Statement on Game/PUA Community

The “Game” and PUA (Pickup Artist Community) guys is a movement of guys who are trying to teach other guys how to get women. More crudely, you can say they are teaching them how to get laid. However, some married men with no interest in cheating are just using game to try to control their out of control wives, or as one man put it, “to deal with the insanity of the typical American wife.”

Game teaches you how to manipulate and control women in order to get them to do what you want them to do. Women use Game on us all the time. They constantly try to manipulate and control us to try to get us to do what they want us to do. Each sex is entitled to use Game or any other legal techniques to try to get their partners and love interests to do what they want them to do, assuming everything is legal.

There are no moral issues here, because all’s fair in love and war. Tell you what, women? You first. You stop fighting dirty first (Women are the ultimate champions at fighting dirty; men are just cheap penny pikers), then we’ll follow suit.

What the PUA community does and the techniques it uses go for beyond the scope of this post.

Some of their techniques involve phrases like ASD, LMR and bitch shield. When a woman is not giving you sex or physical affection, she is said to have her bitch shield up. Ok, that’s kind of funny. Me? I just might not call her back unless I have a chance soon. I go to work real soon, and I am manhandling and getting physical by the first date. I get slapped down a lot, and it doesn’t always get me into bed, but in general, it works great. You have to get physical with these women!

ASD and LMR stand for anti-slut defense and last-minute resistance. This is when the woman is holding out on you. Ok, that’s kind of funny too. Usually in my case she has already gotten really physical with me but is now holding out on the best part of the game. Of course I have utilized all sorts of psychological techniques to wear down these common defenses. I recommend other guys do too.

These PUA guys also do stuff called “negs,” and “refusing to validate.” I don’t see the point. Negs is where you insult her, often openly and in front of others. It’s testament to the extremely low moral quality of the female in general that this disgusting technique makes them want to mate with us.

“Refusing to validate” is similar. To some extent, this makes sense, but I’m not going to do it in that callous PUA way. Problem is that most guys fall all over themselves like puppy dogs or babies when they are with women, kissing women’s feet, showering them with stupid lines, gifts, compliments and adoring, puppy-like affection. Reasonably enough, many women find such self-abasing behavior disgusting.

My technique is to act like, “Hey look, I’m too busy to chase women! What the Hell do you want anyway?”

Another one is to act like you have women after you all the time.

“Oh boy, here’s one more, just what I need? So impress me babe. Realize you’re competing with hundreds of other females for my overwhelmingly desired attention? How are you going to show me you’re better than the rest? How are you going to beat all these other women.”

Another thing is to never let a woman know you’re not dating anyone. Traditional women don’t mind hearing it, but American women are psycho. He not dating anyone means, “He’s a loser.” Women only want what others want or better yet have. Never let them know at the beginning that they are the only one. Never let them know that you aren’t getting any. Always give them the impression that you have an easy return no questions asked policy and she can be replaced with a better model anytime.

Never let a woman know you’re lacking in sexual experience. Never let a woman know you’ve been celibate for any length of time at the present. A history of many women works better than a history of few to none. Women say they hate studs, but they can’t stop sleeping with them.

As soon as women figure out you haven’t been getting any, or you lack sexual experience, or haven’t had many women in your life, they will start running their own Game on you, and boy! You think the PUA guys’ Game is evil! Wait til you see this Game she’s about to run on you! The only way to deal with women is from a position of strength. Women see weakness, grab the ball and make a 90-yard dash to make a touchdown in your territory, then throw the ball to the ground and dance a little jig right on your balls.

It’s sad that we have to act this way, but really, these somewhat shitty techniques work great.

Anyway, that’s my version of Game. It’s worked quite well for me in life.

I don’t like the PUA or game community all that much. They say to get women you need to act like an asshole and treat women like shit to some extent. They’ve tested these theories as scientifically as you can, and they’ve proven that they’ve worked. They throw out theory that doesn’t work and try new things all time. It’s a very science-based approach.

This just reaffirms my increasingly low opinion of women. I see. So…the way for me to get women is to be mean to them, do “negs” on them, treat them like shit, “refuse to validate them,” on and on.

Well, nothing new here. I’ve noticed for 35 years that the assholes get most of the women, and the rest of the guys don’t get crap, or get evil carping bitches. Worse, the women are nice to the assholes, and seem to enjoy being treated like shit by a bunch of near sociopaths.

Well, that’s just wonderful, isn’t it? Want to be successful with women? Just act like a quasi-psychopath, treat ’em like crap, insult them, cheat on them, psychologically abuse them, because the damned bitches are masochistic freaks and get off on being treated like shit by a modern day Caveman with a club. And the nice guys get kicked in the balls and then kicked to the curb.

Wonderful, just wonderful. Game isn’t telling me anything new. If mentally ill masochistic females reward the most callous, cruel and sociopathic males with the most love, sex and obedient behavior, while the nice guys always lose, who can blame guys for giving some of these crazy biatches what they want? I won’t.

But it’s not for me. If I have to “invalidate,” “neg,” treat like shit, insult and abuse women in order to get laid, Hell, I’ll just stay home. I have a hard drive full of porn, and that’s all I need, but at least my conscience will be clear.

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9 thoughts on “Statement on Game/PUA Community”

  1. Man…I get exhausted just reading about that stuff. Those guys need to learn to just relax and go with the flow. Laugh a little.
    They should slow down and smell the pussy.

  2. Isn’t this Game/PUA stuff ridiculous? You’d think men never got anywhere with women before these “experts” showed up.

    1. If you’re talking to a guy at the top of his game, you won’t even know you’re being gamed. These guys know how to trigger that animal part of the women’s brain that hasn’t changed since the caveman days. That’s what game is about in a nutshell. Robert’s post only touches on surface layer of what the PUAs are talking about. There’s really a huge diversity with the PUA community. Some guy’s are really genuine douchebags who use asshole game. Some guys are pretty decent, enjoy women for who they are, but want to learn how to be more dominant men that don’t let themselves get walked over by women.

      Key things that PUAs do that attract women:

      1) They don’t come off as needy.
      2) They know how to create sexual tension
      3) They are confident as hell

  3. Although I have to agree with those who blame the feminist movement for all this. Once upon a time there were “rules” that governed the way men and women were to relate to each other, date each other, etc.

    Then this generation of women came along who said, “Out with the rules! No more rules!” That was supposed to put women on the same level as men.

    Women are no match for men in the sexual arena! Those old rules aren’t looking so bad now, are they?

  4. Hobbes’ war of all against all is what the decline of traditional mores eventually leads to in the sexual realm.

    Strange how foreign the idea of marriage as a sacrament to God seems to us nowadays eh? Does it seem more foreign to us today than to those it was first introduced? Probably, methinks.

  5. Women do not know what they want or what is good for them. They are conformists and easily manipulated by society by appealing to their inherent desires and emotions. Once rules are out, both by social stigma and the power of religion in the realm of virtue, they are easily controlled by their emotions by men, with no reference to any objective standards. They don’t know what will make them happy, they don’t know what is good for society. Civilization was based on sexual morality and monogamous marriage, and when that declines, relations between the sexes return to barbarism and primitive standards. Few men are successful polygamists and few women are successful hypergamists, their natural state. The rest try.

    Read Schopenhauer “On Women”

    “A man without religion is to be pitied. A woman without religion is a horror beyond all things”

    1. Women probably have a good sense of what they want and what’s good for them. You’ve referred to their inherent desires, even.

  6. Ehh, women are men are both a bunch of dumbasses. This is why I hate, hate, hate, I mean I absolutely cannot STAND sexual relationship drama. I avoid TV shows that display this sh*t as entertainment, like “Friends” or “How I met your mother.” And I sure as hell don’t hang around people who bitch and complain all the time about their current relationship and then for inexplicable reasons, continue to stay in said relationship.

    The thing is, I strongly believe this is not feminism. Feminism by definition is about intelligence and critical thinking, and yes, logic. The reason women are like this is that they have not evolved to the point where they start applying rational thinking to their personal lives. This is not actively pursing and being involved in feminism, not in the least. This is a bunch of whiny, crybaby biatches who feel that they should be able to get entitlement and privileges from feminism, without any of the requisite work.

    How many of these women who play mind games go to college and major in something useful? How many of them pick respectable careers that reflect their interests? How many of them volunteer at women’s shelters?

    I’ve said this before, I and will say it again. Marriage benefits both men and women. In marriage, if there are relationship troubles, at least there is motivation to work it out, for a good cause – to keep the marriage existing. But “relationship” (i.e., not married) complainers are just wasting time.

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