Obama, US Imperialism, and the US Colony of Haiti

In the comments thread on Alpha Unit’s latest piece, finally Lafayette Sennacherib hits it on the head and cuts through the crap:

I’ve read a lot of criticisms of both the Red Cross and especially Doctors Without Borders re ‘impartiality’. I can’t link to anything offhand, but I wouldn’t assume they’re saints; all these NGOs are heavily compromised by US govt funding.

As to what seems to be criticisms here of the reaction of the Haitians. The criticisms seem to be based uncritically on the media presentation, which reminds me of the coverage of New Orleans post Katrina – ‘black gangs looting etc’.

I, ME PERSONALLY, knew there was a desperate shortage of water in Haiti within 12 hours. How long do you think it was before US intelligence knew that?

Greg Pallast points out that FEMA has had EVERYTHING ready in Florida since Katrina – bottled water, medical supplies etc – all ready to go practically at a moment’’s notice ; they could easily (well, with some effort anyway) have organised drops of bottled water all over the country withing 12 hours. All those that needed water desperately are dead now, within the first 48 hours.

More than a week later we’re just hearing on the MSM that “aid is beginning to get through to limited areas.” We still don’t hear about bottled water being dropped by helicopter.

Instead we hear about the US takeover of the airport, planes carrying aid being turned away, tens of millions of dollars being spent to send aircraft carriers and destroyers, and ten thousand troops on the way.

We get the excuse that they can’t send out the heavy digging equipment because of ’security concerns’ i.e. they’re demonising the Haitians as violent animals like they did to New Orleans, as an excuse to let them die, to cull the population in preparation for a US invasion, to have a solid base to fuck up Cuba and Venezuela and fuck up all those coloured people who thought they were going to have schools and health-care and all that.

The history of what the US has done to Haiti over the years is readily available for those who care to check it out – this ‘aid effort’ is the coup de grace.

I have to say the blatant racist gloating in some of the comments here is particularly nauseating, and just downright cowardly. Kicking people while they’re down is not very attractive, but hey that’s the way our culture is going. Maybe I’m old fashioned.

Good show, LS, good show! I really appreciate LS’ comment. He really hit it on the head regarding how Haiti is nothing more than a particularly disgusting and despicable colony of US imperialism. ATM, Haiti is a US, French, Canadian and even UN (!!!) colony, all apparently for to serve the ulterior motives of imperialism and multinational corporations.

Aristide was the best hope that Haiti ever had, and the US overthrew him because he dared to raise the minimum wage! When the gangsters supported by the US, France, Canada and the UN (!!!!) took over, the first thing they did was to rescind all of Aristide’s progressive programs. They then destroyed (!!!) all of the health clinics and schools that he had built. Threat of a good example and all of that.

LS makes completely clear here that Obama is just another US imperialist President. I’m not sure he’s much better than Bush in the foreign policy area. He’s negotiated with Colombia to allow 8 (!!) new military bases in Venezuela (mostly to threaten Venezuela and to a lesser extent Bolivia and Ecuador, he supported the coup in Honduras and probably gave the go-ahead for it, and he’s continuing Bush Administration ultra-imperialism WRT to Haiti.

As far as imperialism goes, Obama is just a Black man in White face. US Blacks generally oppose US imperialism, but Obama is as establishment as they come.

WRT to the endless racist arguments of “Haiti as an example of what niggers* do naturally,” fine, but let’s take a look at something. The racists say that Haiti is “the only all-Black state in the Americas.”

Fair enough, but deceptive. For really, most of the Caribbean, excepting mulatto Cuba and Dominican Republic is Black as the night. The whole region is Black, top to bottom, east to west. Yet the region more or less functions, or at least we don’t see the Haitian style clusterfuck. Black IQ’s are generally the same throughout the region. So, without the particular nightmare of Haiti’s history, including US and French imperialism in spades, Haiti would have probably ended up like any other Caribbean nation.

The racists go on and on about how wonderful the Dominican Republic is, and how much the DR’s hate Haitians (They even enslave them, just like we used to!). Look, DR people are mulattos, with an emphasis on the Black. Does a little bit of White really change and civilize Blacks all that much? According to the racists here, yes. Yet these are the same racists who apply one-drop rule to any White with a taint of Black poison in him.

The racists don’t make sense. Either adding White to Blacks is the greatest thing since sliced bread, or it’s hopeless as they’re already nigger-tainted as it is.

Tulio hits on the head in the comments section. Haiti is a particularly clusterfucked place and race doesn’t have a lot to do with it, otherwise every other Caribbean island would be just as nigger-fucked as Haiti.

Borg points out that Haitians tend to act pretty good once they get here. Indeed they do (Not that I argue bringing lots of them over here!). I would gather that in one generation, they even gain 15 IQ points just from living in the US. We don’t have a tremendous amount of problems with Haitians in the US. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are much more of an issue. The reason may be screening. Haitians are rigorously screened, and only the best are allowed in. Puerto Ricans are completely unscreened, and DR folks mostly came here as illegals.

The racists are going on and on about how lazy the Haitians are. I don’t want to go into an examination of Black “shiftlessness,” but that’s one thing that Haitians can’t be accused of. In Haiti, the line is clear. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Often, even if you do work, you don’t eat. The social programs that we know of here in the US are nonexistent in Haiti.

One of the reasons, the US, France, Canada and the UN overthrew Aristide was because he initiated a free lunch program for the poor of Haiti. Threat of a good example! Haitians work their asses off, all day, every day, if they have a job. Even if they don’t have a job, survival is a fulltime job in Haiti. As we might expect, Americans note that Haitian immigrants have a strong work ethic. In fact, Haitians in the US are scathing in their attitudes towards US Blacks, whom they regard as disgusting layabouts.

I’m not trying to defend the bad behavior of so many Haitians, but there’s a lot more going on in Haiti than just TNB**

*Used sardonically.
**Typical Negro behavior, sardonic phrase synonymous with “ghetto.”

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27 thoughts on “Obama, US Imperialism, and the US Colony of Haiti”

  1. Of course, LS is correct. Governments will “fuck you up.” States will “fuck you up.” Why? Because states don’t care about people. States are not charitable organizations. They exist to further certain ends. And none of those ends include “the care and feeding of desperate people.”

    Obama is just a “Black man in White face,” with regard to imperialism? Once Obama became President, his race actually ceased to matter – that’s what’s so ironic! Anyone in Obama’s position is going to be just another US imperialist President, if you have to put it that way.

  2. The USA embargo makes it so that the Cubans can’t donate any money to Haiti but the Cuban doctors are active in Haiti.

  3. The USA embargo makes it so that the Cubans can’t donate any money to Haiti but the Cuban doctors are active in Haiti.

    Nonsense… Cuba trades with every country in the world but the US (and gets plenty of money sent back home by Cuban relatives in the US… ) why would the US embargo (which is a half baked affair..) preclude Cubans giving aid to Haitians..? I would suggest that aid from Cuba isn’t flowing to Haiti because isn’t well of itself. It’s not like there are many dollars flowing to Haiti from wealthier Caribbean nations either.

  4. to have a solid base to fuck up Cuba and Venezuela ..

    Get out a map LS, have you ever heard of Miami or Puerto Rico? (Cuba is 198 miles from Miami versus about 100 miles from Haiti (The keys and other parts of Florida are even closer..) ) or Puerto Rico, where the US Military does have troops and bases from which to launch against Cuba or Venezuela but hasn’t?

    Interesting and humorous fantasies on your part.

  5. Haiti is nothing more than a particularly disgusting and despicable colony of US imperialism. ATM, Haiti is a US, French, Canadian and even UN (!!!) colony, all apparently for to serve the ulterior motives of imperialism and multinational corporations.

    Really Robert..? What’s the gain..? I happen to someone to know someone whose company left Mexico and two Caribbean countries because the costs were higher than in Asia (Vietnam and China…) where they relocated. What proof do you have that the US is acting on imperialist and/or multinational interests in regards to Haiti..?

  6. My post was actually inacurate, it was based on a article I skimmed. The article is not about the earthquake. The article was written in 2004.

    I have no idea what Cubas activities are in Haiti at the moment. If I find some info I will post it.


    “Cuba isn’t coughing up any money, says Cuban ambassador to Haiti Rolando A. Gomez Gonzales. But, he adds, “There are 579 Cuban health specialists in Haiti now, most of them doctors.”
    “We can’t offer financial assistance because we’re also a blocked country” — a reference to the U.S. embargo on Cuba — “but we can give our human resources.””

    1. Yeah but plenty of other Caribbean countries have IQ’s as low as Haiti’s, and they are not screwed up like Haiti is. Haiti’s problems go beyond IQ.

      That’s interesting that the DR’s IQ is that much higher though. I think it’s got to be the White ancestry in them. But how much White ancestry to they have? If they are half White, that figure is reasonable. Are DR people half White?

      It also might be interesting to see what happens to DR people when they move to the US. Does the IQ go up?

    2. Since there’s an inverse correlation between poverty and heritability in IQ, I think it’s meaningless to compare IQ scores between Haiti and the Domincan Republic. Besides, from what I’ve seen in the U.S. anyhow, most Dominicans are black.

  7. Those worthless fools. They rejected food they thought was expired. 2008 was the manufacturer’s date!

    1. It takes a fool to know one. As for the people in the caribbean their IQ is as high as anywhere else. The people in Haiti has been oppressed by this country and France, as well as Canada. Read history. They had to pay millions when they gained their independence and it was not until recently the US recognized them as an independent island. Anyway between 1915 and 1934 your people were their stealing the Haitian lands and have done everything to continue to oppress those people. About 75% of the slave masters in the caribbean were Jews, and hence many of the people in the island have last names that are Jewish. Caribbean people do not trust Americans because of the many atrocities that the US has brought on them. They sell them food that are contaminated and yes America tries to find ways to divide us in every way possible. Anyway, a history book that is not altered and one that tells the truth (if you know what that is) is your best guide. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about because your comment a lone tells me the type you are. Why do people with inferiority complexes are attempt to make them self look smart and superior to other people. I have come to the conclusion that people who think that they are superior to others really suffer from inferiority plague that runs through every atom in their body. HAARP is responsible for the earthquake, part of the agenda to get rid of the undesirables. Too bad Nikola Tesla who wanted to do so much for humanity did not get to fulfill his dreams in helping the world in a positive manner. Oh, my IQ is only 70.

  8. ” …great article by Michel Chossudovsky, on the militarisation of US aid to Haiti.”

    “And here is Michel’s brilliant [quite long but very thorough] 2004 article on the Washington/IMF/World Bank destabilisation of Haiti [preceding the US kidnapping of Aristide]
    – and the similarities with the Washington-led destabilisation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia a few years earlier.”

    [the above courtesy of Neil Clark, UK blogger and Morning Star columnist]

  9. The colonialists only vacated the Carribean in the mid 60s.
    How can anyone call Jamaica, Trinidad or Guyana successful societies?

    1. Check out the GNPs of black Caribbean countries. The Bahamas and Barbados are up near western levels and these countries are greater than 90% black. As for the black Caribbean as a whole, standard of living is no worse than the Latin American average. People aren’t living in luxury, but they by and large they are clean, clothed, well fed and have functional governments and economies. I tire of WNs trying to hold up Haiti like it is exemplary of what a black Caribbean nation is, while ignoring all the others.

      Haiti is unique in the New World in that it is the only country to go directly from slavery to independence. Others went from slavery to colonialism then to independence. Thus other black islands like Barbados and Jamaica had time to learn western style governance during their colonial era. Haiti did not, and that’s where the origin of it’s unique situation lies.

    2. That is true, and I agree with you because even though these islands have diverse population of mainly African and East Indian blood there is still alot of suffering among the people and again that is mainly because the leaders that they have, have been hijack by the US government and carry out their roles under corruption, deception, and disguise. Weapons are brought into these islands with the aid of US to create friction between the people. Listen to Little Hero song. We are a people who do not love war. We love peace but we are control by a system that tries to push aggression, division and corruption on us. Our governments are forced to make decisions that are suppose to help in depopulation. The IMF promises money to our leaders and bribe them. The leaders are encourage to innoculate kids with poison as part of the agenda of depopulation. Look at Endgame:Blueprint for global enslavement. I will say of the three countries Trinidad is doing the best. As for Jamaica things have not been good since Manley, who was pro jamaica. Just like Haiti, American installed a government in most of these islands to carry out their agenda. Guyana from what I understand is worse than Jamaica. If Haiti economy is so damn bad why it the exchange rate better than Jamaica?We all know something is in this for US that is why they went to Haiti for fast versus to Louisiana.

  10. I’m a bit tired of the Haiti is the victim of colonialism bit from the left. 95% of Haiti’s problems are of indigenous origin.

    1. 90% of Haiti’s problem is because the devils (such as pat robertson and limbaugh) are at work hindering progress.

  11. awesome. i agree 90% if not 100%.

    “Obama is just a Black man in White face” is one of the funnier things i’ve heard in a while.

    liked the point you raised that the entire Caribbean is black. this is true.

    1. LOL, I just thought about that right now, “a Black man in White face.” I didn’t even think about what that meant when I wrote it, and I’m just getting it right now. See how your subconscious mind works even when you are awake, cracking jokes, making weird analogies and whatnot that your conscious mind is not even aware of?

      Indeed, if Haiti is what inevitably happens every time Blacks try to run a country, then why doesn’t the whole Caribbean look line Haiti.

      Haiti’s rulers have been screwing Haiti from day one, but imperialism, US and French and lately, bizarrely, Canadian, have been right there backing the rulers the whole time. Recall that Haiti was bled for ages paying back France for the cost of their colony! Did the UK demand that the US slave away for ages, thwarting our development, to pay them back for stealing their colony from them?

      I think that the White Man just hates Haiti. The White Man is the US, France and Canada. Why? Original sin? In 1806, the Haitians killed every single Frenchperson in Haiti, 25,000, all dead, all ages, both sexes. It wasn’t right, but they did it. The White Man has never forgiven the Black Man in Haiti for that original sin, and Haiti’s been paying for it ever since.

    2. For your information, I am from the Caribbean and I identify with 2 races. There are many people of African, East Indian, Chinese and German descent in these islands, not just blacks.

  12. Robert I don’t know where we would be without your blog to cut through the lies and media-hype that permeates Amerikkkan society.

  13. To Tulio:

    Thus other black islands like Barbados and Jamaica had time to learn western style governance during their colonial era. Haiti did not, and that’s where the origin of it’s unique situation lies.

    Good points…. even though Jamaica has high crime they have made significant cultural contributions to the world via Ska and Reggae and have at least a stable government. What I find interesting is the relatively similar history (and ethnic makeup) or Barbados and Jamaica but Barbados is substantially more prosperous.

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