“Don’t Tread On Me,” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. Good one, AU.

This is our PC World in a nutshell. Along with life, liberty and the pursuit of a six figure income, I mean happiness, we all have the right not to be offended. If we do get offended, we get to jump up and down like animals in a zoo, go on TV and radio, give interviews in the papers, and demand apologies from everyone in a 10 mile radius of the scene of the crime.

The anti-racists paint America as some kind of horrorshow run by grinning White racist Gestapo overlords. Instead, the Whites are running around like mice watching every damned move and word and making sure they don’t, you know, um, offend anyone.

Blacks and increasingly Hispanics have adopted a lifestyle that could be called Perpetual Offense. They get up in the morning trying to figure out all the different ways they can hopefully get offended today so they can collect their Offended Brownie Points to pin to their Righteous Victim sack-cloths. If the Blacks keep this up, they’ll give the Jews a running for the Paranoid-Masochistic Character mantle.

I’d say life is about having fun, but for some it’s the Pursuit of the Holy Grievance instead. Only once you get it, you don’t feel better. Like a crack rock, you just need another hit fifteen minutes later. Grievance collection and other masochistic addictions are ultimately unfulfilling, because once you’re satisfied, the war is over, and to the grievance collector, the war’s never over, because the enemy’s always winning.

Hell of a way to live your life, but it takes all kinds to fill the freeways.

It was at the beginning of my stint as a graduate student that I first learned about political correctness.

It was the early eighties – 1984 or so. I was friends with some undergraduate women and we used to talk about all kinds of issues women cared about, including some incendiary issues that were sure to cause controversy. One day I voiced an opinion about one of these issues in the casual, self-assured way you’d talk about whether or not it was raining outside.

It was a costly mistake.

One of these young women disputed what I said, and we had a brief discussion about it in what I thought was a civil way. Well, the next time we saw each other, she acted as if she didn’t know me. We never spoke to each other again.

Another time, I was visiting another young woman, a very passionate Communist who would give me copies of some newspaper her group dispensed. We weren’t talking about Communism on that particular evening. We were talking about the same issue I had lost my other friend over. But I hadn’t learned my lesson.

Our discussion was getting intense, and then I stated an opinion rather bluntly.

Oh, my God.

What happened next was like watching Dr. Bruce Banner turn into the Incredible Hulk.

I can remember that furiously moving mouth sputtering in outrage, outrage her body could scarcely contain. Did she unleash obscene denunciations of my character? Insult my family origins? Damn me to Hell? No, she didn’t.

“I’m getting very offended!” This is what she wanted me to know.

I was sitting there in amazement, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, “What? You’re offended? Because I disagree with you?”

Yes. Offended.

I learned my lesson that time. Never, ever say anything that offends people. Even if it’s your sincere opinion. Even if you really like the other person but happen to disagree with them on something people disagree about.

What I’ve seen since then is that people insist on not being offended. If you go to any kind of public forum you are bound to have someone, at some point or another, leave a comment like, “I am very offended by that statement” or, “I find this very offensive.” That’s when the person running the place is supposed to immediately retract whatever statement has caused offense and make an abject apology and behave as if they have been properly chastened and will never do it again.

Where did people ever get the idea that nothing, or no one, is supposed to offend them? How did our parents and grandparents ever make it through life?

As a Black person, I find this especially ridiculous. When I think of everything past generations of Black people had to put up with, I can only shake my head at some of the things Black people get upset about today. I’m not talking about actual instances of racism, either. I’m talking about stupid, ignorant crap like,”There aren’t enough Black people in lousy sitcoms on network TV.” There are a lot of other examples that people are familiar with.

But this isn’t about Black people. Nobody will take being offended lying down. People have the right, in their own minds, not to be confronted with points of view that make them uncomfortable.

Nothing should offend you, no matter how true? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway? God?

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19 thoughts on ““Don’t Tread On Me,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. This is The Problem With American in a nutshell — diversity, mutliculturalism and assimilation are among the most important issues facing us today; and one side is prevented from participating in the discussion.

    Western civilization came to dominate the globe by creating a culture based on the marketplace of ideas. It will strangle if ideas are not allowed into the debate, like James Watson and Lawrence Summers (as Harvard Pres).

    1. All these “conversations about race” are not conversations at all. They are lectures, with Whites being harangued by non-Whites. We hang our heads like puppy dogs while they bark away at us. We nod our heads and promise to be good and the next day they are yammering away at us again. Everything is required of us, and more, but nothing is required of them. In a word, it sucks.

    2. As long as Neo-Nazism is the driving ideology behind white pride/white nationalism, it will never be taken seriously. There is no serious “white perspective” that is given equal weight as the “black perspective” for that very reason. There hasn’t been a white ideology to rise that eschews hate, and no movement based on hatred will be respected, not even by most whites.

    3. White pride and White nationalism are always all about neo-Nazism, pretty much, although there are starting to be some movements away from that, like Ian Jobling’s White America. Also American Renaissance eschews anti-Semitism.

      You are right that there is no White equivalent to the NAACP, Urban League, La Raza or LULAC. Pro-White movements are always grounded in hate. Probably because we are on top and are not a minority that is being oppressed and discriminated against by a dominant group. Most groups on top tend to take a pretty hateful, fascist like approach to ethnic relations.

      See the Sinhala in Sri Lanka, the Hindus in India, Muslims anywhere, the Han in China, Albanians in Kosovo, Turks in Turkey. When you’re on top there’s an arrogance and a feeling that there’s no reason to be nice. It’s the bully mindset.

      If this PC crap keeps going like it is though, you are going to start seeing some anti-racist pro-White analogues to the minority civil rights groups though. We are already starting to see something like this right now.

  2. Keep in mind too that there is a right-wing spectrum of political correctness as well. Try voicing an opinion to the right-wing about abortion rights or why it’s not necessary for everyone to own assault rifles and they may lambaste you as much as that communist did.

    People need to learn to disagree civilly and recognize that it could be their own perspective that turns out to in error. Everything I say comes with an asterisk. And that is, I’m willing to be wrong if logically proven so. Problem is, ideologues cannot say that. I’ve had impassioned debate with people where I ask them straight out, “If I could prove to you with reason and logic that your position is in error, would you change your mind?” That’s the ideologue litmus test. If they say no, they’re not worth arguing with. You might as well be arguing with a religious person. If they say yes, you have someone driven by reason and truth, not ideology and can have a good discussion with them.

  3. Yeah, I never did get what abortion rights, gun control, environmentalism, the “public option” and results-based affirmative action have in common that someone’s position on one of them should be predictable from the others. I know plenty of real people who are pro-life and environmentalist or pro-gun-rights and labor unions.

    There are too many controversial issues in today’s politics to try to reduce them to one political spectrum.

  4. “offended” is at the heart of bullshit feminism.

    think about it for a minute…have you ever heard a man say “i’m offended”. if you have, what was your gut-reaction?

    there is a real difference between violent crime and toughtcrime.

    funny how a nation ruled by “open-minded” baby-boomer/children of the 60s/cumsluts could be responsible for this state of affairs. “we protect free speech”…as long as it’s something we agree with.

    1. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve never heard any of the men I’ve known say, “I’m offended.” Do men even get offended? Maybe they just get mad.

      “Offended” seems to be “mad” all gussied up. I guess it means, “You have dishonored me. Now what do you intend to do about it?”

  5. and now i see why i was so afraid to read your new post today Alpha. i kept my anger in check mostly…except for my dig at female sexual freedom…using the word “cumslut”.

    it just boils my blood…feminists bark about paternalism all the time, and then they bark about “being offended” and basically shutting down discussion they disagree with, for no other reason beyond “that’s stupid”. seems a bit contradictory…in that context “stupid” really means “people will call you weird for thinking that, so stop talking about it. best to make friends be sociable and keep your (ugly) opinions to yourself. stupid.”

    seems pretty damn paternalistic to me. women talk sideways all the damn time. it’s too complicated for my little man-brain. give me a geometry problem about stereographic projection, that shit is easier than the beyond-nuanced social crap women are wired to handle.

    1. I’m a woman, and I’m confused by feminists myself. I like the idea of women being respected as equals, but a lot of women only pretend to want to be seen as equals.

      Women couldn’t handle it if men really treated them as equals. No way.

    2. First of all, what’s wrong with sluts? There’s not enough of them if you ask me.

      The only way to deal with women and still like them or God forbid love them as I guess I do is to just assume that they are all pretty much insane a good part of the time. Or they can go crazy at any time. Assume that women just don’t necessarily make sense at all. Even if she’s making sense temporarily, she could stop making sense at any time.

      That’s really the only way to deal with them without hating them. I think most guys who really like or even love women think that women are nuts. Once you accept that they are nuts, it’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulder and you can relax and you don’t have to be angry anymore. You’re angry because they don’t make sense. But if you accept that they’re crazy, then there’s no reason to be angry at them for not making sense. Of course they don’t make sense! They’re crazy!

      Another thing about women is that they are always getting offended. That’s what they’re all about. If it’s a woman, it’s getting offended. So me, well, I try not to offend women too much. One thing you need to do is figure out what offends any particular female.

      Then just lie the whole time you’re around that female and create this whole new persona that’s non-offensive, because you are hiding the offensive part of you. Women are actually kind of like those challenging math problems you are writing about. Dealing with them is like playing a really hard video game.

      Or you can just make a joke out of your offensiveness. I had this Jewish gf once, and just to piss her off, I was always saying, Death to Israel! Go Hezbollah! I’d call her a Christ-killing kike bitch and she’d call me an anti-Semite bastard. It was true love and we were laughing the whole time.

      Just keep in mind. If it’s a woman, it’s at least a little bit nuts and possibly really nuts.

      If it’s a woman, it’s getting offended.

      Bottom line, women are too nuts to lose any sleep over. It’s like getting mad at your cat for acting like a cat.

    3. And for the same reason smart women accept men the way they are.

      They know which men they can manipulate and which men they’d better not try it with.

  6. The only people that think they are God are the Jews.

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  7. @ Robert: Hi, no im not dead. lm kicking jew butt on other blogs. Go look for yourself:


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    By the way, the jews already has taken over America. And guess what? The jews tells the world that Americans are the ones that kills and lot the whole world.

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