South Korea Bans My Website

Not this one but the Blogger one. Too bad, I was up to 68,000 visitors a day, and then the damned Korean government blocked the site!

Now traffic is down to about 2,000 day.

This article is interesting. Many countries are blocking the Internet. The Korean section is here. Looks like my site would be blocked by lots of countries. And I’m starting to think again about Communism. I’m not a Maoist. Every Communist government on Earth would block that website, and probably this one too.

It’s true that some places are so bad off that Maoism is probably better than the status quo, but that’s only because the status quo sucks so bad. Every Maoist on Earth would try to block that site. If Maoists took over everywhere on Earth, freedom of the Net would be doomed.

So I really should not support any philosophy that would shut down my own website. This is but one of the many contradictions of my worldview.

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5 thoughts on “South Korea Bans My Website”

  1. “I’m starting to think again about Communism”


    i clicked that wiki article link. looks really interesting. fuck Egypt!

  2. That’s true. Korean internet censorship has got tougher than ever thesedays soon after the current super-conservative party got the power. I used to leave my message in the major potals without verifying who I am, however, it’s a must to verify your identification number if you want to leave any message. It should be easier for the police to detect any culprit who might have left any trace in the internet, still many Koreans hate the system either while some support it believing the net-security has got strengthened. Btw, South Korea isn’t a communist country. There are mega-tons of anti-government posts in such web-sites, and posters are safe.

  3. By the way, Robert, I guess you know almost nothing about Korea enough to guess that Korea would be a Maoist country. As “a” Korean I don’t like the current level of net sensorship, however some other Koreans like it for they sincerely believe it’ll be helpful in protecting something evil and the current government who’s supported by such people began to enforce this step soon after they reigned over the power 2 years ago. South Korea is one of the most internetized counties in the world. And the influence of any “irresponsible”, “cheating” and “manipulating” post can be of great impact, especially when any election day is coming close. Once you’re registered in the internet, then your false behavior can be easily tracked and prosecuted. This matter is similar to the matter of death sentence by the law. Having it could infringe the right of innocent people, at the same time, it could help protecting the society from “evident” misdeeds like serial killers. I don’t support the web-censorship nor the death sentence, but I’m just one of many many Koreans, and this is the basic rule of democracy that majority wins. I’m just looking forward to seeing more libeal government in the next election. One more, there’s no moderation process , as in your website, in the Korean portals, when you write, it’ll appear in no time. I guess, such a moderation is another form of Maoist censorship.

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