Stop the Western Left Before It Kills Again

In the comments section to Alpha Unit’s latest post, Patrick writes:

We’re all a bunch of idiots who have been lied to. There is no need to export our manufacturing jobs to China. America used to have one of the highest living standards in the world due to our manufacturing being based here in America. These greedy capitalist worms will do anything in order to pay a lower wage for their workers and then they print economic textbooks full of lies so that morons will believe that losing our jobs and having a low minimum wage will somehow help us.

At this point I’m not sure who will support the worker. The mainstream in the democratic party is not for the worker. When the standard of living for the workers is better the result is that crime is reduced and the quality of products are better. Helping the worker helps everyone.

Americans have been just so brainwashed with the idea that helping the worker is bad and they think that living in a crazy society is somehow good. I don’t know what the answer is. I dont know what party can do it or if pro-worker people can infiltrate the mainstream parties.

Patrick’s comment is excellent, and so exquisitely written I wish I could have written it myself.

The dominant theme in White US culture is that everything good for US workers is bad and everything bad for them is good. Everything good for US business is good and everything bad for it is bad. The pro-business, pro-corporate, anti-worker mindset is across the board to the extent that it’s not common to meet pro-worker US Whites. Even most US White workers that I meet have this attitude.

US White workers are completely insane. They hate the workers and love the bosses. In other words, they hate themselves and love their enemies. They don’t want higher wages or good benefits. They like being fucked over and shat on. Even the lowliest worker peon in the US is typically in effect a pro-management traitor.

Pro-worker consciousness, even on the part of the workers, where it ought to be if it’s anywhere, is almost nowhere to be seen. The US worker is in love with his exploiter and at war with anyone on his side who wants to help him. A part of me says that US workers deserve the river of shit that logically flows from this “Love your enemy, hate your friends” masochism, but then I even feel sorry for idiots, and letting the country go to the dogs is not option, as I have to live here too.

The entire media, every large newspaper, all of the large newsweeklies, most of the large topical monthlies, many of the small intellectual journals, almost all topical radio stations and almost all of US TV promotes the screw the worker, enrich the boss line, so this is why US workers eat this gruel and proclaim it’s the finest caviar. They’ve been brainwashed. They’re also re-enacting The Emperor Has No Clothes every day.

Not only are both parties resolutely anti-worker as Patrick notes, but the entire media spectrum, from top to bottom, is the same. The only exceptions are public TV and radio, and they are under relentless rightwing attack. The rightwing is furious that they only have 95

Some softie might hear that voice and instead of letting the baby die as capitalist culture mandates, try to be human and help it. That’s the rightwing’s nightmare, a nation where workers pursue their own interests and people give in to “soft” emotions like charity, kindness, fairness and justice (together, coded as mercy). In an atomized America, only lust, gluttony, greed, avarice and, if you have the money, sloth, are allowed.

America, the most floridly Christian large nation, disallows the very and specifically Christian notion of mercy above and the respect, evenhandedness and self-defense that flows from it.

The Western Left is almost equally useless. The entire left wing of the political spectrum is aligned with an Open Borders position that mandates a continual flood of low wage workers, both skilled and unskilled, from the Third World. That this pro-corporate project devastates US workers is clear. Hence, the Western Left, on this issue anyway, is the handmaiden to the very corporations that they claim to despise.

The Western Left has also, incredibly, promoted the rightwing strategy of splitting the working class by gender and race. Via Identity Politics, woman is set against man, non-Whites against Whites, and as one might suspect, the result is that all of the workers are divided and at war. Just as the rightwingers always do. Once again, the Western Left serves its corporate accomplice, willingly or not.

Now that Economics has almost been erased from the Western Left, all that remains is the sorry yet ludicrous detritus of Identity Politics.

Defend the queers and their right to screw 20 guys a night in bathhouses and spread AIDS everywhere! Why? Why not? Better than defending the workers.

Defend the “immigrants” who flood illegally into the land, devastate native workers, pulverize the wage scale and create locust storms of crime, social decay and ghettos everywhere they go!

So not only does the US worker lose his job or see his wage crash into the the bottomless well, he gets his nice neighborhood turned into a crime and trash blighted slum in the process. Win-win! Win for the bosses, win for the Useless Western Left!

Defend the transsexuals! You know, the chicks trapped in dudes’ bodies! Why? Who cares? Better than defending the workers!

Defend the women! Turn them into men, have them assaut men’s masculinity and wage gender jihad against us! Why? Why not? Better than defending workers.

Defend the criminals! Now that we’ve imported gigantic armies of low-skilled Third Worlders who logically created vast dope, crime and gang infested slums, obviously we’ve created tons of crime where there was none before. Therefore, let’s defend the criminals that we created in the first place!

If you go to a US university now, you will have to take an entire syllabus that may as well be called Anti-White Studies. There is no purpose to this curriculum other than attacking Whites and especially White males. It’s pro-gay, pro-woman, pro-immigrant, and pro-non-White.

On Economics, bizarrely enough, it’s neoliberal, and promotes a ferocious pro-corporate agenda that could have been scripted by the National Association of Manufacturers. Open Borders is part and parcel of this weird Multiculturalism/Neoliberal Project.

The people teaching it are usually called liberals or even leftwingers, but there is nothing remotely pro-worker or economically Left about their agenda. They make very good money and live in very nice, mostly White, neighborhoods far away from the bitter blots of criminalized degradation, the  Diversity Squalor they created.

Stop the Western Left before it kills again.

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25 thoughts on “Stop the Western Left Before It Kills Again”

  1. It’s sad, alright. This stuff has been on my mind more than usual recently since I got the blurb through from the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign for the upcoming Annual General Meeting. There’s a motion from Tony Greenstein ( remember him – the campaign against Gilad Atzmon) regarding an alleged covert takeover of much of PSC by a group called Socialist Action. I’ve noted this name cropping up recently, with remarks about their secrecy. They were allegedly heavily represented in the staff of the last ‘socialist’ mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. If you read the links below you’ll know as much about them as I do. The first link is to the Socialist Action site – it’s a perfect example of what you’re talking about. It’s a hierarchy of worth, in terms of your degree of oppression, that means that within the ‘movement’ that is supposed to represent the working class, the majority, the white male protestants, are considered less deserving, so of course they won’t have anything to do with it – straight out the MI5 hanbook on how to keep the workers from organising.
    This business is intriguing. The point is: does Socialist Action actually exist? One of the allegations is that its members never admit that they are members. So – hard to prove or disprove much?
    Are they an active infiltrating sect, or an MI5 front, or is it just a disinformation campaign designed to sow division and suspicion – so far, in the links below, I’ve seen no solid evidence that ANYONE is in this organisation. Where does this info come from. Mostly it seems from 3 sources: a film about Ken Livingstone’s mayoral by regime by Martin Bright, self-confessed MI5 asset; some reports by Nick Cohen, a sort-of downmarket Christopher Hitchens, once a talented leftist writer, supported the war and now churns out appalling lies and hate; and YES – Tony Greenstein. I don’t know what to make of Greenstein. Like yourself, Robert, I’m beginning to think he had a point about Gilad Atzmon, and he HAS written a lot of very worthwhile stuff on Israel/Palestine for a long time, but it’s his association with the Weekly Worker mostly which tends to ring MI5 alarm bells for me – some say they (the cpgb, not the original cpgb but a sect that got the copyright on the name, how I can’t remember) are just eccentrics, others say MI5, I don’t know – but excuse me for seeing a pattern emerging. I could be wrong. Everything Greenstein says about PSC is true in my limited experience – they’re crap, frankly. But they’re all we’ve got, and they’ve at least kept it going.
    If David Grenville (was that his name, he’s a PSC branch organiser) should happen to read this, have you any thoughts on this?

    Slightly off-topic, but read the first link for a perfectly designed program for keeping the proles out of politics.
    Tony Greenstein:

    1. Happy New Year LS! I’m drunk! Haha.

      I went out to eat for seafood last nite too. It was really great. Cioppino! Yeah! With crab in the shell! I had to break it open with those crab crackers. Damn that was good man! I haven’t had crab in the shell since 1971 in Fort Townsend, Washington.

      Ever had Cioppino?

  2. No, I haven’t heard of Cioppina. I like crab though.
    Have you got a long post from me in the pipeline? I sent something (a quite long post) but it hasn’t showed up here, though WordPress tells me ‘you’ve already said that’ if I try to post it again.

  3. Yes crab in he shell is quite awesome! I can not get enough elaboration, though, on the subjest of the self defeating white worker. I am a relic of the past; a middle class union worker that has a union contract coming up for negotiation in about 15 months. Our union force is but a fraction of what it was since I hired in 15 years ago. Worse than that is the fact that no one believes that we would all stick together in the event of a call for a strike.

    I’ve seen many people with connections, usually relatives in higher corporate places, work as hourly workers for a while and then move up into the office. Besides the nepotism, many women and minorities, move up, of course, as the law requires. There is virtually no room for advancement for any one else like me, who has always tried to be an extra effort person as well as constantly working on my education.

    Now middle aged, I realize that even if there does come some rare chance to advance to a more metal and less physical position they would prefer the less motivated, even lazy, and non educated, as long as that person is a corporate suckass that refuses to do things like file grievences when wronged, or in extreme cases, work through breaks and rat out/ lie about co-workers for such things as having to use the rest room when it is not break! And there are plenty of them that I work with!
    I only took the job as a means to raise the 2 kids I’d had 15 years ago and never meant to work such menial work all my life in such a hopeless situation. I tested in the top 10 percent nationwide on my college entrance exam and would have never dreamed of being a union factory worker, but here I am.
    My predicament in life had been wrestling with staying on the path of the hopless union worker fighting the heroic good fight for the middle class in a no win situation, or do I go back to school , get a graduate degree and teach , as was my dream previously even though I have wasted half of my life. Last year they announced our factory is closing to move to a right to work state , so the choice was made for me. I hope there is room for another member of academia or for 1 more lawyer.

    It is sad and lonely being a union factory worker. Nobody loves you, not even your co-workers.

  4. It sounds like National Socialism would do us some good; not a carbon copy of Hitler’s NS, but one suited specifically for American whites. It’s probably a good idea to avoid calling it NS and discard NS iconography (swastika, Adolph pics etc., despite the fact that it is NS.

    NS in a nutshell: socialism is impossible without a sense of community– a sense of community is impossible without a nation– a nation is impossible without a relatively high level of racial homogeneity.

    1. A sense of racial sameness can provide people a sense of community but people living in a multiracial neighborhood can have a sense of community too. Cuba is an example of a society that is multiracial but that also has a strong Cunan identity. Some areas of Cuba are dilapitated due to the embargo but despite the embargo Cuba has a higher life-expectancy than the USA and it has the highest literacy rate in the world.

      I wonder what its life expectancy would be without the embargo enacted on it by the USA.

  5. Dave M. – You’re not alone, mate. There’s 10s (mayber 100s) of millions of people had life experiences like that. I suppose we’ve all had army guys say to us ” what have you ever done for your country ?”. Well, I know what I did for my country – kept my head down and worked to get qualifications, avoided trouble with the law and did my best to stay in any kind of work. Some talk like an education is just something you get given – they don’t know about the struggle to keep your head down, the anxiety before exams and all that; THAT’S hard work – running and doing press-ups is easy by comparison. I figure I’ve done my bit, and society owes me and you to keep its side of the bargain – minimum is steady, tolerable, dignified, sufficiently-paid employment suitable for someone who’s put years into their education. Of course that’s not how our society works – in fact our society increasingly doesn’t work. So, I guess they’ll just stop educating us, except for skills the military needs – they’ve got Chinese and Indians to do all the manufacturing and clerical work now – all they’ll need us for is to man the army that looks after the investments. In fact, they might not even need us for that – someone said recently that a result of the projected N. American union could be that the US army becomes largely Mexican. You can hardly blame kids sometimes for making the rational decision to become a crack-dealer or some type of criminal and at least have a few years of pussy and fun before they get killed or jailed forever; if society doesn’t guarantee you a decent life if you play the game, then why bother?

  6. In case anyone was wondering what my long post earlier had to do with the topic, this is from the Socialist action ‘what we stand for’ page:

    ” The Specially Oppressed & Oppressed Nationalities – We support the struggles of those who are specially oppressed under capitalism – women, queers, national minorities, etc. We support and help build autonomous movements for the oppressed so that they can articulate their own demands, and develop political consciousness as a group. We support the right of self-determination for oppressed nationalities, including Blacks, Chicanos & Puerto Ricans.”

    That ‘self-determination’ bit is the core of it – do they agree with Louis Farrakhan or David Duke? It doesn’t matter, because (IF THEY EXIST) what they do seems to have little to do with what they say.
    This stuff will be of little interest to most here, but Robert knows about Tony Greenstein, and might fine it interesting and illuminating. I recommed going straight to the Greenstein stuff about PSC – whatever else he is, he’s a good writer. The second post, which is a sort of history of SA, is as mindnumbingly boring as you’d expect from a critique of one Trotskyist group by another.

    Let me re-emphasise: IF THIS GROUP EXISTS, they are a group of a few hundred, who have managed to infiltrate massively disproportionately into the highest local government positions in London, the leadership of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and who knows what else? How? The alternative is that Greenstein is part of a wrecking campaign.
    This throws up a general problem with ‘the left’. Genuinely democratic organisations are obviously vulnerable to these sort of attacks; but it strikes me that undemocratic ones, with their culture of secret deals and insider cliques, are even more so. It can’t be beyond the collective intelligence of ‘the left’ to design a model for organisation that is totally democratic, but makes it impossible for infiltrators to hijack it onto another track – you can speculate as well as me – but it seems that most of ‘the left’ aren’t really much interested in democracy; they’re attached to a vanguard model, because they don’t really have much faith in the proles. It’s hard to see much reason for faith in the proles, but without it, there’s no reason for ‘the left’ – it’s just a game.

  7. What is the effect that this group is having on the palestinian solidarity campaign? Are you suggesting they are somehow doing things to sabotage the palestinian solidarity campaign?

  8. Dear Robert
    Japan and Germany are two high-wage countries, but before the recession both had a trade surplus with China. That suggests that the American trade deficit with China also has domestic causes.
    One such cause is the very low American savings rate. When a country has a very low savings rate, it tends to become a net borrower, and a country that is a net borrower will normally have a trade deficit, while countries that are net lenders will normally have a trade surplus. Japan is a net lender, so it has a trade surplus.
    Let’s say that in country X, households save 30 billion. Businesses want to borrow 40 billions and the government wants to borrow 40 billion also. Then there is a savings gap of 50 billion. If country X borrows that money abroad, it will become a net borrower and has to run a trade deficit. The US is such a country.
    Let’s suppose that in country Y, businesses and the government also want to borrow 40 billion each but that households save 130 billion, then it will have a savings surplus of 50 billion. Those savings are likely to go abroad, and as a result, country Y will have a trade surplus. Japan is such a country.
    Of course, China is not blameless because China has a mercantilist trade policy. It keeps its currency undervalued with respect to the dollar in order to accumulate trade surpluses and lend that money abroad. China now has 2 trillion dollars worth of reserves abroad, much of it in the US. It baffles me why China does that. After all, this means that Chinese consumers have forgone 2 trillion in consumption in the last years. To run a trade surplus means to consume less than one produces, and why would a poor country, as China still is, wamt to consume less than it can.
    The Chinese government could easily create domestic demand by providing, for instance, all seniors with a state pension. That would also make it economically less attractive to have children because the Chinese would no longer need a child of their own to look after them in their old age.
    It is a myth that the US has become deindustrialized. Of course, employment in industry is down, but that is true for every rich country. It is the result of increasing productivity in factories. It takes fewer and fewer people to manufacture goods, in the same way that it takes fewer and fewer farmers to produce the same amount of food.
    Manufacturing output in the US was about 2.7 trillion in 2008. That’s about 19% of American GDP. In that year, China’s exports were 1.435 trillion, of which 17.7% went to the US, or 254 billion. In other words, American imports from China were slightly less than 10% of American manufacturing output. It just isn’t true that China has completely wiped out American industry.

    Having said this, I quite agree with the comments that globalism is being used to sock it to the wage-earning class. (I don’t like the misleading term working class.) However, we should distinguish between globalism as an ideology and globalization as a reality.
    There is actually much less globalization than we are constantly being told. For instance, about 90% of Canadian exports go to the US. For Mexico it is about 75%. That’s not globalization, but continentalization.
    On the other hand, globalist ideology is alive and alive. It is the latest stage of neoliberalism. It is used by the plutocracy to convince us that we live in a radically different world and that we should all tighten our belts to remain competitive with the teeming millions in poorer countries. We are also supposed to believe that globalization is like a force of nature and totally beyond our control, which is pure bullshit.
    The aim of globalism is to liberate big business from any national loyalties and restrictions, so that they can pursue profits everywhere without let or hindrance and without any regard for their compatriots.
    However, opposition to globalist ideology should not induce us to blame foreigners for our problems and descend into xenophobia.

    Regards. James

  9. James de-industrialisation has occurred and has had serious effects in terms of crime. example: Many manufacturing jobs in Souther California were lost during the 80s and this led to a rising crime rate because people who would have turned to factory jobs ended up starting to deal in illicit drugs. This is serious stuff when communities are destroyed due to the greed of corporations.

  10. Robert, can you check your spam filter again – a few more things I posted haven’t showed up here, or they’ve disappeared – I can’t remember

  11. Yes, SHORT comments seem to get through. I might have forgot to post one of the comments that got lost.

  12. Anyway, in case I forgot to post:

    ” Patrick – What is the effect that this group is having on the palestinian solidarity campaign? Are you suggesting they are somehow doing things to sabotage the palestinian solidarity campaign?”

    No, someone called Greenstein – Robert knows about him – is suggesting that; I’m not sure ‘this group’ exists, though they do have a website now. Their website is just the sort of thing Robert was talking about in his blog – political correctness by numbers. Just what you’d expect from a state secret security services fake or front, which I consider quite possible.

  13. Oh, also forgot: when I said that Greenstein was right about PSC, I meant that everything ELSE he said seemed valid in my limited experience, but I want to make clear that whatever reservations I have about them I respect PSC for sticking to the straight and narrow over their basic position: International Law, and what the Palestinians ask for – the 2 state solution: return to ’67 borders, withdrawal of ALL settlers, right of return for ALL ’48 refugees and their descendants, and the end of discriminatory laws within Israel proper. That’s the position in international law; that’s what every UN resolution has confirmed; and that’s what the Palestinians – both Hamas and Fatah – ask for. No-one who claims solidarity should claim to ‘know better’. Moving away from these positions just leads, instead of persistent action, to endless fruitless discussions , which is what the covert zionists (mostly Trotskyists, of course) really want – I suspect Greenstein of being ‘of that ilk’, but the jury’s out.

  14. White socialism now! Eloquent post!

    As for the general aversion to socialism, even in white workers’ America, the misled should take a cure from Yockey. He approximately said, “the moment you believe one class of society has some responsibility to another, you’re a socialist. You can call it Buddhism for all History cares, but it’s socialism.”

  15. Good post, i know that outsourcing and giving jobs to illegals is going to be the ruin of America!

    They should keep our manufacturing all here in the country! Outsourcing will be the end of us!

    Screw Obama and his crew of flunkies!

  16. Greenstein is a splitter – a hair splitter as well. Typical Trot. I liked the sound of him until I met him at a PSC conference and heard him put his motion. He writes well and Atzmon hates his guts. I don’t know if this throws any light on him:
    – an article by Jack Conrad, another hair-splitter. It’s hilarious that Conrad goes into such detail on a comrade; it’s a venerable tradition on the Left. Marx wasted months writing a book length polemic about Herr Vogt. No-one remembers who Herr Vogt is now. The weirdest group on the Left on Palestine are the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty: they’re Trotskyist Zionists. Marrying proletarian internationalism with racist colonialism demands ideological gymnastics, something Trots are renowned for.
    I’m happy with the idea of the Hebrew nation: may they turn on all these Jewish immigrants their Zionist state continues to foist on them! Jews out of the West Bank, Self Determination for the Hebrew Minority and the Palestinian Arab majority! All in the context of a Pan Arab uprising of the labouring masses of course lol

  17. lololololz these are just my last reflections! yes! unfortunately many gays have aids! is sad, to be honest i was worried about it ,but i usually made a fool of myself and didn’t think too much of it, but really ,if being in a city full of gays, sadly i would be paranoid of aids, no matter how much i like men, another reason to leave being bi, anyways my penis is damaged because circumsicion : ( ,better to be a pretty transsexual woman

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