Jews In Prison

It’s not a picnic.

They don’t fit in with any of the ethnic gangs, and the White gangs hate them. They have to eat with the Whites, but they eat last. If you can be a jailhouse lawyer for dumb goys, you win points and protection.

Interestingly, the Aryan Brotherhood stuck up for this Jew and protected him while the skinheads hated his guts. The AB is not so much about race. It’s more about protecting Whites from Black assaults and rapes and protecting the lucrative drug trade that the AB runs in prison. So the AB isn’t all that ideological, which is what I long suspected. The skinheads are. They’re the real Nazis.

This Jewish White collar criminal’s main interest in race was hatred of Nazis. Funny how the White nationalists are always screaming about how Jews hate them. Duh! Of course they hate you! You’re Nazis, think about it!

As I’ve long held about Jews, the shittier all you anti-Semites treat ’em, the more Jewish they get. So if you don’t like Jewishness, treat Jews nicely, and they might become Jews in name only. The more you treat ’em like shit, the more they want to work for the ADL and move to Israel. Get a clue, anti-Semites. You’re creating your own problem.

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9 thoughts on “Jews In Prison”

  1. If you are a somewhat weak or feminine guy in prison I understand there are three options: 1, stay in your cell all day under protective custody (you are housed in the wing with the child molesters and rapists); 2, go out into the yard, fly solo, but become someone’s “wife;” 3, join a prison gang for protection and be on the yard & play handball.

  2. Anybody that have studied the jews knows that most jews are Lying Jew Scumbags. Furthermore they know that the jews always have created their own opposition.

    ln the Jew Only paranoid world of their own all goyim (non-jews) are insane jew haters that want to send all jews to gas ovens, for no other reason that the jews want to practise their “religion”. Anyone that knows te first thing about jews and their so called “religion” knows that the jews “religion” is to lie, cheat and steal everything.

    ln the Jew Only world all the wealth in the world belongs to the jews. ln essence, to the jews everything that goyim owns the goyim have stolen from the jews. Hence when the jews steal from goyim, to the jews that is not stealing, all the jews do is to take back what belonged to the jews in the first place.

    Whatever goyim do to jews is ALWAYS the goyim fault. ln the Jew Only world the jews NEVER can do anything wrong. Anything less then the jew can have it all his way is “persecution” in the Jew Only World.

    Only total dimwits will take the Lying Jew Scumbags bogus accusation “atisemite” serious.

    lf you call yourself communist, zionist or PC-ist, either way your a Useful ldiot to the Lying Jew Scumbags. They are all jewish swindles!

    The highest wordly power you can get is to control the state. There are 200 states in the world and if you can take control of all 200 states in the world, you rule the world. And that is the jewish conspiracy, jews taking control of all 200 states in the world.

    To do that the jews must have a proxy war machine. The jews tried to take over Russia 1n 1881, then again 19o5. ln 1917 the jews finally made it and took over Russia. There was seven million jews in Russia in 1917. How do you take over a state? You kill the old elite and replace them with your own people and that is what the jews did in Russia 1917. The jews killed off the entire one point five million old russian elite and then the jews just moved into the old elites homes and took their place in the state apparatus.

    Then the jews renamed Russia Sovjet and turned her into the jews proxy war machine for jewish world conquest. The jews used 35, three-five percent of Sovjet GNP, Gross National Product on the jewish proxy war machine Sovjet. The Sovjet imperialism was in fact jewish imperialism.

    Then the commie-jews gave up Sovjet and joined the zionist-jews in Washington DC, America. America is the jews proxy war machine 2oo9. American imperialism 2oo9 is in fact jewish imperialism.

    The jews controls the American state lock, stock and barrel.

    1. “The Jews renamed Russia Sovjet”? What are you talking about, hoff2? The Russian word “soviet” simply translates as “council” – it refers to the organisation of the communist state (the “Sovetskiy Soyuz”) of which Russia was only a part. The communist name for Russia itself was “Rossiyskaya Sovetskaya Federativnaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika” but this was such a mouthful that people just shrugged and went on calling the country “Rossiy” as they had always done.

      Where did you find all your crap about the Jewish proxy war machine anyway? In the Goebbels diaries? Or are you really a humourist, sending up the views of people you actually despise? If so, I have to tell you your joke just isn’t funny. And the word “Jew” takes an upper-case J, you asshole! You seem to know as little about proper nouns as you do about Russian.

      (Am I allowed to be as aggressive as this on your blog, Robert? I’ll soon find out.)

    2. He’s one of our resident anti-Semites. Everyone beats up on him, but he doesn’t mind. I’m not sure how useful it is though. He’s some Swedish guy, anti-Semite. That’s all I know about him. He obeys the rules so he doesn’t get banned, plus I kind of like him for some weird reason.

  3. Machers (big shots) don’t do hard time. This SPLC sob story doesn’t reflect the life behind bars of Jews like Bernie Madeoff and Jack Abramoff. The Wikipedia entry for Abramoff says he was given two terms in two different cases. It would be interesting to know if he’s still in jail and if so, in which one. He’s was probably let out early on good behavior to attend to that Israeli sniper school he was funding with his ill gotten gains. Either that or he’s cruising the Florida Keys with fellow neocon “Kooks” (Israel First followers of Orthodox rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook) Michael Medved and Daniel Lapin.

    “Abramoff is serving six years in prison on a criminal case out of Florida, where he pleaded guilty in January 2006 to charges of conspiracy, honest services fraud, and tax evasion. For the mail fraud, conspiracy, and tax evasion charges stemming from the influence-peddling scandal in Washington, Abramoff was sentenced to four years in federal prison on September 4, 2008 by U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle. He had faced up to 11 years in prison. ”

    Some enterprising opposition intellectusal should write a book about the special treatment Jews get when they’re actually sent to prison which is rarely. Think “Scooter” Libby and those two treasonous AIPAC executives who were caught red handed taking a two martini espionage lunch in a Wash DC bistro with an Israeli diplomat who skidaddled back to Tel Aviv the moment the news broke. The only one of the ring who went to prison was fall goy Larry Franklin who was probably rewarded for time served with a numbered account in Ronald S. Lauder’s big supercilious beak.

  4. In some states they have had to categorize Jews as something aside from ‘White’ because they were being put in to cells with Whites who recognized the ethnic non-Whiteness of Jews; case in point –

    Arguments wrapped last week in a court case that could radically alter the way state prisons categorize Jewish inmates.

    Viet Mike Ngo — a Vietnamese American prisoner who claims to have undergone an informal conversion to Judaism two years ago — sued San Quentin, alleging the prison utilizes race as the predominant factor in assigning cellmates and puts Jews in a potentially dangerous position by classifying them as “white” instead of “other.”

    As a result, Jews could find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with white supremacists in their cells and during lockdown situations, said Ngo’s lawyer, Charles Carbone.

  5. Check these stories out. He’s not going down. Of course, there are lots of good Jews. You see their names carved in granite or written out in bronze letters bolted to the walls of holocaust museums, children’s hospitals, opera houses, public libraries, university research depts., Israeli sniper schools and across the downey booties of underage shiksas. They like to let everyone know how much good they’ve gotten away with and how much it cost.

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