“Cyberfists of Fury,” by Alpha Unit

My Mom, who is the smartest woman I know, says about men, “Men love to fight. If they can’t fight with guns, they fight with words.”

“Why?” I would ask. “Why do they love to fight?”

“It’s fun!” She says. “They love it!”

Well, as she is about so many things, of course my Mom is right once again.

As a boy I was cruel, vicious and sadistic, just like most of the other boys. That sucks, but it was normal, and there were lots of boys worse than I was. There was a Professional Bully class and a Professional Victim class. Being the oldest, I lucked out and got to be a Bully. My younger brother was much worse than I was, and the favorite Victim was my youngest brother. My youngest brother is still pissed about all the shit we did to him. I’ve apologized over and over, but he still wants more.

The other day he asked me why we did it. Did we disrespect him in some way. Of course not! I at least actually respected him a lot on every level. Well then, why bully him?

“Because you were littler! You were smaller, so we picked on you.”

“Yeah, that’s it, huh? Just like animals,” he said.

Exactly. Males are animals, wild animals. I got to play the Victim role a few times myself, and it wasn’t much fun, but it never sank in much. We even tortured animals, but we stuck to bugs (mostly pests at that) and fish we caught, so I don’t feel too bad. When you start torturing mammals, you’ve got issues. I’ve still got a sadistic little boy inside of me, just like most men do. I haven’t killed him, but I like to think he’s locked up most of the time, or at least on a short leash.

Some men never let go of the grinning 13 year old sadist. You see it all over the Internet, the Net Bullies. Almost always males, between teenage and 50 or so, sometimes older. The older guys don’t seem so mean, probably because their testosterone is going down. It’s bizarre to see grown men, sometimes with PhD’s and good jobs, acting like sadistic schoolboys on Usenet, bulletin boards and chat sites.

This is really worse than what we did as boys. When we tormented my brother, we didn’t tease him and run away. We would stand right there and tease him, hopefully provoking him to hit us. Then we’d nail him back. I have some respect for a bully who sticks around.

The Internet Bullies are nothing but Pussies. They’re hiding behind their computers saying shit that they would never dare say in meatspace, because if they did, they’d cause a shouting match or maybe even get their ass kicked. So like complete Pusses, they hide behind their computers and bully each other, because there’s no consequences to their bullying.

That’s like sucker punching a guy and then running away as fast as you can. If you’re going to bully someone, at least stick around long enough to give the victim a chance to fight back. That way you retain at least a hint of honor.

My dad never watched any sport besides baseball. So that was the only sport that I ever saw on TV growing up. In our neighborhood was a softball field, and one of the highlights of summer were the games kids would be playing there. So softball and baseball were the only sports I grew up with any appreciation for, although I myself didn’t play.

I had little curiosity about sports; in fact, the best way to get me into passive-aggressive mode would be to force me to play sports. You would be begging me to get the Hell off your team before it was over with.

The only other sport that snagged a little bit of my interest was boxing. And that was all because of a gleam in my mother’s eye – a gleam reflecting the glory of Muhammad Ali. I believe my mother was in love with Muhammad Ali. It wasn’t just the look in her eyes; she sounded positively girlish talking about him. That alone suggested to me that there was something very special about him.

I just couldn’t get into what Muhammad Ali did. In the ring, that is. Two guys circling each other. Swinging at each other. Jabbing each other. What was even more curious to me was the audience. They loved it. They ate up every moment of it.

What was so great about two guys fighting?

I later learned that boxing has a nickname: The Sweet Science. This is a sport in which two men are to fight each other with fists until one of them can no longer continue. Yet, what’s going on here is said to be “sweet.”

Hitting, punching, and knocking out…mmm.

As most people know, boxers used to fight bare-knuckled. Gloves weren’t required until 1867, with the Marquess of Queensberry rules. And yet, before that, two guys could go at each other for hours.

The longest bare-knuckle boxing match took place in Australia in 1856. It lasted for 6 hours and 15 minutes. This is just breathtaking to me, that two people would endure such punishment. Nevertheless, to the fighters and the spectators, the whole thing must have been incredibly “sweet.”

I’ve been told that men go at each other on Internet forums, goading and savaging each other verbally for hours. It’s not bare-knuckle fighting, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take stamina. Fighting and tearing each other down in this way is “fun,” I’ve heard – like any other sport.

And I believe it. It doesn’t seem to matter what the arena is – put a bunch of guys in it and watch the sweetness unfold.

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16 thoughts on ““Cyberfists of Fury,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. At first it sounds kind of shocking, that you were cruel, vicious, and sadistic as a boy. Then I thought back to my school days, and I can remember some boys that at least could be cruel.

    It wasn’t so much physical cruelty, either. More like merciless teasing and ridiculing.

    1. Thing was, there was nothing abnormal about it. We pretty much all did it. There were Designated Victims and those who variously played the role Bullies with certain Victims but not with others.

      Not only that, but outside of the bullying stuff, there was just a lot of violent behavior. For instance, we loved to have Dirt Clod Wars and Berry Wars. Everyone participated in these and everyone was a target. You just tried to waste the guys on the other team. Also we played Smear The Queer and Kill The Man On the Hoppityhop. Anyone could get creamed if you were the dude on the hoppityhop, but there were rules about how hard you were supposed to waste the guy.

      A lot of people got really mad about those Dirt Clod Wars and Berry Wars. People got hit hard with clods and berries and they were pissed.

      With your friends, you weren’t supposed to be mean. They were your friends, after all. You were only mean to Designated Victims.

      I must say, it was a blast being a bully! Yeah! It was fun, man! But I try not to get into that anymore as an adult, because it never leads anywhere productive. It just makes you look like a mean asshole and it the adult world, it’s not really cool to act that way.

    2. It wasn’t just a few! MOST of them were like that! That’s what people don’t understand. Boys are really mean! That’s part of being a boy, the socialization process of boyhood to manhood. The boys who were Designated Victims are often still fucked up in adulthood, while the bullies are usually doing just fine.

      I wasn’t a really hardcore bully. Those guys were assholes. I only picked on a few choice targets or Designated Victims.

  2. That sounds like my schooldays too. Training of boys hasn’t really moved on much from the days of ancient Sparta. I used to see myself as a white knight, defending the underdog. There was this one guy everyone used to gang up on from about age 8 onwards, and I mean really sick – like he’d be curled up with his head between his knees in the playground and most of the class ( as many as 20 kids, not bulling) piling up on top of him. Me and another kid would pull them off. Most of those kids wouldn’t say boo to a goose either. However, I just never happened to be sat next to him in class until secondary school (don’t know what you call it in the US- high school?). So when I was about 13 I had to sit next to him in a maths class and he kept trying to put his hand up my shorts; the teacher belted (hit me on the palm with a leather strap) the fuck out of me for hitting him in class. Just shows how wrong you can be. I mean, it’s cool, but young boys just don’t LIKE that.

    Anyway, it’s reassuring to find that Alpha doesn’t enjoy seeing guys do that macho shit. I find generally that guys like to watch women having sex with each other, but women like to watch guys hurting or killing each other. What does this tell us? That women are the cause of male violence? I think it’s down to the need for security, because women can’t defend themselves, and they need to feel safe to get turned on, then they’re turned on by guys who look like they could keep them safe. Who knows? Many have pondered these things and many more will. But one things for sure, women that take it as far as egging you on to fight someone to show that you’re tough enough for them are just not worth the candle – well, maybe if you’ve REALLY got the hots for them. Funny thing too that these vicious bitches can be really hot. As Ry Cooder sang

    ” My father told me, lying on his bed of death,
    Boy, he says, woman she’s gonna make it, don’t
    fool your self
    ‘Cause she’s got something to make a man lay that
    money, uh, right in her hand
    And the very thing that makes her rich will make you
    The very thing that makes her rich will make you poor”
    That’s right!

    Well, I put you behind the wheel of a deuce and a quarter, yes I
    Had you living like a rich man’s daughter, yes I did, I sure did
    While you were living high on the hog
    You had me down here scuffling like a dog
    Well, the very thing that makes you rich makes me poor
    The very thing that makes you rich makes me poor

    Don’t you never ever make such a bad mistake
    You know I’d rather climb into bed with a rattlesnake
    Then to work hard every day bringing that woman all my pay
    The very thing that makes you rich makes me poor,
    Makes me so damn poor
    The thing that makes her rich makes me poor … “

    1. i know at least a couple of women who love to watch men fuck each other. not fight, but fuck. just to let you know. maybe it’s an american thing. these same girls love girls so maybe there’s some connection.

      and re: the other kinds of power…there’s a song about that too and it is titled Pussy Control.

    2. Some women like to see gay men have sex, usually in porn. I knew a woman who liked gay male porn. She was always linking it to me and telling me to click on it. She really hated girl girl porn, because we used to watch it together and she despised those parts of the movies. She wasn’t into women at all. I asked her why she liked the gay male stuff and she said the guys are really good looking and hot and it’s hot to watch really goodlooking guys go at it. Weird.

  3. Not only is boxing the “sweet science,” but there have been boxers with the nickname “Sugar.” Like Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard.

    Muhammad Ali told anyone who would listen how “pretty” he was.

    Boxers must be macho enough to get away with this.

    1. sexiness is like the gravy for men. if a man knows that he is powerful and has high-status, we just start riffing on how sexy we are, because we can and it makes us happy. even if it’s a lie.

      the female body is the meat-and-potatos. the self-esteem is gravy.

  4. sadistic dreams are the main outlet for immature male imaginations. that and sex. excellent, excellent exercise for the young male imagination.

    watch Idiocracy…the climax involves a public-execution/monster truck rally where the biggest-baddest truck is called the Dildozer. that’s exactly the type of shit i’d sit around and dream up…when I was 13. i love that movie.

    the flip side to this, is that guys grow up and have psychological issues about fear and about sex. or both. fear of men who are far more sadistic than themselves (because only men know how sick we think), and fear of being seen as perverts by the women they pursue (same deal).

    thank goodness for porn. finally the ladies are cognizant of the same perverted sex they likely crave. to lots of girls, it’s no thing for the guy to ask for a finger up the butt.

    on the other side of it…i’m not sure the ladies will ever appreciate the snuff films. men and women truly are different. but appreciate is the wrong word. i mean watch.

    i still think somtimes about that one of the chechnyans or russians or whoever getting their heads-cut-the-fuck-off. camera on their eyes as their life fades out. sick shit.

    1. Great comment Randy! Fantastic! I love it. You tell it like it is, man.

      I hate to say it, but I can’t believe how perverted so many women are sexually, especially younger ones, under say 40 or so. Even the over 40’s would really surprise you. Once you unless her inner sex maniac, women are incredibly perverted, almost as bad as guys.

      Funny thing is that a lot of young women are getting into porn. Women aged about 20 all the way up to 45 or so. Over 45, a lot of them still hate it for some reason. But the younger ones grew up with it. I’ve known young women, age 23-37, who surfed porn sites on a fairly regular basis. One young woman I knew spent a good part of her time in the chat rooms where the guys were jerking off on cam. She was a university student, smart as Hell. She must have spent hours upon hours watching guys jerk off on cam.

      The fact that ALL men, or at least most all men, have an evil little sadist inside of them from boyhood is the dirty little secret no one ever talks about. Sadism is frankly banned in adult society, so where does the sadist go to play? The impression you get from adult society is that all most all guys have killed their inner sadist from boyhood days. I seriously doubt it! He’s still there, just the more civilized of us don’t like to let him come out and play most of the time.

      Those snuff videos are really hardcore! Those images stick with you a long time. I’ve heard of guys who were shown Chechclear in the military and they’re still effected by it years later. That’s why I put all those warnings on those videos.

      Some of those videos have seen some serious adverse reactions. People have passed out and fainted. One guy fainted and knocked out some teeth. One person had seizures. I don’t know why. One video was shown on Russian TV and people showed up at the hospital with heart pains afterwards. Those videos are not to be messed with!

      Actually, some women like those really sick evil snuff videos too. I’m getting tons of hits from Korea for that stuff, and a lot of them are young Korean women! Weird! Those Asians seem so nice and civilized, but they eat up the worst sadistic crap like it was candy. Go figure!

    2. When I started typing, I was mainly thinking about stuff from this book called “Raising Cain”. It was turned into a show on PBS. Chapter one is about Dad, chapter two is about the “cruel inner-life” of boys. So so good, read it you might have a mini-breakdown like I did. Spot on psychology about boys. There’s a girls-counterpart to the book, and I’m curious but have not read that one.

      And if I could tie in just one more thread which pervades this blog, etymology. Your remarks about kinky females are why the word “freak” is my favorite part of American vernacular. I don’t know if they put that one into the OED next to “snigglet” or whatever lame words they DO add, but FREAK deserves inclusion. I am kinda right wing or libertarian but maybe I’m just libertine.

    3. See, I never would have guessed that sadistic dreams were the main outlet for the young male imagination. I think all people have sadistic impulses, but I never knew they were central in young guys.

      Maybe that’s another reason girls are in danger when they’re in a mainly male environment and the booze is flowing.

      Maybe guys will get together and have their way with you is because IT’S FUN. Pure and simple.

  5. that’s a cool wiki link to the rules of boxing.

    reminds me of something i think i read on eurekalert.org about how “even animals” have a sense of a “fair fight”. young animals in a litter will fuck each other up pretty bad but will not maim or kill. something like that.

    makes me wonder about murderous humans. is murder a uniquely human capability? i’d like to ask a zoologist (richard dawkins please?) if there are other animals that “murder”.

    1. There’s animals who kill their own kind all right! You better believe it! But for biological reasons. They kill competitors, kill the offspring of another male being raised by their female mate, etc.

      I’ve noticed with my cats there is often a sense of fair play. If they totally wimp out, roll over and expose their belly to the other cat, the aggressive cat typically won’t fight them. The aggressive cat only fights cats who act like they are going to put up a fight or cats who act afraid. When a cat rolls over and goes submissive like that, no cat will attack it.

      I’ve also noticed that no grown cat will attack a kitten, no matter how aggressive and squirrely it is. There’s no way they are going to beat up something that small. It’s just not fair. I’m convinced that cats have a sense of fairness.

      Blatantly murderous humans who kill for no reason are not exactly normal, as if we were all that way, we would have Final Solutioned each other a long time ago.

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