“What Is It With Feminists and Rape?” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. I’m the one who put the question to AU, “What is it with feminists and rape anyway? It’s all they ever talk about. They’re like a skipping record.” This is her response, and I think she’s onto something. When will men quit raping women in the US? Never. When will women be able to walk around anywhere in the US without fear of being raped? Never. That’s the reality, and all the feminist screeching is never going to change a thing.

First of all, I have to admit something.

I have never been raped. As I’ve stated earlier, I’ve put myself in harm’s way, particularly as a very young woman. But I’ve never been raped. So I don’t know what it’s like to be forced into sex. I don’t know what goes through a person’s mind when this is happening, and I don’t know what that person goes through afterward.

But the question has been put to me: Why do some feminists focus so much on rape? Is being raped any worse than some of the stuff men go through?

Clearly there are worse things in life than rape. Murder, for instance. Is there anyone who would say, “I’d rather be murdered than raped”? But rape continues to be of pressing concern in the “war” between men and women. Behind all the sound and fury concerning rape is something a lot of women simply find hard to acknowledge. It is fear. Women fear men. They don’t like knowing this, and they won’t admit it, some of them. But fear of men is what drives all this angst over rape. Isn’t this apparent?

Feminism has done a lot to change the thinking of women. But to the dismay of many of them, it hasn’t done much to change men. And this is problematic. This whole issue of rape is what makes it clear that on the most fundamental levels, nothing has changed. Women still have to be on guard with men they don’t know. They still can’t walk around at night all alone. They still have to actually look out for their safety, because that nice guy who seems so harmless right now could be up to no good.

He might slip something into your drink. He might use “game” on you to get you to do what he wants. He might get into your house on some pretext and then, once inside, rape you.

When are women going to be able to feel at ease? To walk around freely without fear of being attacked?

When will a woman be able to go to the hotel room of a man she doesn’t know and be assured that nothing bad will happen? Or get wasted at a party and be assured that she will be left in peace?

Not any time soon, it seems. It seems there is still reason to be afraid.

And who wants to be afraid all the time? It’s humiliating to realize that you are afraid of someone. Or afraid of a certain group of people. Having to pretend you are unafraid isn’t much better. Demanding that those people stop scaring you is worse.

What’s even crazier is insisting that you have some kind of right to go through life unafraid or unmolested. You can believe you have such a right; in fact, you can insist on it. But other people are not necessarily going to comply with your wishes. In some places you can expect people to agree with you. But in other places people won’t agree with you at all.

Most people in this world don’t know you. Most don’t care about you. It is foolish to assume that strangers will uphold your own notions of reality.

Women are always going to have to be careful, or even defensive, in their dealings with men they don’t know. This is just a fact. Do some of these angry, rape-obsessed women actually believe a day will come when people have no reason to fear other people?

These women aren’t really crazy. They’ve already decided on a “solution” to this problem. Yes, they berate men for their brutishness. But look behind the outcry and what you’ll see is a demand that men protect women.

Yes, protect us! In any sexually charged encounter with a woman, it doesn’t matter what the woman is saying; she may not realize what she’s saying, or she may say something she really doesn’t want to say. And it doesn’t matter what she does before, during, or after the encounter; she may not really mean what she’s doing. It’s up to you, the man, to look out for her interests, protect her, and make sure she’s safe. And happy with the outcome.

Because men have a duty not to harm women and to keep them safe!

We’ve come full circle.

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11 thoughts on ““What Is It With Feminists and Rape?” by Alpha Unit”

    1. They don’t really care what’s in it for you. It’s all about them.

      I don’t think the question “What should the man get out of this arrangement?” even enters into their thinking.

      I personally think he should benefit from it as much as the woman does, but the question would have to be put to one of these “radical” feminists.

      What should the man get out of it?

  1. What do we get out of it? This is it. Do we even get respect from these feminazis for trying to address their concerns? No, they’d just think us wimps they can walk all over. I definitely get that consistent feeling from all of those type of woman I’ve met. When they use words of men like ‘nice’ and ‘caring’, what they mean is ‘faggot’ snigger, snigger. ” Give them a smack in the mouth with a Colt 45. Every woman understans that” ( the Bogart charachter in that Woody Allen movie – was it Annie Hall, you know the one where Bogie keeps appearing to Woody to give him advice on having some backbone).

  2. I truly don’t understand the mindset of this kind of woman.

    On the one hand they would have you believe that women are independent agents who are free to assume responsibility for their own lives.

    But on the other hand, they seem to imply through their agenda that women are not at all to be seen as responsible for their own choices.

    Well, which is it? Are women responsible for their own choices or not?

    1. They want the rights but not the responsibilities what come with it. Such a arrangement does not last for long. More I learn about women, the more Islam (some aspects of it) seems logical to me.

    2. Women need to be controlled. A society that loses control over its women is seriously messed up. Anyway, deep down inside, women want strong men to set some limits for them anyway. Women think they want to be out of control, but the more they run wild, the more miserable they are.

    3. Mr. Lindsay, I was reading somewhere that as civilizaions decayed women got more power. I do not remember where, but it showed that during the last days of Greece and during the last days of Rome (Western not Constantinople), women got more power and behaved feminist like. I wish women were different, I wish they were angels inside. Many of them look like and (on the surface) behave like angels but deep inside are like dumb animals. All they care about is macho guys, sex and kids (and shopping).

  3. men are also afraid of other men. it’s not as if it is exclusively women who fear men. but in typically male-fashion we instantly think of actions we could take to neutralize the threat. so we dream of shooting/stabbing/torture. when we’re not thinking about sex…

    as a man, i would rather get quicky-raped by a man in some dark alley, than be publicly shamed by a whoring woman that i am deeply in love with. yes, there are things worse than rape.

    i suppose it’s all about shame. the shame of being dumped, the (irrational) shame a woman feels at having been raped by a man.

    1. I don’t know if there is any validity to this, but I have heard the POV that in certain situations where a man is enraged at a woman, he will rape her instead of doing what he’d do to another man – beat him senseless.

    2. It’s far worse for a Woman to be raped by a Man than for a Man to be raped by a Man.

      The whole idea that it would be the same thing is evidence of profound mental retardation, and a complete ignorance of evolutionary psychology.

      Therefore, the question of how averse Men are to being raped is completely irrelevant to the issue of Women being raped, and the question of whether there’s a fate worse than rape other than death itself.

      Women are programmed by evolution so that their ultimate pain and humiliation is to be raped.

      Men are not programmed in this way at all, and to the extent that they’re hurt by being raped it’s essentially a residue of them being genetically related to Women.

      To the extent that there‘s any similarity between the reaction a Man has to being raped and the reaction a Woman will have, it is the same thing as the similarity between Female Nipples and Male Nipples.

      One serves an vital purpose, and the other is of no real value or importance.

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