"Respect for an American Indian," by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. I heard a radio show on this Indian just recently. It sure is a sad story, and it shows that fame often whacks people out as often as it helps them. Within the Gila River Indian Reservation just south of Phoenix lies the Sierra Estrella mountain range. One of its major peaks is named after a young man who served as a Marine in World War II. He didn’t die in the war, though. That he survived. He died nearly ten years after the war, of exposure, after falling drunk, some say in a creek and others say in an irrigation ditch. Drunk was a normal state for him after the war. He had been arrested for drunkenness and disorderly conduct numerous times since coming home. Supposedly the drinking began not long after he became the returning hero and the preferred honor bestowed upon him was to buy him a drink. He had been one of only 27 of his company of 250 to survive the battle that took place for Iwo Jima. He couldn’t get his fallen comrades out of his mind. He had been one of the five men photographed raising the flag on Mount Suribachi – he’s on the far left – and he never liked being lauded as a hero. Not only that, but his real homecoming was not that glorious. The federal government had decades earlier cut off the major water supply to the Pima Indians, depriving them of the farming way of life they had practiced for generations. Starvation was fended off only by government rations. This is what the young Marine came home to. Uncle Sam was not going to restore water to his people just because they had a war hero in their midst. It wasn’t a good life. There are memorials to Ira Hayes besides that mountain peak near Phoenix. There was even a song written about him; Johnny Cash recorded the most famous version. The thing is, Ira Hayes didn’t like all the fame and accolades his war experiences had brought him. They were a source of grief to him. He had seen, like so many others returning from war, into the heart of his country, past all the pomp and circumstance. One of the things America had found so appealing about his story was that he was an Indian. But what his people were dealing with wasn’t very appealing at all.


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    I guess the Congress won’t be able to accomplish its goal of making whites a minority through immigration. Indeed, soon we’ll be hard-pressed just to provide food and jobs for our current numbers.

    1. Just goes to show how primitive man really is. We have to rely on dead organic matter of millions of years ago to thrive.
      Eventually, we’ll have to turn to the sun somehow. That’s what the final answer is. The sun in one second releases more energy than all of humans have consumed in their entire industrial history. And it will burn for another 10 billion years before going turning into a red giant and vaporizing us.
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  2. So Congress is trying to make whites a minority through immigration.
    Our overwhelmingly white Congress must be very self-hating, I guess.

    1. They are, or at least they don’t care about our race at all. Only about 13% of US Whites have an explicitly White racial consciousness, despite the blatherings of the anti-racists. Most of us Whites don’t even think about our race at all, much less identify with it openly. To our detriment.
      It’s not so much that they are self-hating as that they just don’t care. They don’t care about making Whites a minority in the US. That’s not important to the White Congressfolks. It might be important to White citizens, but no one ever asks them the question, so we will never know.
      Blacks will regret the day when America has a non-White majority. They think it’s Hallelujah time now, but they will realize then that no one ever treated them as good as we 21st Century Whites. They bitch at us all the time, but consider the alternatives. But since when are Blacks forward-looking anyway? Speaking of to their own detriment.

    2. We treated them horribly in the past, but now we treat them fantastically. They are actually super-citizens and get super-treatment from the state. Their problems are 100% their own doing as best as I can tell. For many of them, they have adopted lifestyles akin to Underclass Blacks except without a lot of the violence and extreme pathology.
      They’re more self-destructive then outwardly aggressive, kind of like pathological Whites. I don’t see what more we can possibly do for these folks ATM. They get just about everything for free, even a house. What more do you want?
      I kind of like Indians. Very easy to get along, love to laugh and play, don’t like to work very hard but oh well, I can be kinda lazy myself if you give me permission. Indians are very laidback, easy-going, happy go lucky folks without a lot of anger in them, unlike Blacks. Plus they are not dangerous. They’re sort of fuckups, but they’re basically harmless.
      Around here a lot of working class – lower class White guys hook up with Indian chicks. No one hates them at all. Most people feel sorry for them if anything. They definitely live like bums though – they throw trash all over their yards and just don’t care. But as I said, they’re harmless. If you’re harmless, most Whites will just leave you alone. Blacks aren’t exactly harmless, and this is where a lot of the animosity towards them come from.
      BTW, I hate to say it, but the Indians I worked for (I worked for them for 1 1/2 years) seriously hated Blacks. They called them “ganaaga.” That’s their word for Blacks. Comes from “Kanaka,” from the Gold Rush. Kanakas were not Black, but I guess they looked close enough. They were Polynesians.

    3. You know, in past times, blacks were commonly described in the same way you have described Indians: happy go lucky, laid back, like to laugh and play, didn’t like to work hard, etc.
      That’s kind of interesting.

    4. I don’t think congress has any goal on racial demographics whatsoever. At one time, it was written in the law that this is to be a majority white nation and immigration laws must reflect that. Lincoln wanted to send freed black slaves back to Africa. His death may have prevented that from happening. At some point, America just made the decision that keeping non-whites from immigrating to America is immoral. Well guess what? the planet is 90% non-white, guess who’s going to come here if you drop racial immigration quotas. Why on earth would European whites want to come here these days? Life is too easy there with free healthcare, 5 weeks of paid vacation and unlimited unemployment checks. Would you give up your EU citizenship to come here to the land where socialism is hated?
      So year, nearly all our immigrants are going to be non-white. No white abroad in his right mind would want to move here anyway. Not anymore.

  3. Tulio writes:
    All fossil fuels are is just stored solar energy when it comes down to it, so why not just go straight to the source?
    Good question. Fossil fuels have a high energy density, portability, and energy return on energy invested (EROEI). Oil occurs in a liquid form and flows to fill the tank. You can fill you tank up with gas in 3 or 4 minutes, take yourself 3 or 4 hundred miles. A single gallon of gasoline weighing 6.5 pounds contains 125,000 BTUs– the equivalent of one ton of lead-acid storage batteries!
    This is problematic for solar, since it only works during the day. It isn’t stored energy. In fact, it only works about 14% of the time on average. And there’s no good way to store it. Producing hydrogen from water via electrolysis or making synthetic fuels is very energy intensive and expensive. At least the wind blows about one-third of the time in the windiest spots. According to the recent Scientific American article “The Solar Grand Plan” it would take 30,000 square miles of solar panels to provide just 35% of U.S. energy. It would take all the money in the world to do that. Also, it takes a lot of oil to make solar panels, and they need to be washed every 5-10 days or they cloud out. How could we wash 30,000 square miles in the desert?
    Solar is also ridiculously expensive. In Germany, the world leader in both pv solar and wind capacity, it costs over 40 cents per kilowatt-hour even with heavy subsidies; coal is 2.75 cents per kilowatt-hour. Germany discussed the matter in an article from its largest magazine Der Speigel a few days ago:

    1. Thanks for info Matt. Well, your posts simply underscore why it’s important that we get started on future energy technologies right away. We have no time to waste. I think we are really in our technological infancy when it comes to energy sourcing. It’s almost laughable when you think of it. Man exists on this thin slice of earth called “the crust” underneath that crust is so much geothermal energy it will last billions of years, and above our heads, the sun is releasing more energy in a second that we have in thousands of years. Yet we simply have no ability to tap into it in any viable manner. It’s a pity. We’re literally sandwiched with clean energy that we have no idea who to utilize.

  4. I haven’t spent much time around Indians, so I wonder what attitudes they have about Whites.
    I was listening to a discussion in which Blacks and Whites were talking about immigration, and this Indian woman called in and said, “Hey, this is Indian land. All of you need to get out of here.”

  5. Native Americans play some mean guitar. Check out Jesse Ed Davis, one of the great unsung American guitar men. His slide guitar playing on Taj Mahal’s 1st album is said to have inspired Duane Allman to take up slide. He’s on the first 3 Taj Mahal albums . Six Days on the Road, from Giant Step, is one of the all-time great guitar solos. Also did a lot of session work, played with Leon Russel, and on Gene Clark’s No Other. Dead Now. There you go.

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