The Pig Farm Murders

Warning: Adverse reactions – vomiting – have occurred from watching the video and even from reading this post. Please read or watch with caution.


I’m not sure I had ever heard of this case before, but it’s really bizarre! Robert Pickton and his equally bizarre brother owned a pig farm in British Colombia. They had a building built next to it for “charity events” hosted by the “Piggy Palace Good Times Society.” These events were actually wild booze-fueled bacchanals with up to 1,800 partiers and “entertainment” by plenty of prostitutes from Vancouver’s raunchy and drug-ridden Downtown Eastside district.

The Downtown Eastside has one of the West’s most concentrated populations of drug addicts, mostly using crack and heroin, but increasingly also meth. Most of the female addicts there support their habits by prostituting themselves. There are an estimated 5-10,000 drug addicts living there at any given time. Despite a vigorous needle exchange program that hands out 2-4 million of free needles a year, the population has one of the West’s highest HIV rates: 1/3 of the population and 80

Around 1983, three years before the Olympics, prostitutes started disappearing from the area. They continued to disappear until Pickton’s arrest in 2002. In 2007, Pickton was tried and convicted of six homicides, all Downtown Eastside prostitutes. He was charged with 21 more homicides of more Downtown Eastside prostitutes, but he may never be tried for those deaths.

He is also implicated in another five homicides of young British Colombian women. He claims 49 murders. He really wanted to hit 50, but he says he got careless and got caught. He really regrets not hitting the big 5-0.

Some of the testimony coming out of the case is outrageous:

The star witness in the trial of accused Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton testified on Monday that she walked into the barn at his suburban pig farm to find him covered in blood and a woman’s body hanging from a chain.

“There was blood everywhere,” Lynn Ellingsen told the court.

“He told me if I was to say anything, I would be right beside her.”

Good Lord! Ellingsen, a prostitute and crack addict, lived on Pickton’s property for a month. Earlier on the same night when she saw the horrible sight, she and Pickton had gone to Eastside Downtown to pick up crack and a prostitute. They went back to Pickton’s place and smoked crack.

Ellingsen had fallen asleep when she heard a noise. She went into the barn and saw Pickton, covered in blood, with a woman hanging from the same chains he used to hang up his pigs when he slaughtered them. The woman on the chain was the prostitute they had picked up earlier than night. Pickton was skinning the woman when she walked in.

The arrest was not his first brush with the law. Five years earlier, in 1997, a young woman had barely escaped with her life. A drug-addicted prostitute named Wendy Eistetter was handcuffed and stabbed by Pickton. In a wild melee, she somehow got out of her cuffs, disarmed him and stabbed him before escaping. A motorist found her by the side of the road at 1:30 AM, wearing only a coat, with multiple stab wounds and took her to the hospital. Charges were mysteriously dropped.

While the investigation into the charges was going on, an acquaintance came forward and fingered Pickton as a suspect. His description of Pickton was riveting. Pickton spent most of his time downtown picking up whores. His farm was a bizarre and creepy place, patrolled by vicious dogs who roamed the property with a 700 pound boar. The dogs and the boar would all attack you if you came onto the property. Good God. Then there was Pickton’s trailer. What were all those women’s pursues and ID cards doing in there anyway?

Pickton’s brother, David, was also a strange guy. In 1992, he was arrested on sexual assault charges. He had attacked a woman in his trailer at the pig farm, but she managed to escape. He was given a slap on the wrist. He looks menacing in his photo.

Police found all sorts of horrible things in their investigation. Women’s heads were found in the freezer, sawed in half vertically. Female hands and feet had been stuffed inside the severed heads. The body parts were sharing freezer space with unsold pork.

Female remains were found in a wood chipper. Women had apparently been chopped in the machine and the meat was fed to the pigs on the farm! In 2004, it was revealed that some of the women were ground up and their flesh was mixed with pig meat from the farm. Thankfully, it was not distributed commercially.

A .22 pistol with a dildo on the end was found, apparently a murder a weapon. The dildo was used as a makeshift silencer. Blood-stained clothing was found in the trailer where Pickton lived. A woman’s remains were found in a trash bag at the bottom of a trash can on the property. A woman’s jawbone and teeth were found near the slaughterhouse on the property, where more than pigs were slaughtered. Another jawbone was found in the mud of one of the pigpens.

Night-vision goggles, Spanish fly, fur gloves, .357 ammo, and a syringe with blue windshield wiper fluid inside were also found. Pickton had injected some of the women with windshield washer fluid to kill them. Pickton had told a friend that women were stripped, handcuffed, gagged and taken to a bed where he had sex with them doggy-style. Afterward, he strangled them on bed using a looped wire. Then they were bled and gutted with the main body parts being fed to the pigs and the rest mixed up with pork offal and taken to a rendering plant to be disposed of.

Prostitutes and other guests were invited to the farm. There Pickton cooked for his guests, offered them drugs and hosted wild, never-ending parties. It now appears that some of the food he was cooking for them involved pork mixed with ground up female victims.

He had taken the remains of some of the women, mixed them with pork offal, and taken them in barrels to a rendering plant, where the rendering machines like this one were used to grind up his victims’ remains.

After a huge investigation involving 54 anthropologists and huge earth-moving machines, the DNA of 30 different women (some say the figure is now up to 80), was found at the site. 27 were identified, all prostitutes.

It now appears that Pickton, aged 52 when arrested, had been killing women for at least 11 years before he was caught. His first known victim disappeared in 1991, when he was 41 years old. However, as early as 1988 and 1989, he was already regarded as dangerous to women. In 1988, women were warning other women to watch themselves around him. In 1989, people were warning women not to go home with him, admonishing them with terrifying tales.

He had apparently grown to hate prostitutes, whom he had been using for years, after as he put it, they infected him with Hepatitis C, attacked him with a knife, stole from him and used him. His rage at prostitutes did not develop until relatively late in life, which is why he did not start killing until age 41, which is quite late to begin a serial killer career.

There are other unconfirmed aspects of the case, with Ellingsen accusing Pickton of having sex with a dead woman’s corpse. Ellingsen and other drug addict-prostitute, Dinah Taylor, lived with Pickton for a while and helped him to pick up prostitutes and bring them to the farm. There is also a possibility that Taylor may have been involved in some of the killings, but she has never been charged. Pickton told his brother David that Taylor had killed some of the girls.

Good overview of the case here.

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34 thoughts on “The Pig Farm Murders”

  1. Excuse me? “Most of the women there support their habits by prostituting themselves,” do we?

    Most of the women on the Downtown Eastside do not support themselves or their habits through prostitution. In fact, most women on the Downtown Eastside are not addicts, and are not prostitutes.

    I aught to know; I am one, and I’ve worked for Statistics Canada.

  2. Dear Robert
    One of the most shocking aspects of this horrendous affair is that this not very bright serial killer could get away with it for so long. The Canadian police didn’t exactly cover itself with glory in this case.
    Regards. James

    1. I met Willy Pickton, and my IQ is 136 and I’m an egotist; Willy Pickton is smarter than me. That takes some doing. The “he’s just a po’ farm boy” schtick is entirely a fabrication. He’s a self-made millionaire and very, very bright.

  3. “this not very bright serial killer could get away with it for so long. The Canadian police didn’t exactly cover itself with glory in this case.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of the cops had attended these parties.

  4. Completely fucking insane. But not really. It’s like he’s some Death Priest. Sounds like he threw crazy parties. Just don’t eat the burgers.

    Google longpig.

  5. Just watched the video…you know, all I have to say is that this goes to show you that everyone has a value. A cost. We’re just numbers. One to ten. It’s depressing.

    The beautiful people are a value, the ugly people are a cost. It sounds like the people he killed were on the cost-side of things. I don’t know if they were born that way or if time just took its toll.

    Those pictures of the murdered women in that video, they seemed a bit old, fat, ugly. Cracked out. I’m not trying to attack them. I’m just trying to talk about the way things really are. Those girls…nobody really cared about them. Probably no family, no men, no one. Maybe a girl-friend, but obviously not. They were killed and died and nobody really even noticed.

    1. Some of the girls were missed the very next day because they were popular on the streets and in the area. There was a Woman’s Shelter there where the whores and street people stayed and a lot of the women had stayed there. The woman who ran it knew quite a few of the girls, and many of the girls on the street knew each other. So some were missed for sure. Others were still in touch with their families.

      However, others were not even determined to be missing for many years. Others were declared missing for 10-15 years and presumed dead, victims of this guy, and then they turned up 15 years later 2,000 miles away to say, “I’m not dead!”

      These guys pick on the dregs of society and in this way they justify what they do. To them, these women are just “garbage.” That’s how they treat them, and they dump them like trash along the road when they are done. The fact that these women are seen to have little worth plays a role in the killings. Mostly it is just opportunism though. These guys are actually quite clever. They want to kill women, so they pick out the most sketchy and least integrated women in society, the dregs as it were. Women who will be unlikely to be missed.

      You see, the place he picked them up at, there are whores and dopers drifting in and out of there all the time. Whores and dopers are often disappearing. People will show up in town and then just vanish. They take off for some other town. These people barely even have names, much less addresses and phone numbers. They’re the perfect victims!

      1. Well over in New Zealand prostition is a legal and respected proffesion. God know’s why we past that law but now you have no excuse to be job less as selling your body is accepted.

      2. and some of these so called whores whatever that means in todays world…had children waiting for them to return home many were loved and missed. So before you make another not so correct comment about these women think about that.

      1. lol, Criminal Minds is a t.v. show about the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the F.B.I., and an episode was loosely written using this case.

  6. It is a sad situation these women lived in. The little creep willie was a human predetor. There are a million reasons why these poor souls ended up in the down town east side. It doesn,t mean they were not loved or missed. This little creep was the judge and killer of these lost girls. How dare he want a new trial. I have followed the case for years. And i still think he had help. Yes they were addicted and sick but street women would fight for there lifes. They had been fighting most of there lifes. This little freak would of needed help to over power some of them. Like the girl who got away in 1997. She stabbed him and made a run for it. With the case of Mona Wilson she was seen getting into a car with two men. Her boyfriend tried to get her out of the car and one of the guys chased him down the street. So i think Willie the monster had help. They might of been down and out but they were survivors. There is probbally other nuts walking around who helped this subhuman freak named Willie

  7. Even if Pickton should get parole in 25 years, and would be an old man, he is still nonetheless a psychopath. He admitted he was bummed at not getting 50 victims, and said that he even thought about doing more after taking a breather from getting his big 5-0. He had no remorse and never will. And he WOULD kill again, given the chance.

    And if anyone thinks he would only restrict his prey to easy targets from the bottom of the socio-economic heap, guess again. Eventually, he would have needed to “up the ante” and go for more challenging targets, like middle class college girls working as waitresses, bartenders, or pizza delivery people. Or offered stranded motorists a ride to his farm nearby to call a tow-truck or something.

    Anyone who has ever read any of the works by world renown expert on psychopaths, Dr. Robert Hare, knows that psychopaths don’t stop on their own volition. They have to BE stopped. That means they either have to be killed (or die by suicide or natural causes), or they have to be confined in a supermax facility where they cannot kill anyone else while in prison (such as other inmates or prison staff).

    There is no therapy or cure for antisocial personality disorder (technical DSM IV definition of a psychopath).

    If Canada lets this bird out of prison at all, then the Canadian courts and government are nuts.

  8. These people need to be purified. They must be destroyed to cleanse society. We are becoming weaker as a race because of these inferior breed of humans. Feed them to sharks alive I daresay.

  9. oh my fucking hell…..this is horrible! sick fuck best keep his ass safe locked up……ill be on the outside waiting when and if he gets out…and we are not on the farm anymore!

  10. What a load of hogwash! It would seem that the cops made a real pig’s-ear out of it which really gets my bristles up. Those swines would never have got away with this for so long had they been stymied earlier by the police sticking their snouts into the mix sooner. They could have snorted these grunts up years before. I suppose we all need to be somewhat more thick-skinned and less hidebound about it all. The media swill is often nothing more than hammed-up porky-pies but it brings home their bacon I suppose so I guess we have to run with it. It really gets me crackling each time I am now served up gammon steaks or pork chops!

  11. I don’t mean to be a boar so roast me on a spit if I sound a bit gruff on this subject again but any oink could have sniffed these beastly societal piggy-backers out. They were obviously the runts of their community so why hock us with the trots about them going unnoticed for so long? What a load of lard-ass cheek! Any old cob-roller could have fattened us up on such throw-away garbage so why the media when they are meant to be the ‘tuskers’ of our day? The razorbacked shoats must think of us all as nothing more than silly curly-tailed sows with apples stuffed in our chops. The cloven-hoofed warthogs! Bloody weaners!

    1. Well tickle me pink! Nobody has a bone to pick with me on this joint? Not one splayfoot has answered with even an uncooked rasher of equipoise. A ‘fetlock’ of good that is! I must have made them ‘flitch’! I’ll stand on my own two feet from now on and leave the rest be’hind’ me then, so that I don’t get hung-up, salted, smoked and dried. It could be that they are too busy rolling ’round shank-high in their own tripe and chitterlings perhaps! I suppose I had better nuzzle up to the raw fact that you can never be the only ‘babe’ when everybody else is but ‘suckling’ on their words. I shall ‘cure’ myself of all this before my skin starts crisping-up. Sizzle-fizzle-frazzle! Anyway, I would rather take a side of free globetrotter than the choice cut of some penned-in high-stepper! Get a slice of the action! Jambon-Jambonneau!

        1. Not too overcooked I hope! I was expecting folks to make more of an omnivorous meal out of it! “Flay me alive!” I guess puns can’t be ‘farmed’ as easily as non-responses. It is ‘rare’ for anyone to ‘meat’ in the middle on subjects like this I suppose! Some peeps need to break the chains of pigheadedness or get back in their shack! I might have been earmarked for the slaughter so I should put a muzzle on it, or a nose-ring! I am glad I’m not in their sounder; get my drift?! I could be greedy and ‘litter’ them with more but I will likely end up in an abattoir somewhere. (They might be feeling a bit sheepish perhaps; not that they would be pulling the wool over my eyes for fleecing me over it)! Shaun Ram-Ewe……………

  12. Slip one in the piggy-bank guys – or are you feeling hogtied? I know these are ‘lean’ times but we can still ‘chew the fat’ in a ‘rind’ about way! Turn your spam into salami, or your luncheon meat into pate! Get with the grind! Gnaw at me or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow the house down! Sorry, that was a bit streaky! Anyway, what I am trying to ask is, who needs sausages when we have saveloys? The proof is in the ‘black pudding’!

  13. I wonder if either of these brothers was a porker at all? It would be even harder to swallow if so. I have had a gut’s-full of this now anyway so I shall high-tail it out of here before I end up just a cutlet on a plate. There is no point sloshing around in this mud any longer, there are no morsels left in it. I will only get bogged down up to my loins, or my underbelly. Good job I don’t have any ribs to spare. Ride the back of that! Rack-off!

  14. Still nobody gets off their haunches………….Unbelievable! Cut me some flank here! Tear strips off me! Rive another gobbet of flesh from my hindquarters. Come on show me some backbone. Nobody wants to be a spineless carcass all hung-up on a limb! I guess I butchered this whole story, is that it? I went the whole-hog to get people out of the oh-its-so-sad-but-lets-still-look-at-the-gory-details-anyway trough! Chop-chop, get a slice of the action……………..

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