Cool Nazi-Era Photos

Here are some cool Nazi-era photos that I just ran across.

The first one below is of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1941, the famous Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact. Any idiot with half a brain knows that Stalin and Hitler despised each other and that Hitler had long ago decided to invade the USSR in order to put the final stake in “Judeo-Bolshevism.”

The USSR was the heart of the Judeo-Bolshevik beast, and only the destruction of the USSR would kill it for sure, since the beast kept sending tentacles out in the form of local Communist movements in Europe that threatened to spread Communism into the heart of the Continent.

Hitler’s hatred for Slavs is hard to figure. The Slavs were said to be a “slave race.” It’s true that the Russians had a reputation for running rather than fighting, but that was the nature of this forest-dwelling peasant people and in fact it was adaptive. When the Scandinavians first invaded down into Russia to conquer part of it, they found it curiously ill-defended. Faced with a superior force, the Russians would fight a bit, then give up land and just melt away into the mysterious forests. The Scandinavians felt it was useless to go find them, and after a while, a peace of sorts was reached.

The Russians were a forest-dwelling people at the time who lived in deep forests, often near rivers. They farmed a bit, lived off wild game and other food from the forest, and especially fished in the rivers. They weren’t exactly hunter-gatherers, but they were as close to that as a European people got at that time. They had a small population and were poorly armed, and typically responded to attacks by melting away into the forests where the enemy could not find them. Military defenses have to be judged by their adaptiveness, and this one worked well.

The Mongols also conquered a bit into Russia, and the Ottomans were so enamored of taking White slaves in the form of Slavs of various sorts that this is where the word “slave” comes from – it means “Slav,” because in Medieval times, so many slaves were Slavs.

Like most of Hitler’s crap, this had a grain of truth along with a ton of bullshit. The Russians were not really a slave race. As fare as stereotypes go, one can make a better case for the Russians as being one of the primitive, barbaric, backwards and even frightening of the White Europeans. This has long been the view from the Continent, especially of, say, the Finns, who despise the Russians as “barbarians.”

Most recently, Hitler’s view had the Russians as a “slave race” once again, this time having allowed themselves, idiotically and cowardly, to be “enslaved” by the Jews in the form of Judeo-Bolshevism. In fact, a vicious Civil War had been fought in the early 1920’s and 5 million Russians had died. Maybe twice that had starved in a horrible famine. Anyway, Soviet Communism wasn’t all that Jewish after 1927, and Stalin was no Jew. The majority of Russians went along with the Soviet program and even supported it. It was certainly better than Czarism.

Stalin hated Hitler’s guts and knew full well his plans to attack the USSR. Much of the wild industrial buildup of the 1930’s, which occurred amidst another 5 million famine deaths (though the famine was by no means intentional and there was no “Holodomor”) was a mad race to build up the USSR in order to withstand a Nazi attack that Stalin had predicted as early as 1933.

Without this mad industrialization and possibly the deaths it entailed, the USSR may not have been able to defeat the Nazis, and World War 2 would have looked a lot different. So in a sense the mad Soviet buildup of the 1930’s saved the West and the world from the Nazi Orcs.

In addition, the purges of the 1937-38, cruel, insane and evil as they were, were actually intended to ferry out Nazi spies. This was the nature of Stalin’s paranoia. It occurred in the backdrop of his increasing knowledge of the Nazi threat.

Hence, anyone with any sense knows that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was a pact between two of the deadliest enemies the world has ever known.

Anti-Communists have never stopped playing up this sad pact as evidence that Nazis and Communists are the same, and that all Communists are really Nazis and all Nazis are really Communists. This makes no sense, as Hitler was much more of an anti-Communist than he was even an anti-Semite, and much of his anti-Semitism stemmed from his view that Jews were a bunch of Commies. These same folks try to say that Stalin was just as much of an anti-Semite as Hitler (this view especially popular with rightwing Zionist Jews).

This flies in the face of the common reactionary stereotype of the “JewSSR” or the USSR as a Judeo-Bolshevik state. Stalin was certainly no anti-Semite, but he wasn’t exactly a Judeophile either. The Jews suffered badly in the purges of the 1930’s. Anti-Semitism was a capital offense. When the Germans invaded later, Ilya Ehrenberg, Soviet propagandist, laid down the line, “You’re either an anti-Nazi or an anti-Semite! You can’t be both!” This at a time when traitors were getting bullets to the head in the USSR. Ehrenberg’s views were approved by and represented those of Stalin himself.

Anyway, the Pact was nothing but Stalin desperately buying another year or so before the inevitable Nazi attack. Another year to build up his defenses and to move most of their industry behind the Urals.

Although this pic is famous, I've never seen it before. That is Molotov signing the Pact, with Stalin and Ribbentrop directly in back of him. Cool pic!

Below is another interesting pic. This is of the special German Army division, the Gebrings Division, or the Handschar, made up of Bosnian Muslims that the Germans set up after they conquered the Balkans in WW2. Zionists, especially Jews, and Muslim-haters never stop talking about this division. It’s unfortunate, but the truth is that huge pro-Nazi paramilitaries were formed by citizens of many of the countries that the Germans conquered.

There were pro-Nazi divisions made up of Romanians, Hungarians, Finns, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Russians, Italians, Armenians, and peoples of the Caucasus.

So singling out 10,000 Muslims for signing up for the German army is a bit absurd. I would think that many more Bosnian Muslims fought against the Nazis as part of the anti-fascist resistance, but I don’t have figures

Bosnian Muslims of the Handschar Division of the German Army reading a Nazi pamphlet called "Islam and the Jews." Notice how White these Muslims look. So much for the White nationalist notion that Muslims are all non-Whites. Don't think so.

The next picture is very interesting. These are East Indians, apparently Sikhs, serving in the German Army. They are in the regular Army, not the SS, as you can see by the insignia on their collars. India was a British colony at the time, and there were Indian soldiers serving in the British Army. A number of these Indians were captured by the Nazis and made into POW’s. The Germans recruited some soldiers for their army from these POW’s. Some of these Indians may have been motivated by anti-colonial feelings towards the British.

This also lines up with the lunatic Nazi notion that they were going to reach India via their offensive in the Caucasus. They would conquer the Caucasus and move on to Iran and then to India, where they would set in motion and armed Indian rebellion against the British colonizers.

The Nazis had some respect for the Iranians and may have even considered them White (the name Iran comes from the word “Aryan”). Nazi race researchers had been running around India researching the Indian Caucasians in order to determine the origin of the Aryan Race. It’s not certain what the Nazis meant by “Aryan,” but I believe it meant the same thing as Indo-European. Yet Slavs were somehow not Indo-Europeans or Aryans? Whatever. Nazi race science never made much sense.

Indian troops serving in the Nazi Army. These are members of the Freies Indien (Free Indian) Division of the German Army

The next pic is really boss. This is a Nazi propaganda poster showing caricatures of evil Soviet troops raping and then murdering teenage German girls. Note that the girls are really almost prepubescent, maybe 12 years old. The blood in the pubic region is from the “pure” virgins being raped. Classic propaganda. Note that the Russians have a pronounced Asiatic look about them in order to make them appear to be non-Whites, while the German girls being raped and murdered are pure blond and blue “Aryans.”

In reality, Russians are probably only about 3-5

Classic Nazi propaganda shows diabolical Asiatic Red Army troops raping and murdering 12 year old blond and blue pure "Aryan" virgin girls.
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20 thoughts on “Cool Nazi-Era Photos”

  1. Heil! Hey, great photos…more…more!

    Bob- Hey, Mom has been trying to phone you for days- your cell phone goes to voicemail instantly- did you hook up the car thing wrong (you have to SHUT IT OFF when you leave car or no calls get through!) You don’t answer regular phone either…Hello…HELLO?

    She wants to talk about going to a Basque place on Mon. – Tom

  2. Robert, I spotted some errors:

    “this is where the word “Slav” comes from – it means “slave.”

    It’s the other way around. “Slave” started appearing in European languages in the Middle Ages, because so many slaves were Slavs. “Slav” is an older word which probably derives from “slovo” (“word”) – i.e. Slavs were people of the word, as opposed to the Germans, who were mute (“nemtsy”).

    “the Finns, who despise the Russians as “barbarians,” as opposed to the more cosmopolitan Finns”

    This is strange. The Finns (and Finno-Ugric people in general) are about the least cosmopolitan people in Europe. Like the Slavs but even more so, they were forest and country people. They didn’t even develop their own nobility really; in Finland, the higher classes were Swedish, and in Estonia they were German. Finnish dislike of Russia has more to do with losing some of their territory to the USSR.

    “Anti-Semitism was a capital offense.”

    I’ve seen this claim before and have always been puzzled by it. Can you name a single person executed for doing something anti-Semitic? And what was the legal definition of anti-Semitism? If you made a crack about Jews, did they shoot you?

    1. I fixed 1 and 2. However, Finns do despise Russians and consider them to be barbarians. Whether or not Finns are cosmopolitan is an interesting question, but they see themselves as civilized and Russians are little better than animals.

      Anti-Semitism was made a capital offense in 1926. I’m not aware anyone was executed for it. It may have just been symbolic.

      1. That’s true in fact the Finnish state actively supports Chechens terrorissts who are allowed to freely operate with the Fin that runs the Kavkaz Center their Mikael Storsjo supported by the government and associated with the True Finns nationalist party to has close contacts with Doku Umarov and the Caucasus Emirate that he helps finance and transfer Chechens from Turkey to Finland to fight against Russia or carry out terrorist attacks.

        They persecuted and charged the Lutharen pastor their Juha Molari with inciting ethnic hatred for pointing out this fact in which Doku Umarov sent him an e-mail threatening to kill him and his family.

        “Thus on September 28 Molari received an e-mail signed by the leader of militants in the North Caucasus Doku Umarov saying: “I advice you to stop your efforts against Kavkaz Center. If you don’t change your mind, we will cut off your head and the heads of all your family members. You are given seven days for consideration.”

        He has since been ex-communicated from the Lutharen church in Finland and converted to Orthodox Christianity.

        The same is true throughout Europe.

        The West dreams about Russia to collapse

        “What is the situation with the activity of organizations similar to “Kavkaz-Center” in other countries?”

        “The same attitude of the authorities is often observed in relation to the diaspora of immigrants from the North Caucasus located in other European countries, particularly Norway. This diaspora is extremely politicized and aggressive. And if I or someone else try to speak out in defense of Russia and to condemn the activities of entities like “Kavkaz-Center”, we are threatened with murder. And they influence the decisions of the authorities of such countries. For example, the Estonian authorities are constantly trying to compromise my communication with students of Tartu University.

  3. Nice post. The Nazis are quite complex, and neither the modern “consensus” view (which is mostly left over allied propaganda) of them as pure evil, nor the neo-nazi view of them as saintly white nationalists is correct.

    Most pro-nazi WNs believe Hitler didn’t really hate Slavs, but rather only wanted to go to war with them to stop judeo-Bolshevism. It’s true that absent judeo-Bolshevism Hitler may very well not have thought it a worth the risk to invade, but all you have to do is crack open table talk to the first page and see his views on Russians. His view on Czechs, Poles etc. aren’t hard to find either.

    My view is that there are good and bad points to Nazi ideology– learn from the good, discard the bad.

  4. I wonder if HItler would have considered white Americans a slave race seeing as they have been conquered by the jews. I’m no white nationalist however everyone knows whenever the jewish establishment says jump… white America says how high. I get the feeling that white Americans are just bred to go off to war to fight for Israel. This is one reason I think communism is good. Under communism there is not a genocide of jews howver under communism the jews lose total control of the political life of the nation.

  5. That Nazi propaganda poster is intense.

    Women, or fears about them, seem to be central in these conflicts. This image reminds me of some of the images I saw of what happened when the Japanese came into Nanking. Horrendous atrocities, what the Japanese soldiers did to those women.

    And at the time I couldn’t figure it out. What does raping and torturing women have to do with your conflict with some other bunch of guys?

    I guess on a certain level, it has everything to do with it, or it wouldn’t happen so much of the time.

      1. Military raping of women was quite common in the past. Probably still is in some parts of the world.

        US psych-ops propaganda always use the “mass rape” narrative as it is hard to verify and once debunked it has long achieved its emotionally driven goal. Even the insurgency in Iraq has accused coalition forces of rape.

        It started in Bosnian, Croatian and Kosovo then Libya were Gadaffis troops was said to be taking Viagra and raping women on mass and now Syria.

        “Regardless of such discrepancies, Cigelj became a feminist heroine. In June 1993, she was honored by the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights “for outstanding contributions to international women’s rights” and the Minneapolis Star Tribune identified her as a “Bosnian Muslim victim”. In 1996, she was featured in a documentary film, “Calling the Ghosts: A Story of Rape, War and Women”, launched by Human Rights Watch in June 1996 at its annual film festival and distributed by Women Make Movies. Amnesty International thereafter sponsored a 25-city U.S. tour. The promotional blurb stated “Jadranka Cigelj and Nusreta Sivac, childhood friends and legal professionals, lived the lives of ordinary women in Bosnia-Herzegovina, until one day their neighbors became their tormentors. This film documents mass rapes as a wartime tactic, focusing on these two survivors, whose personal struggles transform into a larger fight for justice against the backdrop of the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.” Two women, one of them a professional propagandist for the Tudjman regime, became documentary evidence for “mass rapes as a wartime tactic”. The film was shown on university campuses as part of programs on Yugoslavia with such celebrities as General Wesley K. Clark, Bosnian ambassador to the UN Muhamed Sacirbey, and Bianca Jagger.

        A political activist such as Cigelj, working for the propaganda agency of one of the parties to the conflict, and who tells an inconsistent story, cannot be considered the most reliable witness. There was naiveté on the part of the women’s groups, and sloppiness on the part of the journalists, to accept without question such a partisan source.”

    1. Yes, maybe military raping of women is as old as war itself.

      A different kind of “collateral damage,” I suppose.

    1. Not sure, man, I got it off some Catalan language site. If you have the Tin Eye application, you can search any pic on the Web and it will find it everywhere on the Web for you.

  6. There are several possibilities, but it’s most likely that “slav” is from an old slavic word meaning “word,” “to hear,” or “glory/honor.” I think “word,” is likely as both the Polish and Russian word for Germans comes from the slavic root “niem” meaning “mute.”

  7. I must mention that the last poster (German, anti-Soviet propoganda) is a modern caricature, and is even signed 94 (as in, 1994) in the bottom right corner. Not to say that attrocities weren’t commited, but I just thougbt I had to point this inconsistency out.

  8. If you will research more carefully about nazis and III-rd Reich you will discover that they weren’t evil, they were just defeated. As history is written by the winners, always they will be the good guys and the defeated will be the bad guys. Napoleon was also “the monster of Europe” for 30 years after he was defeated. Most about the nazis cruelty and racism are myths made to justify the atrocities commited against germans in the WW2 and in the months after war – see Dresda and the 80.000 german soldiers who died in camps after may 1945. Another reason for evilification of nazis was the fear that such a popular movement can reborn. Another reason was to transfer the responsability of the massacres made by others – see Katyn. Least but not the last, was the interest of jews to extort huge amounts of money from the nations defeated in WW2, in the last 70 years. That’s how appeared the myth of Holohoax. In time, some of the gross stories about Holohoax were dumped as were proved fake – see the myth of soap made from jews – but some are still believed – as gassing chambers myth. In fact, germans did with jews the same as americans did with 500.000 japanese people lived on their soil, after Pearl Harbour. They send them in camps, because in february 1933 the heads of the world jewish associations decided to boycott Germany worldwide – see Sunday Times, feb 1933, “Judea declares war to Germany”. So the jews were simply a enemy who started to fought against Germany from outside and inside the country two years before Nurnberg laws. Anti-jewish measures of Germany were the consequence of the jews declaration of war. Gassing chambers are also a myth, but the historians who researched this were harrased by jewish organisations and propaganda and presented as nazi-sympathisers. When someone risk to lose billion dollars revenues if the basis of that revenues are fake, of course that he will fight by any means to preserve the revenues. But there is a historian who couldn’t be presented as nazi-sympathiser because is an afro-american woman, Veronika Clarke. She wrote a book, “Black nazi”, were she brings proofs that nazis weren’t very discriminative on rase basis, individual achievements were far more important. 43.000 jews were in Wehrmacht during the war, and SS divisions were much as the UN Blue Helmets. These divisions included not only european of all sorts, but also arabs, blacks, even mongols. I can send you a lot of pictures like yours second and third photos. The last defenders of the Reich Cancellary in april 1945 were not germans, but french from SS Division “Charlemagne”. Another interesting author is Paul Rassinier ( see “Debunking the genocide myth”). He was prisoner in german camps Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora, after he was arrested as member of french Resistance. Highly decorated by France for his activity in Resistance, he cannot be considered a nazi-sympathiser. He was tortured by Gestapo. But he wasn’t full of hatred, neither interested in extorsion of money from Germany, so he wrote a number of books in which he denounced the myths about so-called mass extermination in german camps. So, if you want to see the truth beyond the “official truth” and propaganda veils search carefully and you will find it.

    1. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have relatives who lived through the holocaust and they saw with their own eyes thousands of Jews being shot, starved and gassed to death. It is because of people like you that we have so much hatred in this world. Please get a life!!!!

  9. Why do you consider the poster “propaganda” if it is widely known to be fact? Not only during WWII, but also in East Germany. Some girls even made it a point to date a Soviet to ensure that they would not be victimized.

  10. Hi, may I thank you for showing these interesting photos and thoughts. I appreciated the post by Demistifcator. I don’t ask anyone to believe what he says but I demand that he has the right to say it because after all much of what he has written is supported by factual evidence (more so than many of the things we believe to be facts about ww2 thanks to our official histories) but the problem with discussing the truth about ww2 is very expertly represented by the response to Demistificator by Anee. Anee’s response is fuelled by hate and emotional rage. This is exactly the “correct” response to Demistificators post according to our society and she would be morally supported by anyone in apposition of power or influence in todays society. Personally I would hope that most of us have the maturity and intelligence not to hate anyone for something they believe in. Belief in God, or an organised religion or in Aliens or in Democracy or in your favourite tv news programme is never a destructive force until it is linked with hatred. Today sadly, the element of our society that is most ready and quick to spout hatred is that part of society that defends our official history or official line on anything. To me this is a reflection of just how hollow much of this History or political opinion is. If it must be defended by threats and insults without even a shadow of reasoned argument then surely it is not solid ground that can be supported in a calm discussion. The problem is that on those rare occasions that a calm discussion of these things can be held the official position on some major aspects of ww2 falls apart against the evidence that questions it. But it is unlikely that you the reader of this post will ever be presented with that evidence in an unbiased or fair way. It doesn’t work like that. Today we are still at war. On one side there are the people who benefit from the status quo, and there are millions of them, and they are supported by the good people who believe what they have been taught since they were children. On the other side there are a minority of people who have lived long enough and learnt enough about the world to see the light so to speak. Unfortunately this minority is a threat to the majority. All this wouldn’t matter except that the lies we are told about yesterday have a direct influence on us today. I only hope that slowly the minority is becoming the majority To use some of the ww2 era propaganda myself, the more they crack down on the truth,the more they threaten us with hate then the more we will slip through their fingers 😛 i think that this is very very true. I thank both Demistificator and Anee for their posts and I thank the OP for having this blog. I hope that anyone who reads this takes the time to actually study the politics of the 1920s and 30’s (its no coincidence that we are discouraged from learning about these decades and that “old”politics is seen as very boring. I promise you it is not) and the events of the 1940’s and also try to find out what the “conspiracy theories” say on such subjects. because after all if it is all just fantasy and lies like a disney fary tale then it should be obvious to any reader and therefore what is the harm in reading it right??

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