Colombian Whites and Mestizos Hate Blacks

Unfortunately, my only source for this is Niggermania, but I’m upholding it as valid anyway, as it confirms my suspicions. According to the poster, racism against Blacks is much worse in Colombia than it is in the US. This is in line with my general experience too. Latin Americans (Whites and mestizos) generally hate Blacks with a passion. The possible exceptions are the most mixed states such as Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

However, this post gives the lie to the Colombian tolerance ethnic. Of course Colombians are not PC-tolerant! That’s a Western thing. Hispanics are not into this PC crap. That’s an auto-toxin peculiar to Western Whites. One problem is that Latin America is full of liars who want to say there is no racism in their lands. They say this as a nationalist way of making their country look good to gringos. I have long been deeply suspicious of this, and that is why I used Stormfront as my source for the Whites in Latin America post.

The PC or relatively anti-racist Latin nations were of course called out on Stormfront as such and derided for their heresy. For the rest, it was call em as I see em.

It’s almost better to use flagrantly racist sources for some things, like gauges for the racism level in a community, although it requires some finesse. These folks often call out PC regions and nations with indignation, while areas rife with racism are hailed accordingly. On the contrary, a lot of the rest are too nationalistic or parochial to give you a straight-up report on what is going on and tend to give you PR “nothing to see here, move on” type reports.

It’s probable that the Caribbean is not all that racist, but it’s mostly Black and mulatto by now. Racism is less in Cuba and the Dominican Republic than here in the US. For Puerto Rico, it’s a bit different, but it’s hard to tell. The thing is, once a place goes majority-Black or mulatto, racism against Blacks tends to subside. Anti-Black racism works best in places were Blacks are a minority.

To be honest, Niggermania is not a White nationalist site. It’s just a site for anti-Black racists. In general, they don’t seem to hate Hispanics, Asians, etc. In fact, they are supportive of them. It’s also really hilarious, but it’s a bit bad for my soul. I like Blacks, or at least I don’t dislike them, so sites like that tend to get under my skin at best and are painful to read at worst. Painful because I like Blacks. Get under my skin since I have a racist heart alongside my anti-racist one, and like all living entities, it likes to be fed.

I really don’t use words like nigger much except in jokes with certain people, and even then it’s used in such a light-hearted way that it’s almost devoid of much racism (hard to explain, you would have to be a White liberal to understand, but it’s almost like saying fuck or shit, it’s sort of an intensifier). In fact, I’m so PC, I usually don’t even like to think the word nigger, much less say it.

As far as why I’m reading Niggermania, well thank my ex-acquaintance Abagond for that one. Call a man a thief enough, and he might start stealing from you just to prove you right. Thanks Abagond, you just turned me into a Niggermania reader, or was that your intention all along?

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93 thoughts on “Colombian Whites and Mestizos Hate Blacks”

  1. So you’re basing your claim that Colombians hate blacks with a passion based on what you read on a site with the word “nigger” in the url?? Talk about selection bias. Probably better to talk to blacks that have either lived and/or traveled there. I haven’t been there myself nor do I know any blacks that have. My room mate is Colombian(more white than mestizo) and he seems pretty cool all around. I haven’t had any issues with any other Colombians I’ve met in my life. Of course that’s no substitute for visiting the country or living there as a black.

    I don’t believe Latin Americans hate blacks with a passion. When I think “with a passion” I’m thinking of people who are driven to violence or neo-nazi types. I don’t think the hate is of that nature. They just view skin color as a gradient of desirability. And money can replace one’s racial status. A black athlete in Latin America will probably end up with a blonde wife he wouldn’t have had if he was a taxi driver.

    Even when I visited the whitest Latin countries, Argentina and Uruguay, I never experienced anything that could even remotely be construed as hatred.

    Mexicans have seemed non-problematic when I have been there. Chileans stared at me a lot, but not in any hateful way, it was just naive curiosity. Staring isn’t considered rude in Latin cultures like it is in Anglo cultures. Most Chileans have probably never seen a black in their life, or if they have no more than handful. I was warned that I would get a lot of stares so I was prepared. And the Chileans I did interact with were cool. Since blacks are non-existent there, I don’t think they had any basis to judge one way or the other.

    I can believe that blacks are passionately hated in El Salvador. I get that impression from what I’ve heard. No idea why, I don’t even think there are any blacks in El Salvador. Most Latin American societies are not racist as much as they are colorist. Ideological racism seems non-existent in Latin America. And by that I mean people who have come up with complex rationales for their hatred, such as you have with WNs groups. Even white Latins don’t seem to be outraged about inter-mixing. I don’t think there were ever any laws against it like in the U.S. Latin American racists couldn’t even explain why they feel the way they do other than being raised that way. They can’t intellectualize their reasons like you might find from WNs.

    Overall, if you are a black visiting Latin America and it’s obvious you are American and you’ve got some money to throw around. Nobody hates you. You may even be seen as “cool”. The Obamas are even pretty liked down there and Latinos seem glad to see a black U.S. president, even though I’m not sure these same Latinos would elect a black as head of their own country(same suspicion I have of Europeans who seem to hail the president).

    If you are a poor black living there, it’s another story. You may be treated like low class trash and it’s a bad place to be.

    1. I think you misunderstand the nature of my post. There are two ways to write a post like this. One way is, “These guys hate Blacks too. Everyone does! That’s because they suck!” Another way is to point out from a more pro-Black POV that lots of folks are racist towards Blacks, not just us Whites.

      One notion I *am* pushing on this site is that we Western Whites probably treat Blacks better than most other peoples in the world nowadays. It wasn’t always the case, but we’ve really come around. It’s because we are so PC. And this is never acknowledged by the Tim Wise’s of perpetual grievance.

      1. It’s not because whites in the US are PC, that they are getting better living with blacks because they simply live in another world where they avoid blacks…. As a black man, currently befriending a man from El Salvador, I find that white men just can’t get anything right when it comes to color. From whatever point you write, you will always be the wrong person to write about race or other people’s hate of one another. To be frank, white Americans can’t even see how much the Mexicans hate them. Blacks and Salvadorans are good, they share the name black amongst the Latin population because they take over, just like us blacks, especially after being enslaved by white men and taught their ways. Here’s a question you should ask yourself, how will you treat your neighbor???? be them from India, Africa, Russia, the Middle East or even in New York. Or does it depend on where their parents came from???

        1. I dont think so, I know this is a long reply but I have experienced racism from a Salvadoran that I was dating and also from Colombians, Ecuadorians, Some Mexicans but not so much and African Americans, a lot when working or just walking in the street or trains, what I’m racist for actually telling you how I notice it? I’m sure all white people notice it, but they are ignoring it.. Because europeans have a certain standards and thats why you learn manners and thats how you get jobs and so on. I look different from some white people but not so much just sometimes depending on my hair style or my tan.. I am considered European, White, Caucasian but I was born in America.. P.s. Just because a person is white, does not mean they are the main people who conquered these places where Central and South americans lived or African Americans were enslaved or should be blamed as a whole.. It doesn’t make sense that people say whatever they like and they don’t even trying to read up on some stuff before they talk, because if they knew, their blaming a whole race for what western europeans did when conquering local or international civilizations. There are Whites that didn’t kill others in the past when concerning Latin america and African Americans for slavery in the US, but do people really know that part of history? Yeah, I don’t think they do, because why would you be interested in people that you already have an idea about?.. I think we all need to realize as a people that we’re a lot closer than we think and just because we look different is not a good enough reason to dislike a person.. You dislike others because of how they act towards you if they act at all towards you, not because of what they look like… There were people all over the world that were enslaved by their own people and others for labor and building their civilizations, and just because blacks were enslaved by whites in america, doesn’t mean worse things didn’t happen vice versa in history before the formation of the United States. Check out the whites that have nothing to do with the slavery of African Americans in AMERICA or of the Latin American countries of Centro y Sud America. They were Byzantines, Italians, Serbians, Albanians, Sicilians, Eastern Europeans, Baltics, Slavics, Greeks, Norweigians, Finnish, Latvians, Basques and so on.. The blame through-out history should be on Spain, England, Russia, Some Italians, I don’t count Portuguese in Brazil because I read they gave the people of the lands gifts and treated them okay with respect that they were conquering them at the very least and French. Just because someone is White or European doesn’t mean they don’t have their own Culture or own Ethnicity like other people do and we all are different in every country. I mean wouldn’t many people agree about that in the Middle east and in Latin america and other continents? Closely related somehow but not the same especially with the mixing of everyone throughout history… I’m so sick of seeing racist posts about this because its a struggle everyday to go through racism being a white person, its so true. Education is the window to all knowing but you have to be understanding in life.. Blame people by their actions, not by the pigment of coloration in their skin or the fact that they have similarities or look alike, or the fact that their ancestors did something to yours, we are all new people in this lifetime. To answer your last question, I think its messed up that some people think white people are a certain way when they just as much as you have a right to be how they want, the government is always the one power that controls actions that happen to a whole people, not the people even if we vote, I mean look at how long its taking congress to make a decision about what, I forgot already, its been so long…. These white people now have nothing to do with what happened through the foundation of the US, African Americans Slavery and The conquering of the Mexico, Central and South america. We are all innocent of this because we didn’t live during that time and so what if that white guy is oblivious to how things are with how others do them, he is himself he doesn’t have to show you anything just like you don’t have to.. If you wanna change the world, it starts with what you do and how you do it. To answer your last question, I treat people how they treat me. I always treat people how I want to be treated but not at the expense of being put out there because someone has a chip on their shoulder because of me being white, Umm I think there are bigger issues at hand going on throughout the world.. I mean, we are in the 21st century with racism still going on, I know it didn’t start on its own. It takes courage to love, hate is easy.


    2. Well colombian mestizos and whites make up almost 80% of colombia and they see the blacks as trash.

      It’s the same in venezuela where mestizos also make up the majority.

      1. Al, 80% of Whites/Mestizos seems wrong. I think some people mistake triracials and quadroons for Mestizos just because ‘they look slightly non-white.’ The non-whites in Colombia are more likely to be triracial than Mestizo, IMO.

    3. Having lived in Latin America I can attest to the hatred against blacks. In Panama, for instance, at least half are Black and most a majority of the remainder have at least some black ancestry, as I’ve witnessed from extensive travel to nearly every corner of the country. But you will rarely see any of them on TV (except for Reggaeton artists).

      Many Panamanians who would be classified as Black here in the U.S. deny an iota of African blood. I can even recall some mulattoes (mixed black and white ancestry) who would definitely be labeled as Black in the U.S., making fun of a less mixed black lady. Any Mestizo will warn you against traversing to an area mostly inhabited by Blacks and few women are interested in the less mixed Panamanian males.

      In Colombia, which is heavily populated by blacks and mulattoes only in coastal cities, I met women (both mulattoes and mestizos) who have called white people “divine”, which is unsurprising given what they see on TV and hear in church.

      The maltreatment of Blacks stems from colonial lies and misconceptions ingrained in the minds of the populous to justify the enslavement and degradation of Blacks.

      Maybe Robert Linday is right, because after traveling the entire world (every continent) I’ve never seen the type of maltreatment towards Blacks that I saw in Latin America. But, it’s not the fault of the oppressors and it never is. Blacks themselves need to rise up and realize their self worth and completely disregard any contrary opinions.

      1. “But, it’s not the fault of the oppressors and it never is.”

        I disagree with this. Of course it’s the fault of oppressors. It’s the legacy of a racial caste system that was set in place by the Spaniards 400 years ago. It is still with them every bit as much as the Spanish language and Catholic religion.

        Also, I wouldn’t say blacks are maligned universally throughout Latin America. It tends to be in countries where there is a history of slavery. For example in countries like Mexico, Chile and Argentina where there are virtually no blacks, the racial continuum runs from white to indigenous. There is racism in Argentina and Chile, but it’s not directed toward black people, it’s at Bolivians(who are mostly Amerindians). Blacks don’t even show up on the radar one way or the other. In these countries they are more likely to respond to a black person with curiosity rather than contempt. In countries with a history of slavery like Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, where there is a sizable black population, then the continuum of racial hierarchy includes blacks. I’m not sure if blacks or Amerindians have it worse. Probably about the same.

        Keep in mind though that social class is about as important in Latin America as skin color. And your perceived economic class factors as much into your treatment as race. A black visiting Latin America from the U.S. or Europe who is dressed well and seems like he/she has money is unlikely to have any problems. Just like black footballers in Brazil are welcomed into the elite social circle. You will be viewed as a affluent foreigner first, and a black second.

  2. P.S. – if you want to talk about a country where blacks are hated with a passion, check out Russia! Google “russia + racism + blacks” and you’ll be floored at how many violent attacks go on against blacks and Asians on a regular basis.

    1. I didn’t mean that they hated them in a kick their ass on sight type of way. More in the way that Husayn has described. Though I am told that the upper classes in say Venezuela are less this way towards upper class Blacks and mulattos. In Venezuela, if you are a Black person who has enough money to be upper class or upper middle class, you will be accepted like anyone else. And the racism is supposedly breaking down with the younger generation who are hanging out with Black and mulattos of the upper middle class more.

  3. Interesting post.

    I’ve lived in the NY/NJ area for the last almost 9 years now and i can tell you that many , although of course not all, Latinos are racist.

    Colombians especially are racist. I used to date a Latina (half puerto rican, half equadorian) and she had many Colombian friends. One of her friends refused to talk to my girlfriend when i was around. my girlfriend later told me “yeah its because youre Indian or Muslim or whatever, she doesn’t understand why i go out with you”) My girlfriend also had an Afro-Colombian male friend and this same white Colombian friend of hers refused to stay if he ever came around because he was black! and he wasn’t even an American black, he was Colombian!

    Also, my girlfriend at the time. Her Equadorian father would kill her if she ever bought a “moreno” home for dinner. I was okay as an “indio” because i was educated and decent. Although me being Muslim was a slight problem with her Nuyorican (puerto rican descended from generations of new yorkers) mother ( a practising “Jehovah’s Catholic” , her words)

    I also had an interesting discussion with another very attractive, very intelligent Colombian girl here in Jersey about race. She said as a young girl, she lived in a coastal city in Colombia (the majority of Afro-Colombians live on the coast ) where she was one of the few “white” girls in her area. (I used”white” in parentheses because this girl woud not be considered “white” in the freckles Celtic sort of way). Her other relatives would berate her parents for living in such an area close to blacks where she might one day bring home a black boy.

    At the same time, Colombians have an especially bad reputation amongst Latinos in the NYC/NJ area and even amongst non-Latinos who have experience with them. They have a reputation as being shrewd swindlers and untrustworthy. I’ve noticed this as well, and also noticed that the more Euro or whiter they are, the more these negative characteristics seem to express themselves. Tony Montana was right not to like Colombians.

    Latinos in general have a very weird relationship with Blacks. Their culture (music, food) is highly derived from West Africa. Even many of their accents are derived from West Africa. Yet even the darkest Dominican would be insulted if you called him a “moreno” (meaning in the NYC context, African American or West Indian). In the late 90s, there were massive gang wars that essentially divided amongst Latino/black gangs. There was a notorious one between Latin Kings and the mostly black Bloods.

    Also, Latinos in general can be racist towards non-Blacks as well. I remember a couple of years ago, the major Latin radio station Mega in NYC was being cited as having way too many racist programs (most people who didn’t speak Spanish of course didnt know it). The butt of their jokes were usually South Asian immigrants. When South Asians first started coming to NY back in the 80s, from my experience Spanish kids would be the biggest pricks. Blacks might rob our parents stores, but Spanish kids were some of the most ignorant people around. They would routinely mock your religions, your language. I remember these Spanish kids would routinely beat Sikh kids up and rip the turban right off their head ( a VERY disrespectful thing to a Sikh) Muslim and Sikh kids being militant fought the the Spanish kids off brutally and its been even keel since then. Hindu kids didn’t fare so well.

    It’s not all bad. For the most part, I get along great with most Spanish people. As do most people. There are assholes in every group. This site doesn’t dwell on it much but there are white assholes and sometimes i understand blacks bullying of whites. If you dont hit them physically every once in a while, then you will end up like Asian males and see your sisters essentially being gangbanged by pale barbarians.

    1. I stumbled on this blog and I could not help reading the comments about all the racism that exists in certain countries–specifically Colombia. I was born in Colombia and I came here as a child, but my parents do admit that there has always existed racism in Colombia against blacks. Now, it is not just against blacks, racism exists towards whoever has a darker shade of skin (even within the same family)–the darker your skin the more discriminated you will be. Also, there is racism against other minorities in Colombia (Gypsies, Chinese, etc…unless you are from Europe or white from somewhere else or the USA). Obviously there are the socio-economic factors that would make some people more prone to being discriminated. What really makes me laugh and makes me mad at the same time is that the majority of Colombians are mixed (there is a very tiny minority who truly descend from somewhere in Europe). There are many “white” Colombians who do look white, but their great-grandmother was black or their great-great grandfather was Indian or both (somewhere along the genealogy line most Colombians are mixed–most Colombians do not admit this…including a few of my relatives despite the obvious facial features). Now, here in the U.S.A, I have met Colombians who are darker than me and say they do not have African and/or Indian ancestry!Please! Also, I want to add that here in the U.S.A everybody discriminates against everybody too. I live in California, and I have heard/seen Asians discriminate against Hispanics, Hispanics discriminating against other Hispanics, Colombians being discriminated by other Hispanics, Colombians being discriminated by whites and blacks and vice versa, whites discriminating Hispanics, Arabs and people from India discriminating against Hispanics, blacks discriminating whites, etc..etc. Also, what happens in Colombia happens in other Latin American Countries and some countries worse than others. Ignorance does not have boundaries. Luckily my parents taught me from an early age not to be racist. There are many interracial marriages within my family and I am a mixture of about five different races that I know about (Native Indian and African included in the list, which I am proud of 🙂 In addition, not all Colombians are racist just as there are other people from across the world who are not.

    2. I forgot to add that racism is somewhat different than here (except in colonial times). From my experience as a Colombian I can say that racism is more “open and/or direct” in Colombia. Anyone can make a crude remark about someone’s skin color in Colombia even if someone is white , but generally the person being discriminated will talk back and that’s that. In the U.S., racism seems more “silent and/or indirect,” where making a racist comment is seen as something extremely bad. Yet, here in the U.S. racism takes a more violent tone… more extreme, it seems more cruel because it exists and lingers in a quiet manner until something bad happens.

    3. Just a brief comment, Spanish speakers are not ethnically Spanish, so please avoid using “Spanish” only to refer to Hispanics, Latin Americans, or Spanish-speaking people. Some mestizos even reclaim their indigenous ancestry by declaring themselves non-Hispanic The Spanish or Spaniards come from Spain, and while most Latin Americans have at least one Spanish ancestor, they’re a mixture of Indigenous and/or African blood as well, which might show or not show physically. There was no such thing as purity in practice during colonial times, most people got mixed (lack of Spanish women led Spanish men to mix with black and indigenous women), and the lighter people usually just try to hide their non-white ancestry. Even Argentina, a supposedly “white” country has up to 56% indigenous admixture according to studies ( They also claim to have no blacks (the same applies to Mexico), but the truth is that there were and still are some descendants of slaves, who have perhaps gotten lighter by mixing over the years (see and
      The truth is that ALL Latin American countries, not only Colombia, still suffer from the stupid colonial mentality which can be translated into colorism and classism.
      At least in Colombia there are light skinned people in all social classes (from poor to rich, yes you can see “white” bums in the streets of Bogota); in countries like Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, or Ecuador the lower classes are almost exclusively indigenous with no other mixture, which is sad because the land and its riches belonged to them before the so-called Discovery of America.
      Mestizos and mulattoes tend to criticize and reject their non-white ancestry, they sometimes despise blacks and indigenous people more than Europeans who might find them attractive. There is a reigning ignorance about the contributions these cultures have made and idolatry for everything foreign. This is the sad truth, luckily educated people with more than stupid ideas in their heads are starting to realize that Latin America would probably be better off embracing indigenous ideals for example than the Western mentality of keeping up with appearances at the expense of the environment, the planet, and our fellow countrymen.

      1. Totally agree. It’s just sad that people do not try to explore their own heritage and are still enslaved by the colonial mentality
        Everything is relative, and immigration teaches people a lot of valuable lessons, especially the “white” Latin Americans that immigrate and are not considered white by the Anglo or northern European cultures.

    4. Husaayn
      I’m confused, why would they call you an “Indio” when that term refers to Amerindians while you are South Asian?

    5. well it is true everywhere you go in South America you find yourself with racists cunts, as well in Europe U.S or elsewhere in the world or have a look in Israel how the treat black people there or in Asia, so to be surprise that there is racism South America is racist no? and that’s pretty much it racism is everywhere and it is disgusting, and for the bloke saying that colombians are the worse well that’s racist too you twat.

    6. BS, I was in Ecador and I had two chicks lined up. A white one and more of a mestizo one, both were fine as hell. I went over both their house. The Mestizo one picked me up, w/ her parents in the airport and let me stay the night and took me to my hostel the next day. They had a b/day bash for me and everything. I can’t say I experienced any racism while there, the people were all cool w/ me. Even when I left my alcohol at the register some one ran me down and gave it it to me. Stop speculating go and find out on your own

  4. “Anti-Black racism works best in places where Blacks are a minority.”

    Sometimes it’s just the opposite. Sometimes Whites are most racist when they themselves are a minority living among Blacks. Their racism in these situations is worse, I think, because their sense of their own vulnerability is more acute.

    1. This is true, colonial Whites living in non White lands were the most racist.

      I think it is a case of Whites in majority White lands feeling that since their power is uncontested, they can afford to be tolerant to minorities because being tolerant doesn’t meaningfully diminish their dominant position.

      You are going to see a lot more overt antagonism and xenophobia in the coming decades from White Americans as Hispanic become more politically and demographically dominant.

  5. You’re so “PC” you tell jokes with the word “nigger?” Gimme a break.

    I’m a hard core vanguardist White nationalist, but I find slurring other races, even in jest, kind of unhygienic. I prefer not to think about other races at all, or deal with them in their compartments. For example, I deal a lot with Chinese people — learning their language, their internal martial arts, learning about international trade, talk with them about the global financial crisis, but I have taken a vow never to be tempted by their women. Chinese men don’t want me poaching their women, and the subject comes up frequently, and I assure them that I won’t be getting romantically involved with any Asian women.

    I try not to think about Blacks at all. It really bothers me how Black culture is imposed on us involuntarily through mass media. My family doesn’t have television — neither broadcast or cable, so I keep their images out, but the pop music my daughter listens to often has (c)rap mixed in, like salmonella and e. coli contaminated vanilla ice cream for the ears. I don’t like to hear Black peoples voices or see their faces. I don’t make jokes about them or entertain myself with “Amos and Andy” type stuff. I just shut them out.

    I find it amusing how liberals are coming out of the closet as racists. You’re not the only one, Robert. Check out this movie review of “Precious.” I happen to agree that Precious is a “racist” movie, by the liberals definition.

    Liberals are like Jimmy Swaggart preaching a very strict morality, and getting themselves all titillated, and violating their own moral code in spectacular fashion. A movie like “Precious” is digging up the real ugliness of a culture created by liberal “great society” insanity, and then making a movie out of it because it’s entertaining to watch a train wreck.

    That train wreck isn’t funny, its tragic, and the liberal motherfuckers created it. Tell me, would there be as much real life material for a movie like “Precious” if we had maintained segregation? According to Elizabeth Wright at the Black community had it’s shit together pretty good during Jim Crow, and then went all degenerate when they got led down the primrose path by the jew snivel rites pied pipers, who promised the whites money and wimmins. It was a deal with da debbil! Precious is a child of liberal insanity, fucking liberal motherfuckers should be deported to Zimbabwe for fucking up America.

    1. I don’t generally tell “nigger jokes.” Sometimes I do use the word though, around certain trusted friends. Terms such as “nigger-rigging,” etc. are used. Sometimes people jive each other, saying things like, “C’mon, you nigger, pour me another beer.” References to actual Black people are more or less missing from these comments. “Nigger” just means “motherfucker,” “dick,” “fucker,” or something like that. You’d have to be around all-male environments to get what I’m talking about.

      This sort of thing is actually pretty common among a lot of liberal Whites, you might be surprised. We all voted for Obama, we support Blacks, we hate White racists, and yeah, we use the word “nigger” sometimes, usually not to refer to Black people themselves though. It’s more like “fuck” or “shit,” just sort of sprinkled through language sometimes like a macho BS intensifier.

      Some of my friends tell Black racist jokes, and I do laugh at a lot of those jokes, because they are funny. I don’t usually tell them myself. Except a few that are pretty much harmless and aren’t really mean. I don’t like to tell the Black racist jokes that are more mean-spirited.

      BTW, these same friends all pretty much hate White vanguardists like you, though one of them has a White nationalist friend. He ridicules the guy a lot and calls him “Nazi boy.” This same guy does tell Black racist jokes, but he recently said that for the first time in his life, he would consider dating Black women.

      Life is funny, huh?

      1. It’s all about context. A word can mean very different things depending on the context it is said in.
        Amongst friends, we would sometimes call each bastard and it was understood that there was no animosity behind it. A White friend of mine sometimes used the word “whitey” to denote ‘the man’ .

        I get mildly annoyed when people online claim how Blacks can say Nigger but Whites can’t, as if context means nothing. Now these folks must surely know about context yet they disingenously ignore its importance. I have White friends who occasionally will say Nigger or more commonly Nigga while in company of Black friends and NO body gets pissed off because everyone understand that there is no malice behind it.

    2. So you’re saying I’m a racist? Meaning if I use the word “nigger” and tell and laugh at Black jokes, I’m a racist? Ok, I guess I am then. But I’m also an anti-racist. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s a matter of degrees. Racism and anti-racism are continuums, not absolutes. Guys like me are about a 2 on the racist scale and guys like you are like a 10. Guys like me are like a 6 on the anti-racist scale, and guys like you are like a zero. I have a racist heart and a non-racist or anti-racist heart both inside of me, and that’s not contradictory at all. Most White people are like that. I sure hope that the anti-racist heart is bigger than the racist one though.

    3. I try not to think about Blacks at all. It really bothers me how Black culture is imposed on us involuntarily through mass media.

      My family doesn’t have television — neither broadcast or cable, so I keep their images out, but the pop music my daughter listens to often has (c)rap mixed in, like salmonella and e. coli contaminated vanilla ice cream for the ears. I don’t like to hear Black peoples voices or see their faces. I don’t make jokes about them or entertain myself with “Amos and Andy” type stuff. I just shut them out.

      And what exactly is the media supposed to do? Ban 13% of the population from having any media exposure just because a few WNs hate seeing images of black people? Last I checked virtually every movie that comes out stars white people is made by white people, about white people and for white people. As for music, it’s funny how WNs act like black music = rap. And that’s it. So if you daughter listens to a John Coltrane, Bob Marley or Sam Cooke album are you going to tell her to turn that crap music off as well? I find the WNs desire to live some sort of “purist” white existence within the midst of a diverse society(which blacks have been part of for 400 years now – as long as white people) to be laughable not to mention pathetic.

    4. That racism-antiracism continuum is in everybody, probably.

      The problem these days is that the word “racism” gets tossed around so much that it’s hard to know what real racism is sometimes.

      People reserve the right not to be “offended,” so just giving an honest opinion about something related to race can lead to accusations of racism.

    1. He got mad and left. He implied that I was saying that certain races were genetically inferior mentally to Whites and I told that I did not believe that and please don’t accuse me of saying that anymore. Then he left and never came back.

      His position was the usual lie that there is no racism in Colombia. This is what most Colombians will tell you. That’s why I’m interested in finding out the truth about these places. I’m tired of all this lying.

    1. Yeah I figured that, but those populations are not as young as you think. Even Japanese and NE Chinese are as old as 50,000 YBP. I agree that they were in SE Asia first though and then moved to the North later on.

  6. What about Cavalli-Sforza’s studies showing that Mongolians are more closely related to Danish than to Southeast Asians? Were they wrong or is it just more complex than I am able to understand?

    1. No, NE Asians are closer to Caucasians than to SE Asians. That is one of the reasons why I split Asians into NE and SE Asians as major races. Sure, they are related, but they split apart a long time ago. Furthermore, there is an intimate relationship with NE Asians and Caucasians that does not exist at all with Caucasians and SE Asians. I assume this means interbreeding in Greater Siberia and the Steppes.

  7. Dear Robert
    I would say that there is plenty of racism in Latin America but that it rarely takes extreme forms. It seems to me that Latin Americans avoid racial fanaticism, are not obsessed about racial purity, don’t try to impose rigid segregation, are not horrified by interracial marriage and don’t maintain a simplistic dychotomy of white and colored.
    As you pointed out, there is also a conflation of race and class. As one Brazilian sociologist put it, a black with a doctorate becomes white.
    Color in Latin America can be compared to height in North America. We don’t have two segregated classes of people, tall and short, but there is a general belief that taller is better than shorter. Similarly, in Latin America, light is generally thought to be better than dark.
    If Latin Americans are such filthy racists, why is it that in every Latin American country there has been so much miscegenation? Which Latin American country passed laws against interracial marriages, as a majority of American states did?
    Regards. James

    1. Indeed this seems to be the case, however, racism against Blacks does appear to be widespread in Latin America and it seems to be much stronger than the White racism against Blacks here in the US. When you hear Latin Americans say that they come to the US and can’t believe how PC and anti-racist we are compared to the homeland, that says something right there.

      Where there is a relative lack of racism is in Brazil and Venezuela, but in the rest there is a lot of racism against Blacks. And in general, there is not so much racism against mestizos. I have heard that there is a lot of racism against Blacks in Ecuador and Mexico though. The Latin Americans are simply not PC as we are in the US.

    2. I’m not sure I’m prepared to say whether racism is Latin America is worse than or less than the U.S. I just think it’s entirely different in nature and difficult to compare. Blacks like Jackie Robinson were spit on by whites. However in Latin America, a champion black footballer is a hero, no matter how the country treats blacks in general. We won’t see a black president in Latin America for a long time, yet we have one here. There’s just a lot of little differences like that, and they are hard to reconcile.

      The major difference between whites in America and whites in Latin America is

      1) Lack of “white guilt” in Latin America. White Latins feel very self-entitled and could care less about what their ancestors did to blacks and Indians or creating an equitable society. Therefore no PC.

      2) Latin whites don’t care about racial purity as a benchmark of whiteness. They’d have no problem accepting(or at least treating) Quincy Jone’s daughter as white(you posted her pic awhile back). White Americans would not. Some white Americans don’t even accept Sicilians as white!

      So I think the interplay of these 2 major differences cause a lot of peculiarities in how the anglo and latin cultures deal with race. Racism in some ways is more pervasive, yet more flexible in Latin America due to the almost equal importance of class. Class is not as important in America since most of us are well off by global standards. I’m not sure Latin racism is worse than Anglo racism or vice versa. It’s just different.

      1. I don’t think a person of African descent as dark as Obama has ever served as head of a Latin American state. But there have been quite a few mixed heads of state, such as Hugo Chavez, Fulgencio Battista, and Fernando Cardoso.

    3. That’s a pretty good comment tulio, however, how many racist American Whites would go live in Latin America and then say, “I can’t believe how nice you are to your Blacks! You treat them way better down here than we treat our Blacks! We treat our Blacks like crap!” Yet this is what you hear from a lot of Latin Americans who come to the US.

      However, I do agree with you that class more or less is able to elide race in Latin America. That said, most Blacks down there don’t have enough money to take advantage of this.

      Discrimination seems to be a lot more open and obvious down there than here. I was going to post a comment from someone who was in Ecuador 20 years ago and they said that Blacks are not allowed to be police officers or officers in the military, and medicine, law and most professions are frankly just closed to Blacks. It’s basically Jim Crow. This does not surprise me in the least as Ecuador has few Blacks.

      Jackie Robinson was spit on a long time ago in another America. That America is long since gone. No one is spitting on Black ballplayers anymore.

      You are correct that there is no PC in Latin America. It also seems absent from US Hispanics.

      Hugo Chavez is part Black, a Zambo.

    4. Actually, 2nd or 3rd generation college-education Hispanics are just as PC as any other Americans. I can attest that the most PC people I’m friends with are young educated Hispanics. I think you’re right though about recent immigrants and the first generation. Their kids however are sucking up the PC culture from MTV and education, and many Hispanic advocacy groups have modeled themselves after the black advocacy groups and aim to teach Hispanics that they are victims of racism and need affirmative action too and they want to keep the border open. Hispanics are somewhat more PC than blacks on gay rights issues too, though not nearly as much as the SWPL crowd.

      I also agree, that all in all, it’s better to be black in America than in Latin America, at least in 2009. 60 years ago, you’d been better off as black in Latin America, assuming you had some money(most likely earned from sports or entertainment). If you were rich here, you’d still be treated like shit. Down there, you’d have some more social mobility. Though neither would’ve been paradise for blacks.

    5. I would say that living there and vising there as an American tourist with money are two different things altogether. It looks like 20 years ago, there was a lot of job discrimination against native Blacks in Ecuador. I wonder if that has changed much?

  8. Dear Tulio
    I don’t think that there is such a thing as PC guilt, there is PC conformity and the fear of being called a racist, anti-Semite or homophobe.
    Literate Latin Americans are probably just as PC as North Americans, at least judging by the print media. In North America too, PC is concentrated among the university-educated. As far as I’m concerned, Latin America is part of the Western world.
    Cheers. James

    1. In Latin America, the print media and universities are probably quite left. What I also notice about Latin society is that it is not as moderate as the U.S. The left is REALLY left, and right is REALLY right. It’s just so much more polarized. It’s like half the country is wearing Che Guevara shirts and the other half wishes for the glory days of the Batistas and Pinochets. I’m glad it’s not like that here in the U.S. We’re just a more sensible and even-tempered country, which is probably a large reason why we’re more successful.

    2. No the print media is hard right in all of Latin America. There are a few leftwing media outlets outlets here and there, like in Argentina, but mostly they are few and far between. The media is owned by a wealthy elite and a tiny group owns almost all of the newspapers, all of the magazines and all of the TV. In general, this is a group of extremely wealthy people and their politics are reactionary. Furthermore, all they talk about in their press is the lives of the rich. The media is just shit down there. That’s why Chavez is setting up state TV. There is no Left media down there.

      The universities are leftwing, yes, but it depends. The private universities are often very rightwing. Private university students support the fascists in El Salvador and Colombia and the opposition fascists in Venezuela.

      Yes, things are very polarized down there, and people are very nuts. The rightwingers are so insane that they will murder you if they think you’re a leftwinger. The leftwingers are often raving Commies who riot a lot or else pack machine guns in the jungle.

      They are a collectivist people, they are not individualistic. Democratic politics has failed to solve the problems, and the rich won’t give up what they’ve got without a fight. Any attempt at fairness is called Communism and met with coups and massacres. So the Right are basically fascists, as fascism is the last resort of capital when it is threatened by a radical Left movement.

      The reason we are more sensible and even tempered is because things are so much fairer here. If things in the US were as unequal up here as they are down there, the US would be just as polarized.

      But they are also collectivists, and collectivists either go Commie or Fascist.

  9. Dear Robert
    I quite agree with you that the media in Latin America is mainly neoliberal, which does not preclude leftism on non-economic issues. For instance, I am a subscriber to Veja, Brazil’s largest news weekly by far. It is very neoliberal. (I’m a subscriber only because it is the only Brazilian news weekly which sells subscriptions abroad.)One of their favorite targets is Hugo Chávez. They refer to Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia as “o eixo do atraso” = the axis of backwardness. At the same time, they are very PC. In the same issue, you can find an attack on Chávez and an article arguing that race is nonsensical concept.

    Regards. James

    1. Thx very much for the update, James. I had not known this about the Latin American media. I knew they were reactionary on economics, but I had no idea they were PC on other stuff.

  10. Dear Robert
    Another little piece about the media Latin America. In many of these countries, the evangelicals are establishing a strong presence in the electronic media. For instance, the IURD (Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus), Brazil’s largest evangelical church, is now the second largest owner of TV and radio stations. The evangelicals are not very political, but nobody ever accused them of strong sympathies for socialism, if only because so many evangelical leaders in Latin America are money-hungry men who live in luxury.
    The couple that founded Brazil’s second largest evangelical church is now in jail in Florida for money-laundering. They are also wanted in Brazil for fraud, tax evasion and racketeering.
    As to Edir Macedo, the founder of IURD, his wealth and love of money are legendary. He also has been charged recently with various financial crimes.
    Regards. James

  11. I think “racism” in Latin America generally takes the form of diffuse discrimination against people with relatively strong African or Amerindian physical features. From what I hear, blacks don’t constitute a clearly defined ethnopolitical group there like they do in the US.

    1. It’s colorism, number 1, and number 2, it’s more based on class than race nowadays. Lighter or White skin and features are nice, but they aren’t really necessary anymore. Social race is rampant in this part of the world.

  12. “Racism is less in Cuba and the Dominican Republic than here in the US”

    Aren’t Dominicans extremely racist against haitians? I’ve heard that some even try to identify with the taino indians, despite the fact most Dominicans are mostly black, becuase being black would be beng like Haitians.

  13. I jsut wanted to respond in regards to some of the posters about Colombians being racist. I live in New Jersey and dated a Colombian man whom I have a 1 year old daughter by. I am a brown skinned African american/Carribean/hispanic women. I have never met his mother or the majority of his family (only a cousin) because I am considered black. My daughter is fair skinned with very fine curly hair. When I am out people especially other Colombian’s look shocked and appauled when I tell them she is half Colombian. Some even ask is that your baby. I have been called “monkey” and a dog by one of his other baby mother’s who is also Colombian. Needless to say; I am raising her myself to love people for who they are not by the color of their skin.We are all one race the HUMAN RACE. I dont want to be around people with this mentality anyway.

  14. I’m a black American woman who spent the last two years in Colombia and I was NEVER discriminated against, not a single time…. in fact it was refreshing to be outside the United States where racism and discrimination run free all under a very politically correct brush of paint; It sucks coming back to the US and been reminded every five minutes that you’re a black woman!!!

    In Colombia I didn’t have this type of problem….. everyone looked at me normally.

    1. Latin American colorism views are affected by the wealth of the person in question. Most Latin Americans will assume North Americans (of whatever color) are relatively well to do in comparison to most of them, therefore they will make a blind eye towards the color of the person (hypocrisy at its best). The truth is that poor black Latin Americans will get a different treatment as they’re often marginalized. Racism in Latin America is definitely not like in the US where it’s more latent in some ways, but it does exist in a “joking” and even “informal” or not “meant seriously” unpolitically correct kind of way. Just ask yourself why most Latin American presidents are not of indigenous or black origin (with very few exceptions), the same applies to most beauty contest queens. Fortunately, the mentality is slowly changing towards open-mindedness in these topics.

      1. I have bben to Colombia too and from my experience the darker your skin the worser your treatment was. T Lindsay what part of Colombia did you go to??? I was in Cali. Sre you fair skinned, brown or dark complected??? Yhe blacks in Colombia hold the menail jobs and are not in any postitions of power. No affirmative action or civil rights in Colombia.

  15. My wife is an American born White Colombian (Spanish, French and Syrian ancestry). Her family’s attitude towards black people isn’t much different from the typical white American lib except for one major difference: they don’t have that white guilt complex that white libs are famous for having. They seem to have no sense of personal guilt about the actions of the Spaniards in Latin america. If you bring it up, they act like you’re neing silly or rude.

    1. Have you done a DNA test on your supposedly white Colombian wife? Even Colombians that appear “white” have indigenous ancestry (e.g.: studies have shown that in supposedly white regions like Antioquia there is always indigenous ancestry on the maternal side). Colombia is an extremely mixed country where white “purity” does not really exist. Spanish and or European men settled alone and had children with native women. There are extremely beautiful 100% indigenous women in Colombia that do not fit the “stereotype” of the supposedly ugly chubby indigenous woman with bad teeth. Colombia isn’t like Mexico where entire Spanish families settled and tried to maintain “white” purity by separating themselves from the mestizo and indigenous classes, or like Cuba that as one of the last Spanish colonies saw the influx of Spaniards (mostly from the Canary islands) and their families. It is only an illusion in the minds of those that can pass as looking “white” and have issues with recognizing any non-white ancestry. Of course they will swear they’re nothing but “white”, yeah right! I’d recommend participating in the National Geographic Genome Project, it may very well show you surprising facts.

      1. Thank you. I like that you mention that there are extremely beautiful 100% indigenous women…let’s say people. I have this in my blood. My paternal grandfather was mostly Indigenous but appeared a really tall, lean, dark, cool, let us say gorgeous Russian…and I have seen ugly Russians…but I mean he was fine as hell.

  16. Husaayn<—He vivido en el área de NY / NJ en los Ăşltimos casi 9 años y te puedo decir que muchos, aunque por supuesto no todos, los latinos son racistas 🙂 <—No me importa la gente negro, sin embargo, no puedo soportar negros. Soy del sur de Asia (India) y que ODIAMOS más negros que los blancos. Probablemente SOMOS el grupo Ă©tnico más RACISTA del planeta. Al crecer, no se les permitiĂł salir con ellos. Recuerdo que una vez en la escuela secundaria, cuando este chico negro 'ghetto' vino a mi casa y mis padres enloqueciĂł.!!!
    El problema no se corregirá. No aspiran a salir de los proyectos de vivienda, vivir en el bienestar, y seguir teniendo hijos. Yo digo que deben esterilizar a estos animales indigentes sub-humanos.<–YÂż estos mandriles del ganges nos llaman racistas ? cuando no pueden ver a los simios africanos com los llaman es bastante ironico no cree y los llamo asi por que he visto los comentarios de un mandril llamado Sureesh en American Renaissance sobre los hispanos e incluso de otros asiaticos ''educados e inteligentes '' 🙂 en White Stormfront ,la sucia Calcuta es un fiel reflejo de la cultura -educacion e inteligencia de los indios .

    Colombianos, especialmente son racistas. Yo hasta la fecha una latina (la mitad de Puerto Rico, la mitad ecuatoriana) <–Si yo fuera Hermano de esta chica No le permitiria salir con negros ,pero tampoco , con ''indios'' o asiaticos por muy ''educados'' que sean , o ahora resulta que ser estafadores-astutos para el engaño los hace inteligente junto con otros asiaticos entonces tambien las as cucarachas y polillas tambien son inteligentes

  17. Husaayn <-I have lived in the area of ​​NY / NJ in the past almost 9 years and I can say that many, though of course not all Latinos are racist:) <-I do not mind black people, however, no I can bear black. I'm from South Asia (India) and we hate more blacks than whites. We are probably the most racist ethnic group in the world. Growing up, they are not allowed to leave with them. I remember once in high school, when this black guy 'ghetto' came to my house and my parents freaked out.!
    The problem is not corrected. Not aspire to leave the housing projects, living on welfare, and still have children. I say that these animals must be sterilized indigent sub-humans. <-And these mandrels ganges call us racists? when they can not see the com African apes is quite ironic they call and the call does not think so because I have seen the comments of a baboon called American Renaissance Sureesh on Hispanics and even other Asians educated and intelligent'''': ) to Stormfront White, the dirty Kolkata is a faithful reflection of the culture-education and intelligence of the Indians.

    Colombians, especially are racist. I date a Latina (half of Puerto Rico, half Ecuadorian) <-If I were this girl's brother would not let him go out with blacks, but also will not,''Asian Indian''or''no matter how polite ''they are, or it turns out to be scammers, astute clever deception makes with other Asians as then also the cockroaches and moths are also smart

  18. I really don’t think Colombians “hate” blacks. Just like anywhere else in Latin America, in Colombia, the darker you are the more you are belittled, ignored, and pushed aside. I’ve never heard of any Jim Crow style laws being instituted in Colombia. Segregation happens over there because socioeconomic conditions have fostered that type of customary behavior. Generally speaking, Colombians are a nice bunch no matter what color they are. However, it must be noted that most Colombians who immigrate to the U.S. are the ones from the middle class (the poor ones can’t afford to do so and the rich ones don’t want to come here…they’re doing great in their own country!). Hence, when middle class Colombians come into contact with ethnic groups of a lower class, that’s where the antagonism starts, especially if those groups are from other Hispanic nationalities.

    To give you an example, I have heard from some Mexicans that the Colombians they’ve met had a certain air of arrogance about them. Nonetheless, this same phenomena pops out when middle class Mexicans (including Mexican-Americans) come into contact with poor dark skinned Colombians, Salvadorans, and Hondurans. The real funny thing is that all of these Hispanic groups tends to compete with each other in terms of “Whiteness” in both the biological and social aspects of the term. Interestingly enough, “Hispanics” in the U.S. have to be the one group whose side by side existence has definitely outgrown its ethnic label.

  19. I’m Colombian. I’ve lived in Cartagena where most of the population is black and NEVER HEARD A BLACK PERSON SAYING THAT THEY FEEL DISCRIMINATED BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR. However, I grew up thinking that we were racists, not because black people have less opportunities than the one who are not black but because we do believe that, generally speaking, indigenous people and blacks are often less prettier than the other (being the other not white but a completely mixture of black, ameri-indian and white). I had to live outside Colombia to realized WHAT racism really is; and to realized that WE, COLOMBIANS ARE NOT RACISTS!!! If there were racism in Colombia black Colombian would say that, black Colombians would feel inferior as the many other black people that I have meet that are from the US, UK and Africa. Currently, I study a international master Program in Gender and Diversity in Berlin and my African classmates always tell me that though I am “white” I am not racist at all!!! My sister got marry with a Cartagean guy who is black and the only think we thought when she decided to marry him was that we would may have some nieces and nephews with small nose!

    1. Everything you mention is a more “subtle” form of racism. It’s still racism nonetheless. The fact that you hope your sister and her black husband have offspring with small noses is only part of the colonial mentality. Why is having a wider nose less good than having a small nose?
      How many Afro-Colombians do you see in politics? On TV?
      Also, a few spelling mistakes and the corrections: “less pretty”, “Amerindian”, “to realize”, “I have met”, “got married”, “Cartagenean”, “the only thing”, “we would (?) have”, “small noses”.

  20. Well, I read the whole blog. At least it seems to be truthful from the various points of view, which is refreshing. The “ism” are not about thought or belief but about actions. How one treats another is far more important than the fact that being raised in a fairly racist world makes not thinking about it impossible. It would be wonderful if it were not the case; if color was just a descriptive word rather than an equality with financial status or access to opportunity. Clearly with various groups of Islam at war with each other, any progress made in the US seems both wonderful and perplexing since we still see it as overt rather than innate. When progress toward actual equality reveals just another layer of hate here (in the US) or elsewhere, it is more than frustrating. All of the comments have little problem throwing around labels. By grouping under labels one ignores the fact that there is more variance in any so-called group than agreement. For example, there is no black community that thinks alike. So, those of us who would love to forget the entire topic are stuck with others that just won’t admit that classifying people by skin color is perhaps the saddest of expressions. To be blunt, skin color is the least helpful way of judging anyone’s potential or worth. If that makes me a stupid liberal, so be it. The white vangardist, or whatever he calls himself, is living in a world of hate that has no rational basis. I guess it just makes him feel superior, which, in reality is the last thing that is true. All said and done, it answered the question I was asking when I read the blog: what is the status of racism in Colombia. Rich Myers

  21. Yep,he’s right ,but there’s lot more difference in between US and colombian black people.the thing is colombian black people are much worse ,believe me.And also there’s the fact that that there are almost an unexistent amount of rich black people and that’s because the white people will not accept or even try to stop black people from reaching a high position on anyrhing.However I do respect any people from any color or culture and I do share your opinion about it.
    Still I can’t deny the fact of saying “nigger” in jokes but ,of course not with racist purposes.

  22. Wow just when i am into a topic that involves Colombia and other South American countries ,this post about Colombia stand out. Colombians are great writers of TV series! and Argentinians and Brazilians, the most Caucasian countries have proved their talent, however the most Native countries like Peru or Mexico not, and what is annoying with Mexicans is how they copy, Colombians please don’t allow Mexicans to steal your ideas, Mexican copycats don’t have creativity for new Tv shows? well just buy the original, i am watching “Betty la fea” and is amazing, i will post this YouTube video, you can read in the comments how many annoyed people call Mexico a copycat, if they broadcasted the original instead of doing their “remakes” ,they wouldn’t have this bad image of copycats.

    1. Bah, after these months, i don’t have anymore a feeling for Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay nor Argentina, just because some few good Telenovelas or TVseries i won’t get deep admiration for those countries, in fact Mexico also had its number of Telenovela hits, and still has a better economy than many of those countries, for now the only Latin American country i am interested in is Brazil. And i used to use the name of Killua for an Anime cHarácter that i like 🙂

  23. You can’t stereotype a whole nationality. What does it mean to ‘hate’ blacks? Sometimes not being sexually interested in them turns into ‘hate’. I am mestiza and honestly have only felt sexually interested in Indigenous, mestizo, and white men. My father looks white except I know he has Indigenous blood. I married a guy like my dad who is part white/part Indigenous (mestizo) and our daughter looks like a really pretty white girl. I think it isn’t always about hate. Sometimes good looking people know that people who they don’t find attractive ‘want’ them in a way they don’t feel and get annoyed being forced to socialize with them. It is more shallowness than hate. And nothing is said of the nasty behavior of people who can’t get what they want. Black Americans are notorious for wanting to claim anyone they deem to have black blood (without proof) and just because light skinned blacks can have a similar skin color to mestizos does not make them the same combination. Black Americans try to claim the Native American race. If some Asian Indians start having interracial relationships with black Americans…you can bet black Americans will begin to claim all Asian Indians…every last one of them…because they already have a similar skin color and they will think they can get away with it. That’s my experience of black Americans. I also think white Americans are gullible.

    1. Wat a sec how we try to claim native American blood….I never heard of Tht. Also black Americans aren’t the ones who try to make people black just because they have black blood. White Americans are ask your husband about Jim crowe laws and the one drop rule. U are sadly mistaken and I can see your shallowness you talk about. saying black Americans all do one thing is demented. You don’t hear me saying all colombians are drug dealing crooks who’ll kidnap your daughter and then rape her and all there women are gold digging hoes that will do anything to be with a white man.

  24. Racism does not equal lack of sexual attraction!!! If so, I am a racist and I’m not going to change. I’ll have to join the SSS instead of the KKK -sexy, shallow, and selective!

  25. Generally, Latinos, or Asians too for that matter, would bitch if you are racist against them. However, if you brought up they were racist against blacks, and a hypocrite, then they’d look at you like your an idiot.

    This begs the question: “If Latinos and Asians are racist against blacks, then why in hell should whites be PC towards Latinos and Asians?”.

  26. As a U.S. Citizen born in Colombia, raised in the United States since age 3, who thereafter lived in Colombia for 6 years and then moved back to the U.S., I can safely say that while a certain amount of racism exists among whites and Mestizo Colombians towards Black. Blacks are not “hated with a passion.” Quite the contrary; there is a certain affection for Blacks overall, who have contributed much to Colombian culture particularly with regards to Carribbean music such as Salsa and Cumbia. You will often hear whites and Mestizos call each other “negrito or negrita (little black)” as an affectionate term. A black person will often be referred to as el negro or la negra uncondescendingly, much as a fair haired clear eyed person will be referred to as “el mono or la mona (the fair one)” It is simply an observation of the novelty of their coloration. Curiously they are not offended by this. Colombians in general are not wary of blacks or their intentions as in the U.S. where Blacks are constantly the subject of suspicious glares; they are generally regarded as affable and placid. Blacks in Colombia are not generally resentful or belligerent as many are in the U.S. And while a marriage of a black and white couple may cause some Colombians to pause for a second from eating their empanada, there has never been a general societal condemnation of such matings or anti miscegenation policy in Colombia. Indeed Blacks are often appreciated for their lithe and muscular bodies by the often squat Andeans. While in Colombia I never experienced or witnessed the vitriolic hatred towards blacks that I often and to this day have experienced in the U.S. Now, hatred and racism toward “Indios” -people of indigenous origin who have little or no white ancestry -that’s a different story. In fact about the worst thing you can be called in Colombia is “Indio Hijueputa.” (Indian son of a whore)

  27. This post and comments are ridiculous. As a black colombian most of you sound ignorant. Colombia will NEVER be as racist as America…the mestizos say things about the blacks and vise versa no one tries killing anyone over race at the end of the day we are all colombians

  28. I watched a show about Colombian drug cartels (Cocaine Cowboys). Those guys wouldn’t have anything to do with blacks period, unless there was a huge amount of money involved, but maybe not even then.

  29. Every race, Colour and Gender have been racist at least once in there lives. Lets not just blame Colombians. While living in London, i have been out with a Black African girl, and was surprised how much hate and racism was thrown at that women. No not from Colombians but from her own people. I recall walking down the street and noticing blackmen [Africans] kissing their teeth’s, and giving mean looks took her. They would say abusive, rude and nasty things to her in there native Nigerian language – the words i prefer not to use. There was a incident when i was bumped at London’s Canary Wharf Station, by a African who was obviously annoyed seeing one of his women with a white Latino man. However, i still gave the benefit of doubt thay not all black people are the same cannot and not all black people are racist or have a problem seeing there women with another race. I think the same benefit of doubt should be given to Colombians. On the other hand if there is a White Colombian who prefers to stick to her own race or colour, then it does not make her a racist, it’s just personal preference and there’s no doubt that if you belong to the same country, race, culture, traditions, speak the same language and religion there is more understanding and a perfect start to a successful relationship. The same could be said about a black women, if she does not date white guys and prefers only [Black] then respect her and don’t label her a racist!

  30. Let’s get this clear, Latin America, Canada and USA have a similar immigration history, having people from different ethnicities in their population, but there are countries such as Panama or Dominican Republic where more than 50% of their population have black heritage but they prefer to be counted as Mestizo or Mixed. In El Salvador, the same, a lot of black heritage but people rather be called just mestizo instead. Same in New Mexico or California where a lot of Americans are mixed but they grow up as Whites, because there are so mixed is hard to tell…

  31. As a girl raised in Colombian hertiage, it is hard for me to deny any of what this post has said. I see this discrimination even in my own home, when my parents ridicule African Americans for doing something other then the stereotype. When I tell my parents about a new friend, the first thing that they ask is that if they are black. Same thing with my grandparents. They all assume that they aren’t as educated or well-mannered as whites. I’m so glad someone commented about La Mega’s racial jokes. I’m very close friends with a girl who is black, and my parents punished me in front of her for, and I quote…*
    “It’s almost if you’re trying to piss (your father) off!”
    “What did I do?”
    “You know how we feel about inviting people like her. It’s a disgrace!”
    *translated from Spanish

  32. I’m a black man from Medellin Colombia, where, perhaps it is the region of the country with more white people and descendants of Spaniards. Well, there is nothing to hide, there are a lot of racism, and there will a lot of racism. It is logical that to happen and is healthy to pass. I mean that people will always be uncomfortable with someone who is not equal to their relatives or friends.

    I personally as a black youth in this city I’ve had many bad experiences with white people. For me, the white people are not racist, but they are cowards. They (some of them) often create images on one that are not true and therefore tend to reject or even to attack black people and everything that happens just because of their own ignorance.

    I’ve also met many kind-hearted white people (many, most of them), and for me, is very difficult, perhaps impossible, to catalog all white men and women as racist.

    Moreover, once I made the mistake of calling racist a white man in an online forum, and the next thing he did was blocking me and don’t not let me continue in the forum. Look, you’ll never find a place in the world where there is no racial discrimination, even among blacks discriminate between whites, Latinos, Asians and others are discriminated.

    So I conclude that you have a complex with black people and also with your own people. You expect everyone to think like you, or maybe because you have an attraction to a man or a black woman and he or she rejected you or perhaps because when you went to school blacks called you “whitey” and it bothered you. Something must have happened.

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