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Continuing on with our Game/PUA theme these days (LOL, is this turning into a Game/PUA blog?) check out these three videos by Tom Leykis. He’s a radio shock jock here in the US with an explicitly pro-male POV.


This first video is somewhat disturbing. It’s called Tom Leykis Talks About Women Over the Hill. In it, he says some smart things, but also some disturbing things. Like a lot of these Game/PUA guys, Leykis promotes Asshole Game and comes off rather misogynistic.

I don’t see the point. The whole male critique of feminism is that these bitches hate us, they hate us guys. We are understandably upset about that. So our response is, what? To be misogynists and hate all women? Forget it. If hating us men is wrong (and we say it is) then hating all women is wrong too.

The truth is that the best of us really love women, or we should anyway. That’s where I’m coming from. Sure women are sort of nuts, but I love em anyway. They’re lovable nuts, well, most of the time anyway. Anyway, who says guys are better. We guys are psycho and dangerous. That’s better than being nutty? Why? At least a wacky woman won’t try to kill me.

And what kind of woman do we like? The feminists who hate us? No. Or the women like Alpha Unit who unabashedly states, “I love men!” Sure, she slams us in some of her pieces. She makes it clear that we are congenitally dangerous and as a class, have rape tendencies. So we’re brutes. But we’re lovable brutes, AU would say.

So AU and I are coming from the same place. I love women, and she loves men. We both tell it like it is about the opposite sex and have no illusions about the other, but we love em anyway.

Leykis is Greek, and may be coming from a Greek POV. A commenter notes that his Greek parents ordered him never to go down on a woman. “Don’t you ever get on your knees and do that for any woman!” “No vasectomy…Make her get surgery!” His aunts were emphatic that all women were skanks and trash and never stopped warning him about women. An interesting culture. The misogyny has been accepted as fact by both sexes!

Leykis gives some disturbing advice.

Don’t ever compliment her, not on her looks, not on her intelligence, not on anything. Wow…Don’t ever sleep over at her place. Pretty soon she’ll start asking you to move in. Get off the phone! Quit calling her all the time, quit texting her all the time.

This is more or less Asshole Game. It’s depressing that this crap works at all with women. You mean the less I call her and the less I text her, the more she likes me? How depressing. My opinion of women just fell another 99%. I’m not so sure it’s even true. So if I feel like calling this woman I’m involved with, I should hold off because she’s so nuts, she’ll disrespect me for falling all over her.

The real womanizers I’ve known did not ignore women. They chased women fulltime. It was almost a fulltime job for them. They didn’t get success with women by ignoring them. Sexmaniacman told me that he used to call women all the time, and it never bothered them. But mostly for dates, not just to talk. And here we may have the crux. Women despise weakness. The player is goal-oriented. He’s calling her all the time with a goal in mind. A guy who calls her all the time just to talk about nothing seems sort of, well, wimpy?

AU says that women don’t mind guys who fall all over themselves for women, complimenting them, praising them, calling them, giving them gifts. Just not at the start of the relationship. Deep into the relationship, it feels great. But at the start, it seems like the guy is trying too hard or being self-abasing.

He also says to stop taking women’s calls. I don’t agree with that at all, but hey, maybe I’m wrong? Sexmaniacman regularly answers the phone for women, and he’s done all right.

He is right in a way that women like a guy who seems to be wanted by other women. If no women want the guy, he’s a loser and no women want him. Once you get a woman, now all the others want to take her away from you. Even a steady girlfriend often wants to feel like you are desired by other women, but you are not going for them out of duty to her. Basically, everyone loves a winner. This stuff applies more to younger women and not to older women. For us older folks, it’s not uncommon at all that we have nothing going on Friday night.

Not complimenting the woman is Asshole Game. They’re against it because it builds up her self-esteem. The Asshole Gamers want a woman with low self-esteem.

I don’t know, man. I’m going to disagree. Sexmaniacman usually tries to build up women’s self-esteem. That’s what they use him for, and that’s what they love him for. Women often lack self-esteem, but they like a strong man to encourage them and give them the self-esteem that they lack, to build them up. That’s what makes her secure and less nutty. A secure woman is a mellow woman, as AU says.

Anyway, Sexmaniacman has had great results complimenting women. It works great! It fact, it makes them melt in your hand, and maybe even in your mouth. You just have to say it right. The reason showering her with compliments often doesn’t work is that too many guys are too liberal with the compliments, so a lot of females just think it’s stupid or a line.

Thing is, be honest. If she doesn’t look that great, Sexdude would not say much. But if she’s hot or even beautiful, he would say so. But he would say so clearly, honestly and shamelessly, with no hint of dishonesty or charlatanism. Say it like you mean it, and do mean it. Then it works. Women love compliments properly done, and compliments have led Sexman to lots of sexual situations, including with some really beautiful women.

Another issue is more humanistic. If I have high self-esteem, don’t I want to be with a woman who has high self-esteem too? Why not? Self-esteem feels good, in men and in those who associate with me.

He also says not to have women over at your place, because then you can’t get rid of them. That’s not necessarily so. Women are independent actors these days, and Sexmaniacman said it was pretty common for them to take off in the morning, often a little ashamed at what they had done. Some took off in the afternoon. What’s wrong with sleeping with a woman anyway? Is it really so bad?

He also says not to sleep with a woman at her place either. Well, it can be a bit difficult sometimes in a new bed or place that you’re not used to, but it’s not so bad.

Leykis also says not to cuddle or spoon with women. Come on! That’s what they love more than anything; some say they like it more than sex. Sexmaniacman has been cuddling with women his whole life and they love it.


The next videos are downright disturbing. Leykis notes that he went to some seminar with pro NBA players where they revealed that women were taking the sperm out of condoms after the NBA guys had sex with them and then using it to impregnate themselves. Some guys were being hit with paternity suits afterward. This seems to hard to believe, but I guess it’s true. I always thought it was an urban legend.

So Leykis gave advice to his listeners to put Tabasco sauce in the condom after they threw it in the trash in the bathroom afterwards. Sure enough, the bitch took the sperm out of the condom and put it up her and got burned in her pussy. Then she sued the guy for damage to her pussy! I don’t think Tabasco sauce would actually injure a vagina though. Anyway, the judge apparently laughed it out of court.


The next one is similar. Another guy listening to the show did the same thing, but this time he put horseysauce from some restaurant in the condom. Same thing, bitch went in the bathroom afterwards, used to turkey baster thing to shoot it up her, and started screaming like a banshee. Same thing again, the crazy bitch sued the guy for damage to her vagina (GMAB! There’s not going to be any permanent injury down there.) The case is slated to go to trial soon, but it will probably be thrown out soon.

Is this a new thing, females tricking guys into getting them pregnant? Or has it always been going on? Good Lord. It’s really appalling. Makes you almost want to swear off sex. I think we need to change the laws to where this is fraud and at the least, the guy’s not responsible for the ensuing kid.

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5 thoughts on “Tom Leykis”

  1. Try Paprika sauce. Ask the judge to put some on the head of his penis and see how long he laughs.

  2. These guys really over analyze things. Most of it comes down to looks, and for older guys, money matters more and more.

    1. agreed.

      the list of qualities is along the lines of
      1) height
      2) looks
      3) random-crazy checklist
      4) car you drive
      5) career.

      pretty goddamn shallow in the end.

  3. Leykis is such an asshole. I do like to listen to him though. It’s not as if everything he says is wrong. But I have a hard time believing that a lot of his advice actually works.

    I’d love to see a link to some document on a government website that verifies these tobasco/horseysauce injury lawsuits. That would be really fucking funny.

    I’d say never underestimate a woman’s capacity for bad behavior. Nietzsche said something like “men love play and danger, and they get both from women.”

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