Racism and Opposition to Heath Care Reform

I haven’t written much about health care lately because the whole reform process is so sickening. They’re about to kill the public option and that means no reform. The “reform” is going to be to force every American to buy overpriced evil private health insurance, and if you don’t, the IRS will come after you. Great! Some reform! It will be the biggest shift in income from working non-parasitic human Americans to corporate parasitic shitballs in the history of America.

Why? All so Black people don’t get free health care! Way to go racists! Way to skin your own asses to save your racist hides.

This would have been a Euro-socialist country decades ago were it not for tens of millions of racist White Americans. If you want to be a racist, that’s your problem, but I have issues with White dickheads who have turned a great country into a wealthy version of a banana republic just to “stick it to the niggers.”

Found on the Internet. Oh no! Opposition to health care reform, which will benefit tens of millions of White workers, has nothing to do with race! Those anti-Obama crowds of 100,000 where 99
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16 thoughts on “Racism and Opposition to Heath Care Reform”

  1. Dear Robert
    The US has the most expensive health care in the world. 16% of American GDP is consumed by health care, while in European countries that percentage lies betweeen 7 and 11. Not only is it expensive, but it is also growing at a rate of 6% per year. Since the American economy grows at about 2% per year, this is an unsustainable rate of growth.
    There are probably several reasons for this discrepancy between the US and Europe, but three reasons should be that the compensation of health professionals in the US is very high, administrative costs are also very high, and fear of malpractice suits induce American doctors to prescribe all kinds of preventive procedures.
    Measuring health care costs as a percentage of GDP is actually a fallacy because health care consists of labor costs and equipment costs. The labor costs should go up with GDP but not the equipment costs.
    Let’s ilustrate this. We have two communities of 1000 people. Both have two doctors and in each the doctor earns 5 times per capita income and has 300,000 of equipment expenditure.
    In community A, per capita income is 10,000, so each doctor earns 50,000. Total health care cost in community A are (2 x 50,000) + (2 x 300,000) = 700,000, which is 7% of the GDP of that community.
    In community B, per capita income is 40,000, so doctors earn 200,000 per year. In B, total health care costs are (2 x 200,000) + (2 x 300,000) = 1,000,000. This is only 2.5% of the GDP of community B, even though the people in B are getting just as much health care as those in A.
    A country like the US should actually be able to spend a smaller percentage of its GDP on health care than a country like Portugal, for the same reason that rich people spend a smaller share of their disposable income on food than poor people do.
    Have a good day. James

  2. I think you’ve got it right, Robert. It’s hard to be sure because the whole thing’s so complicated. Best instinct is if you can’t understand it, they’re trying to rip you off. I can only go on the critics on Counterpunch who sound convincing. But so many, supposedly on the left, are still trying to present this bill as an improvement, worth getting behind. It may turn out to be a bit of a litmus test. Take the question of whether money is going to be taken from Medicare – writers on Counterpunch unanimously say so, but a lot of ‘liberal’ leftists claim this is a lie put about on the internet by the neanderthal right – like the rednecks that showed up with guns at pro-reform meetings. Looks increasingly like the rednecks were right. Most UK ‘leftist’ bloggers seem to be trying to get away with ignoring this in case they get it wrong (e.g. Seymourlin) but George Galloway is ‘behind Obama’ in his struggle against the right (what a joke), and Andy Newman (Socialist Unity site, ex-Respect but returned to Labour) is arguing that the bill is some improvement and no it won’t take money from Medicare, that’s just a lie…
    I think this arises from 2 things: lack of time or energy to read all the arguments; and the desire for a fairy godmother to come along and make everything alright, and the hope that Obama is it. But they should know better. When in doubt, be guided by previous form – that leads us inevitably to the ‘ripoff model’.

  3. You really nailed it with this one, Robert. I do not want a free government ran health care system because it benefits Negros (and Hispanics) disparately compared to Whites.

    If Blacks and Hispanics really want governmental-ran health care in this nation they should push to make the nation 80-98% White (esp. Northern & Western European White). This will help bring about socialized medicine.

    I guess I support our current government-ran socialized health care program (Medicare) because there are so many old Whites out there.

    “This would have been a Euro-socialist country decades ago were it not for tens of millions of racist White Americans.”

    Yes that is true but Coloreds are still better off under our present system. Look at Colored socialized countries’ *median* longevity records. They are abysmal. And if there were no Whites we would have a Haiti or Tanzania here where people die like flies all the time. Without Whites they are like children without parents; the aforementioned may be some of the harshest criticisms I have written about Coloreds but there I stand and so it is.

    1. Without Whites, Coloreds are like children without parents.

      Well, you adopted us. And now I suppose we are like those grown kids who just won’t get it together and leave home. Living in the basement. Eating you out of house and home.

      It’s rough.

    2. Yeah, and we all know that blacks and Hispanics pay no taxes whatsoever. They all live on welfare, don’t work and contribute nothing to society and would all rather have their hands out to whitey than work. Yeah…

  4. Robert’s probably right, and while it’s too bad, it’s legitimate to feel that way. Remember that flap about mammograms in November when one expert panel suggested women didn’t need them until 50, and then only bi-annually. Women’s groups criticized the decision, and at least one Black women’s group said that they’re more susceptible and need them earlier. So Senators Mikulski and Snowe introduced an amendment to the bill guaranteeing annual mammograms to women who want them.

    Under government-mandated health care, that would be the future of ALL politics. Any cost-saving suggestion would immediately become a civil rights issue to whatever group consumes the most of that particular procedure. And we’d get caught in a never-ending escalation of guaranteed services.

    1. I’m sorry, I just find this whole line preposterous. I’m basically a selfish person. I am concerned about ME. I don’t really care about Blacks or Hispanics all that much one way or the other. Hence, I don’t care whether they use my health care system or not. Give it to them or don’t give it to them, either way, it has nothing to do with me. If Blacks and Hispanics want health care, they should fight for it. Why should I stand in their way? How does that benefit me? That Hispanics and Blacks are sitting in the clinic alongside of me is irrelevant.

      I want my healthcare! I want it for me! How do the Hispanics and Blacks fit into the equation? Is my life screwed up because they are sitting next to me in the clinic? It’s like I’m really hungry and they are giving away free food. I turn it down because Blacks and Hispanics are lined up for the free food too, and now I’m even more hungry.

      I doubt if ethnic battles over health care going to be all that costly. We have the most expensive system on Earth as it is. A government system is going to save tons of money no matter how the ethnic groups fight over services. In countries with national health care, out of control costs are not generally a problem.

    2. In countries with national health care, out of control costs are not generally a problem.

      In fairness many single-payer systems do have serious budget problems as well as rationing of services.

    3. States are not generally going broke just to fund national health care. Sure, there’s rationing, but there’s rationing now. If you don’t like the rationing, pay for more health care (via taxation) so you get less of it. I think we ought to leave the insurance companies in the game. If you don’t like national health care, go buy some private insurance. I bet hardly anyone will. I understand that many national health systems allow people to buy private insurance but hardly anyone buys it.

    4. Replying to Robert’s “preposterous” post.

      Your line of reasoning implies that no one else’s health care plan has anything to do with yours. Under a purely private system, you have the option of walking away from a plan that either doesn’t provide you adequate benefits or charging too high premiums. But if every plan operates under government mandates, then every plan will be politically loaded with guaranteed coverage to various groups that your premiums will pay for.

      You won’t have the ability to say “I don’t want to join plan X, because their premiums are too high from covering excessive mammograms, or whatever Al Sharpton says the scourge of the moment in the black community is.”

    1. He’s right about some stuff, wrong about a lot of other stuff. I actually look forward to reading him because, well, I’m an anti-racist! I enjoy reading anti-racism because they tell us how we Whites are being hurtful to Blacks in a racist way. I’m not interested in acting hurtful to Blacks in a racist way. I want to be nice to them.

      It’s always interesting to hear how you’re pissing people off or annoying them so you can have an opportunity to quit doing it, make yourself look better and quit hurting people.

      I just wish anti-racists had some better arguments. A lot of their argumentation is just wrong. For instance, Wise says we Whites are irrational to fear Blacks and Black crime. I don’t think so! Bad advice!

  5. For instance, Wise says we Whites are irrational to fear Blacks and Black crime. I don’t think so! Bad advice!

    This is where Tim Wise (and Abagond for that matter.. ) falls flat on his face. He deliberating distorts data to deflect away from the abuse whites receive when they live in majority black neighborhoods or for that matter the very high levels of violence in the Black community. (I presume there are exceptions.. perhaps in some of the better suburbs around DC or LA…)

    This really hits home for me.. I was attacked and sent to the hospital in 2002… as was a friend of mine in 2003, my tenants in 2005 and 2009, and some friends of mine in Memphis who suffered at the hands of a gang initiation. All of the victims above (except one) were White and all had to receive medical care. All of these incidents happened in just the past 10 years. I do occasionally get hassled by drunk Whites.. but generally it’s a total joke, maybe a shove at most. (Tim Wise equates this kind of violence with aggravated assault that can land one in the hospital..) In my experience and the experiences of some friends and acquaintances when violence is perpetrated upon Whites by Blacks there is almost always injury.

  6. To Shawn:

    “You really nailed it with this one, Robert. I do not want a free government ran health care system because it benefits Negros (and Hispanics) disparately compared to Whites.”

    It’s a moot issue, poor Blacks and to a lesser degree Latinos already receive free health care through medicaid. For Blacks the rate is 7 times higher than Whites. Blacks nominally (eg not adjusted for their percentage of the population… have more people on TANF (previously known as AFDC, previously known as welfare..) than Whites…)

    1. Not all welfare is for poor people. Corporations get lots of welfare too. The poor don’t have lobbyist to send to congress to bring back billions in pork. I get tired of people acting like blacks are responsible for draining this country of money. Hell, look what we poured down the drain with the Iraq debacle. Blacks didn’t orchestrate that. Okay, well maybe Condi Rice contributed, but you know what I mean.

  7. I get tired of people acting like blacks are responsible for draining this country of money.

    Well that’s not what I said…. my point to Shawn is that Medicaid is already available to poor people with over representation among Blacks and Latinos. So if someone is fighting the Health Bill based upon race I believe they are misguided.

    Corporations get lots of welfare too.

    Well if it’s truly welfare (as in money is paid without a service rendered or at least heavily over priced..) I would call it corruption and I am well aware that it exists at multiple levels.

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