Guys: Will Your High IQ Get You Women?

Please…you’ve got to be kidding me.

tulio writes in the comments section:

Some women do appreciate high intelligence. That’s why my favorite type of woman is the “sexy professor” type. Brains + beauty.

I learned long ago that this is one of the lies of females, or rather, their self-deceptions. Women often say, “I love a smart guy!”

Bullshit! No they don’t.

As someone with a high IQ, I can vouch for this. My high IQ never once got me laid. I don’t think it ever even got me a Goddamned date. What good is it? I don’t know. I like it, but it sure never got me any chicks. Back in the days when I did great with women, my one secret was hiding my brains. I on purposely acted like a dumb surfer-stoner idiot. My brothers used to take me to task on that. “You’re acting stupid on purpose! And you’re not! You’re smart! It’s fake! Quit acting stupid.” Oh for Chrissake, man. I was only trying to get some chicks. The dumber I acted, the more chicks I got. Real simple equation.

Young women will openly admit that they want a hulking caveman with a club, a rough and stupid type. It’s sexy. That’s what turns them on. Even high-IQ young women are like this. They often marry big dumb macho guys, and spend years of unhappiness. Finally when they are 40 and their sex drive goes down or their they gain some sense, they marry some brainy nerd for his money. And they are a lot happier.

Once they start getting a bit older, women start saying that smart guys are a turn-on. Yet another female self-deception. It’s a lie. I don’t believe it!

I had one girlfriend who claimed to like my brains, but it was obvious that it didn’t turn her on. She acted like my brains were some weird mystical object in a museum that you can’t understand. Is it weird? Yeah. Is it cool? Sort of, except you can’t understand it. Does it make you horny? Yeah right.

We had an open relationship (my specialty) so there was no such thing as cheating, but she loved to do it anyway, and rub it in my face at that. Being a decadent postmodern degenerate, I really didn’t care. She’d tell me I had go home. She was off for the weekend. Ok, no problem babe.

“I have a date!” she’d scream.

“Good for you,” I was stoned and didn’t care anyway.

She hadn’t gotten my attention yet, or pissed me off, her object.

“With a Black guy! I’m going to be gone all weekend!”

“Great, have fun,” I said, and I meant it. I should have asked her to take pics and show them to me. I was getting a lot out of this nonstop sex relationship. So she wants to take a vacation, hey, go for it, babe.

The more she couldn’t get a reaction out of me, the more pissed she got. I was a mystery, no ordinary man. I didn’t care if she cheated on me, just leave big megahelpings for me when you get back, honey.

Now, it’s obvious this chick did not get off on my brains. Here she was cuckolding me for some hulking Black brute with a double digit IQ and a monster dick.

Chicks dig brainy guys. Yeah right!

I would like to make some amendments to this rant. There are some women who like brains.

Asian chicks! Yo! Especially Chinese women. I’m convinced that the Chinese have been selecting for brains for a long time now. I did a lot of reading on China for a recent piece on the language. There were some interesting anecdotes.

One said that in a village in South China, there was a young man, the smartest guy in the whole village. All of the young women, especially the most beautiful, were lined up for him. They all wanted him. Why? He was the brainiest of them all! This suggests to me that maybe Chinese society has been selecting for brains. The women see the brainiest guys as the sexiest, or at least the best marriage potential. The best women compete for the brainiest guys. What’s the end result? 107 Chinese IQ! Good thinking, Chinese!

There was another anecdote. In central China, in a small village, they had a creative writing class. It was mostly full of women, as such classes always are. But there were a few guys. There was one guy, strong and silent, kept to himself, the best writer in the whole class! All the single Chinese women in the class wanted this guy! The best writer of them all!

Grab him, before someone else does. They hung around his office making fake excuses for being there and asking dumb questions. There was almost a line outside his door. He was also kind of macho for a Chinese guy, so that helps. But the main thing was, his writing kicked ass on everyone else’s. One Chinese woman snapped him up and was the envy of the rest.

I’ve also noticed this in Japanese and Thai women, but both of those cultures are heavily Sinicized.

Another exception: Jewish women! It’s true, Jewish chicks love brains. Being sexy and handsome are added attractions, but brains are definitely not a turnoff. I think it’s actually a sexual turn-on for Jewish women.

Once again, we have evidence for cultural evolution in selection for brains. In the traditional Jewish ghetto, the most beautiful young women were more or less auctioned off to the smartest young men. Say the rabbi had some daughters, really beautiful women. The hottest women in the village would hold out for the brainiest guy of them all.

The rabbi would virtually hold contests in Talmudic scholarship to see which boy was smartest, who would then be given the hot rabbi’s daughter babe in marriage. The smartest guys got the hottest chicks in the ghetto. This went on for centuries, and now you have Jews with average 113 IQ’s. Pretty smart cultural evolution there.

Hispanic/Iberian women. Not this pitiful excuse for an Hispanic culture here in the US, I mean the real deal in Latin America. Down there, especially in Peru, Brazil and Argentina, a scholar is a good thing to be. It’s widely accepted in society. There’s no such thing as scholarly nerds, since scholars conform to the same macho norms as everyone else. I’m not sure why, but hot young Latin American women like a brainy guy. Maybe he has good earning potential and is a good catch, maybe because scholars are highly valued in these Iberianized societies.

I also think that Iberian women have the same values. Spanish and Portuguese women seem to respect a smart guy. There’s a long tradition of valuing a scholar in these places. Iberian scholars were often macho, studly guys, highly respected by society, and they could get hot women.

French women. I suspect that French chicks like intellectuals more than your average European woman, but I’m not sure. Many French chicks are quite intellectual themselves, even ordinary working class women who you would never expect. It’s a very intellectual culture.

Cultures where the women do not value brains – this one is going to be hard. I would suggest right off the bat, the rest of Europe.

German women. Forget it. Even very smart German women want a caveman type, the dumber the better. Why this is, I have no idea.

Turkish women. I don’t think so. This is an extremely macho society, and the females conform strongly to macho norms. This is what they expect in a man.

Black women. Forget it. Of all women, Black women love the most masculine men of all – Black men! A lot of Black women think White guys period are wimpy, so you can imagine what they think of White intellectuals. It must be two thumbs down. This has got to be true for any Black society.

Some societies I am not sure about.

Russian women. No idea, but I suspect that they may respect intellectuals. Even ordinary IQ Russian women read Dostoevsky, listen to Tchaikovsky, etc. Intellectuals in Russia are not seen as effete. They are hardass, macho Russian dudes. They can get good women.

Arab women. I think Arab women are great (Check em out, guys!) but I’m not sure how they feel about intellectuals. Intellectuals are highly valued in Arab society, and they are macho, tough, Arab guys who conform to hypermasculine Arab values. They are well-respected by Arab society too – there’s nothing effete about working with your brain here in the land of dates and Crescents.

East Indian women. A commenter says they like smart guys, especially the middle class and up ones. I don’t know, because I have little experience with these women. We have a lot of Punjabis in my town though, and it’s striking how much they seem to respect education and an educated guy. It’s very highly valued. Further, many of them are either formally educated or if not, self-educated. Problem around here is that East Indian women are totally unavailable. They only go for Indian guys.

But anyway, in general, no! Your stratospheric IQ will not get you women, not in the US. It’s actually the opposite.

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154 thoughts on “Guys: Will Your High IQ Get You Women?”

  1. I for one love a man who is smart, kind, with a nerdy side to him who is open minded as well!! The guy that wrote this is not that bad looking too just change the glasses and the hair then we are talking!!!

  2. Woah. Did you just claim that 107 is a high IQ? This is satire right? -_-
    I feel pretty special now, as a girl with an IQ of 135.
    If I’m having a conversation with a guy, and he’s clearly not intelligent, I’m really turned off. I start zoning out, or look for an exit.
    Intelligence is VERY attractive to me, however, physical attraction is just as important for (most) people. What I find attractive (physically) in someone will not necessarily be the same for others.

    1. I do not believe that I have ever claimed that 107 is a high IQ, however, for a nation it is. A nation that has an average 107 IQ is a very intelligent nation indeed. But in an individual, 107 is simply within the range that we call normal.

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