Trotskidiots Support Contras in the Philippines

Just to show you how useless Trotskyites (Trotskidiots) are, this Trotskidiot named Pierre Rousset has been championing a variety of splitters in the Filipino revolutionary movement as “the real Left.” They range from social democrats to Trotskidiots. The problem with a lot of these groups is that they are out and out traitors! A number of them have formed “independent revolutionary armies” with names that have phrases like “Liberation Front” in them.

Problem is that these “Liberation Fronts” work side by side with the Philippines military and police as paramilitaries and death squads to attack the real revolutionaries, the Maoist NPA. They also abduct, torture and kill people seen as “NPA supporters,” really just innocent civilians who have not taken up arms or broken any laws.

Trotskidiots are worse than useless. They are out and out traitors! They supported the Taliban contras who fought against the Red Army in Afghanistan, the refused to oppose the anti-Nazi front in World War 2, insanely arguing that the Axis and the Allies were simply “two arms of the capitalist movement.” Nearly the entire Western Left is now in the hands of these worse than useless Trotskidiots. What a shame.

By the way, never was an icepick put to better use!

What follows is a press statement from Cordillera People’s Democratic Front, an arm of the NPA’s aboveground political front in northern Luzon (that’s where the Cordillera region is). The statement warns people about the so-called Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army, and tells them not to be fooled by the name as it’s nothing but a reactionary government death squad. Apparently these are former NPA members who surrendered about 10 years ago, sought amnesty and then asked to form they own contra army to fight the NPA.

The CPLA Is in the Same Sinking Boat as the Ampatuan Private Army and Other Armed Groups Coddled by the Arroyo Regime

Simon Naogsan, Spokesperson
Cordillera People’s Democratic Front
December 15, 2009

The most recent in the long-running series of splits in the Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) has produced a purported new and reformed group but is composed of the same old opportunist elements. The reported ouster of Mailed Molina and the rise of a new group led by Arsenio Humiding is nothing more than a quarrel over the division of spoils within their dwindling organization.

This same thing has repeatedly happened to the CPLA in the past as various factions squabbled over the funds, weapons, and jobs in the AFP that were dangled before them by the reactionary government.

As an armed group devoid of any ideological mooring, the CPLA serves as a special paramilitary force for AFP counter-insurgency operations in the region. Its members were involved in horrible human rights violations such as the abduction, torture, and murder of Cordillera Bodong Association chairman and Cordillera People’s Alliance vice-chairman Ama Daniel Ngayaan and the killings of scores of Cordillera activists and civilians.

Various factions of the CPLA serve in the private armies of warlord-politicians in Abra and other Cordillera provinces. In Isabela, CPLA members serve in the private army used by the warlord Dy clan in land-grabbing activities. In recent years, even the PNP has complained about the armed robberies, extortion, land grabbing, illegal logging, drug dealing, gambling protection rackets and other crimes perpetrated by the CPLA.

The current CPLA interim leadership keeps on harping on the same tired issues of the integration of more of their members into the AFP and the continuation of their supposed peace-talks with the government. This
underscores their confused and laughable position. Peacetalks are held between adversaries. The CPLA is not an adversary of the government. In fact, the CPLA is pleading for more of their members to be integrated into the reactionary armed forces.

The CPLA raises the issue of their imaginary peacetalks and their empty threats of “going back to the hills” whenever they demand more financial assistance and projects from the government.

The CPLA should be ashamed calling themselves rebels or a “liberation army.” It is simply a criminal armed group used by the military in counter-insurgency operations against the NPA, the rest of the revolutionary movement, and the people. The CPLA is in the same sinking boat as the infamous Ampatuan private army and other armed groups funded, equipped and coddled by the military and the Arroyo regime.

The Cordillera Peoples Democratic Front (CPDF) calls upon the public not to be deceived and to vigorously reject the purported new and reformed CPLA. It is nothing more than an armed gang of lapdogs begging for crumbs from an increasingly isolated regime. The CPLA must be immediately disarmed, disbanded, and punished for the various abuses and human rights violations it committed against the Cordillera people!

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10 thoughts on “Trotskidiots Support Contras in the Philippines”

  1. That’s no great surprise. In the UK, you wouldn’t know there was anything happening in the Philippines from the Trot press or blogs (same as the mainstream media). The only coverage I see is in the Communist Party’s ‘Morning Star’ daily paper.

  2. Still peddling an obsolete ideology eh? Well in fairness the Maoist CPP is harangued by “contras” of various stripes. From Popoy Lagman’s polemic to plain banditry, the Trotskyites here are messing things up.

    1. The CPP is the only hope for the Philippines, that country is so damned screwed up. The system must be completley destroyed, and only Maoists can do that. That said, I support a Left alliance of all progressives in the Philippines. Even Hugo Chavezism would be great for the Philippines. There are so many ways we can do this. What’s clear is that Philippines business as usual has got to go.

    2. Unfortunately the CPP have been rendered obsolete since the CIA instigated EDSA revolution. Though gaining its strength in the countrysides the Party still cannot win the cities within decades.

    3. Yeah, they do ok, but they should aim at the success of the Nepalese. Hell, even the Indian Maoists. I know a lot of Filipinos online from urban areas, mostly without much money, and they all dislike the NPA. Most of them support Aquino, that traitor. The political landscape of your average Filipino’s brain is probably about as hopeless as that of your average American’s.

      That said, the NPA should adopt a Broad Front strategy and align with the entire non-traitor Left, Marxist and non-Marxist. Even peaceful change would be great for the Philippines. Anything, really.

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