Stupid Idea #743,592: Bringing Somali “Refugees” To America

Note: The PC freakazoids have accused this post, as usual, of racism. See here for my position statement on racism.

Read it and weep.

Whose bright idea was this anyway? When you’re stuck in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. Bearing that in mind, why don’t we quit bringing these Somalis over to our country?

The Somalis are in Norway and Finland too. Same crap in those places. In those countries, immigrants, mostly Somalis, are committing up to 80-90% of the rapes in some places. These Somalis just do not seem to be able to be integrated into modern Western societies. I’m sorry their country is such a craphole, but it’s not our fault. If they’re refugees, I’m sure there’s plenty of African countries that could take them in where their feral behavior would be considered at least normal.

These Somalis have to be just about the worst immigrants on Earth. They come to the West and go straight to gangbanger, do not pass go, do not collect $200. We have enough problems with our own native feral humanoids. There’s no reason why we should be importing even more two-legged animals from overseas.

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5 thoughts on “Stupid Idea #743,592: Bringing Somali “Refugees” To America”

  1. It’s the khat they smoke. I’ve heard that they nearly all smoke it all the time. Maybe that’s just slander. But I find them a shifty and dangerous lot – loads of them in London. A woman I know had a dog that had a thing about Somalis. It was normally a big softie, but if it saw a Somali it had to chase him/her – so she said. I found out when she left it with me for a while. I took it out for a walk in the local park. I sat on a bench and let it run around. Then a Somali-looking guy came along – you can tell them by their build and their features, sort of half Indian, half African. The dog blocked his path, barking. The guy looked at me and asked if the dog was safe ” Yeah, yeah, big softy, wouldn’t hurt a fly…” . So he tried to walk round it, and it went for his ass. Like something out of a cartoon, he ran round my bench three times with his hands protecting his ass and the dog snapping at it, till I got hold of it and stopped it. Maybe Somalis eat dogs or something.

  2. I’ve never met a Somali so I can’t comment on their behavior in any way. Somali women are quite beautiful though. Maybe we can just allow the women to immigrate. In fact I think that should be our immigration policy. Only beautiful women from whatever country are allowed to come here.

  3. I believe that soon a white person will fight back, probably with a weapon, and the whole world will be suddenly alerted to the problem of “white racism” in Lewiston, Maine.

    1. Yeah, I remember when they first talked about bringing them there. These people held town meetings saying, “NO WAY! We don’t want them!” All these idiot liberals gathered round and there were all these other town meetings decrying the horrible racists who opposed bringing the Somalis to Maine. Looks like the evil racists were right after all.

  4. Somalis chew their khat, not smoke it. It’s legal in London, but not in Seattle. Somalis here drive taxis and they like to chatter to each other non-stop on cell phones, and those little phones you hook on your ear, while they drive. It’s rude. I once asked a Somali to STFU and he stopped the cab and asked whose it was, his or mine? I was halfway out when he relented and said he’d stay off the phone until he delivered me to where I was going. Many of these guys have multiple wives. I always ask how many. We’re footing the bill for these polygamous ingrates. They get free everything when they arrive.

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