

      Looking through the funding sources, although Exxon is an important figure it would appear that oil money is not the majority nor even more than 10% of their funding.

      PS this is not a defense of AEI in the least. My personal feeling about the Middle East (even though my father is apostate Jew..) is that the US should not provide funding for anyone in the area nor invade any of the countries or lend military aid.

  9. Here’s the thing: I’m not trying to say that Prots are behind the Israel lobby. You must admit, Jewish Zionism makes sense, in the sense that anyone will be ethnocentric, even unwisely and blindly so, about their own ethnicity. But here we have a bunch of people from out of nowhere, who are required by their religion to be *ethnocentric about someone else’s ethnicity.* It’s almost like *antisemitism* in that way, lol. And make no mistake, it doesn’t matter that most fundamentalists know little about this and care less. The people in this video are the alpha dogs in their churches, or they wouldn’t be there. And what really scares the living s**t out of me is the open advocacy of blowing Iran to glowing smithereens. Why is it acceptable to say stuff like that in public for *anybody?*

    1. The anti-Catholic thing is very much alive among Hispanic Pentecostals, fundamentalists, etc., but most of it is in Spanish, and therefore not on the radar of most Americans. Much of it is so raw that it would be totally unacceptable in pretty much any segment of mainstream American society. There’s a thrift shop/bazaar near me mostly frequented by recent immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, and similar places, and one booth sells anti Catholic comics in Spanish that portray Catholic priests and clerics as Satanic, Nazi S&M freaks. Really. And I know enough Spanish that I can tell it’s not some weird fetish porn either. It’s written from a religious POV.

    2. I grew up down South amidst southern baptists. For years I tried to justify their most egregious behaviour, because I came of political age during the Regan Revolution. They were my political bedfellows so I did not speak ill of them. But enough is enough.

      This whole concept of British Israelism is perfidious and toxic. Everyone it seems wants the Abrahamic covenant to extend to them. British Israelists believe that the tribe of Dan wandered up the Danube river all the way to merry old England, and via this connection they cleave to to the notion that they are of the tribe of Israel.

      Protestants were baptised in the blood of the reformation. In it’s infancy protestantism was nurtured by Jewish financeers with an axe to grind against the Catholic Church. Lets not forget the chronollogy. After Spain and Portugal kicked out their Jews, those Iberian Jews went primarly to Holland England and the Ottoman Empire, and over the next century all of these areas waged relentless wars opon the Catholic Church. Cromwell and William of Orange were both financed by Jews. Cromwells first act was to allow for the reintroduction of Jews into his realm. His offical reason was that the Christs second coming could only be facilatated when Jews lived in every land.

      Protestants have alway taken heros of the old testement and made them there own. Salvation through war resonated with the warlike Brits, and they admired the pluck of the ancient Israelis, and when they where told that they were actually the decendants of the tribe of Dan they became Zionists.

      The scots-irish are probably the worst examples of fundamentalist thinking. They are used to the bunkered mentality, and would just assume go to war as to go to church. The scots-irish foot soldiers don’t give a damn about Jews. They either want them converted or want them dead. They have been duped into thinking they are Israelis and think that Israel needs to exist in order for Christ to return. They will be saved and everyone else can go to hell.

      It is understandable that Jews would seek safety in their own state, but why the scots-irish would be content being part of twenty generations of suckers is tough for me to swallow. Sure clear channel communications home of El Fatso is owned by an Isreali. Their other favorite source of disinformation is owned by the Zionist Rupert Murdock, and Rabbi John Hagee is only on TV because his message is acceptable to his Jewish overlords, but after twenty generation it’s time for a cultural epiphany. These guys have got to change.

  10. No Martin Luther had an excessive amount of hostility. My point was the Protestants were born into conflict with the Catholic church and are still hostile to it and are easily goaded into war.

  11. America is at war today with lran and this JEW STARTED the war on lran. Nobody but jews are war mongering on lran – NOBODY BUT THE JEW!!!

    Here is the JEW by his own words at AIPAC = The Jew Mafia that controls the american state lock, stock and barrel.

    No wars starts on the battlefield, all JEW started wars started with JEWS demaning BOYCOTT on the country the JEW declared war on. America is the jews proxy war machine.-Onward christian soldiers!

  12. OK, here’s the quote from James Petras. I hope somebody’s still reading this thread, because it took me ages to find the book (my place is a bit of a shambles at the moment) and I have to type this rather than copy and paste.

    From James Petras’s ‘ Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power'(starting on p. 31):

    ” A systematic review of the major propaganda organ of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations’s newsletter, ‘Daily Alert’, from 2002 to September 2007 – 1,760 issues – provides us with a scientific sample of ZPC [Zionist Power Configuration] opinion. On average, each issue contained 5 articles in favor of the war or moves toward war with Iraq and/or Iran. The Daily Alert featured op-ed articles by the major liberal, conservative and Zion-fascist writers and academics which regularly appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the New York Sun, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily Telegraph and Times of London, YNet and others. In other word, in the crucial pre-war to post-invasion period, the leading pro-Israel Jewish organizations produced approximately 8,800 pieces of pro-Iraq-war propaganda and circulated it to all its member organizations, every Congress-person, and every leading member of the executive branch, with follow-ups by local activists and an army of Washington lobbyists (150 from AIPAC alone) plus several hundred full-time activists from local and regional offices.
    In a comparable survey of the leading Anglo-American business and financial newspaper, the Financial Times, between 2002 and September 2007, regarding Big Oil’s policy toward war with Iraq and now Iran, is just as revealing. I reviewed the opinion, editorial and letter pages of 1,872 issues of the Financial Times and there is not a single article or letter by any spokesperson of a major (or a minor) oil company calling for the invasion and occupation of Iraq or the bombing of Iran. There was no oil lobby or grass roots organization demanding that Congress or the Bush Administration go to war in defense of US oil interests. But the fact that the ZPC had been active was visible in the wealth of the FT pages promoting the lie that disarmed and embargoed Iraq represented an ‘existential threat’ to nuclear-armed Israel, whose army ranks fourth in the world.
    A similar comparison of Zionist and Big Oil regarding propaganda for a US military confrontation with Iran reinforces the argument of the centrality of the major Jewish organizations in promoting United States involvement in Middle East wars for Israel. Between 2004 and September 2007 ( 3 years and 9 months) the Zionist propaganda sheet, the Daily Alert, published 960 issues in which an average of 6 articles argued for and immediate or near-future US or Israeli preemptive military attack on Iran, tougher economic sanctions than the Security Council was willing to support, and organized disinvestment and boycotts of Iran. A survey of 1053issues of the Financial Times during the same period (the FT prints 6 times a week, the Daily Alert 5 times) fails to produce a single letter or op-ed article by any representative or spokesperson of Big Oil supporting war against Iran. On the contrary, as was the case with Iraq, major oil leaders expressed anxiety and fear that an Israeli-instigated war would destabilize the entire area and lead to the destruction of vital oil installations, undermine transport routes and shipping lanes, and cancel lucrative service contracts. ”

    Good, isn’t he. Definitely recommend his books:
    The Power of Israel in the United States;
    Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire;
    Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power;
    Global Depression and Regional Wars (2009).

  13. these people must have been asleep when polled. or 9 deep into a 12 pack of beer. i might also be a total boozehound, but at least i can conjure a coherent thought while drunk.

    we have all the chips. nukes enough to turn the planet into a cinder. now lick the left one…now lick the right one…suck this satanic american cock Earth.

    sometimes it’s hard to give two shits about what’s right and what is wrong. do what feels good.

    i agree, to think Iran is a threat is a total joke.

  14. IMHO–The Iraq intervention (it is not a war) has geopolitical aims beyond those of Big Oil or of Aipac, the Israel lobby; and even if Aipac pulled strings, they did so openly; Rumsfeld, if he wasnt the instigator himself, quickly saw the obvious advantages to the Usa. These outcomes are not often spelled but they are based in realpolitik, and you cant talk hard geopolitics on a talkshow, and no one would buy such apparent abstractions anyway. The casus belli (WMD) did the trick, and it was almost plausible, certainly sufficiently so in the interim to mount an invasion. What were the goals then? Knocking back Russia, Germany and France as players in the region; reconfiguring the mideast on better terms for Washington; pipelines in transcaucasus… Oh, and a warning to Iran to behave itself. Iran is not a direct threat, no; but it is a regional player with ideas above its station. Are Ayn Rand, Leo Strauss, Milton Friedman and Allan Bloom, not to mention neo-cons Frum, Perle and Wolfowitz behind this policy? Yes–one way or another, the latter were frank outspoken exponents of it. Are they Zionist proxies? Doubtless. Does it make sense to follow this policy for US ‘imperialist’ aims, which have to be protected, and projected, regardless whether it was Jews or Gentiles, or both, who introduced it? Somebody thinks so.

  15. I’ve been trying to figure out which thread to put this in, in order to attract the maximum (hopefully) like-minded individuals. I thought that the title of this particular thread was quite apt.

    For those of you interested in what is really going on in society today, and what has been in progress for centuries, i urge you to visit the following web address: ‘’.

    It’s a revolution, people, and the more eyes we can open, the better chance we have of fighting tyranny, oppression and the capitalist modern slavery we are (now more than ever) firmly entrenched in. As our forefathers fought for true freedom on the battlefields, it is our duty now to fight our own collective ‘governments’ with truth and the education of long-suffering people as to the reality of life today.

    Prepare to be enlightened…

    Please post your thoughts…

  16. I looked at that truth-it site.

    ” In fact, Stalin is credited with more than 51 million human deaths during his reign in Soviet Russia ”

    ” The Bosnia war genocide saw more than 2 million flee as refuges while more than 200,000 lost their lives in this horrific Bosnian genocide that began when Bosnian Muslims declared their independence. The West failed to help.”

    How did I know I was going to find stuff like this there? Look mate, I don’t want to patronise you, or make you feel I’m taking the piss out of you – maybe you’re just the average joe who’s taking his first steps to find a different perspective from the Mainstream Media. There’s a lot of this sort of stuff on the internet, and it’s characterised by low standards of evidence and an incoherent world view. There are some more dependable websites, like Counterpunch and ZNet, and James Petras and Michael Parenti publish essays online. Of course, all these people have differing points of view too, and it can be confusing and intimidating till you get enough info to make your own assessments, and who’s got the time? But there’s no way round it – you’re going to have to look at some books. Noam Chomsky is a good place to start, because he focuses on demonstrating that you can’t trust the things you think you know, because you got the ‘knowledge’ from sources that have an interest in deceiving you. Try ‘Hegemony or Survival’ ( Don’t worry, I hate that word ‘hegemony’ too, but Chomsky usually writes in pretty plain English); or (my favourite) ‘World Orders: Old and New’; or ‘Deterring Democracy’. And read most importantly Michael Parenti’s ‘Blackshirts and Reds’; and James Petras’s ‘the Power of Israel in the United States’; Diana Johnstone’s ‘Fool’s Crusade’ on the Yugoslav wars. Read Counterpunch, Znet, the World Socialist Website, Common Dreams. Dare I mention Israel Shamir, though his religious bent is a bridge too far for me. Oh, and I don’t believe the mainstream 9/11 story either, but there’s a lot of stuff on the internet that seems to have been put there just to discredit the genuine critics and researchers. Approach with caution.

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