A Flynn Effect For Filipinos in the US

We have remarked upon a number of cases in which movement from a Third World country to a 1st World country results in an IQ gain for the Third Worlders in the 2nd generation. The results will be listed below and the data can be found by searching the archives on the blog (I’m too weary to look them up and link them); anyway, regular readers have already read the original pieces.

               Pre-West      Post-West*  IQ Gain

Jamaica         71           86          15
US Blacks**     72.5         87          14.5
India           83           94          11
Mexicans        85           95          10
Philippines     86           93.5        7.5
Chinese         97.5         105         7.5
Japanese        97.5         105         7.5
Morocco         84           89          5

Post-West refers to second generation. The figure
for US Blacks is their theorized genetic IQ based on 
African/Caribbean scores plus the White % in US Blacks.

The Filipinos, Mexicans and US Blacks went to the US. The Indians and Jamaicans went to the UK. Moroccans went to the Netherlands. Gains ranged from 5-15 points in the second generation. This is above and beyond the Flynn gains already taking place, and probably ongoing in most of those countries.

The gains are where these ethnic groups actually closed the gap with Whites by the amount of the gain in the third column. Looked at in another way, these groups closed the gap with Whites by 5-15 IQ points in a single generation. In addition, there are ongoing Flynn gains occurring alongside these migration gains, but they are not showing up as IQ gains because the Whites are pacing and matching the others precisely.

The Filipinos’ IQ’s are 13 points below the 106.5 for Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, giving them an IQ of 93.5. This is a full 7.5 point Flynn rise over the 86 IQ in the Philippines just from moving to the US.

However, Filipinos are starting to come close to US Whites in occupational success due to extra-IQ factors. This is the part that is very interesting. In other words, despite IQ’s that are a full 6.5 points below that of US Whites, Filipinos are beginning to match Whites in occupational success. This is because Filipinos have extra-IQ factors above and beyond the extra-IQ factors that the Whites have.

The extra-IQ factors are simply postulated, but they may have to do with “introversion.” Along with that, we may find self-discipline, orderliness, a strong work ethic, punctuality, ability to follow orders, putting in extra time on the job, cautiousness, ability to self-train and self-teach, etc. All of these things will tend to increase with introversion and probably decrease with extroversion.

As Whites are considerably more extroverted than Filipinos (Asians), Filipinos will probably score better on many extra-IQ factors than Whites, with the end result being that the extra-IQ factors allow the Filipinos to overcome an IQ deficit and nearly reach parity with Whites on the job.

The Filipino figures come from James Flynn’s book, Asian Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ. In the book, Flynn shows that the second generation of Chinese and Japanese made not only remarkable IQ gains against US Whites, going from the 97.5 IQ of their parents to the 105 IQ of the second generation (and passing Whites at the same time) but they were on average working at positions that were 10-20 points above where they should have been working based on their IQ’s.

The question arises, What about US Blacks? The fascinating thing about African-Americans is that they have an unexplained 14.5 IQ rise above and beyond what ought to be their genetic IQ.

The hereditarians have never been able to explain this well. On of their feints is to say that IQ in Africa (= 67) is artificially lowered by malnutrition. Well, possibly, but then why is Black IQ about the same in the Caribbean (= 71)? Keep in mind that Caribbean Blacks often have a small amount of White in them (Jamaicans have 9%). So it does look like genetic Black IQ is indeed around 70.

That means they are mentally retarded, but we have already had the discussion about this on the blog. The commenters and I agree that Blacks in Africa and the Caribbean with 70 IQ’s are not retarded in the sense that a White person with a 70 IQ is. In this sense, the tests don’t seem to measure Black intelligence properly. On the other hand, while they are not retarded, I don’t think that your average 70 IQ African is all that intelligent.

I’m getting at a couple of things here. First of all, can Blacks make use of these extra-IQ factors to at least overcome their 13.2 point IQ deficit with Whites in the sense of at least performing above their predicted IQ level on the job? Keep in mind that in order to do that, Blacks would have to display these extra-IQ factors above and beyond the level of the Whites. Since Blacks are the most extroverted race of all, this seems dubious.

On the other hand, we have a large up and coming Black middle class that is itching for success. By dutifully emphasizing the extra-IQ factors listed above, upwardly mobile Blacks will at least be able to perform above their IQ level on the job.

On curious area that no one considers is personal skills. There seems to be a lot of evidence that Blacks are more socially adept than Whites. In jobs where social intelligence and skills are highly valued, conscientious Blacks may be able to outperform their White co-workers and at least partially close the occupational success gap with them.

Second of all, it seems possible that Africans moving to the West may experience ~15 point IQ rise in the second generation. It hasn’t showed up yet, but no one has looked for it. So the 67 IQ Africans by the second generation should be at IQ 83. It’s not that great, but there are more or less functional countries with 83 IQ’s. There aren’t that many with ~70 IQ’s. To the extent that Africa can mirror the environment of the West in Africa itself, they won’t even have to come here.

This is groundbreaking work that is receiving very little ink, less than it deserves. At the very least, rising IQ with migration and extra-IQ factors show that neither is IQ set in stone, nor is it destiny.


Flynn, James R. 1991. Asian Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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41 thoughts on “A Flynn Effect For Filipinos in the US”

  1. It would be interesting to see how the flynn effect affects different social classes within various ethnic groups. There is a major correlation between IQ and social class and I suspect class differences are what is of significance when it comes to IQ rather than racial differences. However this is not an excuse to discriuminate towards the lower classes and there are always exceptions to various tendencies.

    1. Unfortunately, that argument does not play out too well. I believe that the children of the highest % of Black earners have lower IQ’s than the children of the lowest % of White earners. The race thing is that huge.

      Flynn Effect is effecting all races and age groups in the West. I don’t know about all social classes. It’s a very weird phenomenon that no one seems to understand well.

      1. Because you’re talking about children, don’t children suffer from regression to the mean? So it would make sense that children of the lowest % of White earners would have higher IQs than that of the highest % of Blacks’?

        I’d really wish they’d find a way to the cause of the Flynn effect.

  2. Koreans and Japanese are very close genetically, and, in the U.S. both groups score high in IQ test. Given that, one would assume the Koreans living in Japan would do as well as the Japanese in IQ tests. But the Koreans living in Japan score much lower on IQ tests than the Japanese. Generally, they don’t do well in school, and are more prone to violence. As a result, many end up joining yakuza or holding a low-paying job. However, the “stupid” Koreans would produce “high IQ” children once they move to the US.

    Genetics alone doesn’t explain this phenomenon.

    1. Koreans are also stigmatized as a minority in Japan and we can’t overlook the psychological damage of being in a lower caste of a stratified society. We’ve also seen a similar dynamic regarding Irish IQ vis-a-vis the English, at least in the past anyhow.

      This dynamic is I think explains why “stereotype threat” is an empirical phenomenon. Not that this alone explains the entire IQ gap, but it’s very likely a measurable contributor to the pie, it may even be a major contributor, I don’t think it’s been studied enough.

      One of the insights I’ve been gaining from reading Abagond’s blog is just how much racism in America has been absorbed by blacks in the form of self-hate and self-disrespect. The famous doll experiment in the 40s that found that black girls choose to white dolls over black dolls. It also found when asked to draw their own skin shade choose a skin color lighter than it actually was. This same study was repeated in 2006 and the results are the same.


      The Clarks’ doll experiments grew out of Mamie Clark’s master’s degree thesis. They published three major papers between 1939 and 1940 on children’s self perception related to race. Their studies found contrasts among children attending segregated schools in Washington, DC versus those in integrated schools in New York. They found that Black children often preferred to play with white dolls over black; that, asked to fill in a human figure with the color of their own skin, they frequently chose a lighter shade than was accurate; and that the children gave the color “white” attributes such as good and pretty, but “black” was qualified as bad and ugly.[8] They viewed the results as evidence that the children had internalized racism caused by being discriminated against and stigmatized by segregation.

      The Clarks testified as expert witnesses in several school desegregation cases, including Briggs v. Elliott, which was later combined into the famous Brown v. Board of Education (1954). The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in public education was unconstitutional.

      In 2006 filmmaker Kiri Davis recreated the doll study and documented it in a film entitled A Girl Like Me. Despite the many changes in some parts of society, she found the same results as did the Drs. Clark in their study of the late 1930s and early 1940s.

      I know that in past post you have said that blacks have a high self-esteem, but I think that also depends on how you are measuring things. America is a fundamentally racist society in that whites are viewed with the most worth desirability and blacks the least. People learn this through subtle cues growing up. That’s not news to anyone that understands American racism, but what many probably don’t realize is that black brains aren’t much different than white brains and absorb these same inferences and cues as to social worth on the black-white continuum. The end result is whites that are racist against black people and blacks that are racist against themselves, even at a young age. The doll experiment is just the tip of the iceberg. As well as “colorism” and stigmatization of dark blacks and preferential treatment and worth of mulattos amongst by both blacks and whites.

      So just tying this in with the original point, I think more research needs to be done into this and how it effects IQ scores. This may be [at least in part] the “missing link” that explains why well off black kids do worse than poor white kids. Access to wealth has no impact on the self-hate mechanisms absorbed by black children. Oprah’s daughter(if she had one) would be just as likely to choose a white doll(and maybe even more so) than a kid in the projects.

      1. Doesn’t regression to the mean apply here? Could the racism be the cause of the low IQ or the low IQ the cause of racism seeing as lower IQ people are less likely to be wealthy? Does racism even correlate with IQ seeing that people are naturally ethnocentric because ethnocentrism beats humanitarianism by exploiting them and so a majority ethnocentric populace would be advantageous – and this would make it seem like racism? Besides, aren’t Blacks in the US more successful than non-US blacks so racism lowering Blacks’ IQ wouldn’t make sense.

    2. Sorry for the bad grammar in the last post. I banged it out kind of fast and didn’t proofread as I’m sort of multi-tasking right now. My bad.

  3. Robert:

    I’m an introvert myself, but see here :


    under Monday, September 28, 2009. Whatever introversion does for you in terms of having a career, it’s nothing good, unless you like or idealize the worth of repetitive near mechanical work that reduces a person to the role of a machine (then again, you are kinda a Communist so hey). The fact that success is being approached in job status probably has more to do with the fact that there are introvert jobs that extroverts just won’t do, rather than because introversion gives you particularly high levels of conscientiousness and such.

    And I seriously doubt that scientists are introverts if that’s another angle (Jewish success in science is salient, though maybe that’s just through sheer force of IQ or maybe science and maths Jews are just the oddballs that don’t fit into their extroverted culture).

  4. Rob,

    A few comments:

    Philippines 86 93.5 7.5
    Is this for the US..? If so I am surprised it’s not higher. A fairly high percentage of Filipinos immigrating to the US have college degrees or are part of a family reunification where the first immigrant had a college degree. Walk into any Hospital in the US and it is very likely you will find several Filipina nurses and possibly a few doctors, lab technicians and the like. I tend to think they have higher (on average) IQs than 93.5.
    That said, Hawaii in latter 19th and early 20th centuries did bring a large amount of manual labor from the Philippines.

    Morocco 84 89 5
    Statistically not very substantial. On top of that Hereditarians all state environment has some effect.

    India 83 94 13
    Is this for the US..? There is no way I am believing that the average IQ for Asian Indians in the US is 94. I have had way to many experiences with very smart to genius level Indian guys. Indian immigration to the US is highly selective for degrees in IT, hard sciences, and engineering. I could more easily believe an average Indian American IQ of 110 instead of 94.

    Jamaica 71 86 15
    This one I find the most interesting and supportive of the Flynn effect. Jamaica was a British colony until the early 60s with many Jamaicans actually admiring the royal family. (Hence the society, educational systems, and language were tailored after Britain…) From what I have read, many Jamaicans emigrating to the Britain in the 50s and 60s basically felt they going to the home country and there seemed to little to no selectivity for skilled labor.

    US Blacks** 72.5 87 14.5
    Interesting but too convoluted to judge. On average Black Americans arrived on these shores about 250 years ago. Since then, you could chalk up better performance to hybrid vigor with the disparate African tribes as well as the European and Native American genes thrown in. Add better nutrition and about all you can say is that it is interesting but needs more study.

    Mexicans 85 95 10
    I’d like to know more about this. Until the early 70s a high percentage of Mexican immigrants came from the middle to upper middle class. Since the 80s there has been a much greater influx from the lower classes.

    1. Yes, the Filipino figures are for the US. The upper class Filipinos have actually stayed in the Philippines – no reason to immigrate.

      Moroccan IQ rise of 5 points is in fact quite substantial. Keep in mind that many people (including me) say that that the difference between NE Asians and Whites is 5 pts. Keep in mind how much societal advantage flows from that mere 5 point advantage, which you just termed statistically insignificant. With IQ, at the lower levels, a few pts is a great big deal.

      Indian figure is for both the US and the UK. The original figure was 96, but Richard Lynn, who has an ideological interest in making that lower, says it’s actually 92. I split the difference and call it 94.

      Jamaican is for the second generation only. Further, since the mid-80’s, Jamaican kids have made even further gains, many quite dramatic. The behavior of UK Jamaicans is as horrible as ever; actually, it’s been getting progressively worse with the IQ rises. Which is why I don’t buy this Blacks are criminals because they are stupid thing too much.

      For US Blacks, base IQ was set at around 67 by me. I’m going to assume that this is their genetic IQ. I added in 5.5 genetic points due to White admixture. So US Black IQ ought to be 72.5 based on genes alone. However, mysteriously, we have a 14.5 point rise that is completely unexplained.

      Hybrid vigor makes little sense. There was equivalent mixing in the Caribbean, but Black IQ there is 71. Caribbean Blacks have 9% White in them and US Blacks have 15% Black in them. Further, the Caribbean Blacks have been there as long as US Blacks have, so the “too much time has gone by” line would not seem to work.

      Realistically, US Black IQ ought to look something like the Caribbean IQ, but there is that bizarre 14.5 pt rise.

      Mexican IQ was 85 in the 1980’s, but it’s 95 now. Now, that’s based only on one test, and I understand it is not a full IQ test, but a similar test that is said to be equivalent to an IQ test. The 10 point gain occurred from mid 80’s to mid 2000’s and is completely unexplained.

      Seems to show up in second generation. First generation Mexican immigrant IQ is around 85. Their kids seem to have possibly 95 IQ’s. That’s where you get the average Mexican IQ of 90 in the US – average between the 95 and 85 figures.

    2. I think you are mistaking working population for school age population. Remember that the studies done are mostly of grade 8 or 15 years old and below students. Another factor to consider is that the immigrants themselves are not tested but the generation after them so that it matters little if you immigrated as a doctor or as a laborer.

  5. Yes, the Filipino figures are for the US. The upper class Filipinos have actually stayed in the Philippines – no reason to immigrate.

    Not really true from what I know. (I have to PI 5 times in as many years..) The upper class (top .1% ) definitely strives to have their children educated in the US or Australia, or Canada and likes to have a foot in more than one country and sometimes they stay in the west. The Philippines is not that stable. For the most part the Filipinos I have met in the US come from middle class (probably 25% of the population) as opposed to lower class (probably 70% of the population.

    Moroccan IQ rise of 5 points is in fact quite substantial.

    Well we can attribute it to better nutrition or a more enriched educational environment – as I said hereditarians have always agreed environment plays some role. Perhaps I should have said I don’t find it significant.

    As for the Asian/White US populations, I think what is more significant cause for the differences in Academic performance between the two groups is motivation and study habits. From my observations first and second generation Chinese and Koreans tend to be very motivated compared to Whites. But the differences between multi-generation Hawaiian raised Asians and Whites is not so great. (Hawaiian has a high percentage of Asians but has few if any Universities or research institutions of any note….)

  6. There was equivalent mixing in the Caribbean, but Black IQ there is 71. Caribbean Blacks have 9% White in them and US Blacks have 15% Black in them.

    As for the Carribean there seems to be a wide admixture depending upon the country. Where are you getting the an average IQ of 71 for region..? From IQ and Wealth of Nations? If so every country listed in the area has an IQ average higher than 71.

    If the IQ data is from Lynn and Vanhanen then you should know that there methods for collecting data are very flawed:


    Let’s look at how they rank countries Ireland 92 and Thailand 91. Hmm.Italy at 102 and Finland at 97. So we the Italians are 9 points smarter than the Irish and 5 points smarter than the Finns. I don’t buy it.


    And why does Zambia have an average IQ 18 points higher than Equatorial Guinea..?

    1. Median IQ of the very Black countries of the Caribbean is 72.75. That’s averaging everyone together, including a fair number of Whites.

      There are some issues with Lynn etc.’s data, but no one has proven that they are wrong yet, and no one has even tried to replicate their data.

  7. Indian figure is for both the US and the UK. The original figure was 96, but Richard Lynn, who has an ideological interest in making that lower, says it’s actually 92. I split the difference and call it 94.

    I don’t believe it. Certainly not for the US and from what I have read British Indians outperform Whites on their A-levels (I believe a sort of British SAT test..) so I think for Britain that figure is also suspect. However in Britain, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis under perform Whites both academically and on standardized tests.

    Jamaican is for the second generation only.

    I thought comparing Jamaica to Britain (especially if it had been in the 1950s or early 60s when it was still a colony ) would have been the most apt because of it’s history. I now wonder what tests where used in Jamaica versus those used in Britain since you are presumably using modern data. . As I noted in an earlier post I find these country comparisons of IQ highly suspect. Basically Garbage in / Garbage out.

    PS Sorry for the grammatical errors.

    1. Bottom line is, as a staunch hereditarian, you’re just opposed to all of this Flynn Effect stuff, eh?

      I think that the Indian figures are for UK only, now that I think of it. That’s where most of them are. And it means East Indians. That includes Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis. The figure is anywhere from 92-96 for all of them.

  8. There are some issues with Lynn etc.’s data, but no one has proven that they are wrong yet, and no one has even tried to replicate their data.

    I have seen quite a few people question their methodology and sampling. Did you read the Wikipedia link..? I can find more.

    1. Yeah, but in *real science*, but social science crapola soft science / fake science, you don’t to just slam away at your opponent’s methodology. You have to try to replicate. None of these people are trying to replicate Lynn et al’s data, so AFAICT, their entire critique is just crap. He’s all we’ve got, and in a broad sense, I think he is pretty much right on most of those scores.

  9. Bottom line is, as a staunch hereditarian, you’re just opposed to all of this Flynn Effect stuff, eh?

    Why do you say I am staunch hereditarian..? What does that mean to you..?

    just opposed to all of this Flynn Effect stuff

    No..I find it interesting.. but I can’t say I am really a big proponent nor someone who disbelieves it. Why do you think I said the data about the Jamaica IQ in Jamaica versus Jamaican IQ in Britain was interesting..?

    1. Well, you’ve been commenting here for a long time now, and every time someone comes up with environmental links to IQ, you just slam away at it. I get a strong impression that you think that IQ is predominantly genetic. You seem to be particularly hostile to this Flynn Effect thing since you’ve been pounding away at it since I started posting about it. I get the impression that you don’t believe in it.

      It’s an easy fallback to say that all hereditarians say that IQ is partly genetic, but the thing is, once you show them any kind of data showing any sort of environmental effect on IQ, they just fall all over themselves denying it and attacking it. There are few hereditarians who actually accept facts on the ground showing an environmental effect on IQ. Curiously, Lynn is one of them.

      The vast majority of the rest of them attack even a 1-pt rise due to environment, and they almost all really hate this Flynn Effect thing. In general, the vast majority of hereditarians say that the Flynn Effect is not a real intelligence rise.

      So they play a double game here. First they say, sure, IQ is partly environmental. But then when anyone shows even a 1 point environmental rise, they slam it to hog heaven. They are not being very honest.

  10. you don’t to just slam away at your opponent’s methodology.

    Of course you can if the data can not be accurately replicated. Were the people in all of these countries given culturally neutral IQ tests in their native languages..? No, and it would damned expensive to get an accurate sampling for even 1/3 of the countries they list.

    I am not totally dismissing their data but I think it should be taken with a tablespoon of salt.

    1. Nah, it would not be expensive at all to get some good IQ data for most of the countries on that list. It’s all pretty straightforward, and most of those tests have been well translated by now. It’s just that due to PC, no one wants to do these national IQ tests, so the only people who do them are racist maniacs like Rushton and Lynn.

      There are tests out there that don’t even have any language on them. I’m wondering if they even need to be translated. How do you translate a test with no language on it? Most IQ tests nowadays are culturally fair. The whole “not culturally fair” argument washed ashore long ago.

    2. But even still, if you show a San bushman some sort of mind-puzzle with no language on it that is supposed to be culture free, is it TRULY culture free? If that person has never seen a mind puzzle in his life, something that nearly all westerners have dabbled in at some point, how free of culture is that?

  11. Nah, it would not be expensive at all to get some good IQ data for most of the countries on that list.

    Well say for example, if I wanted to collect data from an African country I would want tests from both sexes from multiple cities (and rural areas…) and from different class backgrounds (representing the percentage of each class…) I am guessing this would require a minimum of one test result for every 1,000 people. It might not be too expensive but gathering that data from across the globe at a rate of 1 test per 1,000 people and assuming a cost of $1 a test (which I think is very very low…) would be $6 million dollars.

    You have a very good point about the PC issue. That along when you are trying to collect the data could get you some skewed results.

  12. I get a strong impression that you think that IQ is predominantly genetic.

    I accord between 20% to 50% of intelligence to environmental factors. I would include nutrition and pollution as being part of those environmental factors but I would not include outliers such as severe physical deprivation or brain damage.

    There is little controversy among Psychiatrists and Psychologists about the notion that intelligence is partially or even heavily heritable.

    Here’s the statement form the American Psychological Association on IQ:

    “The findings of the task force state that IQ scores do have high predictive validity for individual (but not necessarily population) differences in school achievement. They confirm the predictive validity of IQ for adult occupational status, even when variables such as education and family background have been statistically controlled. They agree that individual (again, not necessarily population) differences in intelligence are substantially influenced by genetics.

    There is a great deal of controversy about differences in IQ when it comes to broad based national, racial or ethnic groups and linking those differences to genetics.

    You seem to be particularly hostile to this Flynn Effect thing since you’ve been pounding away at it since I started posting about it.

    Well I am not hostile to it.

  13. Robert, regarding this: “it seems possible that Africans moving to the West may experience ~15 point IQ rise in the second generation. It hasn’t showed up yet, but no one has looked for it. So the 67 IQ Africans by the second generation should be at IQ 83. It’s not that great, but there are more or less functional countries with 83 IQ’s. There aren’t that many with ~70 IQ’s.”

    Lynn’s numbers for Africa are very likely wrong.




    Controversial Study of African IQ Levels Is ‘Deeply Flawed’

    ScienceDaily (Jan. 21, 2010) – The controversial study on
    African IQ levels conducted by psychologist Richard Lynn is
    deeply flawed. This conclusion is the outcome of studies by
    Jelte Wicherts, Conor Dolan, Denny Borsboom and Han van der
    Maas of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Jerry Carlson of
    the University of California (Riverside).

    Their findings are set to be published in Intelligence,
    Personality and Individual Differences, and Learning and
    Individual Differences.

    In an oft-quoted literature study conducted in 2006, Lynn
    concluded that black Africans have an average IQ of less than
    70 (compared to an average western IQ of 100). Lynn suggested
    that these low IQs are indicative of a low intelligence level,
    claiming this offered an explanation for the low level of
    economic development in sub-Saharan countries.

    Lynn’s study is well known among psychologists, and has been
    referenced by academics such as Nobel laureate James Watson,
    and the authors of the controversial book The Bell Curve —
    Intelligence and Class Structure in America (Richard
    Herrnstein and Charles Murray: Freepress, 1994).

    African IQ scores prove flawed

    Wicherts and his colleagues examined over 100 published
    studies, concluding that there is no evidence to back up
    Lynn’s claims. Amongst other flaws, Lynn used selective data
    by systematically ignoring Africans with high IQ scores. The
    researchers also claim that African IQ test scores cannot be
    interpreted in terms of lower intelligence levels, as these
    scores have different psychometric characteristics than
    western IQ test scores. Until now, the incomparability of
    Western and African IQ scores had never been systematically

    The scientists point out that the average African IQ is
    currently comparable to the average level in the Netherlands
    around 1950. However, IQ scores in Western countries have
    risen sharply over the course of the 20th century. In view of
    this trend, Wicherts and his colleagues claim there are no
    reasonable grounds to conclude that sub-Saharan countries are
    poor due to the lower IQ scores of their populations. As it
    turns out, the average IQ of African adults is seeing a
    similar rising trend, which is expected to continue if living
    conditions in Africa improve in future.

    Story Source:
    Adapted from materials provided by Universiteit van
    Amsterdam (UVA).

    Journal References:

    [see below]

    ….. go to url for abstracts and citations…..

  14. “Lynn’s numbers for Africa are very likely wrong.”

    …… Having said that, though, I agree with you that “Africans moving to the West may experience ~15 point IQ rise in the second generation” (or subsequent generations). For that matter, some Africans staying in Africa might experience the same thing, if the general developmental conditions were to improve sufficiently in Africa.
    Low African I.Q.s are caused largely by the interactive effects of nutritional deficiencies, endocrinopathies, chronic infections and infestations, toxins and goitrogens, and other such factors — all of which are greatly muted (though not absent) in the West or in areas of better general development.

    A fully-expressed Flynn effect in the African diaspora (in the U.S.) would bring black I.Q.s up to 95 at least. The remaining gap is nothing to get exercised about. (Assuming that there would BE a “remaining gap”.)

  15. PS: I disagree that (to quote the news story posted above) “there are no reasonable grounds to conclude that sub-Saharan countries are poor due to the lower IQ scores of their populations”. On the contrary, there are moderately-good reasons to believe that. However, the causal arrow points in both directions (or rather forms a circle): They are poor (in part) because of low I.Q.s, and they have low I.Q.s (in part) because they are poor.

  16. The Indian IQ in the UK is 96. This number derives from the second generation lower caste Dalits, who would otherwise score in the mid 80’s. The reason Lynn puts down that number to 92 is because lf recent immigration, but that 92 IQ would probably rise to 96 or above in the next generation.

  17. Filipino IQ in the Philippines has been around 86 for sometime. The Flips in the U.S are considered as high skill relative to the larger population of their country me. However, Filipinos are still statistically considered to be less competitive academically comparing to other Asians including Chinese/Japnanese/Korean/Vietnamese. Based on those statistics (scores on bench marks/higher learnings), the younger Flip generations in the U.S have had benefited under affirmative action, which served as a huge favor for college admission and some other social benefit.

    1. SouthEast Asian and Amerindians are HOPELESS… South east Asia is controled by Chinese… the most prosperous South east Asian country is Malaysia, and Malaysia has a huge Chinese minority, the Chinese made that country relatively wealthy… in Latin America the Whites control the countries… the Whiter the countries ( Argentina, Uruguay ,Chile) the wealthier, and even in countries where most people are Amerindian ancestry ( Mexico, Peru, Ecuador) the Whites made most of their achievements… is okay if White actors are common in Tv series from Argentina, but even in Mexico where most people are Brown, the most common actors are White… most of Mexican companies where created by the White minority… half of Peru’s GDP is from Lima, and Lima has a relatively high % of pure Whites…. Whites made Latin America independent from Spain, not the Amerindians…. they are really hopeless…

  18. Ale – the Chinese and the Indians are all over SEA and wherever they settle usually they win the healthy competition against the local folks: Malays, Thais, Burmese, Javanese, whoever. Even if they have law (Malaysia) or social prejudice (Indonesia) against them. Maybe – because of that. Just near to SEA, the South Korea or Japan and in the SEA – Singapore or HK (even within China, HK remains a different world) beats Malaysia in all relevant economic indicators. And South Korea or Japan has no important Chinese minority. Plus – if Chinese were so successful no matter what, Macao should thrive. It doesn’t, it eats shit now.

    In Latin America, there are different stories interwoven. Walking on thin ice of being banned, I MUST say that Chile’s success has nothing to do with Whites. Chile harbors less Whites than Peru (in total numbers) and less White Share than Cuba or Costa Rica. The main if not only reason for its economic success was the coup I don’t want to call (maybe Lindsay won’t notice). The most dynamic and prosperous country of the continent now is Brazil, more less in the middle of White-NonWhite scale. I guess it is where the White man’s economy concept worked even among non-Whites.

    The indisputable fact is, in any Latin American country, as a rule the actors are white and white means good. But so it is in Andalusia, try to hitch-hike there if you look like an Arab.

  19. 86%,100%;109%…. That means nothing at all. Let’s talk concretely can we? Have you been in the Philippines? Have you saw the way they live, the way they speak, work, eat and dress to go in a wedding? Have you seen the shit that the entire nation is watching on TV? The Occidental person that you are should go there for a week and obseve them. I would feel generous to give them 10% of IQ. They are very primitive. I can’t even find any exemple so much it’s applied on EVERY aspect of their lifestyle. Talking with a filipino that is born in the Philippines is like talking with a mongoloid who passed all his life in an hospital without any books and television. I was about to say it’s like talking with a child but I did not cuz I know a lot of kids who are very intelligent. More than the half of Filipino people don’t even know how to tie a pair of shoes so they wear sandals or shoes without lace’s. I’m so rude, absurde, arrogant and racist right? Well go to the Philippines and just observe them. Try to have a normal conversation with them and judge by yourself. Talk with a government employe, a nurse, a dentist,taxi driver, restaurant employee… Ask them where can you see some vampire witch women (aswang in tagalog) Have fun!(Try not slapping them behind the head after hearing the most stupid shit that you can’t even imagine).
    Filipinos with 86% of IQ lol. Yeah right!

    1. So your saying that Filipinos don’t know how to tie a knot. but a lot of Filipinos keep on texting left and right with cellular phones, knows how to drive a vehicle and a lot are also on the net 24/7. So I wonder how we dumb creatures make this complex machineries work.

  20. Have you met any Filipinos? I’ve dated quite a few (they seem to like big white guys), and I definitely wouldn’t describe them as introverted. Playful, jovial, and horny though!

    The IQ figures jibe with my experience. Try asking a Filipino waiter to bring your bill while everyone else orders dessert, and prepared to get a deer-in-headlights look.

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