"Are All Men Rapists?" by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. Good stuff. I agree with her though, we men are basically dogs, it’s true. But that’s the way we are supposed to be. It’s natural, normal. By my own reasonable definition of the word, I’ve never raped a woman. Yet I’ve been accused of rape by a woman, actually a girl, Hell, a 14 year old girl at that! It didn’t happen. I had sex with her all right, but I sure didn’t rape her. She was drunk, but so was I. So what? By the daffynitions of Lady Raine and Denise Romano, I’ve been raping women all my life. I don’t agree with that daffynition, but hey, if that’s the newfangled Feminazi daffynition of rape, so be it. In that case, I’m a rapist. And much worse than that. As far as their redaffyning seduction as rape goes, in that case, speaking of seduction-rape only, I also say that rape is fun! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, feminists. I’ll have more to say about this in a bit. Clint Eastwood, whose name I brought up the other day in one of the comments threads, has always been one of my favorite actors – at least in his Westerns. He played a number of roles in which he is this stranger who rides into town and sets things straight. He’s tall, lean, rugged, laconic – his entire demeanor says, “I don’t know you. And I don’t need to know you.” His name? What do you care? In 1973 he appeared in a film called High Plains Drifter. Critics praised it; audiences enjoy it to this day. But as you might expect, some people have a problem with a particular scene that occurs at the beginning of the movie. The Stranger drags a woman into the stables and rapes her. What’s even more appalling is that after a while, she seems to enjoy it. What? What is this scene doing in this film? Were the writers misogynists? Was Clint Eastwood a misogynist? Some people who comment on this scene call it “disturbing.” I think people find it disturbing not because of what it suggests about men but what it suggests about women. In another scene, he grabs the hotelkeeper’s wife to force her into bed with him – in the presence of the hotelkeeper! She fights and resists and calls out to her husband to stop what’s happening. But later she is seen lazing about in the bed in which she has been raped, quite contented. There is no doubt about it. The Stranger is a rapist. The first woman he raped is the stereotypical Bad Woman – the town tramp. In fact, it’s clear from the beginning of the scene that she sets her sights on The Stranger and deliberately makes a play for his attention. She runs into him on purpose and proceeds to insult him. He tries, in fact, to walk away from her, more than once. But she won’t let him. The second woman is the Good Woman. The only person who tried to intervene in a lynching – a pivotal incident that is shown in flashbacks. Both women get raped. Both apparently derive enjoyment from it. And the rapist is presented as The Good Guy. Do good guys rape women? Or is that something only done by bad guys? This is a difficult question, only because there are men out there who consider themselves good guys, in spite of the fact that they have raped. There are ostensibly good guys out there who feel that it’s okay to rape under certain circumstances. Some male college students who have been surveyed in the United States and elsewhere report not only that in some situations a woman is “asking for it,” but if there were no chance of getting caught, they would definitely rape! Many of these young men are “good” guys. With good upbringings in good homes. But if they could get away with rape, they’d go for it. Are we to believe that there’s something abnormal about them? As I’ve mentioned previously, armies throughout history have engaged in the systematic rape of female civilians during war. Military commanders have at times encouraged it. Aren’t some of the soldiers who succumb to this pressure “good” guys? There are many men who report that under no circumstances is it okay to rape. If some wholesome-looking young man were to say to me, “I’d never do something like that,” I’d admire his sincerity. But I’d probably be thinking to myself, “Never say never.”

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32 thoughts on “"Are All Men Rapists?" by Alpha Unit”

  1. This is really not a debate about ‘rape’ with the Mickey-Marx Feminists — it is really an issue of female power, particularly sexual power.
    They know that by defining rape down that they will hold more and more of the cards in any kind of relations with men… as if they don’t have nearly all the cards now anyway.
    Broader point is that if we apply the college campus systems rules on dating writ-large, then more and more normal, average and decent men will be approaching women on a (much) less frequent basis — leaving only the very economically well-off, or the most phychologically aggressive of men that will be pursuing women (with the most frequency, at least).
    So it would seem as if this could just a fancy ‘screening mechanism’ by the egotistical and the delusionally entitled of girls to shame the particular type of men away that they think would not be ‘worth their time’ — since only then the ‘wealthier’ of men or the vaunted ‘Alphas’ would feel ‘confident enough’ to pursue ’em.
    Ah, the female ego… what will it come up with next??

    1. Hey bro, this is a fantastic point! I may even make a post out of this. Thx so much for this!
      Thing is, I wonder just how females actually believe in this crap? I mean, is that what’s going to happen all over the world when females get power. They’re going to make seduction and sex with drunk/high females illegal?? WTH man. Sometimes I wonder if women even deserve power. They just abuse it and use it to attack us.
      Why are the Feminazis screaming rape all the time? By reasonable standards, I’ve never raped one woman in my life. I mean, rape sucks and all, but how important is it really? Sure, a lot of women get raped, but in most cases it’s not violent, and it happens maybe once in my life. Hell, how many guys get beat up? I got jumped by 5 guys in a nightclub once. I got beat over the head with a fucking baseball bat once! WTF. And I’ve been sexually assaulted myself, by a guy. More like grappled and fondled against my will and then beat up.
      It’s not just women who have this ultra-shitty things happen to them in life you know?
      Men are always going to rape women. You can’t stop it. These feminists act like they are going to get rid of rape. How? All you can so is make it so there’s less of it.

      1. Robert Lindsay, I can see why you are so gung-ho for rape. You are an ugly dude. And if it weren’t for rape, you probably would not get any play at all. It’s okay. I forgive you your lack of good looks.

    2. It’s true, I’m afraid: men are always going to rape women. It doesn’t mean every man is going to rape. But wherever you have males, you’re going to have rape.
      People need to accept this.

    3. Hey bro, this is a fantastic point! I may even make a post out of this. Thx so much for this!
      Brother Robert, thanks for the props!
      *And yes please, do a seperate post on this most vexing and poorly understood phenomenon of female hypergamy disguised as ‘morality’.

    4. Fascinating article from The Spearhead site –

      Recently, it has dawned on me that the rut men are stuck in has a lot to do with false hope. False hope about what? Well, sex. Feminism supposedly liberated men from the confines and drudgery of marriage, and in the beginning many men eagerly anticipated a world in which they would no longer be frustrated by their inability to sleep with the attractive women they saw all around them. If only those women were liberated, they thought, sex would be easy to come by. Of course, this turned out to be a huge disappointment. F. Roger Devlin has explained in detail why this is the case: women’s sexual liberation only benefited the most attractive men in terms of wealth and looks because it turned women’s hypergamous instincts loose on our society.

      In fact, this is where feminism and women really have men by the balls, so to speak. I also suspect that this is why traditional morality and abstinence are hated with a passion by feminists. It is this constant state of deprivation combined with just-out-of-reach titillation that gives women such absolute power over men. Imagine a country where the government enforces scarcity for the majority of people, yet constantly shows examples of how being a patient and obedient little citizen could pay off with fabulous riches at any time. For most people it’s a cruel lie, but it fosters false hope for the majority and thereby keeps them in line. That’s what’s happening to men: many of us are eagerly anticipating a pussy payoff even as women smirk and walk all over us in every other realm of life.


    5. F. Roger Devlin has explained in detail why this is the case: women’s sexual liberation only benefited the most attractive men in terms of wealth and looks because it turned women’s hypergamous instincts loose on our society.

      ~ F. Roger Devlin
      That is the female sexual utopia in power. Aristophanes had a better understanding of the female mind than the average husband. …

  2. I’ve heard that more men are raped than women. We have over 2 million men in prison and 1/5th of them get raped. And prison rape tends to be under-reported due to the shame factor.
    I haven’t done any research into those numbers, it’s just hearsay, but it’s something to ponder.

    1. Excellent point. And it’s okay to make jokes about prison rape. A laff riot for men and women alike. Try calling people out on it, they’ll look at you like you’re insane.

  3. On a side note, the number of black women raped by white men in a year is sometimes zero. And the number of white women raped by black men in a year? Far greater than zero.

    1. That’s’ not true. This matter has already been discussed ad nauseum. Go look it up in the archives. WN go apeshit over that report that no white men raped a black woman in one particular year, but if you see how the data was actually compiled, it becomes very tenuous.

    2. If anyone wants to gloat over this black-white rape stuff, let him. But I’d encourage young women to disregard it, and not take anything for granted when it comes to rape.
      I wouldn’t want someone to be “shocked” if she ends up getting raped by that nice White man she thought she could trust.

    3. I used to think like that, that mostly only Black guys raped these White women, and it made me mad that the White feminists were always screaming at us White guys about rape.
      Then I just realized that 2 9 yr old White girls I know got raped by a White man with a knife.
      And a 20 yr old friend of mine got raped when she was passed out by a White man.
      I think White guys rape women a Hell of a lot more than White people realize.
      White men are *men*! Men with pretty high testosterone levels too, higher than Asians.

  4. …although FrankBD is right about prison. Rape of black inmates by a white inmates is almost non-existent. White guys get raped by black inmates all the time, and many of them are forced to join a neo-nazi gang being bars for protection. A white guy who is a non-violent offender(esp if he’s not physically imposing) and doesn’t join a skinhead gang might as well have a big red target painted on his rear end.

    1. That non-violent, unimposing white inmate probably wouldn’t fare much better in an all-white prison population.

    2. That’s not really true, AU. In the prisons, the Whites form prison gangs to protect their guys from getting raped by the Blacks. They’ll even protect the skinniest, wimpiest White guy. You just need to join the gang. I assume there are White guys who rape other inmates, but they are not in the White prison gangs. One of the rules of the White gang is you can’t rape other inmates. Severe punishments if you violate the rules.
      Now, where in the US do we have any all-White prisons? We don’t have any of them in the whole country, so it’s hard to test your hypothesis. However, the White prison gangs were set up explicitly to protect guys from rape.
      The Hispanic gangs do not allow any Hispanics to be raped by the Black guys period. If any Hispanic gets raped, there will be a gang war against the Blacks. They protect their own. But the Whites don’t. You have to join one of the gangs. It’s your only protection.

    3. I see what you’re saying, Robert. I wasn’t thinking strictly of modern-day American prisons when I made my suggestion.
      In all-White environments, I wonder if the same kind of sexual hierarchies haven’t formed among prison populations.

  5. blah blah, haven’t we already established the fact that blacks are more violent than whites? Sure, sometimes us white boys get to thinking that we’re angels when we aren’t… of course whites have the propensity to rape, murder etc… but just imagine taking the 5% worst blacks and the 5% worst whites and put them together– who rapes whom? If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes around black people you know the answer.
    The idea of a white man raping a black man is as ridiculous as the idea of Liberians purchasing Belgians to work on Liberian cotton plantations.

    1. I actually do get all this business about Blacks and violence.
      The capacity for rape is a part of the male condition, as I see it. As far as what males do to each other is concerned, the more aggressive ones are going to rape the weaker ones, whether we’re talking about a population of mixed races or one of the same race.
      I also get that for some people, race is a primary consideration in just about everything.

  6. “However, the White prison gangs were set up explicitly to protect guys from rape.”
    Maybe, but I think it has a lot to do with selling drugs too. Neo-nazi gangs are heavily involved in meth. The Nazism seems to be only peripheral.

  7. To be honest, I really wouldn’t either believe a women who claimed that she wouldn’t encourage or try to use a man to rape “that slut” that she hates or wants power over either. It’s probably fun to see “that bitch get hers” when she gets raped, for a woman, as least as much fun as it is for a man to actually do a rape.
    I really don’t really think men are that different in terms of trying to have brutal power relations over others, they just have penises and muscles and the werewithal to use them. There might be a slight difference in empathy between men and women, but the real difference is in women’s weakness and cowardice and fear of risk relative to men (that’s not to say weakness and cowardice are bad – maybe they’re good virtues if they get good results -, but let’s call them like they are). If you take away their weakness, I bet they wouldn’t be so nice.

  8. Well. This is due to human evolution that men are more addicted to sex than girls.
    Remember that we where once simple beings living in smaller groups or herds and we had one simple goal; to have kids and let your family live on forever and males have the advantage of being able to let the women carry one baby each. And that for nine months.
    Males would be dominating the bed, so to say.
    Females can’t be mating more than once a year.
    Now then sex can become more of a “hobby” for males and a “duty” for girls.
    In modern time, however, we’re having sex more often because we enjoy it. And with condoms and other sorts of prevention we don’t have sex to mate, but to be social and enjoy it.
    Still, women are still not as addicted to sex as men.
    And in fear of repeating myself any more I will stop writing, hehe… 😛

  9. i read the article on Rape Fantasy on wikipedia. that comes to mind after reading this piece. just as you ask “are all men rapists” i kind of wonder “do all women have rape fantasies?”
    i doubt it, but who knows. even if it was true i am at a loss as to how you might get women to ever admit to it. even an anonymous poll of some sort would probably fall short.

    1. I don’t think they all do, but some do, that’s for damn sure! Hell yeah. I know because I have done some play rape fantasies with some women. They wanted me to do this for them. You can find women who want you to act out these kind of fantasies for them online and in real life too.
      There used to be chatrooms in the Adult section on Yahoo called Rape Me! LOL. You could go in there and if you played your cards right, you could find a woman who wanted to play-act some rape fantasy, and then you could act it out with her. Some of them really get into it! I kind of got into it too, even though I’m not into rape. It was fun to rape those chicks, LOL.
      I say play your cards right because even in those rooms, if you’re an idiot or you don’t know what you are doing, you won’t necessarily meet a woman.
      Even in those dirty chatrooms, the women are highly selective. You can IM every woman in the room and none of them might talk to you. You had to seduce them, just like in real life, and the guys who were really good at it playacted with all sorts of women, including the best ones. Women are quite picky even in the dirtiest chatrooms. LOL.
      The Yahoo adult chatrooms are all ruined now by scammers, spammers, pornbots, camwhores, scamwhores, the whole nine yards. The overwhelming majority of the “people” in the rooms are not even humans, they are just computers, LOL. Anyway, the rooms have been wrecked. They were a lot of fun back in the day though.
      It’s a misnomer that the only people who go to those rooms are “losers.” There are all kinds of people in those rooms, married men and women, singles, and most of them are straight up normal people. The married people are looking for “affairs” either online or in meatspace. Just like in real life, people who can’t cut it socially fail in chat too. They lack the social skills to meet, socialize with or role play in chat. The biggest players in chat have excellent social skills and typically do well socially in real life too. Chat’s not all that different from meatspace really.

    2. They are having excellent results now with computerized polling for very sensitive questions. You go into a room, go on a computer, and answer questions about very personal things. There is no way that those reading the results can ever know who answered what to any of the questions, so no one will find out your answers.
      These polls are showing rates of drug use and male homosexual behavior that are FAR HIGHER than we have found with previous polling via a human questioner.

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