Oh Well, At Least They’re Not Starving


And the poorest are “suffering” from the increase in obesity the worst. I’m actually sort of happy to hear this. It’s really discouraging to hear about all of the malnutrition, emaciation and out and out starvation over there. Obesity isn’t a piece of cake, but it’s better than looking like a gigantic walking twig.

I figure they will live a lot longer being fat than being skinny and starving too, even though obesity isn’t good for your lifespan. Most people don’t live very long over there anyway, and you know a lot of that is related to not enough food. Obesity will still cut their lives short, but not as bad as emaciation.

I honestly never thought I would see the day this would happen. I figured Africans would be starving at least until I die, and possibly for eternity. Another bright spot is that the fattening would not have occurred without lots of cheap, high calorie foods over there. If there’s one thing Africa always seems to lack, it’s cheap, high-calorie food.

Turns out Brits are getting fatter too, but increased obesity is a world trend.

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4 thoughts on “Oh Well, At Least They’re Not Starving”

  1. Just because they’re fat doesn’t mean they aren’t malnourished. These folks are likely eating a lot of empty calories. Fast food, junk food, stuff with lots of high fructose corn syrup…you know stuff that fattens you and gives you empty calories to live off, but has zero nutritional value.

  2. Some fatties are and some aren’t. Depends on their individual diets. I’m just saying that if someone got fat from eating fast food, Doritos and beer, they can live off the calories just fine, but they will be nutrient deficient and have other health problems further down the line. Whereas a starving person’s malnutrition is both nutrient deficiency + calorie deficiency and their problems are immediate. They simply don’t have any fuel for their body to burn. Junk food eating fatties have the fuel(stored fat), but no vitamins, good omegas and stuff your body needs for long-term health and well-being.

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