Abagond Suspended

The Black antiracist blog Abagond has been suspended by WordPress. I can’t imagine why that would happen, and there must have been some kind of a mistake. WordPress mostly hates spam and legal BS like libel and false accusations resulting in lawsuit threats. Other than that, they don’t much care.

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15 thoughts on “Abagond Suspended”

  1. Abagond’s site is back now. It looks very interesting and entertaining. I’ll give it a regular glance.

    1. It’s a most interesting site. I don’t agree with a certain amount of what he says, but I think he has a point. He talks a lot about White racism against Blacks. A lot of times, what that means is, we are treating them like shit. That’s how I would interpret it.I do agree with Abagond on that. We need to knock it off and quit treating Blacks like shit so much. It’s a basic human rights issue. I also like the posts are beautiful Black women. I’m starting to appreciate Black beauty. It’s an acquired taste, and a lot of Black chicks don’t look good at all, but definitely, for sure some Black chicks are anywhere from ok to pretty damn hot!

      You just have to appreciate the kind of unique beauty that they have.

      We don’t agree on some other stuff though.

      Just a warning though. Abagond says my site is racist. It’s based on the “scientific racism” stuff. Based on his definition, yep, I am a racist on that issue and it’s ok. I just think it’s true, that’s all. As a liberal, it’s the last thing I want to believe, but increasingly I feel that it’s just true. I also think it’s at the root of a lot of Black problems and I wonder what the Hell we can do about it! For us and for them.

  2. Abagond certain posts some babes.
    I’ll take Mrs. David Bowie any day.

    But every ethnicity has professional models in their prime beauty years. If you’re thinking real long term (like a lasting marriage) African-American women do wrinkle less than Caucasians, but they gain weight. 80 percent over 40 are overweight and half are obese. And that’s a form of non-beauty that’s more than skin deep.


    1. Sounds about like White women. Aren’t 2/3 of White women overweight? Anyway, I am 52 yrs old, and I am overweight by those charts by a few pounds. Most people laugh if I point out to them that I’m overweight and insist that I am not. That’s because due to my body type, I don’t look overweight. For one thing, I don’t have the typical middle-aged belly. Around here we have Mexican chicks. I wonder how many of those over 40 are overweight. 95%? Fat and Hispanic woman kind of go hand in hand, and Hispanic guys don’t even care.

      There seems to be some evidence now that Black obesity may be at least in part genetic.

  3. To Robert:
    Re: Abagond:

    “A lot of times, what that means is, we are treating them like shit. ”

    I would have continued reading him if that was what he was predominantly saying. However in my opinion he started making broad based statements about Whites (which seemed to be redundant..) and how they thought and what they believed.. most of which had little real world bearing on most of the Whites I have known throughout my life. (Such as when he said White males won’t marry Black women because they don’t want Black children…)

    I think he has some good insights on a number of subjects but basically was turned off by his descriptions of the way he believed Whites see the world. I will give him credit when challenged on a few things he would sometimes adjust his world view or at least seriously ponder the question. Given his limited format and time I suspect that his opinions are actually more nuanced than his blog conveys and wouldn’t mind having a direct conversation with him.

  4. Abagond admits to being a moderate racist against whites.

    Yes I saw the post where he says “I am a racist..” I would continue to read him (and I still occasionally check in..) if he gave some real world details about what has happened in his life in his interaction with Whites. He has mentioned a few things that have happened to him in the past but in general it seems his posts about Whites are along the lines “Whites behave this way…” I really don’t see that he is treading new ground.

    1. He based his racism off a test he took online that demonstrates the takers level of psychological racism and it showed him to be moderately biased against whites.

  5. Abagond admits to being a moderate racist against whites.

    He’s got some curious posters… about 75% of the posts of one of the women are rants against White men. But… she later stated that she was dating a White guy and seemed to imply she liked the fact that he had money. Okaaaay. Of course Rob has Heg/Hoff who is very hard to top.

    1. I think I know who you’re talking about. In her case, it’s probably a love/hate thing. Maybe deep down she actually wants a white man while simultaneously despising them. I see a similar dynamic at times with Hispanic women that hate the gringo yet want blue eyed kids with light skin.

  6. I think I know who you’re talking about.
    It’s the poster erzulieredeyes.

    In her case, it’s probably a love/hate thing. Maybe deep down she actually wants a white man while simultaneously despising them.

    Quite possible, it’s a type of behavior that I have hard about but is pretty foreign to me.

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