Adolf Hitler, Standup Comic


Boy, that Adolf guy could really keep them rolling in the aisles, huh? That one joke right there was practically a LOLercaust!

However, this clip also shows that Hitler’s comic skills were somewhat lacking. I mean, he mentioned Roosevelt and no wheelchair joke. Mein wacky Führer, you disappoint me. How could you pass that up?

And why no jokes about the Jews? Speaking of Jews, it’s well known that Krauts have no damned sense of humor. And Jews start cracking jokes when they’re still in the womb. Those kicks Jewish mothers have to endure are due to their fetuses collapsing in the uterus in spasms of humor. I’ve always wondered about those Hitler had a Jewish grandparent rumors, and this clip shows it must have been true.



6 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler, Standup Comic”

    1. /:=|

      Dang that sucks.

      I just subconsciously made a Hitler figure with my keyboard. Now I must be a Nazi for sure. I better go find a good Jewish psychiatrist and get this all straightened out once and for all. 🙁

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