Israeli Scumbags

Just doin’ what comes naturally!

Fuck you, Israelis. And fuck all you idiots who support this shit. That includes the USraeli government and US Democratic Israeli Party and the US Republican Israeli Party. Fuck both of you Jewish-owned political parties and fuck the Jewish-owned US government. And fuck most US Jews, since the majority of US Jews support this crap. Fuck you, Jews.* I got some news for you arrogant weenies. This country’s called America, not Jewmerica. Got it, punks?

Honestly, it’s beyond me how any progressive person could support this sort of shit. It’s blatantly fascist behavior. Or at least rightwing behavior, since the Right generally supports colonialism and oppression of minorities. Only the Left has taken a principled, no-compromise stance against imperialism, colonialism and the oppression of minorities. We’ve even taken the most progressive stance on Earth in favor of oppressed minorities – in many cases, we grant them the right to self-determination.

The Israelis are arguing their usual crap in this case, that the Palestinians were in a “closed military zone” and had been ordered  to leave, but refused, so they got their asses bulldozed. Every time an Israeli official opens up his mouth, he’s probably lying. So listening to them is trying because you have to research every damn thing they say to figure out if it’s a lie or not.

Truth is that the “settlements” are only one part of the story. Israel owns and has jurisdiction over fully 6

In that “closed military zone” there are many thousands of Palestinians living there on their land, just as they have always lived on their land. But Israel conquered and illegally annexed and settled the conquered land in 1967, and that’s why it’s a “closed military zone.” So,  Palestinian homes in 6

Same goes for many Bedouin villages inside Israel. After Israel conquered much of Palestine in 1949, 9

Even inside the

These projects are uncontroversial across the political spectrum, with even the Zionist “Left,” such as the Labor Party (a party with socialist roots) completely in favor of this racist crap. Even in the cities, Arabs are not allowed to build new buildings. They can’t even add on to their existing homes, so most Arabs simply build or expand illegally since this is the only way to build. These structures and add-ons are routinely torn down by Israel in what are once again uncontroversial activities, supported even by Labor.

This goes to show you that there is not a whole lot of moral space between the Israeli Right and the Israeli Left. Much of the Israeli political spectrum is devoted to frankly fascist parties of both the right and left. Only Meretz deserves some praise, though I’m not up on their project, and lately they’ve been losing elections. I’ve long been a fan of Hadash, the Israeli Communist Party, though.

*There are definitely some American Jews who most emphatically do not support this crap. For our dear humanist Jewish brothers and sisters, we throw a great big shout out.

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4 thoughts on “Israeli Scumbags”

  1. James Longley’s documentary about a day in the life of a young Palestinian paperboy, GAZA STRIP, is a one movie I’ll never forget. I mean, I wallow in turpitude, violence, and darkness for a living, but this film is something else! For one thing there’s no narrator telegraphing instructions about how to think about what you’re watching. And for another thing, no PBS or cable station in the country would touch it after it was made. Of course, there was no theatrical release either, thanks to the media mafia, which is totally Zionist. Longley’s second documentary IRAQ IN THREE PIECES was beat out for an Oscar a few years later by Al Gore’s Hoax-O-Rama climate catastrophe slide show. So, it’s not like Longley is some marginal auteur. One really has to see GAZA STRIP to believe what’s going on there. It’s a disgrace.

  2. Please watch this video
    It’s produced by Adalah, which means Justice in Arabic A 15 minute
    video with Palestinian rap soundtrack.

    Can you people in the US lobby Obama and your local senators to cut off military and economic aid to Israel until the settlement building stops? At the moment it looks as if Netanyahu can do exactly as he likes in East Jerusalem and thumb his nose at the US…who is the master here?

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