Looks Is Everything For Women, Nothing For Men

In the comments section, Shawn says that what matters for young men is looks and for older men it’s increasingly money as they get older.

The problem is that looks alone is almost completely worthless for males of any age. Females of any age simply do not place any value whatsoever on looks absent other qualities.

I’ve known some young goodlooking guys (age 20-45) who were just about the best looking guys in the whole town. No woman would have anything to do with them, not even one, or not really. These guys went many years without even so much as a date. No sex at all, and very few if any dates.

I don’t think that looks alone matters one bit to females of any age.

Now, if you have other attributes, such as confidence, charm, etc. in addition to looks, you can do well. But looks alone doesn’t mean jack  shit to females of any age. I’m pretty sure of that.

Some of these guys had what this Feminist Critics column calls gender-nonconforming behaviors – they were overly agreeable, shy, introverted, unassertive, or sensitive. Any one of these behaviors, not to mention all of them, is pretty deadly in a male. Females simply will not tolerate it. If they do end up with females, the females typically are mean and cruel to them, bitch at them, and constantly complain that they are not masculine. It’s a lot of fucking Hell to go through just to get laid. I can’t blame some of them for just saying fuck it, I’m through with women.

Even worse are mental disorders. Mood disorders might be ok, especially manic-depression, as the manic phase is pretty masculine. I don’t see how depressive males of any age, looks or wealth status can get any woman on Earth. It’s beyond me. Depression is seen as utterly unmasculine, and females do not accept it in males at all.

Yet I suppose depressives do better than anxiety disorders. There’s almost nothing worse for a man than to have some sort of a nervous or anxiety condition. Anxiety is just not masculine, that’s all there is to it. Women are nervous. Guys aren’t. Nervous guys are just screwed. I don’t see how they can get laid at all by anyone, but some of them do. In general, guys with anxiety are seriously treated like shit by all of the women in their lives, and this will continue as long as the anxiety disorder is ongoing.

Small wonder that few men will admit to such things. Or that males treat depression and anxiety disorders with booze and drugs. It’s tragic that it’s more ok for a guy to be a heavy drinker than to be depressed.

Some of the guys I refer to above seemed to have some sort of anxiety disorders, some seemed depressed, and some just seemed like of spacey or out there. Quite a few were extremely intelligent. These guys had two things going for them. They were nearly the best looking guys in town, and they were also just about the smartest guys in town. As a previous post pointed out, brains is worthless to women. So the smartest and best looking guys in town were completely worthless to nearly the whole female population since they lacked certain other attributes.

Now compare that to men. Suppose we had some women, aged 20-45. And they were just about the hottest chicks in town. Could you imagine any possible world where all the guys would completely ignore or even disdain them and refuse to have anything to do with them? Are you kidding?

Suppose they were depressives, or nervous, or spacey? Guys think most women are depressives anyway, and the rest are sort of nervous. As far as spacy, that would probably make her even more popular. I’ve never heard of a guy refusing to date a totally hot babe because she’s sort of out there. That’s ridiculous!

There are certain paths out of these dilemmas, but I’m not sure how well they work. The commenter on Feminist Critics said that he changed his gender-nonconforming behaviors towards a more acceptable form of masculinity and soon he found women wanting to date him. That would be the way that I would suggest to go. Some guys just won’t have it in them.

Sexmaniacman, for all the 100-plus women and girls he’s slept with, has found that no matter how macho he acts, people still think he’s a fuckin fag or a wimp. He’s basically given up on the project as hopeless and instead works on inner masculinity. He’s not a queer, and he’s not a wimp at all. Wimps won’t fight back, and if you mess with Sexdude, he will slit your throat without batting an eye.

Inner masculinity is very important for a man, assuming you want it. Now a guy like Sexman, he’s pretty androgynous in a 1970’s glam rocker kind of way. He’ll still  be New York Dolls 1974 when he’s in his 80’s if he makes it that far. As he put it to me, he says the masculine part of him is like the toughest, hardest, baddest, most ultra machisimo guy that ever lived, but then, you know, he’s got this other side.

But he says he’s much happier since he has gotten into his inner masculinity. He’s still got that other side, but that just means that his Yin and Yang are in harmony, like they ought to be.

Thing is, a lot of straight guys are just not very masculine. That’s just the way they are, and most of them want to be this way. I leave them alone, because I don’t see anything wrong with it, and I figure other people are going to be pummeling them over this their whole lives anyway, so why add to it. A lot of guys are not into being masculine. It’s not part of their image. A lot of like admit to being wimps and say that they like it. But I don’t think it works.

I’d recommend getting rid of the sensitivity part. Emotions are useless in man, so who needs em?

If you’re depressed, ok, but don’t talk about it, and try to cover it up. Don’t admit it if asked. Do something else instead, like drink.

If you have anxiety stuff, try to get outside of it the best you can. A lot of people are hopeless, but at least you can try. There are also pharmaceutical drugs you can take.

If you’re introverted or shy, that’s a tough one. When you’re in a store, start talking to the person at the counter. Make casual conversation with the doctor, the receptionist, the repairman, the checker. If you’re overly agreeable, call people on their shit. Be prepared to lose friends and lovers when you do so.

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34 thoughts on “Looks Is Everything For Women, Nothing For Men”

  1. What’s funny are those commercials on TV for hair-loss treatments or for hair that’s turning gray. They’ll have the “after” scene with some woman looking on in approval.

    Women don’t care about stuff like that!

  2. Reminds me of a scene in that 70s blaxploitation movie ‘Car-wash’ (you know with the great theme song). A guy’s putting down this outrageous drag queen. She retorts; ” honey, I’m more man than you’ll ever be, and more woman than you’ll ever get “.
    I’m not sure that women really go for super-macho guys. Physical macho anyway. I think it’s guys who go for that. Not necessarily gay guys – supposedly they’re into male things more than anyone, but honestly have you met many gays that were convincingly butch? Women certainly go for fit bodies, like men do, but there’s got to be some sort of interface between the body and her life and experience. Depends on a lot of things, like job, status etc as you note. Or a sense of humour, gentlemanly charm like Carey Grant or James Stewart, or just lots of alchohol. If I knew the answer I’d bottle it and sell it.

  3. Other things matter but men’s looks do help a lot. If there is a group of guys women gravitate to the better-looking guy. If a guy has a nice body and very handsome face his odds of getting laid (by a non-cow) at a party are many times higher than the average guy.

    Personally I can vouch for the looks thing; I just had my hair cut recently and suddenly chicks give me some attention. But then again I look like a 17 year old which has caused me problems, lol. I’m really not introverted though. I am super skinny, even after working out for the past 12 years ( I don’t know any guys my height as a skinny as I). I am tall tho 6′ 1/2″ which has helped me some. I would consider “renting” a woman but don’t was an STD, lol. I am not shy but from ages 12-22 I suffered from computer vision syndrome (I am sensitive to glare and CRT monitors) which gave me constant headaches and affected my life in all sorts of ways. Missed opportunities for chicks who were interested in me, school suffered, etc. Maybe it made me depressed. It went away when I got a TFT monitor and stopped looking directly at mirrors (weird I know). I am almost 28 and only fucked 7 girls (4 were ugs or fatties from the internet, one of which was a 43 year old with 4 kids, lol).

    Oh and alpha, I just read what you wrote above. What BS! A man’s hair is very important to a woman. When I had super shaggy hair I did not get attention from the same women who talk with me now.

    1. If that guy has nothing but looks going for him, it’s nearly worthless. You MUST have something else going, not just looks. Looks alone will get you just about nowhere with women.

  4. Okay, Shawn. I’ll take your word for it that when you had super shaggy hair you didn’t get as much attention from these women.

    But when women assess men for the things women really care about, thinning or graying hair are among the easiest things to overlook.

  5. Something else I forgot to add, and that is that in order for a man to have a successful relationship with a woman, sex should happen as soon as possible (or some other sexual act), and then the serious dating should occur afterwards. When I think back to my girlfriends, they all worked out that way for the most part. Going on 4-5 dates without any action has always been the kiss of death–a financially costly one at that. Now coffee date, then movies and dinner at my place. Sexual action of some sort before date 3–otherwise a guy will be considered a friend and it’s all a waste.

    1. You need to get things started on the sexual realm very, very quickly. Usually on the first date. At least kiss her. If you don’t get sexual in some way (even kissing her) pretty damn fast, you go into the “friends” category and you will never get anything. Sexmaniacman told me he always grabs them and attacks them right off the bat. A lot of females still hate him for that, but he doesn’t care.

      This whole crap of “let’s be friends first, then sex later” is a bunch of bull. You need to get things off on a sexual foot pretty damn fast in one way or another.

    2. So if a woman is going out on dates with you and isn’t putting out, she considers you a “friend.”

      Women know the difference between guys that are “friends” and guys they are “dating.”

    3. I hear you, Robert. And if the woman is into you and wants sex with you, I can see her being agreeable to the idea!

      But there is something wrong with this notion that a woman relegates you to “friend” status if she’s allowing you to take her out on dates and nothing sexual is happening.

      I haven’t dated in a while, but this isn’t really the way women think.

    4. Forget it, AU. Once it gets headed into that “friends” territory, there is no going back. You’re her “friend” and that’s *all* you are ever going to be. Never once in my life has this “friend” thing turned into anything even remotely sexual, and I’ve had hundreds of female friends over my lifetime.

      It’s either sexual (that includes even kissing) or a “friend” thing, and AFAICT, never the twain shall meet!

    5. OK. Looking back on the days when Alpha Unit was young and free-spirited, she sort of expected that if a guy was asking her out on a date, “action” of at least some sort was anticipated – and in the really near future.

      If the thought of “action” with said guy didn’t really appeal to her, she probably wouldn’t have been into dating him.

      Dating was never the mechanism for deciding if guys were “friends.”

      Also, the idea that sex right away leads to successful relationships, as Shawn suggested, makes me chuckle.

    6. If you don’t get something sexual going (holding hands, touching, kissing, hugging, something) pretty quick, you get relegated into that “friends” pile pretty quick, and once sentenced there, I’m not sure if there is any way out of it.

      I’m not even sure if you have to do that. You just have to telegraph some sort of sexual interest. If the chick likes you, she’s going to get frustrated after a while and start putting some moves on YOU.

      1. I have to agree!!! At least kissing on a first date. As a female I instantly lose interest if a guy doesn’t have the confidence to make the first move and friend zone him. Confidence is very attractive! I don’t want a shy guy. I want a guy that goes after what he wants

        1. You’re one messed woman. The type of women who end up as single mothers because all they date are tattooed jerks with “charm” and confidence.

          The well-adjusted women in church I know typically go for the right guy. Some of them are dating, others as single because they’re pinning for a really really good man. But it’s better than 😴ing around with ugly a-holes just because they want a man man.

          Keep your mental/emotional problems to yourself

    7. I agree that there are certain ways for the woman to signal her own sexual interest in the man – and let him know it’s perfectly okay for him to proceed with his moves!

    8. Another thing, most of us guys don’t really mind if the woman doesn’t want to jump into bed right away. If she wants to wait, most of us respect that. What we don’t like is the liars who tell us to wait a little while, and then it’s never coming, I mean *never* coming. That’s just a scam. If it’s like that, np, we can be friends then, but don’t jack us around.

  6. An interesting perspective, Robert and AU, from a lady who examines why traditional male traits (i.e. – dominance, aggression, social power/prestige) are not valued, or at least found sexually attractive in women — in the same vein as you say that looks alone don’t matter nearly at all for a man’s attractiveness to a woman.


    Female Misogynist: Are women naturally amoral?

    …This means that women cannot, evolutionarily speaking, afford to be independent. An independent female would be drummed out of the tribe, and with no one to help her protect and care for her small children, she would be dead very quickly. Even if she did manage to survive, her children would have no one to mate with, being without a tribe, and her genes would die out. A woman’s survival depends upon her keeping enough of the favor of the tribe, or at least of a powerful member or two of the tribe, that they will let her stay and enjoy the protection and support of the tribe. She can’t stand up to the chief because she thinks his decisions are immoral. He would either beat her into submission or exile her, and unless she found other protectors, she would soon be dead.

    A woman also cannot afford the aggression that allows men to promote moral ideals. Aggression often leads to fights, and anyone can get killed in a fight, and women are smaller and weaker than men, so their chances aren’t as good. A woman can’t afford courage. Survival rewards her for avoiding danger, and placating fellow humans who might be dangerous, including by having sex with them. If she bravely defied the males from the next tribe when they came in and took over, they would kill her, then no reproduction. The males’ courage and aggression in invading has enabled them to pass on their genes; her courage and aggression in resisting them has destroyed her chance of doing the same. …


    1. Yeah, funny. Check out Otto Weininger, AU. Interesting guy. He theorized that women lacked souls. His book, Sex and Character, is very famous, but it’s very weird. He was a misogynistic anti-Semitic Jew. Hitler actually admired him. Hitler said, “The only good Jew that ever lived was Otto Weininger, and he killed himself.” At age 23, Weininger rented a room in the house where Beethoven died and put a bullet in his heart.

    2. I was reading earlier today an article by Barbara Ehrenreich; she wrote it after the Abu Ghraib scandal erupted.

      She said that she and some other feminists were shocked at the involvement of women in the callousness and viciousness at Abu Ghraib, because their feminism had held that women were morally superior to men.

      The Faithful on both sides see the opposite sex as morally inferior. There’s common ground, after all.

    3. If we men hate the women who hate us men, because we think they are wrong and evil, then we can’t very well do the inverse of what they are doing, which would be to hate women. If women hating men is wrong and evil, then so is men hating women.

      It seems so elementary, yet so many of the women who scream that men hate women then hate men themselves, and so many of the men who holler about women who hate men seem to then hate women.

      Sexism is either right or its wrong. If it’s wrong for one sex, it’s wrong for the other. What’s bad for the goose is bad for the gander.

    4. Hitler said, “Dietrich Eckart once told me that in all his life he had known just one good Jew: Otto Weininger, who killed himself on the day when he realized that the Jew lives upon the decay of peoples” – Adolf Hitler, Monologe im Führerhauptquartier. 1941-1944, ed. Werner Lochmann (Hamburg. 1980), 148. Hitler, after this noting of Eckart’s appraisal, rejects the idea of a Jew having a redeemable quality even in Weininger’s reported self-loathing induced suicide, and simply insults his memory, saying “It is remarkable that the half-cast Jew, to the second or third generation, has a tendency to start flirting again with pure Jews. But from the seventh generation onwards, it seems the purity of the Aryan blood is restored. In the long run, nature eliminated the noxious elements.” An ironic statement for a man who also took his own life. – Hitler’s Secret Conversations 1941-1944. Published by Signet Books, Copyright 1953 by Farrar, Straus and Young, Inc., 1961, p.156. [There is no evidence that Eckart has tried be factual in his account of Weininger’s death.]

    5. Weininger is a real trip, but he actually converted to Christianity, so I’m not even sure he was Jewish. I guess he was Jewish by Jewish law, but Israel is barring some Jewish converts to Christianity from moving to Israel, so it’s uncertain how Jewish a Christian convert really. I doubt it Weininger really loathed himself. I mean, he converted out. I think he thought the problems with Jews was due to Judaism. Weininger never said there was anything biologically wrong with Jews.

      He rented the room where Beethoven died and killed himself as a gesture regarding genius. If you read Weininger, he writes a lot of about genius. He is actually pretty interesting to read when he discusses genius. According to Weininger, Beethoven was his archetype of the ultimate genius. That’s why he rented the room where the greatest genius who ever lived died and killed himself there.

      Wittgenstein praised him. Wittgenstein is another very interesting guy, but I’m not sure if he’s really Jewish either. His Dad was Jewish, but he converted. His Mom’s father was Jewish. And Wittgenstein converted to Christianity. Wittgenstein wasn’t even Jewish by Jewish Law, but people always say he’s a Jew? Why? Why do we use Nazi race laws to decide who’s a Jew and who isn’t?

      But then we get into the “Who is a Jew?” debate and that one never ends.


      1. Just for the record, Beethoven didn’t kill himself. There is a lot of debate what he died of though.

    6. BTW, the complete text of his “Sex and Character” is available online for download. Ironically, the things he said about Jews were pretty slanderous, but not much worse than the things early Zionists said about Jews.

      For some reason, many stalwart nationalists of whatever ethnicity love the ideal of their group, but hate, hate, hate the reality.

    7. Weininger was a trip. I think he’s funny. He’s so over the top! There’s some good stuff in there though, not necessarily about women and Jews but about other stuff. And in a few areas on Jews I think he was on point, but most of it is comical.

      And the early Zionists said some on point things about Jews. What was it Herzl said? When we sink, we become revolutionaries, and when we rise, there arises “the terrible power of the purse.” He’s saying that Jews are often rabble-rousing revolutionaries when they have no money, and once they get some money, they often go greedhead bigtime and amass lots of money.

      Both of these behaviors are associated with a lot of anti-Semitism in the Gentiles. He’s just telling it like it is. I don’t think that Jews can’t live with Gentiles, but let’s face it, the record hasn’t been all that wonderful. This was the argument of the early Zionists: we can’t live with these people mostly because they won’t tolerate us. Half a century on, that was empirically proven. I think a lot of the early Zionists were just telling it like it is.

      The nationalist can at times be clearheaded about the positive and negative attributes of his beloved group. This is due to his *passion* (or genius as Weininger would have it). Here I am channeling Weininger a bit.

      The average person lacks much *passion* for his group. His feelings and ethnocentrism is shallow (Weininger would say he lacks genius). Sure, he says, we’re the greatest, but he’s not passionate about it. The shallowness is evident in his rage when someone suggests criticizes the group. He can’t take it.

      Nationalists care passionately about the group and have analyzed them deeply, warts and all (“genius”). They also want the group to do better whereas your average moron says *we are just fine*! Hence the nationalist sometimes focuses on the flaws of the group to rouse them to become something better, the gigantic bird rising from the flames, the true destiny of greatness submerged in the latent great race (“genius” once again).

      This description of Weininger is incredible!

      “Nobody who had once seen his face could ever forget it. The big dome of his forehead marked it. The face was peculiar looking because of the large eyes; the look in them seemed to surround everything. In spite of his youth, his face was not handsome, it was rather ugly. Never did I see him laugh or smile. His face was always dignified and serious.

      Only when he was outdoors in spring did it seem to relax, and then become cheerful and bright. At many concerts he would shine with happiness. In the most wonderful moments we spent together, particularly when he talked about an idea in which he was interested, his eyes were filled with happiness. Otherwise his face was impenetrable.

      One could never – except to the last few months – find in his face any hint of what was happening deep within his soul. The taut muscles would often move, and sharp wrinkles would appear on his face, as if they were caused by intolerable pain. I asked for the reason, he controlled himself at once, gave a vague or evasive answer, or talked about other matters, making further questioning impossible.

      His manners would occasionally elicit surprise, and often a smile, since he cared little for traditions and prejudices.

      The influence of his personality seemed strongest at night. His body seemed to grow; there was something ghostlike in his movements and there would be something demoniac in his manner. An when, as happened at times, his conversation became passionate, when he made a movement in the air with his stick or his umbrella as if he were fighting an invisible ghost, one was always reminded of a person from the imaginary circles of E. Th. A. Hofmann.”


  7. LOL, you channeling Otto Weininger here, Eman?

    Wow Robert, now I know for sure you are an expert on this subject matter!

    Otto Weininger was an absolute clairvoyant on matters relating to women — a man so ahead of his time.

    Aw heck, he must of said or done something right, or at least profoundly interesting, for Chancellor Hitler to say he was a Jew that he had a good deal of respect for.

  8. Looks do matter. A woman is going to be interested in you at the start of a relationship if she finds you physically attractive which includes your face, height, build etc… But if you do not back it up fast with something else you will lose her.

    Secondly if there is an ugly looking guy with some attributes (good sense of humour for example) which women like and there is a good looking guy with the same attributes, his superior looks will give him an advantage over the ugly guy.

    So it is not nothing, it does give a good advantage but it is not enough. Looks should be important as having good looks may suggest having good genes (upto some extent) atleast.

  9. The White societies literally worship physical beauty.

    The non-White societies literally worship even the most average looking Gentiles.

    Of course, physical beauty does not last forever, and, there is a golden age for playing the Romeo, when there is plenty of life ahead of you.

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