Epic Beard Man is 62 Year Old Thomas Bruso


This video is going viral as Hell right now. It shows a drunken, belligerent younger Black man, possibly around 40, who gets into it with a 62 year old White man, Thomas Bruso, a former Marine and Vietnam vet, on a bus in the Bay Area in the West Oakland area.

The argument starts when Bruso thinks he heard the drunken Black guy asking if he can shine Bruso’s shoes. Bruso says sure, you want to shine my shoes, go ahead. Turns out that’s not what the Black guy said after all, and he gets mad, calls Bruso a racist and threatens to kick his ass. Bruso apologizes, tries to maneuver out of the situation and goes to the front of the bus to get away from things.

The Black man goes to the front of the bus and hits the White guy. Colonel Sanders, or Santa Claus, or whoever he is, jumps out of his heat and beats the Black guy bloody. He is wearing a blue t-shirt that says, “I am a motherfucker!” The shirt has now become famous.

Then he runs off the bus, but he leaves his bag on the bus. The woman filming it, Iyanna Washington, calls the White man “Pinky” during the fight, siding with the Black guy, yelling, “Whoop his White ass!” Later she steals the White man’s bag. The Black man is bleeding from his mouth, but he doesn’t seem to have lost any teeth. He keeps saying what appears to be, “Bring M and M’s.” But he is really saying, “Bring ambulance.” As the Black man is bleeding, the Blacks say they are going to press charges against the White man.

There is another video of the scene outside the bus after the fight. Bruso is very agitated, running around, yelling and screaming, “Motherfucker!” at the AC Transit Authorities. I thought he turned in an excellent performance in this second video and I hope he goes on to star in more roles.


Apparently, Bruso is a pretty wild guy. He got tasered at an A’s game last year. Clips are on Youtube. He was sitting in someone else’s seat and drinking when he was ordered to move. He refused to move when the cops came and they cleared the area and tasered his ass something good. Reports say that he turned in an excellent performance at the A’s game. Supporting roles were played by the cops who tasered his out of control White honky ass.


Bruso has been arrested and is now in custody on assault charges stemming from this incident. He is under psychiatric observation at the moment, which seems appropriate. The more I think about this case, the less clear-cut things get.

Bruso has created a new Internet meme called Epic Beard Man and the mumbling of the drunken Black guy for an ambulance created another meme called, “Amber lamps.” Epic Beard Man has a Facebook page that is filling up with fans by the minute. He now has over 3,000 fans.

The video is going nuts on Youtube. Almost all viewers, White and Black, think the video is funny, but the video has caused a strange outpouring of racist hatred against Blacks from the Whites on Youtube. Some are saying that the White man is, “The Rosa Parks of the Whites,” which is just idiotic and an insult to Rosa Parks’ great name.

It’s just a fight between a decent guy and a drunken asshole. These situations happen all the time in White World, and the drunken assholes often get pounded just like that, while everyone cheers. I don’t see what this video has to do with race, but many people are starting to score some racist points off of it.

Commenter tulio has some great comments about this video in another post. I will reprint them here:

There is a video that is going bonkers on Youtube right now about a crazy 67-year-old white vet on a bus that beats the shit out of a younger (but not young) Black dude. The Black dude is confrontational and hostile. This video is being posted and forwarded everywhere right now.

Now personally, I think the video is hilarious. The guy deserved to have his ass beat. I don’t know anyone, Black or White that doesn’t take the White guy’s side.

However, look down at the comments. This video has many duplicates on Youtube and they are all filled with the exact same racist comments. I’ve never seen one video on Youtube generate so much racist sentiment amongst Whites.

Not only in volume, but in the speed. A new comment is being posted almost every minute. While most Blacks view it and see a funny video about a shit-talker getting his just desserts and not really a thing about race per se, the comments from whites are jaw-dropping. Besides the obvious “N” bullets being sprayed like a machine gun, it’s almost like an orgasmic experience for the Whites viewing.

The comment that stuck out to me most is where the white guy is likened to being White America’s “Rosa Parks.” That one particularly stuck with me, because I think that’s how many whites view this, on some level.

One guy on another forum a visit said the fact that he was Black made the video more satisfying. I told him that I am Black, and if he thinks it’s cool to see him get beat because he’s Black, then that’s racist and “fuck you”. He responded by calling me a Nigger despite the fact that I and just about every other Black person takes the side of the White guy. Anyway, even the Whites that aren’t posting overtly racist comments seem to be going ape-shit over it.

I have no idea how much the Youtube audience represents the hidden thoughts median White America, when allowed to speak anonymously, that’s a wild card to me. I’m under no illusions that most Whites view Backs as equals, but the level of anger and resentment you see there is stunning. To the point that it makes me wonder how Obama even got elected.

So tying this all in with this ongoing issue with respect of Blacks. I agree with Black Thought in that Whites haven’t shown respect for non-Black minorities historically either. However the disrespect of Blacks goes far and beyond what exists for any other group. I see this when I view anonymous comments.

There’s an underlying deep resentment of blacks. A man on another forum says that he sees Blacks attacked routinely on Youtube by Latinos on Spanish language videos too. As well as Asian videos. While sociologists have traditionally divided the world by White vs. non-White, I’m starting to think it’s more like Black vs. non-Black. At least when viewing social attitudes.

What else could explain why a thematically similar video with a White aggressor received virtually no racist replies.

A white man physically harasses an Asian woman, and the Asian woman kicks his ass badly right there on camera. Now I think this one is even funnier than the bus video. Now one can only imagine the responses if a Black man went up to physically harass a white woman and the white woman beat the shit out of him on tape. It would have 5,000 N-word laced responses within the hour.

So in conclusion, Black Thought and Robert Lindsay are actually both right. After pondering the reactions of this video for a moment, I don’t think their two positions are mutually exclusive.

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55 thoughts on “Epic Beard Man is 62 Year Old Thomas Bruso”

  1. The comments are youtube are coming from YOUNG – think high school – white kids that go to school with blacks that are often belligerent and hostile. These blacks bring up race *all the time* but the white kids have to tip-toe around saying anything racial. The teachers are firmly and resolutely on the “side” (again, think how high school kids see this) of the black kids.

    At the end of the video the black guy is saying “I’m gonna kill that nigga” – referring to the white guy. In high schools around America, black kids call white kids “nigga” all the time but the white kids can’t say it back to the blacks.

    Again – think how a white kid in high school sees this, especially if they are in a school with a majority or plurality of blacks.

    That’s where all the “racist” comments on youtube are coming from. At least, that’s my take.

    The blacks mostly see it as said above, a hilarious example of someone who couldn’t cash the check their mouth wrote. Pretty much everyone agrees that the white guy was in the right and the black guy was in the wrong. The blacks don’t see this as especially racist because they see *everything* as racial. The whites do too, but are under enormous pressure to pretend otherwise, or do their best to ignore it.

    Also – this was a BUS, urban public transportation for the working class. It resonates with white people that are urban and working class. I think a lot of white people who don’t take the bus with this class of blacks simply have no idea what the daily reality is.

    It’s not even just racial – I personally witnessed this: On public transit, two drunk black men were talking *extremely loud* and cursing profusely. After everyone ignoring it for a long time, an elderly black man confronted them, and very directly, but politely, told them to STFU.

    The whites would have never said anything, for fear of violence or charges of “racism.”

    1. I heard a guy yelling “beat that nigga’s ass” but that was while the black dude was already getting pounded, so I took it that the white guy was being egged on by whoever it was that said that.

  2. robert what happened to epic beard man? I heard he was under psychiatric observation after the fight. I find that extremely troubling, seld-defense is not mental illness. Is he in a mental institution now? Is he in jail? Is he back at home?

    1. I dunno, but the more I think about this, the more I think this White guy is pretty much of a nut! He came back to the scene after it was all over, ran around, attacked a newspaper rack, screamed and yelled at people, and then voluntarily put his hands behind his back to get handcuffed. And check him out getting tasered at the ballgame a few months back. People on the bus said that EBM had been pretty loud and obnoxious for a while on that bus. Looks like he’s not quite the angel in White that everyone says he is.

    2. I was kind of wondering what happened before the filming starting. I know there was some altercation with regards to shining shoes but I don’t know who started it.

    3. Robert, from comments on a Bay Area forum I read, it’s said that the white guy is well known in the neighborhood as a slightly kooky old Vietnam vet, who has been in trouble with the law before. But the second video where he hits the newspaper box is obviously just him hyped up on testosterone after being attacked. He was kicked off the bus in a unfamiliar neighborhood and still being threatened by the black guy, so he basically “pounded his chest” to scare him off. Completely normal and expected.

      The video is all the evidence needed – completely 100% justifiable self-defense, he should be released immediately, and his attacked charged with assault and battery, and sent to prison.

  3. Some are saying that the White man is, “The Rosa Parks of the Whites,” which is just idiotic and an insult to Rosa Parks’ great name.

    More like an insult to Epic Beard Man.

    1. It’s insane to me that it’s the 21st century and cretins like this are still walking around and breathing. Maybe it’s because I’m young, live in a blue state and most people around me are liberal that it’s easy to forget how many stone age attitudes there still are out there. I can’t wait till they all eventually die off.

    2. They are definitely going out of style, tulio.

      But so is radical hardcore anti-racism a la Abagond and Tim Wise.

      Whites seem to be moving towards something akin to what I write here: Liberal Race Realism. Or something like that. They’re getting less afraid of endlessly being called racist, and they are starting to fight back. But in general, there is no mass movement towards hardcore White racism or White nationalism. It’s more a movement away from PC idiocy towards a relatively non-racist form of White sanity.

      I now understand the reaction of the Whites to this video. Whites are tired of being victimized by Black criminals, especially ghetto types like this idiot and the idiot who filmed the movie. They’ve had it up to here with them, with radical anti-racism, with Whites are Always Wrong, with the whole mess. On these buses all over the country, ghetto Blacks harass White and Asian people. Young Blacks do the same in schools all over the land.

      As a rule, Blacks are aggressors and Whites and Asians are victims, when it comes to crime and just general anti-social behavior. White people just sit there and take it and don’t say one word. Then this one White man stands up! And fights back! Against some thuggish ghetto punk and his ghetto buddies. For once, the tables are turned, some old White guy pounds a Black ghetto thug, instead of the other way around. White America is standing up and cheering. One Man Stood Up.

      That’s what you are seeing here. Whites feel like victims who get pounded over and over and never fight back. Whites are getting some revenge, some pound of flesh out of this.

      I don’t think there’s a lot of rage towards people like you and Alpha. It’s just rage towards these ghetto idiots who prey on us constantly.

      That’s the benign interpretation. The mass racism you see coming out the woodwork is always there in White society. I doubt if it’s increasing. But most of the time a lot of them are quiet. Now they are waking up.

    3. You’re analysis is probably right. And I am also feeling a rising white resentment. White conservatives in the last year seem to be getting more brazen with their race-fueled rhetoric. Rush Limbaugh has said a number of racially charged comments as of late, the last being his accusation that his response to Haiti was for the purpose of increasing his black credentials. Even Bush I believe would’ve sent aid to Haiti had it happened under his watch. That’s how any president would’ve reacted. He also used the school bus beating of that white kid in St. Louis for the same purpose, saying that this is what we can expect under an Obama administration. Limbaugh is attempting to stoke white racial resentment as Tim Wise terms it. Glenn Beck has been probably the worst of them all. Outright claiming the president hates white people. I think he was the one that made the statement about Obama’s taxation being a form of reparations and white slavery. I’ve heard many other such comments in the last year. I don’t ever remember hearing such charged racial white commentary in mainstream media. Sure, WNs have always said things like this before, but these type of views used to be squarely in the lunatic fringe and are now seeping into mainstream conservative media.

      I was just talking to a buddy of mine about what I’ve observed. I think you are seeing a polarization of whites. On one hand, you have the ones that want gay marriage and are disappointed in Obama for not being liberal enough. On the other hand, I think you have a white conservative America that does not like having a black first family, does not generally like black people period and is fired up about “taking their country back.” These are the people becoming more vociferous. These are the tea baggers, the angry “hockey moms” and Joe the Plumbers. The people you saw carrying monkey dolls at rallies with Obama’s name on them. I’m feeling a certain siege mentality brewing amongst a significant segment of the white population. Like you said, it’s always been there, however I think Obama’s presidency has sent them into overdrive. If the was a meter measuring conservative racial resentment towards Obama, it spiked up during the Henry Louis Gates debacle. White America was outraged that the black president had the audacity to say cops acted stupidly for arresting a man in his own house who committed no crime. Nevermind the fact that what he said was true. His arrest WAS unnecessary, and I’ll bet the farm that if a black cop arrested Rush Limbaugh under the same circumstance they’d want the black officer fired. The fact that he was forced to have his “beer summit” is a testament to just how influential white power is in this country. That he couldn’t even carry on with vastly more important issues unless he essentially apologized to white America and assuaged their racial resentment. So yeah, whether you want to call it a rise in white racial realism or whatever, yeah, something is happening. I think it’s most accurately called a rise in white racial resentment.

      Thing is, statistically, the race situation isn’t any worse now than in the past. Black crime has trended down ever since its peak in the early 90s. There are fewer blacks on welfare than a few decades ago, there are more blacks getting degrees than ever, even the out of wedlock birthrate has been declining. So there’s no reason I can think of that whites should be any angrier now than they were 20 years ago. It would be one think if things were going backward, but they are not. Really, I think it does come down to Obama’s presidency and the feeling that they are losing America. Keep in mind that if it were up to white America, we’d have a woman that probably doesn’t even know the capitol of Canada being a heartbeat away from the presidency.

      As for the video, what I think a lot of these whites watching the video are forgetting is that most blacks are on the side of the white guy. You’re seeing a lot of reactions with a “you people” tone to it. Speaking to blacks like they are monolith. Ironically blacks here are monolithic pretty much, in FAVOR of the white guy. I’ve forwarded it to black friends and they think it’s great that he got his ass kicked. Thus I think many blacks are taken aback and feel it’s open season to bash black people because of this video, when most blacks were glad to see him get his ass beaten too. It’s just ashamed that people can’t laugh at what happened and the justice of it and leave the racial attacks out.

      Racial issues can be depressing. Maybe I should move to Greenland and be done with it.

  4. re “the white Rosa Parks.” Jim Giles who lives in a $10,000 trailer at the end of a dirt road in Mississippi got the bright idea that if crime scene and coroner’s photos of black on white murders were put into circulation it would cause a reverse Emmett Till effect. [The civil rights movement was
    given a terrific boost in the beginning when photos of a murdered black teenager named Emmet Till were used to work college kids in the North up into an anti-racist dither] Unfortunately, Jim Giles doesn’t have a photo for each of the capital crimes he’s cataloged so he’s posted a picture of a scary looking hyena next to mug shots of the perpetrators. He does have a few gruesome photos of white women, raped, robbed, beaten and hacked to to death by black men at his Radio Free Mississippi site for those who are into that sort of thing. “Red Rosa, Red Rosa, send Robert Lindsay right over!” http://www.rebelarmy.com/

    1. Hmm, the fact that beard man doesn’t even know his own age is a testament to how crazy he must be. I read that after the incident he was taken to a mental ward by the police for evaluation .

  5. Faggot cops think they can take down EBM, ha!

    I predict that there will be some sort of EBM thing ah la Chuck Norris.

  6. Google Chuck Norris and you will see Chuck Norris facts, fan clubs, etc. A whole phenomenon has grown around his image as a bad ass. It looks like EBM is starting to get a following of sorts…

  7. It’s just a fight between a decent guy and a drunken asshole. These situations happen all the time in White World, and the drunken assholes often get pounded just like that, while everyone cheers. I don’t see what this video has to do with race, but many people are starting to score some racist points off of it.

    What proof do you have that the black was intoxicated?

    1. The white guy was a crazy old jarhead who looked equally provocative if not more so then the drunk black guy. They both looked like menaces to society. Funny video.

  8. Tulio what were you referring to as stone age? Were you refering to racist people as stone age or were you refering to the man who defended himself as stone age?

  9. But so is radical hardcore anti-racism a la Abagond and Tim Wise.

    Abagond has openly stated he is a racist and is biased against Whites so why would you call him an anti-racist?

    1. His line is standard anti-racist line straight out of Critical Race Theory and Tim Wise. There are few of us who are completely free of all racism. I’ve spoken to Abagond and I don’t think that he hates Whites at all, not personally.

  10. Tulio,

    I speculate this video has appeared on some White Nationalists sites, hence the drove of racist comments. Places like Stormfront have a big following on the net some so they tend to make their voice much louder and skewed than what is really represented in the White population.

    1. “Why are people here coming down on Tulio over this?”

      Because he blames a victim of harassment, a poor old Nam vet, who’s clearly a bit wacky and emotional. That’s nasty. Just look at the video for chrissake..

      Btw, if you’re disagreeing with someone, you’re not coming down on them. You’re trying to show why and how they’re wrong.

      “Are some of you also going over to the WN sites to tell them to chill with their racist view of this incident?”

      Actually, I have tried to discuss PC subjects with far Rightists, not WN per se, such as mindless Jew and gaybashing, endless monologues on the evils of feminism or the Eurabia myth. But, whatever you bring forth as argument it will not be accepted. I found this [discussing the far right] to be a profoundly unsatisfying experience with all sorts of verbal abuse and they don’t want to listen anyway. It’s wasted time.

    2. Maciano, what you did was accuse Tulio of making this into a racial incident, when he posted his video in response to all the WHITES that are out there making this into a racial incident.

    3. “Maciano, what you did was accuse Tulio of making this into a racial incident, when he posted his video in response to all the WHITES that are out there making this into a racial incident.”

      I pointed out that he went further than that. Nobody’s defending moronic youtube commenters here.

    1. Damn, he really is crazy! So he admits he did essentially start the incident by saying something extremely inflammatory. I can kind of understand the black dude’s reaction now. You just don’t walk up to a black man and tell him to shine your shoes and not expect a fight to come of it.

    2. So basically your saying black people lack self control and hence deserve to be judged by different standards? I disagree with that notion.

    3. Tulio,

      This old man seems like a decent guy, he even cries during the interview because of his mother’s death and says he doesn’t feel like a hero. He stood up for himself, nothing nuts about that.

      Besides, let’s for a second say, he was implicitly racist by calling the black guy a ‘boy’, does that justify hitting and harassing senior citizens? It does not. Is verbal abuse the same as physical abuse, does it justify physical abuse? No, only morons think and act like that.

      Also, mostly young thugs win fistfights from old Nam veterans, the old man was lucky. If Bruso had to fight the thug 10 times, he would probably lose most of the time, because of his old age. He was entirely in his right to beat the crap out of that thug.

    4. I’m not saying EBM is a bad guy or he was at fault for the physical fight. I think he was well within his right to lay that guy out.

      I haven’t yet heard a trustworthy account of how it started. EBM said that “my boy is going to shine my shoes”. At first I thought he was saying that in reference to the black guy, in which case you would expect things to get ugly. However, if he was saying this in reference to another person he knows and the black guy just overheard it, then I don’t think it was anything racist. But I’m not sure how it went down until I hear testimonies from the bus passengers.

      As for EBM being a nice guy, I dunno. I mean wearing a shirt that says “I’m a motherfucker” doesn’t do much to convince me. Nor does his tazing incident or his claims to have served prison time, sold drugs and pimped. He doesn’t exactly sound like an upstanding citizen to me.

    5. tulio, where do you get all this stuff about EBM selling dope serving prison time and pimping?

      The way he describes it, he had on some new shoes to wear to his Mom’s funeral and they were talking about them. He said, “I’m going to get my boy to shine these shoes.” Supposedly he was referring to his son or some friend off his or something. And the Black guy went nuts. EBM tried to talk him down but the Black guy would not stop so EBM moved to front of the bus.

      The Black guy is on probation and served 18 years in prison for *homicide*. He was supposedly violating parole and has been arrested by police. EBM also says that the Black guy showed EBM a knife and that is why EBM moved a long ways away to the front of the bus. EBM also says that the Black guy hit him three times in the head before EBM stood up and fought back. And that bitch stole his bag. The cops got his bag back 2 hours later.

      Thank God I have never been in prison before, I am a prime example of a guy who would get punked pretty quick. Thank God I’ve never pimped a woman either. Pimps are the lowest form of life on Earth. I’ve sold plenty of dope though, mostly pot and psychedelics, but that was long ago in another Surf Bum Ski Bum Hippie World.

      This whole thing is sort of like the Bernhardt Goetz incident long ago. I would like to see what the anti-racist sites are making of this thing. It’s really about White fears of Black crime more than anything else, or about racism against Blacks like you and Alpha globally. It’s like the Black thugs versus us Whites and any other victims of other races they attack too. It’s the Good People versus the Criminals, regardless of whether EBM is good or not, he’s wearing white in this show.

    6. Tulio,

      No, of course, EBM looks lumpen all the way, but that’s not what’s in dispute here. Such people can be abused and harassed too. Someone who gets into fights in a bus, is usually not typical of the general population. Most people will let themselves be harassed by assholes before standing up for themselves; this guy not so, he didn’t play ball. That’s why he’s a hit on YouTube. This is uncommon.

      You, however, called him nuts and (indirectly) apologized the young black’s behavior; whatever someone says, except calls for violence, should never give a civilized human being an impulse for violence and abuse. That’s how people should think and act in modern societies. The black guy broke that line/rule. He got what he deserved.

    7. Maciano, EBM had been robbed three times in Oakland in recent years, apparently by Black men armed with knives or guns. People in the area say that Black thugs and ghetto types regularly harass Whites on that bus.

      The message of EBM is: One man is fighting back!

    8. Marciano, I don’t know how on earth you construed that I am being apologetic of the black dude.

      Robert, did you listen to the whole EBM interview? He said out of his own mouth that he’d served time, sold drugs and pimped. Now whether he did actually did that or not I don’t know without seeing his rap sheet. He said other delusional things. I didn’t see anywhere in the video that the black dude pulled out a knife. And if he did, 1) there would’ve been way more commotion on the bus and 2) in the second after-fight clip, why would the black guy have put up his fist to fight rather than just stab him with the knife.

      He also claimed that the black dude hit him 3 times. I only saw one strike that looked more like a push that landed do his torso before EBM stood up pounded him. He also said the black dude was out cold for 20 minutes. Which clearly wasn’t true because he was there talking smack even while the blood was pouring out of his nose.

      Everyone says the girl stole his bag. She denies stealing anything from him in her video clip. EBM said that he got his bag back so I don’t understand why there’s a zillion comments on her clip with angry people telling her to give the bag back. She was telling the truth, she didn’t steal his bag.

      Also, EBM says all this stuff about the black dude’s being a murderer on parole, but have the police verified this or are these just the delusions of a shell-shocked vet off his meds?

    9. Apropos, when I bring up EBM’s history of tazering, alleged pimping and drug dealing, it’s not in order to discredit what he did on the bus. It’s in response to Mariano’s claim that he seems like a “decent” guy. He’s seems like a guy I really don’t want for a neighbor or wandering around my area. Neither EBM or the black dude.

    10. “Marciano, I don’t know how on earth you construed that I am being apologetic of the black dude.”

      Well, for one thing, you’re blaming the victim, the old man who was harassed. That’s being apologetic. You’re not writing “the old guy is a racist for calling the black guy ‘boy'”, but that’s not necessary, now is it? Just subtle references will do;
      A) EBM being nuts “Damn, he really is crazy!”,
      B) saying the wrong things “So he admits he did essentially start the incident by saying something extremely inflammatory” and
      C) turning the incidence into a race thing “You do realize that blacks don’t have any patent on this type of behavior?” (of course, that’s not just you, many WNs are exploiting this also.)

      To EBM, it’s not a white vs. black thing — if you listen to EBM, he’s more worked up about older people being harassed and standing his ground. EBM was a victim of harassment, he was lucky to have come out a winner. Mostly, victims of harassment end up somewhere between humiliated, black-eyed, robbed, or worse. I don’t like your attempts to turn this into something where EBM is something else than the victim of this.

    11. You’re right, there is no knife. The Black guy did hit him once. I don’t think he pushed him. He swung a blow at him all right. And his name is not Tom Slick from Chicago, he is Thomas Bruso of the East Bay, possibly Oakland.

      And he’s not 67, he’s 62. And I guess they did not steal his bag, but if you look at the first video at the end, it looks like those girls are stealing his bag. But I guess they did not. And we have no idea if the Black guy is a convicted killer on parole who served 14 years either.

      He sold dope and pimped a long time ago, like 40 years ago. He also served 14 years in prison for unknown offenses around the same time. AFAICT, he has paid his debt to society.

      Anyway, his past doesn’t really matter or whether or not he’s a decent guy doesn’t really matter. All that matters is who is right and who is wrong in the clip. And it looks like Mr. Bruso is in the right and this drunken Black guy picked a fight with him due to Black hypersensitivity about racism.

      Bruso was talking to his White friend and telling his White friend that he was going to buy some new shoes and have his boy shine his shoes for him.

      The Black guy overhears this and assumes that Bruso is being racist, as Blacks so often do nowadays. Bruso says I mean my brother and the Black guy again assumes something racist, this time that he means a “brother” is going to shine his shoes. He keeps interpreting Bruso’s innocent comments, not even made to him, as racist comments about how a Black man, a “boy” and a “brother” is going to shine his shoes.

      If anything, this is about the crazy Black hypersensitivity to White racism where they blow all sorts of innocent comments into racist remarks where none were intended. Paranoia’s not healthy. Blacks have enough issues as it is without imagining false racism where none exists.

      Bruso is well known in the area for being a Vietnam vet who is not completely ok in the head but who is generally pretty well liked. He is described as “a little bit off.”

      I don’t see any evidence of psychosis in the video. Some of his symptoms look something like PTSD maybe. He’s saying a lot of wack stuff, but a lot of non-psychotic people do that. I would not really say he’s delusional either, but that’s hard to tell too. He’s confabulating a bit for some reason.

      I’ve lived with actively psychotic people for months on end and I was best friends with a paranoid schizophrenic for about a year in which I saw him almost every day, so I know psychosis and delusions pretty well. But it’s hard to dx on a 5 minute interview.

    12. Why are people here coming down on Tulio over this? Are some of you also going over to the WN sites to tell them to chill with their racist view of this incident?

    13. I’m not sure what this has to do with race. We’re not even sure the Black guy is a ghetto thug he’s being made out to be. He seems a little old for that. He seems more like a drunken idiot. The White guy’s a little kooky, but from my POV, he’s harmless enough.

      As far as wanting them in your neighborhood, we have all sorts of characters like this wandering around where I live, LOL. Bruso seems like someone I could get along with. I don’t know about the Black guy; it’s hard to say. Seems like he has a chip on his shoulder. I can often get along with those types too. All you have to do is show them some respect.

      From my vantage point, neither of these guys are a menace to society. More like a couple of belligerent hotheads.

  11. His line is standard anti-racist line straight out of Critical Race Theory and Tim Wise.

    Basically repeating such a line doesn’t make one an anti-racist.

    I’ve spoken to Abagond and I don’t think that he hates Whites at all, not personally.

    As anti-racists have pointed out many times, a racist does not have hate another group. Abagond has stated on his blog that he is a racist and biased against Whites.

  12. EBM was spouting some crap and the little black brother was just standing up for his race.

    But, he was stupid to pick a fight with a guy that out-weighed by a solid 80 lbs – and LBB did throw the first punch.

    That white guy ain’t no hero. He’s a freaking lunatic.

    They both belong in jail.

  13. To blacks’s credit they all seem to side with EBM in their youtube video responses.Honestly, EBM probably did hit him too many times, but Monday morning quarterbacking is unfair. I am glad EBM defended himself; he did everything right for the most part. I am not sure what I would have done. If the black dude only hit me once, in the scenario I probably would have been too chicken to do anything, for fear that he had a knife or gun. But if he hit me multiple times I would have engaged.

    I do not think this situation can be compared to the Bernhardt Goetz incident of years past. EBM really did not overreact (maybe just a little) and deadly weapons were not used & no one was seriously hurt. That dude did NOT need an amper lamps for a busted lip or nose; that was ridiculous.

    1. The Black guy has a broken nose, and he’s like 50 years old himself. Two belligerent middle aged guys get into it.

      The more I read about this case, the more I think that race has *almost nothing whatsoever* to do with it, other than the Black guy being paranoid and screaming racism as usual these days.

      It’s irrelevant that the Black guy is Black. He’s just drunk. And it’s irrelevant that EBM is White. He’s just some somewhat crazy older Nam vet street person dude. I don’t think this has anything to do with Black crime and White victims either. Everybody is just reading all this racial BS into this story where there’s honestly little to none.

  14. Imagine how the press would treat this if the situation was flipped. The girls say “say it again pinky,” repeatedly. ““Beat his white ass! fuck his ass!” the black girl(s) yell.

    Now imagine it being reversed, and white girls were yelling “beat his darkie ass! Beat his black ass!” And this is happening to an elderly black guy. The mainstream media would pick up on the story and it might be investigated as a hate crime.

    1. Not necessarily. Tim Wise has spoken about this topic and has brought up a number of racist attacks against blacks by whites that got little if any attention in the mass media. For example, while the St. Louis school bus beating was being reported non-stop, nobody knew that just a few days prior, a white man had beaten a black woman in front of her kids at a restaurant while using racial epithets. Nobody even knew about that.

      I know many WNs take the conspiratorial view that the media is “anti-white” and will trump up charges of hate crimes against whites. The reality is more nuanced.

  15. Sehr guter Beitrag den du da verfasst hast. Nun hab ich das gefunden was ich gesucht hatte. Ich wuerde auch gerne den Feed von deinem Webblog abonieren aber leider finde ich diesen nicht. Wo muss ich denn danach suchen?

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