I’m So Sick and Tired of This Shit


Granted, there are some times when it exists, especially the egregious quid pro quo, the aggressive types, or won’t take no for an answer types. A straight male friend of mine was fired for not having sex with his gay boss! As an undergrad, I got to watch my married male professors parading their latest coed conquests in front of class, and I thought it was disgusting.

But I’m convinced that these diabolical feminists just want to eliminate any and all sexual behavior period from the workplace and all educational institutions.

This is a prime example of Female Rule run amok and gone insane. Most women won’t push very hard for these mad rules to be put in place, but once they are in place, most women (women being followers and not leaders) will just go along with the Puritanical project.

I lived through the whole 1970’s and early 1980’s with tons of sexual stuff going on in the workplace or halls of education. There was very little fuss about any of it.

There are way too many love-shy men as it is. Sexual harassment is a dagger to the hearts of love-shy men.

One wonders what the boundaries of this sexual harassment crap are. The feminist idiots have already walled off the entire workplace and halls of education from anything hinting of sex, so what’s to stop them from stopping there? Why not make it civilly actionable outside class and work? Like, at the coffee shop, the doctors’ office, driving down the road, the grocery store, the insurance office, the bank, the sidewalk, the gas station, the apartment complex? I mean, why stop at work or class?

Our females, these silly dames, are fragile little girl-children in women’s bodies, and they just go to pieces every time a man lays his evil lecherous eyes on them. We need to protect them, these double X perpetual infants!

Lunatic Lady Raine actually wants to make illegal any and all sexual attention men display towards women outside of designed pick-up spots. She would wall off certain places in society as designated pick-up spots and make illegal any and all male sexual attention towards women outside those meat markets.

All this so these poor jellyfish-like damsels can be spared the soul-dissolving leers and dagger-like suggestive comments of perpetually-erect males. Most women would probably say, “Oh, that’s crazy!”

But the problem is that in their hearts, this is what they want. To be free from men’s evil attentions, to carry on with their desultory shopping or whatever bullshit they fill their hours with.

Once the loons put this nutty project in, most women would line up behind it. Get out the knee boots and the leather whip and round up the 2

This is one thing I find scary about women. Projects laughed off as ridiculous, once implemented by the Sisterhood, will see women lining up with their gender when the cards are down.

Women are emotional thinkers, not logical thinkers. Their thoughts are like wind chimes or flags in the wind, blowing this way or that. That can be easily brushed off by the logical male mind, but once the Women implement a “pro-woman” position, it’s unlikely the rest of the Followers will overturn it, if that means going over to the Male Enemy.

This is already starting to happen. Workers at a coffee shop in Oregon tried to ban a friend of mine for “looking at the waitresses.” What the Hell? Considering that most of them were 18-22 year old cuties, how exactly was he supposed to react. So you can see the lunatic sexual harassment BS is already creeping outside of work and school into ordinary public space.

I remember once I worked at an office. Some guy asked out a chick. Much of the office, including most of the silly females, were up in arms over this affront for weeks afterwards. Mostly the guys didn’t care, but the women were outraged. The guy had reason to do so, but he was pretty weird, so in Female World that means he didn’t get to ask out any chicks, ever, in his lifetime. The guy said Fuck You to that proclamation, and all Hell broke loose. He asked her out! What an outrage! Oh boo-fuckin-hoo!

I felt sorry for the guy. I figured he hadn’t been laid in months, or maybe years. Who can blame a guy? He got called in on sexual harassment for asking a chick out, a co-worker at that. He asked her once, she didn’t respond either yes or no, just gave him a weird look, and the guy dropped it. This is sexual harassment? Huh?

Secondary schools have now implemented policies banning any and all physical contact between students of either gender, presumably even boyfriends and girlfriends. This was too much even for the girl students, who being kids still have some sense about their primal urges. The girls complained that they liked to hug their female friends and the new policy banned that.

A famous sexual harassment case outlined by Daphne Patai in her luminous Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism involved a male and female graduate student.

The male sent the female an email saying various things, including how much he valued her friendship. Then he said that he had been sexually abused in the past and was now impotent as a result. He requested her physical assistance (LOL) in overcoming his sexual dysfunction. The woman sent him an email back, saying thanks but no thanks. He mailed back, said thank you very much, I still value our friendship anyway.

She then learned that he send identical letters to several other students that they both worked with (LOL). This infuriated her and it was this, not the approach itself, that set off the idiot sexual harassment suit.

Where does this crap end anyway?

I like Alpha Unit’s take. She says that all, most or many male-female interactions, especially involving attractive people, are going to be somewhat sexually charged, and this is just the normal state of affairs. Well of course. We are mammals after all, no?


Patai, Daphne. 1998. Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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17 thoughts on “I’m So Sick and Tired of This Shit”

  1. Men don’t really know women at all.

    Instead of actual knowledge and understanding of women, what they have are assumptions and myths.

    “Women have no souls.” “Women are illogical.” “Women see you as friends after you’ve unsuccessfully dated them.”

    How did these soulless, illogical beings gain the upper hand over you men? You, with all the soul and all the logic?

    Could someone answer that?

    1. As far as the last one, about being friends, well, females make a decision pretty quickly about whether this guy is romantic/sexual material or whether this is a platonic or friendship situation. That’s been my experience. Once it gets started down that friendship road, there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn it around. That’s why I believe that. It’s my experience. People keep talking about “turning the friendship thing into a sexual thing” but I think that’s just a cruel joke.

      As far as females being illogical, well, not so much that, but they tend to react more emotionally to things. How is it that once insane shit like feminist rape and sexual harassment laws get put it, most of the women just go along with it, even though deep down inside, it’s probably not really want they want? It reverberates for them emotionally. Women really do want a world where guys go down on rape every time they have sex with a drunk or high woman, even though that’s insane. Women really do want a world where guys are liable civilly on sexual harassment charges for the most minor and insane bullshit. It pisses females off that they have to negotiate the minefield of men’s sexual attention 24-7. They hate it!

      Support for that kind of stuff can’t possibly be a logical response. It’s got to be emotional. Why won’t women get rid of insane bullshit like that once it gets in? No logical reason. Because the Sisterhood put in, and the Enemy (Men) wants to get rid of it. Women will never turn traitor on their sisters as far as laws go in order to line up with men. *A purely emotional reason.* That’s why once this crap gets in, there’s no getting rid of it, even though it’s not that great for females either.

      I don’t believe that females have no souls. They clearly do. Actually, their souls are most interesting. I think their soul has a different quality as ours though. It’s a female soul, but it’s a human soul all right. It’s most interesting to deal with it on an intimate basis.

    2. I agree with you about the way women size up men after they’ve met them and perhaps gotten to know them a little bit.

      But if a woman’s dating experience with you is a flop, she’s not necessarily going to conclude that you are now “friendship material.” That’s all!

      Women have their illogical or emotional reasons for their support of this feminist agenda, but what explains the support of some men for it?

      Why were men unable to see what was going to happen if they acquiesced?

    3. You misunderstand me.

      If her dating experience is a flop, you’re probably not even friendship material! If it is nice but doesn’t really jazz her up in that sexual/romantic way, *then* you move the friendship pile.

      Why are men going along with this crap? Good damned question! We don’t have any organizations or lobbies to negotiate for us like women do. Women have huge lobbies. Guys have zilch! And once men do start lobbies, they turn off a lot of guys with their stupid misogyny.

      And guys are lot loyal to their gender. Bros before hos is nice, but it’s just a saying and it’s not even true most of the time. Ordered to pick between his buddies and her, most guys go pussywhipped and vote for the pussy! There’s really allegiance between men at all. We don’t even make friends with each other much. Your average married men barely has one good male friend anymore.

      There’s also the ritual shaming similar to what has happened to Whites vis a vis race. Saying you’re a guy for the guys is about as cool as saying you’re a White for the Whites. You get excoriated as a psycho or a scumbag in polite society.

      There’s another thing going. The White Knight thing. Probably evolutionary too. We guys probably evolved the White Knight thing to rescue the damsels in distress. The tribes that would not rescue the damsels in distress sees its eggbank decimated. A certain % of the guys are White Knights or even manginas. Women play the White Knight card and call for help and a lot of mostly wimpy idiots come running to save them from the other guys.

      A lot of guys think females need saving from other guys. Look at fathers towards their daughters. And once guys get married, they don’t care about sexual politics, date rape and sexual harassment anymore. The little lady is in charge now, and a lot of them are just pussywhipped. Married men are the biggest traitors of all. There’s no bros before hos with those guys. It’s always what does the little lady want and how fast can I get it.

      Also the society of women employs some dirty tactics towards guys who line up with the guys. Females say they’re evil, they’re rapists, psychopaths and murderers. Basically, females are threatening to cut off the pussy supply unless you guys like up with the chicks. If there is no Sisterhood, for sure there’s no Brotherhood. Guys only care about the pussy! They ain’t doing nothing to cut that off!

    4. Let’s just say that women have always had a lot more power, especially in marriage, than these idiot feminists say they have. Female power is underestimated.

      But it’s not correct to say we are subordinate to women. In some ways we are, but other ways we are not.

  2. Women succeed at what they do because they are evolutionarily programmed to do that one thing. They specialize. The “no souls” thing is merely an assertion, as is the dualistic idea of the soul itself, so I don’t really care about that. Logic is important at a basic level, but not that important to survive and impose one’s will on one’s environment. It is better to be able–by force or persuasion–to be able to force others to live with and tiptoe around one’s own illogic. Women’s skills in this area fall into the general category of persuasion.

    Also, most men are pretty dull-witted if that’s where you’re going.

    1. No, I don’t believe men are dull-witted, generally.

      I get everything you’re saying with regard to logic and persuasion, but I think men have a tendency to overemphasize the importance of logic. I don’t think women as a group are less logical than men.

      I realize completely that the “no souls” thing is an assertion, but it strikes me as a crazy one.

      The topic here is actually sexual harassment, and I haven’t forgotten! I totally agree with Robert that there are some ridiculous claims out there, but I would really love to understand how men got dragged along into this Female Rule.

    2. BTW, I don’t mean to disregard your opinion about most men being “dull-witted.” I just think that often what passes for being dull-witted is really an attachment to conviction.

  3. “As an undergrad, I got to watch my married male professors parading their latest coed conquests in front of class, and I thought it was disgusting.”

    Things must have changed a lot since then. I have never seen this. In fact, I have never had the inkling that a professor hooked up with any girl.

  4. “Perpetual infants” is a great way to put it. There is a certain type of feminism that really doesn’t see women as responsible agents. Women are never responsible for anything, not even their own safety.

    But people shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking there isn’t logic involved in this demand for men to keep women feeling safe and happy. The logic is simply overlaid with manipulating dishonesty.

    1. Exactly! They are not responsible for anything. I think you are responsible when you’re drunk or high and have sex, too. If you’re drunk or high and commit a crime, it’s not an excuse, you’re going down. If you’re drunk or high and cause an accident, it’s no excuse. You pay the price. If you’re drunk or high and have sex, same thing. You consciously got drunk, now pay the price. If someone is drunk or high and they give me some money, is it robbery?

      Exactly, females are perpetual infants. They’re not responsible for anything. Even when they attack us physically, did you know that they are not even responsible for that? If we hit them back, the *guy* goes to jail! Because a man *has no right* to fight back physically against a female who is assaulting him. WTH? Screw this. Feminism has run amok.

  5. Most women have experienced unwanted sexual attention, I’m guessing, so you have a point about how popular the idea would be of “keeping it at a minimum.”

    But the constant cries of “Sexual harassment!” and “This is rape!” and “This ought to be rape!” are serving a certain purpose, it seems.

    It’s a very effective form of harassment, from the looks of it.

  6. Boring blog. Nothing profound here. You are a run of the mill woman hater and a whiner to boot–not a winning combination.

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